Verses to Manifest in 5775

Verse from 5774

A cease fire took place in Av-Elul in 5774. It is not what people want. They desire Peace not just a cease fire. The first promised a stopping to hostilities. That is what manifested. By continuing to say this verse we find that the changes that we started in 5774 will continue to be maintained. We will not fall back! Since we continue to move forward, allowing these Hebrew Letters of this Verse from Samuel Bet to continue their movement of change within us. This allows us to follow the spiritual law Change or Fall.

Verses that connect to the energy of the year 5775

The Zohar explains that a dream that is not interpreted is like receiving a letter that remains unopened. Whatever is described in the letter will happen even though you will not recognize these events as having been promised to you. THIS IS TRUE FOR VERSES FROM THE TANACH THAT CONNECT TO THE ENERGY OF A PARTICULAR NAME OF A PARTICULAR YEAR.

In the year 5774 there was only one verse that connected to the energy of the year 5774. We utilized that verse and its Hebrew letters to change ourselves so that the Verse could manifest and it did manifest, It provided for a cease fire in the south of Israel between Hamas, Gaza, and the modern state of Israel. This year of 5775 there are three verses in the Tanach that relate to the energy of the year. In each year there are both good and negative possibilities to manifest. It appears that these three verses relate to different aspects and include some overlap to these aspects. It is not as clear this year as to what will happen as it was in 5774 yet that does not mean it will not happen. Please read and scan these three Verses along with the Verse from 5774. Below is written the full three verses along with a reminder regarding the one verse from 5774. Please join us in saying these 4 verses this year. Let the Hebrew letters continue to change you. Watch / witness how these verses manifest during the year 5775. Participate in the manifestation this year of 5775.

There is a verse that has the name of the year as a word in the verse. This is Job 7:19.

There is a verse with a gematria of 5775. That is Samuel Alef 23:23.

There is a verse with a gematria of 775. that is Job 20:7.

See below for the verses and a commentary about the verses. See what the Tanach says the future brings.

The Verse that uses the word / year Name תשעה

The one Verse with the word /year Name of 5775 within the Verse is Job Chapter 7 Verse 19.

Punctuation has been removed; vowels are from the Masoretic Text

Hebrew: כַּמָּה לֹא-תִשְׁעֶה מִמֶּנִּי לֹא-תַרְפֵּנִי עַד-בִּלְעִי רֻקִּי.

Transliteration: Camah Lo TishEh Mimen-nee Lo Tarpeynee Ahd BilEe Rook-kee.

English Translation: How long wilt Thou not look away from me, nor let me alone till I swallow down my spittle?

Look away can mean one of two things. One can look away from the Creator Chas V'Shalom or one can look away from the Satan and the negative system. What does it mean to look away from the Satan? It means choosing a spiritual path and rejecting the alure of the illusion of the physical world. As always there is no coercion in the spirituality and thus we each have free choice during this year of "look away" = תשעה.

Another possible meaning to the Verse: Kabbalah does not mean the same when it says male and female as our secular world means from these words. In Kabbalah male means to share and represents the external aspect of something while female means to receive and the internal aspect of something. For the male the meaning of look away is to look towards the external meaning of something. Thus for male oriented souls it is important to look away toward the happenings in the world; while the female the meaning of look away to the more internal aspect of feelings and the effect upon themselves.

Alternative English Translation: Camah = Gematria of 65 which is Adonai; Also Camah can be Ki Mah which has gematria of 75 as well as 85 if we say the Yood is spelled out. 75 relates to the year of 5775 while 85 represents the Hebrew word Peh which translates as Mouth.

Lo TishEh translates as "Do not" "look away". It can also mean "look away" from El - A Name of HaShem dealing with the Sefirah of Binah. Of course it does not mean look away from HaShem. It acts as a vaccine for that essential consciousness. Remember TishEh is the NAME OF THE YEAR - TAV SHIN AYIN HAY.

MiMen-nee is being translated as "from me". There is a way to say this with less letters. It can be said with the word Sheli. Therefore the word Mimeni is telling us something either in permutation or gematria. The gematria of 140 represents a completed manifestation. When permutated the word Mimeni can be translated as "from a sea" which also connects to the idea of "from the Torah".

Lo Tarpeynee translates as "nor let me alone".

Ahd translates as "until" or has the meaning of "a witness."

BilEe translates as "swallow." It can also indicate as "swallow me" or as "without HaShem."

Rook-kee translates here as "spittle" yet it also has the meaning of "Arteries."

Putting all of this together. The meaning of the Name of the year as "look away". The question is what are we to look away from? Clearly we are not to look away from HaShem. Thus the energy of this year will be support for looking away from the negative system. What will that means as a practical change in your life will be up to you. What are you addicted to? What do you find hard to give up in the physical aspects of life? Is it porn? Is it drugs? Is it honor? Is it money? Is it prestige? The universe will be supportive to you to make these difficult changes in your life.

chanoch's English Translation: The Mouth of Adoni says: Do not look away from the Torah nor let me be a lone witness to swallowing what blocks the arteries.

The verse has 9 words with 29 letters. The number 29 relates to lying and fabricating stories. It also relates to the idea of breaking down and overturning. In addition, 29 relates to the month of Av since the letters that create the month of Av and the constellation Aryeh are the Caf and Tet with a gematria of 29. The number 9 relates to the Sefirah of Yesod when counting down and Chochmah when counting up. Clearly this is hinting to us that the possibility exists to reveal wisdom in the physical world. Of course this will take a significant amount of passion to make happen. It will also be important to stop any reaction dealing with fears as well.

The Verse with a Gematria of 5775 - First Samuel Chapter 23 Verse 23

Punctuation has been removed; vowels are from the Masoretic Text

Hebrew: וּרְאוּ וּדְעוּ, מִכֹּל הַמַּחֲבֹאִים אֲשֶׁר יִתְחַבֵּא שָׁם, וְשַׁבְתֶּם אֵלַי אֶל-נָכוֹן, וְהָלַכְתִּי אִתְּכֶם; וְהָיָה, אִם-יֶשְׁנוֹ בָאָרֶץ--וְחִפַּשְׂתִּי אֹתוֹ, בְּכֹל אַלְפֵי יְהוּדָה.

Transliteration: Uru Udu Micholl Hamachaveem Asher Yitchahbey Sham, W'ShavTem Ey-lye El Nachon, W'halachtee Itchem; W'hayah, Im Yeshno V'Ahretz W'chi-pasTee Oto, B'Kol Alpay Yehudah.

English Translation: See therefore, and take knowledge of all the lurking-places where he hideth himself, and come ye back to me with the certainty, and I will go with you; and it shall come to pass, if he be in the land, that I will search him out among all the thousands of Judah.'

chanoch's Commentary

This Verse is said by King Saul speaking to His men who He sends looking for David. David represents the Mashiach. Thus one understanding of this Verse is that during 5775 people will be looking for Mashiach where Mashiach hides himself within the Jewish Nation. Of course Mashiach does not need to be Jewish since he is a descendant of King David. According to the orthodox interpretation we do not know if his mother was a descendant of a Jewish woman. Yet more than likely the Mashiach will be Jewish. This verse refers to Yehudah the Tribe and not the Children of Israel.

There is another possibility. King David is not mentioned by Name. King Saul is not mentioned by Name. We could be looking for the Angel of Death hiding among the Tribe of Yehudah. With all this in mind, we are hearing about the astrological readings for the end of the year 2014 that will be beneficial for the Jewish Nation or the Children of Israel or the modern state of Israel. It is a bit confusing. We also are hearing "prophecies" about Mashiach coming in Cheshvan of 5775 from the Bible Codes. Generally speaking i personally think that this is going to be searching out the Angel of Death and starting to have medical miracles that create the removal of death using natural medical technology. I recommend that we say the verse this year and allow the verse to make the changes within us that is appropriate for each soul, just as we did last year in the verse from Samuel Bet Chapter 7 Verse 10 as stated above.

The verse has 22 words connecting to the letters of the Alef Bet. It has 86 letters connecting to the energy of judgment. It is indicating that 5775 is a year of judgment for the people of Yehudah. It also refers to the removal of all aspects of death from the Land of Israel. This will be the removal of the subversive elements within the Palestinian nation that will be unwilling to stop fighting Israel.

Verse Connected to the Year 5775 through its Gematria of 775

Normally speaking the year has a Name that has a gematria of 775 not 5775. This is due to the normal practice to refer to the Name of the year without the Hey since the Hey represents the idea of the year 5,000. Thus a verse with a gematria of 775 will also apply to the year 5775. This is true for a verse in Job Chapter 20 Verse 7.

Punctuation has been removed; vowels are from the Masoretic Text

Hebrew:כְּגֶלְלוֹ, לָנֶצַח יֹאבֵד; רֹאָיו, יֹאמְרוּ אַיּוֹ

Transliteration: K'gello, LaNetzach Yoved; RoAhv, Yomru Ahyo.

English Translation: Yet he shall perish forever like his own dung; they that have seen him shall say: 'Where is he?'

chanoch's Commentary

Ramban comments frequently throughout Job that the wicked will suffer and that is what most of Job's friends are referring to including this particular verse.

If one looks at this verse as a stand-alone verse it is saying something that refers to a wicked person or entity. This is the Angel of Death as the essence of wickedness from mans perspective. This verse is referring to the removal of the Angel of Death, in my opinion. It could also be referring to the remnants of the chaos associated with the cease fire issues. There is one other issue it could be referring to. That is based on the 6 words relating to Zeir Anpin and the essence of the Children of Israel. The 25 letters refers to the essence of the word Coh. This usually refers to the Shemah Israel or the unity of Israel.

Remember the second blood moon will manifest during Sukkot during the month of Tishrai. This is thought of as being beneficial for the Children of Israel. Again i recommend that we say the verse and let the letters do their job to change each and every one of us.