The Year 5783 תשפג According to Kabbalah

Every year i use an ancient Kabbalistic technique to prognosticate about the year ahead.

When one prognosticates about the future there is a traditional statement that needs to be made in order to protect the prognosticator and the people who read or hear about his statements. The traditional statement which i am making at this time is: I am not a Prophet nor am I the Son of a Prophet. One may now feel safe in reading the balance of this page.

Many times i am asked by students and friends: What will the future be? What will tomorrow bring? I usually answer, "We will all return to the Endless World (Ayn Sof). The only question is will the process be shorter for you due to your using the tool called Binding by Striking (Some call it Restriction) or longer due to your negative actions that create the necessity of cleansing through pain and suffering (chaos)?" chas weShalom = HaShem forbid.

Yet each year i analyze the year ahead as the Kabbalists have taught us to do. The reason they have given us this tool is not to satisfy our curiosity about the future. It is to learn about the essence of the energies that we will see during the year so that we can be prepared to restrict our reactive natures and also to learn how to enhance the positive aspects of the year.

The Kabbalists teach that change comes about one person at a time. When we look at the modern world and how it has changed, we realize that the Kabbalists are correct. Change comes about one person at a time. Change comes about when one person decides to change themselves.

When you change yourself - then you can change the whole world because other people notice the change in you. When you change and other people notice that makes you a happier person. They then decide to try to change themselves. Trying to change leads to actual changing. Please try... you will change the world and will not even realize that you did it.

Let us discuss the meaning of a particular year and its energy. Included in the energy of a year and explained by the Kabbalah is all of the potential energy for that year. Good things may happen. Negative things may happen. What determines that is the consciousness of the people. Of course no one wants negative things to happen yet they sometimes do happen due to the effects of the quantum consciousness of the human species. We must realize that every Prophecy that is negative does not have to happen. People can change these negative prophecies to happen in a positive way or not happen at all. How does someone make these changes?

The answer is simple – so simple that people do not think it is that easy to do it. They think it takes more difficult actions and they think that they as one person can not have a significant impact and change the world. Yet the truth is it is that simple. EACH PERSON can do these actions. These actions will impact the prophecies to happen in a positive way and eliminate the negative prophecies completely. Only you can change the world. When you change yourself you change the world. What do you need to do?

The simple action is to change yourself.

What does changing yourself mean? How do I go about changing myself?

1. Decide that it is worth changing yourself a little bit. Know that the universe is waiting for you to change. The Sages and Kabbalists teach that we need to “see” ourselves as standing on a balance scale where our one simple action will throw the whole world into a positive mode or chas v'shalom a negative mode. This is more true today than at any time in the history of the world.

2. Say any of the verses that will be shown and discussed below.

That is the one simple thing that will change you so that the consciousness of the world will change.

Yes, there is more that you can do as well. That will be revealed later in the year. The first step needs to begin now. It needs to be expanded by showing or telling this to everyone you know personally, or on social media, or every phone number in your call list. The more effort that you put into this connection and this action the more certain we can be that WE Will Change

Another method that changes yourself is Tithing and Tzedakah.

This is because when you make a donation that is used to spread the knowledge of Torah - the Light of Torah that is spread by your donation returns to you. Please consider making a donation to further the spreading of the knowledge of the Year 5783 to a greater number of people.

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  • There are 0 words - 1 verse and an unknown number of phrases with a gematria of 5783. The verse is Kabbalistically analyzed below:

    Bamidbar = Numbers 22:33

    וַתִּרְאַנִי, הָאָתוֹן, וַתֵּט לְפָנַי, זֶה שָׁלֹשׁ רְגָלִים; אוּלַי נָטְתָה מִפָּנַי, כִּי עַתָּה גַּם-אֹתְכָה הָרַגְתִּי וְאוֹתָהּ הֶחֱיֵיתִי.


    vattiraní, haaton, vattet lefanai, zeh shalosh regalím; ulai natetah mippanai, kí attah gam-otechah haragtí veotah heḥeyẹtí.


    "and the ass saw me, and turned aside before me these three times; unless she had turned aside from me, surely now I had even slain thee, and saved her alive.''

    Kabbalistic Analysis

    Number of words: 17

    The number 17 is the gematria of the Hebrew word טוב = good. This means the essence of the number is good or goodness. Other positive words are as follows:

    ההוא = that

    הזה = this (f)

    דגי = my fish

    זבח = sacrifice - feast - slaughter

    גיד = tendon = connection from bone to muscle - also stretchable

    גדי = my kid = baby goat

    בבגדו = in his garment

    באחו = in the meadow - also in / with his brother

    גדוד = battalion - also 3 uncles

    יגד = will / testament

    זדו = zedo

    וחג = and a holiday

    האבדה = the lost

    הדגה = the fish

    אוי = oh

    Number of Letters: 66

    The number 66 = סו - וס translates as "and support or support and ...". Other positive words are as follows:

    והנה = and here

    ויכל = and can

    ימיו = his days

    וילך = and go

    יכלו = have been able to

    ונגבה = and wipe

    יוכל = can

    מיהוה = from HaShem

    נאחז = cling

    וכלי = and tool or and my everything

    אלהיך = your God

    ויוכיחו = and prove

    לאלה = to these

    5783 Analysis

    The year ahead is connected to the physicality due to the verse being about Billam's donkey = chamor is equal to the physical world. The world is meant to be destroyed yet will not be destroyed because the animals like the donkey will provide the merit to save the world.

    The number 57 connects to parnasah which represents great wealth. In addition the letter Pey, as a word translates as a mouth. The letter gimmel can be pronounced golim. Golim connects to acts of Chasadim = good deeds including charity. Remember charity or Tzedakah saves lives.

    With the above information + a deeper look into the letter gimmel - see the link below - the essence of the year 5783 becomes very clear to us.

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