Instructions for Class 3

The purpose of this class is to teach you about the power of the Hebrew Letters. Yet this can only be experienced not proven to you. The Creator spoke and the Creation came into being. This "speaking" consisted of the Hebrew Letters which are metaphors for spiritual energy. Yet they are more than metaphors; they actually are channels for the spiritual energy.

Ever since the Tower of Babel, all language has been a reduction of that energy of the Hebrew Letters. When we utilize the Hebrew Letters either in our meditations or in our speech we are manifesting the spiritual energy that is the source of the power of that particular letter. In essence each letter has a particular power.

When we see the letter we receive the power on one level. When we hear the letter we receive the power on a different letter. When we say the letter we share and manifest the power on another level entirely.

There are two languages that use the Hebrew Letters. One is Hebrew which is with what the Torah Scroll is written. The other is Aramaic which the Sages describe as a language that the Angels do not understand.

Actually what this teaches us is that the Hebrew Letters were created to transfer metaphysical energy into the physical world. The Hebrew language allows the transfer of both positive and negative energy while Aramaic only transfers positive energy and is considered a holier language than Hebrew.

When man was created he named all things using the Hebrew Language and the Hebrew Letters. Man was given Names of God and Names that were slightly less powerful for the purpose of controlling the physical world. In other words, the ability to manifest what we call Mind Over Matter.

God used a 42 letter name to create the physical universe and He gave this Name to us. At the end of the dark ages it was realized that man had fallen spiritually to a level where the power of this creation name needed to be veiled. The method chosen was to add words to each letter. This has come down to us as the Ana Bekoach Prayer. Please learn this prayer/sequence and say it at least once per day. It will change you from the level of your soul outwards.

Each Saturday Morning the Torah Scroll is read in Jewish Synagogues. This reading is designed to give you a protection shield to handle the metaphysical energy that comes into the world the next week. It is imperative that one take an hour or so to listen to the Hebrew Reading. I do this on a conference call most Saturdays. If you want to receive a text announcing the start times please send me an email requesting the texts.

The Zohar which is the most important Kabbalistic text is written in Aramaic. This is recommended to scan or read every day. There is a free email that you can sign up for at to receive your copy. I also teach a Zohar class every day. This also requires a text to announce the start time. You can ignore the text or join the class that day based on your free choice.

Recommended Instructions to Follow

1. Go to You Tube and search for "Ana Bekoach." There will be over 500 videos of different tunes. Find a tune that resonates with your soul.

2. Go to the Yeshshem website. Click on the link at the top that says "Revealed Wisdom." Scroll down to Basic Class 3 and open that link. Print out the Ana Bekoach. Learn to say it by memory. This may take a few months. During this period use the print out to scan the words in Hebrew. Do this every day. Utilize the tune from the You Tube search in no 1 above.

3. Open the other handouts for class 3 and read them on line or print them out to read as you choose.

4. Register your email address with Read this every day.

5. Register at the yeshshem newsletter sign up sheet for our weekly emails. Send me an email to register to receive the recordings as well as the texts for the Zohar classes and the Shabbat Services unless you decide to attend synagogue services which is what we actually recommend.

Do these 5 things as soon as you get to your computer.

Now we will teach you the Ana Bekoach - which is a meditation device as well as something else - something deeper and more spiritual. Saying this every day will change you. Saying this will bring you to a place of balance.

Next Week we will teach you those Names that are designed to control the physical world.

Zohar Pekude The Zohar reveals to us that when God wanted to create the world, he looked in the Torah, observed it and created the world. Then he looked at the Holy name, which is the entire Torah and brought sustenance to the world. What we learn from this is that, the Torah, the Hebrew letters, and the name of God existed before the world was created and in fact it was created using the Hebrew letters. In DZ 1446 I wrote, “The letters are embedded in our name and DNA” and was asked by Doris in the comments section to explain it more. Since only a small percentage of readers read the comments, I am repeating my answer with additional comments. It is connected to this study. In the beginning of the Torah (Genesis 1:3) we read the first command of creation. “And God SAID: ‘Let there be light.’ And there was light.” Nothing can be ‘said’ without the existence of the Hebrew letters. God is not an entity that we can describe in limited forms of words. The letters and words are his creations to provide us with a manifestation tool(s) in the created world. When God ‘said’, he actually released the power of the Hebrew letters through light. God ‘expressed’ his ‘thoughts’ in the form of building worlds for our souls. The letters are considered as DNA because from one DNA structure we can create a complete living entity, human or others. The created world is limited by the power of the 22 Hebrew letters but in the Final redemption we will have additional power through the five final letters, םןץףך. With them, new lights will be revealed in the world. The material world is constructed from limited basic elements that are listed in the Periodic Table of Elements ( They are controlled by the power of the Hebrew letters that is the force that holds everything inside the Atom as one unit and gives it atomic value identity. Let’s look a little bit deeper. The Endless is the master planner of the world. We can never be able to have any idea about it or grasp its powers and that is why we call it ‘Endless’ or ‘the Holy One Bless Be He’. As created beings with temporary existence we can never understand a state of Endless light but we can study and understand the way the system works through YHVH. The Endless plan to create the world was designed and powered by the Hebrew letters. It is like an architect that prepares the blue prints and defines the materials for the building. Then, he trains an engineer enabling him with capabilities to do the work and lets him do it. This is the aspect of what we said earlier, “He looked in the Torah, observed it and created the world. Then he looked at the Holy name, which is the entire Torah and brought sustenance to the world.” The Holy Name, which is the entire Torah, is all the Hebrew letters. The YHVH name represents the system that the Endless made to govern the entire creation. Only through the YHVH name we are able to receive the light of the Endless