Announcements and Class Times

90 Day Calendar - Secular New Year 2017 to March 31st

The following is a list of our connections during this 90 day period. At these connection times please call our conference call system at 712-832-8300 and use Pin Code 911904#

Dear Chevre – Friends,

The information in this email is very important to your spiritual health. Please read it and consider its import in your life.

The Period of Shovvavim begins 17th of Tevet which is 15th of January.

It is recommended to run a local search on the yeshshem website using the term shovvavim.

Zion Adar – Moshe's Hilulah- 4th March 2017 there will be an All Night Study starting at 11:00 PM Pacific Time

Special Maftir – Shabbat Zachor - 11th of March 2017

----The Kabbalistic Halacha – Recommended Pathway – indicates that every man woman and child is required to hear the Torah reading on the Shabbat Zachor ----

---Our lesson regarding this spiritual energy is at 10:30 AM Pacific Time on Sunday February 26th 2017. One can hear this class on our conference call. Use phone number 712-832-8300 and pincode 911904#. If that time is inconvenient you may receive the recording by sending an email to with the words “Zachor Recordings” in the subject line. You will receive a recording once per week throughout these 90 days covering all of the spiritual lessons of the period. ---

Daylight Fast of Esther including a Kabbalistic ritual to have an easy fast - 9th of March 2017. The spiritual explanation will take place on the Sunday morning prior to the 9th.

Purim Megillah Esther Reading Motzei Shabbat on the 11th of March at 7:00 PM Pacific Time 2nd Reading of the Megillah is 10:30 AM Pacific Time on Sunday March 12th 2017. Shushan Purim Reading is at 7:00 PM Pacific Time March 12th. We will also explain the spiritual cause of Shushan Purim.

The night of Purim we will be performing the Kabbalistic ritual of “donating Machatzit HaShekel”. This ritual is extremely important for the Redemption of your own souls. To learn more of this ritual and its purpose please read this essay and / or listen to the recording of the lesson

  • HERE.
  • Shabbat Parah – The Red Heifer – Removing Death in anticipation of the new year. This is on 18th of March. There will not be a connection on Shabbat by us.

    Energy days of Nissan - 28th March to the 10th of April 2017. Rosh Chodesh Nissan connection is March 27th 2017 at 7:00 PM Pacific Time. There will be a connection and explanation of this energy each day at 8:00 AM Pacific Time. This will take no longer than ½ hour.

    Evening of the 13th and morning of the 14th of Nissan – Search and Burning of the Chametz - 9th to 10th of April.

    Pesach / Passover – Evening of 10th -18th of April 2017.

    April 10 -11th is the night of the First Seder.

    April 11 -12th is the night of the Second Seder.

    The “Counting of the Omer” April 11 - 30th of May.

    We will “count” each night together at 5 PM and 7 PM along with our daily lessons. Call the conference call to join us.

    Yom HaShoah – Holocaust remembrance day is the evening of April 23 2017.

    Rosh Chodesh Iyar is evening of April 25-27th. Our Rosh Chodesh Connections is the evening of April 25 2017 at 7Pm. Please join us as the month of Iyar is usually a difficult time for most people and participating in our Rosh Chodesh connection can possibly smooth out this chaos.

    Yom Hazikaron – Yom HaAtzmaut – May 1st – 2nd 2017. This translates as the “Remembrance Day and Israel Independence Day.

    Pesach Sheini – Second Pesach – Evening of May 9 – 10th 2017. Connect to the energy of “second chances” by eating Matzah – with butter or cream cheese this time.

    Lag B'Omer – Evening of May 13 – 14 th - Connect to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai along with the Zohar with our all night study. Learn why the custom is to light bonfires in Meron in Israel.

    Yom Yerushalayim – Jerusalem Day June 23 – 24th.

    Rosh Chodesh Sivan – Evening of May 25 – 26th. Our connection is May 25th at 7PM.

    Shavuot – Evening of May 30 – June 1st- “The Night of the Bride”. The “Gift of the Torah”. Our all night study will be the evening of May 30th. 9 PM Pacific Time.


    To access classes, call 712-832-8300 and use Pin Code 911904#.

    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - Mini-Zohar classes - at 4:30 pm West Coast Time (PST).
    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - classes at 7 pm West Coast Time (PST). Wednesday is a Q & A session. Monday is an essay from Rabbi Ashlag. Tuesday is a Tikunei Zohar Class. Thursday is an Advanced Reincarnation Class.

    • Friday class (when held) is at 6:15 pm (PST).
    • Saturday - if a class is held during the day it is at any time prior to 6 PM. West Coast Time (PST).
    • Saturday evening - Motzei Shabbat - This time changes as the Havdalah times get later during the summer months, and earlier in the winter. Presently this starts at 7 pm West Coast Time (PST).
    • Sunday morning class is at 10:30 am West Coast Time (PST). This class varies as to subject depending on the Calendar Cycle and the Energy of the Month.
    • Sunday afternoon Basic class is at 2 pm West Coast Time (PST).
      • Class times and topic are subject to change. In order to make sure that you have up to date information regarding start times, subjects of the class, and cancellations if necessary, we suggest that before you call in for a class, you text us as follows:

        • Sunday Morning - 10:30 am PST - Text yeshshemsu to 81010
        • Monday Evening - 7 pm PST - Text yeshshemmo to 81010
        • Tuesday Evening - 7 pm PST - Text yeshshemtu to 81010
        • Wednesday Evening - 7 pm PST - Text yeshshemwe to 81010
        • Thursday Evening - 7 pm PST - Text yeshshemth to 81010
        • Motzei Shabbat - varies from 7 pm PST to 8:30 PST - due to calendar times - Text yeshshemsh to 81010

          Recordings are available upon request - Send email to Yeshshem