Today's Energy

Each day has a unique energy. Some days the universe is supportive of your actions; other days it is not. If it is not supportive does that mean i should not do anything? Should i just stay home?

The answer to these questions is YOU SHOULD CONTINUE TO DO YOUR WORK, only with the knowledge that the energy is in a contrary essence and that knowledge will assist you in not wasting your energy on things that will not work. This knowledge is a tool to help you, not an excuse to do nothing!

Below you will find the calendar for this Hebrew Year. Each day will have its own web page which will consists of information to help you understand and integrate into your life the energy of the day.

Each day is unique because it is composed of many different aspects of energy. Each of these aspects teach you about the mixture of energies that compose the energy of the day.

Enjoy your search for Knowledge!

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