Levels of Gematria for the Name Moshe

Here are the levels of Gematria that we will be reviewing for the Name Moshe. They are:

Normative or regular or Ragil

Mispar Musafi or Adding Colel to Normative method

Mispar Gadol or use value of final letters

Mispar Katan or small value of each letter

Ordinal Value Method

At Bash Method of Gematria

Mispar Hakadmi or Front Number

Mispar Haperati or Square of the Number

Mispar Shemi or Value of the Name of the Letter Method

Generative Method

Degenerative Method

Internal Gematria

Composite Numerical Value

There are 14 different methods of Gematria on this page. There are many more different methods of gematria. This is a criticism of some academic people. Actually the gematria methods are very effective. There is a relationship of these 14 to the 7 lower sephirot. It is not necessary to know which method relates to which Sephirot although it can be helpful in relating the meaning of the gematria to the level of consciousness involved with that Tikune. To my knowledge none of these relationships have been translated into English as of yet.

Words that have the same Gematria will hint to a particular Tikune Consciousness

External for Moshe = 345

Other words with gematria = 345

שילה = Shilo - a location that is connected to Mashiach in Tanach. Shilow also has the meaning of inner peace or tranquility.

אל שדי = El Shadai usually translated as God Almighty. It is actually a Name of limitation since Shadai means "enough" in Hebrew.

השם = Hashem translated as "The Name of God"

שהם = Onyx Stone or Beryl Crystal

שככה = He was appeased

מהש = 5th of the 72 Names of God or Shem HaMephorash. This Name deals with Health and Healing which is another way of describing balance.

Mispar Musafi of Moshe = 348

Other words with gematria = 348

משח רוח מים דם שמח חמש לעולם עקב בכל הארץ

Mispar Gadol of Moshe is = 345. Please see Normative method

Mispar Katan of Moshe is = 12

Other words with gematria of 12

וו אוה אזד חבב אחאב חד זה דוב

Ordinal Value Method Gematria of Moshe = 39

Information about the number 39

39 is 13 x 3. 13 is the value of the word Echad = Oneness; 3 represents Right Left and Central columns of the Tree of Life.

Other Words with gematria of 39

טל זכל יהוה אחד אחיך כוזו חוכה יחייה אבלו אגלה אובל אויבך אכל בבלה

At Bash Gematria Method for Moshe = 102

אהה אדני יהוה אלהינו צבי קב בעל בלע בן האדם וילון נחמד

Mispar Hadakmi for the Name Moshe = 1255

Other Words with a Gematria of 1255

עולם מורגש והתקדשתם

Mispar Hesperati for the Name Moshe = 91,625

Information about the number 91,625

91000 + 625 = 91,625

Numbers in the thousands represent the Sephira of Chochma meaning wisdom. 91,000 represents the unity of the physical world with the spiritual world. 625 is 5 to the 4th power. This represents the Creative Process in all 4 Worlds.

Milui Method of the Name Moshe = 446

Other Words with a Gematria of 446 האמת מות פישון קמוש קרסולים

Generative Method of the Name Moshe = 725

Degenerative Method of the Name Moshe = 655

Internal Gematria of the Name Moshe = 1380

Other words with the Gematria of 1380

משמתם עשיתם שפתם תשעים

Composite Method for the Name Moshe = 58

The explanation of this calculation is as follows:

Mem is made from a Caf and a Vav and is equal to 26

Shin is made from three Vav's and is equal to 18

Hay is made from a Dalet and a Yood and is equal to 14

Other Words that have a gematria of 58

חילי כבוד יהוה חן נגה נבו כלח נח מחי האבן ייזאל להחיה