Hebrew Calendar is a useful Spiritual Tool

Here are the words of Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok on the subject of the Health of the World.

In Oriental Medicine, the doctor can touch one's pulse and learn from it numerous things about the health and illness of the human body.

This is tried and true science.

Since ancient times doctors have been taking the human pulse and learning much from it about the human condition and one's medical prognosis.

Just like the individual human being has a pulse, so too does the natural world around us. Doctors of the spirit seek to take the pulse of the world. They seek to learn about the health and illness of the world around them. Doctors of the spirit can foresee the world's prognosis and they can prescribe what is necessary to heal it before the world, like an individual human body, becomes sick and dies.

Doctors of the spirit speak little and do much. They do not seek fanfare or notoriety. Doctors of the spirit prefer to remain in the foreground, remain unnoticed and undetected. In this way they remain undisturbed and thus better able to work their medicinal healing skills.

Today, (written Jan 26, 2012 which is 2nd Shevat 5772) our world is sick and in need of some serious healing. Yet, not all healing is pleasant, not all medicine is sweet. Indeed, healing is hard and medicine is bitter, but if the body is to survive, then it must follow the required regiment to restore its health. This is true of the individual human body as much as it is true of the body of the whole world.

Doctors train to learn how to read the pulse to monitor health and illness. Doctors of the spirit train to tune into nature and foresee that which is coming upon the world.

(chanoch's addition). Others may use the tools revealed by these Spiritual Doctor's or Sages. One of these tools is the Hebrew Calendar

Today, they do not like what they see!

Yet, what they see in spirit cannot be seen with the human eye. Only those trained in the way of spirit can see the things of spirit. Those who see the ways of spirit know the pulse of the world and see that the world's illness is growing and prognosis in not good.

Learn to read the world's pulse.

(Chanoch addition) Start looking for spiritual cause and physical effect.

Stop listening to the wavering words of men!

One day, they say this and one day, they say that, but on all days, all their talk is nothing but air, and like the wind, their air just blows away and leaves nothing behind. Pay no heed to those who know not the pulse.

FEEL the pulse of the world, become sensitive to its subtle nuances and you too can and will learn the way of spirit.

Live in nature, not outside it, in this way will you come to know nature's Creator. The Creator will guide His creation and those who monitor the pulse will learn and know what to do, how to do it and when it all should be done.

The rest are the secrets.

You may/can/and eventually will learn them from within the pulse.