The 4 Phases - Class Number 4

This class will review class 1 2 3 and move on to phase 4. Some of what you will hear will seem to be familiar yet it is necessary to repeat these teachings so as to break the Klipot covering your brains.

There are 10 Sefirot, so how do we get to 5 Worlds and the 4 Worlds that are stressed?

In modern science the Current theory of physics is called the String Theory. It postulates that every aspect of materiality is composed of tiny strings which vibrate. When these strings vibrate at one frequency they become an electron - at another frequency they become a proton - at another frequency they become a hydrogen atom - at another frequency the atoms become a different element like helium or uranium or iron.

In this theory there are 10 dimensions that make the mathematics work and 6 of these dimension collapsed into each other at the moment of Creation. This is modern physics.

Kabbalah calls the six dimensions named Chesed Gevurah Tiferet Netzach Hod and Yesod by another name which means these six as one. That name is Zeir Anpin. When we are called the six ends by the Name Zeir Anpin then there are 5 Sefirot that are meaningful. They are Keter, Chochmah, Binah, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut.

These become 5 worlds which are really 4 worlds because the highest world Adam Kadmon from our perspective looks like the Ain Sof - the Endless World. This is where the men who followed the man from Nazareth became corrupted in their teachings. They perceived Adam Kadmon - the Primordial Man as the First Man spoken about in Genesis. I think you can understand how this is a mistake that we can see how it happened.

The other 4 worlds are Olam Atzilut - The world of Emanations - which relates to the Sefirah of Chochmah

Olam Briah - The world of Creation - which relates to the Sefirah of Binah

Olam Yetzirah - The world of Formation - which relates to the Sefirah of Zeir Anpin

Olam Assiyah - The world of Action - which relates to the Sefirah of Malchut

How do the Worlds relate to the Sefirot?

The Sefirot are vessels. They are not fulfilled completely. They may be filled partially or be completely in lack. To the vessel there is no difference between partial fulfillment and no fulfillment.

Do you feel a difference between slight hunger and starvation? The difference is one of quantity or quality yet in either case the person is going to be motivated to search for food.

A world is a Sefirah with either partial fulfillment of Light or complete fulfillment of Light. Learn this well since almost no one ever asks the question of why different words are used - Sefirot and World.

Remember Rabbi Ashlag's teaching - It is better not to use a 2 dimensional diagram to understand the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life in Words

Close your eyes, relax your bodies, let the tension flow out of your muscles and other parts of your bodies. Listen to the words I am about to say. Try to visualize these words in at least a three or better- a 4 dimensional picture.

As you develop your visualization of your Tree, if there is anything you do not understand please make yourself a note and ask me after the description is complete.

Are you ready?

The Tree of Life is called a Tree since it has roots, branches, and fruits. It is upside down compared to our world. The root is at the top and the fruit is at the bottom, where in our world the root is at the bottom and fruit is at the end of the branches which is considered the top of the tree.

This Tree consists of three trunks which are called columns. The middle column consists of a mixture of aspects of the other two columns. There is a right column called the “pillar of wisdom.” This is also called the sharing column. There is also a left column called the “pillar of understanding.” This is also referred to as the receiving column.

The Tree is both a stage and a process. The stages are called Sefirot and the process are communication lines between stages. They may also be communication directly between aspects of the communications channels themselves.

There are 10 Sefirot in the shape of a duohedron. The Sefirot are at the intersection of the lines that form the duohedron. The shape of a duohedron provides for Three parallel lines. It also leaves 7 vertical lines and 12 diagonal lines in a two dimensional drawing. Yet the two dimensional drawing is incomplete.

The 10 Sefirot are not separate they are one. Each one gives birth to the one below it in the idea of a straight line – one causing the other. There is no time there is only cause and effect.

At the same instant they are both in a straight line and in a set of three. At the same moment they are 10 distinct consciousness and they are also one unified whole consciousness.

As they transfer energy between themselves there is never any lack of communication.

The lower two sets of three are called ends since there is no continuity within them. Just as the 10 are a unified whole as oneness, the same is true for the six ends. They are six yet one. When considered one the six are called Zeir Anpin.

The 10 Sefirot can be viewed as three sets of three with one below. The three sets of three – there is a head followed by a body followed by an end leading to the single end. The head is called Rosh; the body or middle is called Tosh; the end is called Soph.

Each set of three has one from the sharing pillar; one from the receiving pillar; and one that connects the two pillars in a form of balance.

The Kabbalists have used different metaphors to help explain the essence of the Sefirot. One Metaphor is the 4 letters of the Tetragrammaton. Another Metaphor is the Names that they have called the Sefirot over the generations. A third metaphor is the Creative process and how the Sefirot are both stages and process all the same.

The Names of the Sefirot have changed over time. We will begin to give you Names, also the relationships within the metaphors and some additional information about the Sefirot now.

Keter = Crown

Keter is outside the body. When a King takes off his crown he does not truly change internally yet people treat him differently since his trappings have been removed.

The Will

Hidden Potential

Pre-conscious Motivation

The reverse spelling of the word Keter in Hebrew means to weld or solder (a form of joining).

The tip of the Yood. Not even part of the 4 phases since from the lower perspective looking up Keter looks like the Endless World. From our perspective it looks like it is difficult to “see” the difference between Keter and the Endless.

The skull



represents the will and desire to create

It is the primal source of all Creation

Everything ever Created appears in the Keter in potential

It is the intermediate between the infinite and the finite.

It is beyond the power of thought to imagine.

Keter is thought of as remaining hidden within the Supreme Emenator

Chochmah = Wisdom

The Hebrew spelling breaks into two words. Power and What. This means “what is the power” or the “power of what.”

The Germ of an Idea.

A Flash of Insight



The Eyes

Phase 1

The Yood of the Tetragrammaton

Usually referred to as your unconscious which is meant eventually to become revealed and expanded to be your conscious. It is considered concealed.

It is the concept of running and returning in Kabbalah

Reishit Chochmah = The beginning is Wisdom

Wisdom is the first Creative activity of the Emenator.

It is the seed

the original germ of an idea

The potential Reality whose details have yet to be developed.

Binah = Understanding = Mother


Feasibility Studies



Phase 2

Upper Hey of Tetragrammaton

The Ears

Conscious Level

Running and Returning concept – paired with Chochmah

represents the development, gestation, and unfolding of the conceptual details of the ideas revealed as the flash in Chochmah

Keter Chochmah and Binah are referred to as the Gimmel Rishonot - The First Three. This means that these three are always in Zvug – in unity.

The Gimmel Rishonot are separated from Zeir Anpin and Malchut by something referred to as an abyss. We will not discuss the Abyss yet.

Chesed = Loving Kindness = Gedulah = The Large or Great One = Desire to Receive in order to share

Over the centuries the Name changed. The essence did not change. Yet in our prayers we still refer to Chesed as Gedulah. Why this change took place may be part of the plan of HaShem, or it may be the work of Satan who has the job of lengthening our process. i will let you decide for yourselves as part of your meditations.




First Draft




Phase 3


The Vav of the Tetragrammaton






Unconditional Sharing

Unlimited Kindness

free, unrestrained, active expression of love without an expectation or regard of the merits of the recipient.

the expression of the Love of the Creator for its Creations

Gevurah = Judgment = Din = Power = Strength = Desire to receive

Over the centuries the name changed.


Critical Reviews

Negative Feed back


Phase 3


The opposite of Chessed

A look at the merits of the recipient

Tiferet = Beauty


Developing an improved Design incorporating the best ideas of critics



Generating, Expanding, at the same moment, Limiting, and Defining. The two sides of the columns working in unity for the same goal.

Phase 3

The Sun - The Shemesh aspect of the Sun as opposed to the Chaim (cognate to Chaim = Life) - Hot aspect of the Sun

The Vav of the Tetragrammaton


Garden of Eden

Harmonizes, Blends, and Balances the flow of energy from both Chessed and Gevurah

Netzach = Eternal = Victory = Eternal Victory


Initial Production of a Finished product

Final Draft

Opening Night

Product Rollout

One side of curiosity

Active overcoming of obstacles

Hod = Thankfulness = Appreciation

Pushing back just to see

One side of Curiosity





Detect Flaws

Product Recall


consideration for others

balances the force of Netzach which would be too great if all obstacles were to be overcome.

Yesod = Foundation = Channel = Pipeline


A Perfect Production

Incorporating all of the lessons learned above

5 Chasadim and 5 Gevurot

Funnel for all energy to be received into Malchut

Malchut = Kingdom = Manifestation

Land of Israel = Eretz Israel

Children of Israel

Desire to Receive Manifested

A place of both negativity and positivity

Taking the success of one project on to another Project

Writing a sequel

The final stage of the Creative Process

The keter of the next generation

malchut must be returned to Keter to become a new generation

4 Phases – General

The 4 phases is the most important revelation of the Light within Kabbalah since the Baal Shem Tov revealed his revelations. His teaching is that along with the concept of relativity any creative process must follow these 4 steps.

The 4 phases is a metaphorical understanding of the Sefirot and also the Creative Process and the Tetragrammaton itself. Other Kabbalists hint at the 4 phases while Rabbi Ashlag reveals the whole secret. It is an amazing revelation as I am sure you all will come to realize.

The light has a thought to be revealed. It is not a desire to be revealed since desire does not exist until phase 4 is reached as you will see. The thought to be revealed created a vessel.

The vessel that was created goes through a process. Whenever the consciousness of the vessel changes, the vessel changes to something additional, yet there is no disappearance in the vessel. The 4 vessels exists; yet the first three vessels are not the same intensity as when they are primary meaning they are the active vessel.

Phase 1

There is no coercion in spirituality. The light has to knock on the door of the vessel and asks permission to be revealed. The light say please reveal me and the vessel does not think about it yet says ok I will reveal you. It is not a desire to reveal the light; it is a reaction to the request. The consciousness of the vessel is ok; it is no effort so I will do it. It is not sharing. It is not a desire. What do you think it is? It is not a lack because it does not know that it is not revealing the light at this moment. Remember the Light did a Tzimzum. It diminished itself by withdrawing into itself which is impossible since there is no place that the Light does not exist. If it withdrew into itself than where it doubled up so to speak it should be more intense but that is impossible because all aspects of the light are equal and there is no place more intense than another part.

Phase one is the Yood. What is the nature of the Yood? It is a gematria of 10 so it implies multiples yet its essence is unity. It is the smallest letter. It is a dot yet a curve. These are things we need to spend some time contemplating. What is a curve; what is a dot?

A dot is infinite. Picture a dot on a white piece of paper. The white was infinite and now is limited by the dot. The dot is infinite and yet limited by the white space. These are paradoxes. What is a paradox? In mathematics (actually calculus) a paradox is two answers to an equation – two curved lines that answer the same equation. They both exist at the same instant separated by some space between them. Where is the line in the same between them? This is the first phase. Let me repeat this in different ways with different emphasis.

A dot is the still small voice within you which is the voice of God that you hear and don't hear. Can you go into the dot and expand the dot to take up all of the white space on the paper?

Phase 1 is not desire; phase 1 is not fulfilled by the light yet the light takes up space and time and velocity and … and... and.... etc. Phase 1 is revelation of the light because the light has a thought to be revealed. There is nothing else except light and vessel except the vessel is not a vessel since it has no desire – it is a potential of a vessel whatever that means. Thought of revelation and a place of revelation.

The consciousness of phase 1 is ok I will reveal you since you want me to and you created me. Is that payback? No. Is it appreciation - no. What is it?

What does the communication look like?

What happens when you pour hot water into a tea cup? - The cup becomes warm. It takes on the attribute of the fulfillment. What is the attribute of the Light of God? It is sharing. The non vessel of phase one takes on the consciousness of the Light of God which is sharing. Yet it is not the same consciousness since in spirituality if something has the same consciousness then it becomes the same thing. The Light is different than the non vessel. Yet they are unified which means there is an affinity of form.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is the Hey of the Tetragrammaton. It is a Hey formed from a Dalet and a Yood. There is another way to form a Hey and that is with a Dalet and a Vav. There is a third way to form a Hey and that is a Dalet and an Alef.

Phase 2 has taken on the consciousness that the fulfillment of Phase 1 has shared with Phase 1. Phase 2 is the epitome of vessel. Phase 2 has the consciousness of "I" want to share.

Does phase 2 have this consciousness of the Light? Does it have the consciousness of fulfillment of Phase 1? Yes and No. It does but it is not an active consciousness. The active consciousness is "I want to share." What separates this from the fulfillment? The word is I. Ego. This is what separates the potential vessel from the Light of fulfillment.

The Light has no desire. It has no wants. To have the consciousness of "I want to share" is different than the consciousness of the Light or the fulfillment of the vessel. The consciousness of the Light is "to share what is good for the vessel." The consciousness of Phase 2 is "I want to share." There is no true consideration of what is best for the vessel. The operating emphasis is "I Want." It is both desire and not desire. Want is a desire but there is no yearning only a mediocre a luke warm "I want." It is similar to the child's desire for ice cream after he has eaten his fill of ice cream. He loves ice cream but does not want some now. He loves ice cream but there is no craving for it. He is not willing to work for it per se. If there is a vessel he will share. If there is not what choice does he have? It is like saying i want to go to England but the government forbids me from leaving because i can not get a visa. What can i do?

When the vessel of phase 1 realizes it wants to share, who can it share with? There is no desire in the Light so there can be no sharing back to the light. There is only one vessel in the endless world so who can this consciousness of "I want to share" actually share with? This realization causes the vessel of Phase 3 to come into existence.

But there is only 1 vessel so what is the consciousness of Phase 3 that separates it from Phase 2?

Phase 3 only wants what phase 2 can share. It does not want all of the Light or all of the fulfillment; it wants something less. This wanting less creates the separation into Phase 3.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is fulfilled by what Phase 2 has to share. Its expectations are limited. Its seems to be happy and serene. Yet there is a nagging feeling that something is missing.

This comes from a Reshima = an impression left from Phase 1. In Phase 1 everything was there. In Phase 3 not everything is there only what Phase 2 has to share. Phase 2 is not the Light; it is the Vessel. It veils the Light of Chochmah. It acts as a garment and a vessel called Ohr to Chassadim. Phase 3 eventually wakes up and says I had it all and i want it back. This is phase 4.


Phase 1 = Yes i will reveal you.

What is the cause of that consciousness?

The fulfillment asking to be revealed - Phase 1 is vessel consciousness

Phase 2 = I want to share

What caused that consciousness?

Phase 2 taking on the aspect of Phase 1 yet not of its own volition. It is due to the nature or physics of transfer of energy.

Phase 3 = i want what phase 2 has to offer.

What is the cause of this consciousness?

Phase 2 needing someone to share with. This is the beginning of Fulfillment consciousness in the vessel. It is also the beginning of negativity. There is no evil in phase 1. There is potential evil in phase 2.

What is evil?

The desire to receive for one self alone.

What is Good?

The desire to receive in order to share. Phase 2 is not considered desire so it can not be good.

If phase 2 is not good does that mean it is evil?

It is time for you to enter the discussion.

Phase 4

is the ultimate yearning for fulfillment.

When phase 3 realizes that it once had everything and has now lost everything. It craves to have it returned.

It craves to have it back. It wants it returned and will do everything to make that happen.

It draws the fulfillment through all of the intervening consciousnesses. It demands to have it back. It requires to have it back.

Phase 4 is the desire to receive. It wants and nothing less than full fulfillment will satisfy it.

Phase 4 is the purpose of creation. Without phase 4 there is no true possibility of revealing the Light.

We will continue next week.