Kabbalistic Astrology - Advanced Class 1

History of Jewish Astrology

The first Hebrew Astrologer was Abraham the Patriarch (The Guy in the Bible). The Bible itself does not use the names of the Jewish Months. This was not used directly by the Jewish Religion until the building of the Second Temple and was not recorded per se until the writing of the Mishna – Gemara (the Talmud) approx 200-600 C.E.

Abraham wrote a book of outreach to the people of his generation. This is called the Sefer Yetzirah. This book consisted of 400 chapters. This book taught the people of Abraham’s generation “How to Experience/Know God”. Today we have 6 Chapters remaining of the original 400. Yet this book is still teaching the same thing: How to Experience/Know God.

The Rabbis of the Sanhedrin through out the centuries, would teach the techniques hinted at in the Sefer Yetzirah. They called it "Schools of Prophecy." Most people do not realize that it is necessary to learn to be a Prophet. Once one learns the technique, then and only then, will HaShem choose those who he wants to be Prophets to the generation. These same techniques allow people to Experience/Know HaShem in a way that is not available through other techniques.

The Rabbis of the Second Temple and afterward taught that Astrology does not apply to Jewish People. This teaching conceals a spiritual law which we can reveal here. Each person chooses the most appropriate time and place of birth so that they can achieve their Tikune in this lifetime. The Astrological influences affect every human being and are used as tools by HaShem to bring each person to situations and conditions that can be used to achieve his or her Tikune. When one uses the Kabbalistic tool called Restricition (See Class recordings) one can rise above the influence of these Astrological influences which carry with them the elements of judgment which we don’t like. By rising above the Astrological influence we bring Mercy into our lives and actually change the movie of our Life’s Karma. An example of this is the story of Abraham using His Jewish Astrology reading determined that he would not have children. Yet HaShem showed him how to rise above the Astrological influence and achieve the ability to have a Son which was named Issac.

Astrology, until recently, has been part of Science. Recently means until the last 500 years. There was a change in the Church at that point. The Protestant Reformation happened. The Catholic Church's response was to differentiate itself from the new Church just as Judaism changed things when the Catholic Church challenged the structure of the normal belief system at the destruction of the Temple.

Astrology has always been part of the Jewish World View. Yet there have always been some who perceived as part of the occult system since it seemed to be a bit magical and they did not know how it worked.

Also, it is difficult for a religion that teaches you to be better today than you were yesterday to accept that everything is pre-ordained. Since there is then no motivation to become better. It is only in the last 50 years that physics has developed a theory of multiple universes that allows for the acceptance of pre-ordained along with improving yourself at the same time can be understood as not mutually exclusive.

We all understand the principle of gravity as science perceives it today. Let's put it in Kabbalistic terms. Every aspect of matter any where in the universe is desiring to connect and unify every other aspect of matter where ever it might be in the universe. There are forces that pull matter from following that desire. As such every aspect of matter is influencing all other aspects of matter.

There is also influences that are not seen by our senses yet. We experience these influences from stars and planets either on psychological levels or on esoteric levels. These influences are utilized by the Creator to influence human affairs. The study of these influences is called the science of Astrology.

A horoscope that applies to everyone is for entertainment purposes only. It is not an accurate assessment of the astrological influences. Even though these items are to be dismissed as entertainment only does not mean there are not waves that influence each person, each group of people, all of humanity, humanities quantum consciousness, and each other life entity in the universes along with their groups and nations and quantum consciousness.

Astronomy and Astrology have always been considered linked. Approximately 200 years ago these were split. In the Talmud the Sages were expert Astronomers and Astrologers. The normal human population found these Sages frightening in that they could know the influences from the Astrology that would impact a person hour by hour and day by day and therefore their predictions came through accurately.

Tractate Shabbat Page 75A says that someone who does not know how to calculate the seasons and the mazelot (astrological influences) we apply the verse from Isaiah Chapter 5 Verse 12: "They give no credence to the plan of God and take no note of the work of his hands." In other words we must become aware of the astrological influences to know the plan of God. This of course is contrary to most teachings from modern Rabbis, who study the Talmud academically and not experientially.

The nations of old respected the Sages of Israel due to their knowledge of the seasons and the mazalot. The government of Rome was actually threatened by the impact of the knowledge of the Sages while the general population applauded and loved our Sages due to this same wisdom. The government of Rome could be said to be jealous of the Knowledge of the Sages and that is why the process of taking control of Rome by the Jewish Sages called Christians manifested so easily. This is not readily taught for two reasons. The non Jews do not want to admit it, and the Jews do not want to reveal it. Thus, the academic world ignores it.

Shabbat page 156 A.Rabbi Yoshua Ben Levy says if a person is born on Sunday he will be entirely of one type and there will be no other type within him. Another Sage asked can this be true that if someone is an evil person born on Sunday he will not have any good within him? Rabbi Ashi says i was born on Sunday and everyone knows i am righteous.

What the Talmud is expressing is the concept of unity as it applies to Astrology. People born on Sunday - Yom Echad (One Day) will express unity by expressing an extreme. The person has free will to become Righteous or a Rasha. Yet their free will decisions will manifest to the extreme in either direction.

This teaching from the Talmud is saying that the energy of the day that someone is born will impact their personality and character traits. This is why the Kabbalah teaches that the soul picks the time to come into the world astrologically since the cause of a particular personality trait can not be the physical birth on Sunday but the spiritual birth on Sunday to allow the Astrological influence of Sunday to impact the person's decisions to go in the direction of extreme and unity.

Is this clear to all?

Here is what is written on the Yeshshem web page regarding the Tikune of people born on Sunday: Generally people born on Sunday have a Tikune associated with unification. During their life they will be presented with opportunities to learn the life lessons of "how do i unify people and not cause them to be separated due to my actions." Please note that this is only one of many Tikunim associated with being born on Sunday

The Gemara continues that a person born on Monday will be a bad tempered person. This is coming from the idea that the second day is not the first day. Therefore the energy of the second day has the potential of separation. The Bible says that the waters were divided by a firmament on Monday. This is what is involved with a person being bad tempered.

Here is what is said on the Yeshshem website: Generally people born on Monday have a Tikune associated with separation. During their life they will be presented with opportunities to learn the life lessons of "How do i appreciate, honor, and elevate the diversity of Life and People around me." Please note that this is only one of many Tikunim associated with being born on Monday.

Please do not make the mistake of thinking that the physical birth on Monday makes someone Bad Tempered. This is a character trait that is created by the soul and its correction. That is why the soul chose to be born on Monday.

Again i ask Do you understand? Astrology is an effect not a cause. Astrology is a tool of the Creator to achieve more people into situations where their Tikune can be achieved providing they make the correct decision at that moment. If they make the "wrong" decision" they will be given another chance. If they achieve their Tikune then when the Astrology would bring them into a situation that gives them that opportunity there is another astrological influence that causes this situation to not manifest. It is no longer needed. This is the idea of multiple universes.

The Gemara continues and says someone born on Tuesday will be wealthy and promiscuous. What is the explanation given in the Gemara? Herbs were created on Tuesday and herbs grow quickly and mingle indiscriminately.

The Tikune for people born on Tuesday as expressed on the Yeshshem website is: Generally people born on Tuesday have a Tikune associated with Balance. During their life they will be presented with opportunities to learn the life lessons of "How do i keep balance in my life between Sharing and Receiving?"

The Gemara continues and says someone born on Wednesday will be wise and have a good memory. What is the explanation for this in the gemara? The 4th day of Creation the Luminaries were set in the sky and the Luminaries bring Light which is wisdom.

On the Yeshshem website it explains the Tikune for people born on Wednesday is: Generally people born on Wednesday have a Tikune associated with Kingship and its lack or another way of perceiving this Tikune is related to male and female issues. There is also an aspect of endurance and perseverance.

During the fourth day of creation the Sun and Moon were created equal. The Moon went to HaShem and said, "How can you have two Kings." HaShem said you are right - Go diminish yourself!"

There is a prophesy from Isaiah that before Mashiach manifests the Moon will return to the size of the Sun and together they will grow 7 times. This is the source of the Women's liberation movement and its effect on Men generally.

During their life they will be presented with opportunities to learn the life lessons of "How do i relate to size, endurance, perseverance as well as more direct issues between man and woman. ".

Please note that this is only one of many Tikunim associated with being born on Wednesday

The Gemara continues and says someone born on Thursday will be kind to others. Why? Because fish and birds were created on Thursday and due ot HaShems Loving Kindness they find their food effortlessly.

The tikune suggested by the Yeshshem website is: Generally people born on Thursday have a Tikune associated with completion; bringing peace and serenity into their life and the life of others as well.

On the Fifth day of Creation the earth disobeyed HaShem. Trees were to be brought forth with the fruit within all aspects of the tree. The Trunk, the Branches, etc. These were to also taste and smell like the fruit. It is from this mistake that the earth was cursed along with Chava and Adam and where we understand that completion affects the people born on Thursday.

During their life they will be presented with opportunities to learn the life lessons of "How do i complete my tasks; and enjoy myself as well ". Please note that this is only one of many Tikunim associated with being born on Thursday.

The Gemara continues and says someone born on Friday will be a seeker. One sage clarified this to be a seeker after the Mitzvot. Another sage explains that just as every one seeks to prepare for Shabbat on Friday afternoon so shall these people seek after the Mitzvot.

The Yeshshem website says this about the Tikune of those born on Friday: Generally people born on Friday have a Tikune associated with Passion and Creativity. The Kabbalists relate this to the sexual organs of the human body but in modern society this is frequently misunderstood.

During their life they will be presented with opportunities to learn the life lessons of "Growing their desire and learning to manifest and trust their own creative ideas. " Please note that this is only one of many Tikunim associated with being born on Friday.

The Gemara continues and explains that someone born on Shabbat will die on Shabbat. This is due to the universe forcing the desecration of Shabbat for his or her birth. So to balance the universe they will need to leave on Shabbat. This is how King David knew he was going to die on Shabbat and that is why we continue the Shabbat with a celebration of Melavah Malka, which is a the King's Celebration. Another Sage says that not everyone born on Shabbat will die on Shabbat - yet one born and died on Shabbat is a sign of a very saintly person, aTzadik.

The Yeshshem site suggests the Tikune of people born on Shabbat to be: Generally people born on Shabbat are greatly assisted by the energy of Shabbat for their Tikune. The Tikune is actually about manifestation. Please review all of the other days Tikunim because Shabbat receives from each of the other days and theirfore the issues and tikunim from them find their way into the Tikune of people born on Shabbat.

During their life they will be presented with opportunities to learn the life lessons they did not learn fully in their previous incarnations.With the assistance of the elevated Shabbat they find many areas to unify, appreciate diversity, Balance, Persevere, Complete, Expand thier creativity, and especially learn what it means to manifest energy in the physical world. "

Please note that this is only one of many Tikunim associated with being born on Shabbat (Saturday)

In Hebrew Astrology the day of the week, the Hebrew Year that you are born, the Hebrew Month and day of the month as well as the time and locationof the birth all impact the Astrological information. We suggest you look at the Astrological page on the Yeshshem website for additional information.

Next week we will look at how the length of the day impacts Hebrew Astrology and many other astronomical facts and how they impact the science of Astrology.