Kabbalah Advanced Astrology - Class 2

Last week / class we started summarizing information from the Gemara about the day of the week that a person was born. Here we are starting over on Sunday and continuing this information.

Shabbat page 156 A.Rabbi Yoshua Ben Levy says If a person is born on Sunday he will be entirely of one type and there will be no other type within him. Another Sage asked can this be true. That if someone is an evil person born on Sunday he will not have any good within him? Rabbi Ashi says i was born on Sunday and everyone knows i am righteous.

What the Talmud is expressing is the concept of unity as it applies to Astrology. People born on Sunday - Yom Echad (One Day) will express unity by expressing an extreme. The person has free will to become Righteous or a Rasha. Yet their free will decisions will manifest to the extreme in either direction.

This teaching from the Talmud is saying that the energy of the day that someone is born will impact their personality and character traits. This is why the Kabbalah teaches that the soul picks the time to come into the world astrologically since the cause of a particular personality trait can not be the physical birth on Sunday but the spiritual birth on Sunday to allow the Astrological influence of Sunday to impact the persons decisions to go in the direction of extreme and unity.

Is this clear to all?

Here is what is written on the Yeshshem web page regarding the Tikune of people born on Sunday: Generally people born on Sunday have a Tikune associated with unification. During their life they will be presented with opportunities to learn the life lessons of "how do i unify people and not cause them to be separated due to my actions". Please note that this is only one of many Tikunim associated with being born on Sunday

The Gemara continues that a person born on Monday will be a bad tempered person. This is coming from the idea that the second day is not the first day. Therefore the energy of the second day has the potential of separation. The Bible says that the waters were divided by a firmament on Monday. This is what is involved with a person being bad tempered.

Here is what is said on the Yeshshem website: Generally people born on Monday have a Tikune associated with separation. During their life they will be presented with opportunities to learn the life lessons of "How do i appreciate, honor, and elevate the diversity of Life and People around me". Please note that this is only one of many Tikunim associated with being born on Monday

Please do not make the mistake of thinking that the physical birth on Monday makes someone Bad Tempered. This is a character trait that is created by the soul and its correction. That is why the soul chose to be born on Monday.

Again i ask Do you understand? Astrology is an effect not a cause. Astrology is a tool of the Creator to achieve move people into situations where their Tikune can be achieved providing they make the correct decision at that moment. If they make the "wrong" decision" they will be given another chance. If they achieve their Tikune than when the Astrology would bring them into a situation that gives them that opportunity there is another astrological influence that causes this situation to not manifest. It is no longer needed. This is the idea of multiple universes.

The Gemara continues and says someone born on Tuesday will be wealthy and promiscuous. What is the explanation given in the Gemara? Herbs were created on Tuesday and Herbs grow quickly and mingle indiscriminately.

The Tikune for people born on Tuesday as expressed on the Yeshshem website is: Generally people born on Tuesday have a Tikune associated with Balance. During their life they will be presented with opportunities to learn the life lessons of "How do i keep balance in my life between Sharing and Receiving?"

The Gemara continues and says someone born on Wednesday will be wise and have a good memory. What is the explanation for this in the gemara? The 4th day of Creation the Luminaries were set in the sky and the Luminaries bring Light which is wisdom.

On the Yeshshem website it explains the Tikune for people born on Wednesday is: Generally people born on Wednesday have a Tikune associated with Kingship and its lack or another way of perceiving this Tikune is related to male and female issues. There is also an aspect of endurance and perseverance.

During the fourth day of creation the Sun and Moon were created equal. The Moon went to Hashem and said "how can you have two Kings". HaShem said you are right - Go diminish yourself!

There is a prophesy from Isaiah that before Mashiach manifests the Moon will return to the size of the Sun and together they will grow 7 times. This is the source of the Women's liberation movement and its effect on Men generally.

During their life they will be presented with opportunities to learn the life lessons of "How do i relate to size, endurance, perseverance as well as more direct issues between man and women. ".

Please note that this is only one of many Tikunim associated with being born on Wednesday

The Gemara continues and says someone born on Thursday will be kind to others. Why? Because fish and birds were created on Thursday and due ot Hashems Loving Kindness they find their food effortlessly.

The tikune suggested by the Yeshshem website is: Generally people born on Thursday have a Tikune associated with completion; bringing peace and serenity into their life and the life of others as well

On the Fifth day of Creation the earth disobeyed HaShem. Trees were to be brought forth witht the fruit within all aspects of the tree. The Trunk, the Branches, etc. These were to also taste and smell like the fruit. It is from this mistake that the earth was earth along with Chava and Adam and where we understand that completion affects the people born on Thursday.

During their life they will be presented with opportunities to learn the life lessons of "How do i complete my tasks; and enjoy myself as well ". Please note that this is only one of many Tikunim associated with being born on Thursday.

The Gemara continues and says someone born on Friday will be a seeker. One sage clarified this to be a seeker after the Mitzvoth. Another sage explains that just as every one seeks to prepare for Shabbat on Friday afternoon so shall these people seek after the Mitzvoth.

The Yeshshem website says this about the Tikune of those born on Friday: Generally people born on Friday have a Tikune associated with Passion and Creativity. The Kabbalists relate this to the sexual organs of the human body but in modern society this is frequently misunderstood.

During their life they will be presented with opportunities to learn the life lessons of "Growing thier desire and learning to manifest and trust their own creative ideas ". Please note that this is only one of many Tikunim associated with being born on Friday.

The Gemara continues and explains that someone born on Shabbat will die on Shabbat. This is due to the universe forcing the desecration of Shabbat for his or her birth. So to balance the universe they will need to leave on Shabbat. This is how King David knew he was going to die on Shabbat and that is why we continue the Shabbat with a celebration of Melavah Malka, which is a the King's Celebration. Another Sage says that not everyone born on Shabbat will die on Shabbat - yet one born and died on Shabbat is a sign of a very saintly person. A Tzadik.

The Yeshshem site suggests the Tikune of people born on Shabbat to be: Generally people born on Shabbat are greatly assisted by the energy of Shabbat for their Tikune. The Tikune is actually about manifestation. Please review all of the other days Tikunim because Shabbat receives from each of the other days and theirfore the issues and tikunim from them find their way into the Tikune of people born on Shabbat.

During their life they will be presented with opportunities to learn the life lessons they did not learn fully in their previous incarnations.With the assistance of the elevated Shabbat they find many areas to unify, appreciate diversity, Balance, Persevere, Complete, Expand thier creativity, and especially learn what it means to manifest energy in the physical world ".

Please note that this is only one of many Tikunim associated with being born on Shabbat (Saturday)

In Hebrew Astrology the day of the week, the Hebrew Year that you are born, the Hebrew Month and day of the month as well as the time and locationof the birth all impact the Astrological information. We suggest you look at the Astrological page on the Yeshshem website for additional information.

We are now continuing to read the Gemara about the planet that is in ascendance or control when someone is born. Afterward we will present a chart that is described by the Sefer Yetzirah to summarize this infomation.

The Gemara says someone born in the hour when the Sun is in ascendancy, will be a bright man; He will eat and drink of his own and will not take away anyones food or drink like the sun who does not encrouch on the moon; and his secrets will be known to all like the sun who shines for everyone to see. And if he is a theif he will not be successful. This is due to the sun which does not steal but shines only in the daytime and not at night.

Please note these character and personality traits are being described based on the characteristics of the sun. This will be true for the rest of the Gemara as it relates the other Planets. It is not truly based on the day you were born although that influences this whole discussion. It is based on the planet that rules at the hour of your birth. To know that one must have their time of birth, then adjust it for the Halacha hour of one's birth and then review a chart that comes from the Sefer Yetzirah information that shows which planet rules which Halachic hour of the day and of the night as they will be different. Each hour the ruling planet changes as you will see below.

The Gemara continues with the characteristics of one whose ruling planet is Venus. This person will be permiscuous. Why? Because venus is the planet of fire and fire denotes passion.

The Gemara continues "A person born under the influence of Mercury will be wise and have a good memory; Why? The mercury planet is described as the scribe of the sun. Wisdom is related to writing and writing is related to being a Scribe. Mercury in Roman myth was the messenger of the Gods. This position in Hebrew Kabbalistic lore is ascribed to the Angel Metatron.

Now here is where it is important to grasp the message of my Science and Torah Class. In all parts of the world in many different cultures there are information related to correlations of mythis to the characteristics of the planets. Where does this information come from? It is revealed within the Torah even before the academics teach that this information was available to man directly.

The Gemara continues someone born under teh influence of the moon will suffer a great deal. He will build and then dismantle, and then build again and dismantle again. This is due ot the moon waxing and waning. He will eat and drink that which is not his just like the moon which can be seen during daytime sometimes. Unlike the Sun who is never seen at night. In one case boundaries are followed. In the other case boundaries are generally followed. The persons secrets will remain hidden like the moon which has no light of its own. If he is a theif he will be successful, since the moon takes the light of the sun and makes that light its own.

A person born under the influence of Saturn will be a man whose plans will be thwarted. this is because the Hebrew Name for Saturn is Shabtai which means to frustrate. Others say that all evil plots against the personh will be thwarted.Of course there is not agreement to this discussion since everyone actually has a form of free will that needs to be exercised.

the Gemara continues that a person born under Tzedek or Jupiter will be? You guess since you know the Name Tzedek means righteous or justice. Rabbi Tzadok Bar Itzhak said he will be a charitable person.

A person born under the influence of Mars will be a spiller of blood. Since he has free will Rabbi Ashi says he will choose to become a robber who kills people or perhaps a Shochet a ritual slaughterer or mohel who sheds blood for a righteous purpose.Perhaps even a surgeon who sheds blood to help and assist people. Ravva said I was born under Mars and i do not do any of these things. Abaya says true but as a judge you execute people and exercise judgement to take money from someone which is a form of blood letting.

The Gemara continues RAbbi Chanina says the Mazalot at his birth can make someone wise and also some one wealthy. An Israel's destiny is to be determined by the stars. We all would like to utilize the famous phrase Ain Mazel Israel. There is not Mazelot for Israel. What is the true meaning?

The Kabbalists tell us that we can control the astrological influences and there fore rise above the influences but only when we use the Kabbalistic tools of Rosh Chodesh and other rituals on Rosh Chodesh.

Now below is a portion of class no 26 in the Sefer Yetzirah series. This material teaches us about the astrological influences as taught in Hebrew Astrology.

Lets look at the Astrological influences and learn about control when we are doing Kavenah and when we are doing Creative items.

As we study these correlations, we learn that the planet in control of the universe changes every hour. 7 planets do not progress equally in each day, since there are 12 hours in the night and 12 hours in the day. The ARI teaches that the fourth day of creation as stated in the Torah created the sun the moon and the stars. When were they created within the fourth day? In the first hour? When did that occur sundown of the third day. After all There was evening and there was morning day four. The planet that was in charge that hour was saturn.

Here is a chart that shows which planet is in control of each hour.

Lets discuss the chart of the 24 hours of the day and its meaning.

The first item to know is that a minute is not a minute. Also a night minute is a different length than a minute during the day. Therefore a 60 minute hour is not the same length of time. This complicates things but not today since we have advanced calculating machines and other computer devices.

To calculate the actual start and stop of each hour. Take the length of your day from sunrise to sunset in your time zone and for your exact day you are dealing. Take this no of minutes and divide by 12. That is the length of the day or the night which ever you calculated. Do the same for the other one. Then you can do this for each day of the year. We will learn below why that is important. But know that it is important.ell

The sun, moon, starts , and other planets were created on the 4th day of the week. This happened at sundown at the end of the third day. Each planet has influence for an hour in the following order. Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon. The planet that begins a day has influence for the whole day, even as another planet comes into play. Just as we need to pick the right times according to Kohellet, we need to pick the right hour to accomplish our goals.

The Name of each day is related to the planet that has authority at Sunrise but that is not the planet that has authority all day.

The order that we follow is Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Mars. This is due to the influence being felt all night and all day. Remember the night precedes the day.

The question must be asked as follows: this order does not follow any order associated with the Sephirot. Why not? Because of the inversion of the two pyramids. The upper worlds run with one set of laws and time running in one direction and the physical world with a different set of natural laws and time running in the opposite direction. Remember this well!

The order that the planets receive their energy from the upper sefirot follow this order: Moon, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury Saturn, Jupiter. Go find that order on the chart. It is not there because this is the spiritual order on day four. From this we can create a chart for the spiritual worlds.

Here is an amazing lesson. You will find this order from the previous paragraph in the above chart dealing with the sephirot from the Ramak. Now we can understand the difference between the Ramak's version and the ARI version. The Ramak was dealing with bringing things down. The ARI deals with going up. Direct Light comes down. It is the Ramak's version. Returning light deals with going up and this is what the ARI taught. AND BOTH ARE NEEDED and BOTH NEED TO BE LEARNED.