Introduction to Kabbalah

This is not a class in academic Kabbalah. If that is what you wish to study i can direct you to another teacher who teaches that approach to Kabbalah. I teach an experiential Kabbalah. I teach you how to experience the source of Kabbalah in your life. This level of experience varies and is relative to the desire of the person.

If someone desires to have psychic abilities including Mind Over Matter the Kabbalah will teach you how to achieve that. To achieve that will be up to you. How willing are you to follow the instructions in order to receive this level of consciousness?

Is your desire to have a personal experience with the Creator then that can be achieved as well. IF your desire is to live a less chaotic life irrespective of the experience of the Creator that also can be acheived through Kabbalah. What you receive from the study of Kabbalah is up to you. This will become more clear as our classes continue.

There is only one rule in this class. NEVER BELIEVE A WORD I SAY. You will either come to know that what i say is the truth or you will move on to continue your search for truth in your life. This will be true in 90 days or less. Let us start with the understanding of knowledge verses belief.

Close your eyes and visualize me holding a pen and standing in front of you. If i drop the pen will it fall to the floor or the table depending on what you visualized i was holding it over?

Of course people will say that it will fall. Now i ask do you know it will fall or do you believe it will fall? What is the difference between knowledge and belief? Belief has an element of doubt while knowledge comes from experience. This class is based on experience. We do not use the word belief. In time you will decide which word you wish to utilize. I know the Creator i do not believe in the Creator. I know reincarnation i do not believe in reincarnation. I know Hebrew Astrology is a tool to predict accurately coming events. i do not believe this is true i know this is true.

Welcome to the introductory class on Kabbalah. i hope you will stay and continue with this class. the choice will be yours. i will only promise you one thing. if you study this material and use it in your life your life will become less chaotic. To the decree that you utilize the tools is the extent the chaos is eliminated.

What is Kabbalah?

Jewish Mysticism

Jewish is a religion. religion is something created by mankind. Kabbalah is something revealed by something outside of the physical world. In my opinion it is THE CREATOR. Other people use different words. One does not need to "believe in God" to utilize Kabbalah.

Mysticism is something that is not understood. Kabbalah is understood. It is understood on the level of utilization. it is understood on the level of utilizing a tool or tools. It is understood as a science. It is understood the same way some understand how to build a computer and some understand how to use a computer. It is not mysticism.

You need to be married, male, and over 40 to study Kabbalah.

Where is this written? it is not written it is all false. Most Kabbalist started studying this science in their teens. The Gaon De Vilna was 19. The ARIzal was 11. Chaim Luzotto was 15. The Baal Shem Tov was earlier than 15.

Kabbalah makes you crazy.

Yes it does. It makes you crazy happy. It teaches you how to be joyful when the world is having one of its days. It makes you happy when the world seems to be going against you and you realize that you are growing in your knowledge.

You have to be an expert in Talmud both Mishna and Gemara.

Rabbi Ashlag writes than this is not true. When the Talmud is difficult to understand the Kabbalah will clarify it. When you need to know something from the Talmud to understand the Kabbalah the information will be provided to you. This is part of the natural order of Kabbalah.

The Hebrew word kabel means "To Receive". What is it we are receiving? To answer this we must understand what vocabulary is being used. Every book of Kabbalah has been written in a language that is not a normal human language. It is written in the Language of Branches. What is the Language of Branches?

To explain the term Language of Branches let us look at the Kabbalah book called the Bible. You may have read the Bible or you may know some stories from the Bible you learned in Sunday School. Let us use this to explain to you the language of Branches.

In the Bible there is a story of Abraham being told to leave his father's house and going to a land that he will be shown. This story starts with the term Lech Lecha. "Go for yourself". or it means "Go Go". or it means "You Yourself". All of these English translations are valid depending on the vowels that are used. There are no vowels in the Torah Scroll or the Bible. There are only letters than have formed words.

The Language of Branches uses words that describe physical things to describe spiritual things. Abraham is both a human being and a metaphor for the soul leaving his father's house. The land that he will be shown is the body that the soul Abraham inhabited for 175 years.

All Kabbalistic writings are in the Language of Branches and the Zohar is the code book that explains the language. It also helps to have a teacher who has been taught the Language of Branches. My teachers are many and varied and they all teach the language of branches. Academic Kabbalists do not teach the Language of Branches.

Does anyone have any questions?