Hebrew Calendar Part 2 - Tikune of the Months

Before we become involved with the Tikune of the months let us review some other Tikunim revealed in the universe and the cycles of the Sun, Moon, and Stars.

Tikune of Days of the Week

Every person born on the same day of the week has a shared Tikune. How they go about completing this part of their Tikune is based on the tools of Astrology. Here are some insights into each day of the week so that each person can determine their day of the week on which they were born and learn what is their tikune aspect associated with this fact.


Generally people born on Sunday have a Tikune associated with unification. During their life they will be presented with opportunities to learn the life lessons of "how do i unify people and not cause them to be separated due to my actions."

Please note that this is only one of many Tikunim associated with being born on Sunday.

Another one of the many Tikunim has to do with revealing the hidden Light of Creation.


Generally people born on Monday have a Tikune associated with separation. During their life they will be presented with opportunities to learn the life lessons of, "How do i appreciate, honor, and elevate the diversity of life and people around me?"

Please note that this is only one of many Tikunim associated with being born on Monday.

Another one of the many Tikunim associated with Monday is learning to remain happy during times of separation.


Generally people born on Tuesday have a Tikune associated with Balance. During their life they will be presented with opportunities to learn the life lessons of, "How do i keep balance in my life between Sharing and Receiving?"

Please note that this is only one of many Tikunim associated with being born on Tuesday.

Another Tikune for Tuesday people relates to completion. Tuesday people generally find completing projects difficult and must persevere to achieve a project's completion.


Generally people born on Wednesday have a Tikune associated with Kingship and its lack or another way of perceiving this Tikune is related to male and female issues. There is also an aspect of endurance and perseverance.

During the fourth day of creation the Sun and Moon were created equal. The Moon went to HaShem and said, "How can you have two Kings?" HaShem said, "You are right - Go diminish yourself!"

There is a prophesy from Isaiah that before Mashiach manifests the Moon will return to the size of the Sun and together they will grow 7 times. This is the source of the Women's liberation movement and its effect on Men generally.

During their life they will be presented with opportunities to learn the life lessons of, "How do i relate to size, endurance, perseverance as well as more direct issues between man and women."

Please note that this is only one of many Tikunim associated with being born on Wednesday.


Generally people born on Thursday have a Tikune associated with completion; bringing peace and serenity into their life and the life of others as well.

On the Fifth day of Creation the earth disobeyed HaShem. Trees were to be brought forth with the fruit within all aspects of the tree-the Trunk, the Branches, etc. These were to also taste and smell like the fruit. It is from this mistake that the earth was cursed along with Chava and Adam and where we understand that completion affects the people born on Thursday.

During their life they will be presented with opportunities to learn the life lessons of, "How do i complete my tasks; and enjoy myself as well."

Please note that this is only one of many Tikunim associated with being born on Thursday.

Another aspect of the Tikune for Thursday people relates to learning to appreciate the people in their life.


Generally people born on Friday have a Tikune associated with Passion and Creativity. The Kabbalists relate this to the sexual organs of the human body; but in modern society this is frequently misunderstood.

During their life they will be presented with opportunities to learn the life lessons of "Growing their desire and learning to manifest and trust their own creative ideas."

Please note that this is only one of many Tikunim associated with being born on Friday.

Another Tikune for Friday People relates to being the support both emotional and financial for other people or needing other people to support them.


Generally people born on Shabbat are greatly assisted by the energy of Shabbat for their Tikune. The Tikune is actually about manifestation. Please review all of the other days Tikunim because Shabbat receives from each of the other days and therefore the issues and tikunim from the other days find their way into the Tikune of people born on Shabbat.

During their life they will be presented with opportunities to learn the life lessons they did not learn fully in their previous incarnations. With the assistance of the elevated Shabbat they find many areas to unify, appreciate diversity, balance, persevere, complete, expand their creativity, and especially learn what it means to manifest energy in the physical world."

Please note that this is only one of many Tikunim associated with being born on Shabbat (Saturday).

Days of the Month

The Zohar teaches that when the souls are born during the first half of a month they are generally more positive meaning easier corrections and those who come in the latter half of the month find their health is less positive.

People who are born on the same number day of a month share various Tikunim with people born in other months on the same day. This means someone born on the 5th of Nissan shares a tikune with people born on the 5th of Cheshvan.

Here are some examples.

People born on the Eleventh of a Hebrew month share the Tikune relating to the Ketoret. Ketoret means incense and has 11 components. The word Ketoret comes from the Hebrew shoresh that means getting closer to. People born on the 11th share a tikune related to getting close...close to other people or the Creator.

People born on the 28th of the month have a Tikune related to the Hebrew word Coach which means power. This can be wanting power. searching for power. being afraid of power and other aspects of the use of power.

Tikune of each Month


A tikune in Aries tells you that you formerly had the behavior of a Libra (south node). That is, you were often in the role of arbitrator but were unable to settle conflicts because you refused to make decisions. Taking sides was difficult for you, since it implied possibly hurting someone. Because of this, rather than make a clear choice, you tried to unite what was incompatible, and you suffered the consequences of your indecision.

As a Libran, you learned to compromise in order to avoid confrontation. Your behaviors in your past life time led you to choose classic passive-aggressive behavior!

A tikune in Aries points you toward a correction where you must, break out of your limitations in order to uncover your identity, your unique needs, and your individual desires. You must seek independence and reinforce your self-confidence.

This will help you discover your own spiritual nature and enable you to become more proactive in all areas of your life. Along this path of correction, you can stop avoiding confrontations and face each situation as it unfolds, without needing the approval of others.

As you pass each test, you will gain awareness and confidence, come to know your own personality, and strengthen yourself. Combining Libra’s altruism with Aries’ ability to “fight the good fight” will bring about an overall elevation of your soul, allowing you to become the cause of the fulfillment you will soon receive.


The Tikune is Taurus is one of the most difficult. By pushing away the coldness and darkness of your last lifetime as a Scorpion, you let in the light and approach the real goal of Loving your Neighbor as Yourself.

Iyar and the Astrological sign of Taurus is not an easy period, it just feels and looks easy. That is the problem. There is not a lot of overt or obvious chaos during this period, like there was in Nissan. Yet that is the illusion because the process is setting up the future chaos unless you do the proactive decisions. It is easy to delay and procrastinate during Iyar because it feels like everything is ok and doing fine. Yet we need to become proactive and realize that the spiritual work we do in counting the Omer and changing ourselves is what this period of no overt chaos is all about.


In the words of the Kabbalah Center - If you have a tikune in Gemini, you formerly had the characteristics of a Sagittarius. This means that you behaved like a disorganized and spoiled child, living from hand to mouth, guided mainly by selfish desires. As a Sagittarius, you cared little for the people around you or what they thought. Married, you behaved as though you were single.

The satisfaction of your own immediate needs dominated your whole life. Your thirst for knowledge and study led you to discover new horizons, but in the end you remained a prisoner of your own desires. You lived an active life and did whatever you wanted to do, but you could not commit yourself to any cause that was not directly concerned with your own immediate interests. Serving others and taking their needs into consideration seemed to restrict you. Hungry for freedom, ignoring social constraints, you eagerly sought justice, but for yourself alone. You neither cooperated with your fellow human beings nor gave them much credit.

But sharing does not restrain your freedom; it enhances it. By opening yourself up to the needs of others in this life, you will overcome the leftover self-absorption that has hindered your spiritual transformation. By communicating openly, you can experience deeper fulfillment than you were able to find in the limited immediate pleasures that you settled for in your previous life, and receive the benefit that the Light wants to share with all of us. To do this, you must learn to conduct yourself with humility and become more respectful toward those around you.


In the words of the Kabbalah Center:

The person with a tikune in Cancer carries an enormous amount of pride left over from a previous incarnation as a Capricorn. As a Capricorn, you were totally obsessed with professional victory, honor, and respectability. Bolstering your own reputation was the main motivation of your life. You undertook impossible tasks, if only to gain the admiration of others. You appointed yourself judge and jury and, as a consequence, condemned the mistakes committed by others.

Though you saw yourself as a guardian of the moral order, you neglected morality’s most important attribute—mercy. As a result, you have not forged many friendships and have often been considered a shameless opportunist. This drive to achieve overwhelmed you with excessive responsibilities that prevented you from thinking of others. Consumed by social missions, you were, oddly enough, oblivious to other people. You lived cut off from the real pleasures of life—home, family, friendship—and lived a secluded, selfish existence in your own secret universe.

From this previous incarnation, you have the seriousness and discipline to accomplish whatever goals you set for yourself in this life. But the tikune in Cancer suggests that you relinquish the notion that professional victories, social importance, and your own reputation are the keys to your happiness. Kabbalistic wisdom tells us that these are all illusions.

Your correction in Cancer points you toward a new goal. It suggests that real happiness—durable, satisfying happiness—can be found in the creation of a truly warm and loving home. Along this path, you will discover a world heretofore unknown to you is filled with the wonder, simplicity, and spontaneity of childhood. You will learn flexibility and generosity in relationships and parenthood.   The most difficult renunciation of your past life will lie in your abandonment of the well-established Capricorn ideas of success and failure. The key to your real success will be found in the loving eyes of your family and in your dedication and devotion to that love. It is here that you will find the ultimate satisfaction.


In the words of the Kabbalah Center:

The person with a tikune in Leo carries the former life of an Aquarius into this life. You are an individual who is set apart. In your previous incarnation, you were considered important and unique, and you have brought tremendous inner power, ample creativity, and fierce ambition with you into this life. You were never a model of discipline, however, and you will seek originality at any cost. You are a rule breaker. As a result, you may have difficulty getting others to take you seriously.

Although keeping yourself apart has strengthened you, you overcame doubts by confronting them. Relationships meant the world to you, but you were always afraid of being abandoned. You even tolerated abuse in order to maintain closeness, and you always had the feeling of not receiving in return for what you had given. You let relationships dominate you, and because of this, you never developed to your full spiritual potential.

In your previous incarnation, you had the opportunity to rise from abject poverty to the heights of affluence, and these opportunities will present themselves again in your present incarnation—if you learn to exploit your inner strength. You have been severely scarred by your lack of discipline, which in previous incarnations prevented you from focusing on real goals. In your life as an Aquarius, you already had an acute sense of justice and equality. Your energy was utilized now and again for defending noble causes, but you preferred to deal with masses of people rather than with individual human beings. You see yourself in the future rather than in the present.  

The tikune in Leo points you toward abandoning desire for superficial originality in favor of developing your capacity to serve humanity. You must pursue this path for yourself, not for the eyes of others. You have, in fact, more than one key from your previous incarnation to use in this one. Your ambition will help you find a true and noble cause through which you will share your gifts with humanity. Your tikune suggests that you will be given the opportunity to lead, provided that you do so in a selfless way. Along this path, you can use your inner strength, creativity, and originality to reveal new opportunities in the world around you.


In the words of the Kabbalah Center:

Like the Piscean you were in your former life, you have been consumed by your dreams and fantasies and have paid dearly for your melodramatic inclinations. Nourished on tragic stories, you totally lacked the capacity to discern between right and wrong, between good and bad. Confronted with numerous obstacles, you often just let things happen. When they didn’t work out, you succumbed to self-pity.


In your previous life, you were heavily dependent on others. But your sensitivity to pain inhibited you from relieving that pain. This same emotional fragility may have led you to seek refuge in drugs or alcohol or other head-in-the-sand behaviors. Your intuition may have allowed you to act for others with the intention of helping them, but you were never completely free of a sort of self-interest. You had talent in the arts and you could have been a famous musician or painter. Many of your “good deeds” were a pretext for receiving gratitude.

To make your correction, you must gain a more realistic and less hypersensitive view of the world. You must use more reason and less emotion in making your decisions. Self-discipline and determination will help keep your feet on the ground and extract you from overly dependent relationships. Most of all, you must stop letting things happen to you by taking responsibility for yourself. You must learn to speak your mind both for your own benefit and for others. Essentially, you must stop whining.

This lifetime affords you an opportunity to settle accounts, forgive, and move on. Reflection will be your new tool for tackling problems, but action will put you on the road to your correction. If you succeed in establishing values within yourself and get your head out of the melodramatic clouds, you will be able to turn your attention toward creating.

If you succeed in establishing more concrete values, detach yourself from emotions, gain independence from those around you, and stick with your desires long enough, you will know love and inner peace. This will help you to seize opportunities, overcome obstacles, and manifest your dreams in the real world. Preserving relationships at all costs and always compromising have not proven to be the right solution for you. Your new motto should be “here and now.” This will help you to seize opportunities, overcome obstacles, and manifest your dreams in the real world.

In conclusion

Just as the person born in Virgo sun sign has a tendency to see details and to constantly judge others, the energy of this month will tend to assist us in judging. It is important that we make those judgments of ourselves and not to utilize this energy to judge others.

One final point - male Virgos were the cause of an accidental death in a previous life. Since in that life the male was not paying attention to details and caused a death they give him the tool of details to cause him to avoid accidental deaths this lifetime and learn about cause and effect.


In the words of the Kabbalah Center:

In your previous incarnation as an Aries, you were noted for self-confidence, but your high opinion of yourself led to many disappointments. Preoccupied with yourself, you wasted your energy and were in an almost constant state of agitation. Although you worked, you never built anything solid. You overreacted to failures, assumed aggressive attitudes, and often grappled with problems in very narrow-minded ways. This brought about a profound sense of frustration, which in your present life has provoked an aggressiveness that often puzzles those close to you.

A tikune in Libra points you toward sacrifice in its noblest sense. To free yourself from frustration, you need to move along a path of devotion to a cause beyond yourself. In the past, your ego placed you within a limited circle of friends, which restricted your opportunities for sharing. Being a part of a team will help you regain equilibrium. As part of a team, you will need to consider what others say and open yourself to the possibility that their opinions have merit. This will soften your personality, and you will become more capable of mastering your anger.

As you come to understand that the group’s success is more important than your own, you will experience real happiness. Through this sort of unselfishness, you can accomplish your correction and find inner peace.


The tikune in Libra is one of the more difficult corrections, because it entails nullifying your pride in this life in order to correct the errors of a previous one. Your previous antisocial behavior put pressure on relationships, making you go through emotional breakdowns. You have never known durable relationships. For this purpose, your marriage will provide the best opportunity to understand real sharing and gain inner strength from loving someone else selflessly. By becoming the driving force behind your partner, you will be able to let go of your narrow idea of "I" and begin to move through the world as "we." At the same time you will come to understand that the goal is less important than the process of achieving it. This new perspective will reveal new horizons to you.

In conclusion

This month keeps us busy doing the spiritual work requested of us by the Creator. Just as we do his work this month, He promises to do our work in the physical world. He will keep our businesses or our employers or our families calm and in control so that we have the time to do his spiritual work. This is part of the Gift from HaShem this month.


In your previous incarnation as a Taurus, you were firmly attached to a certain way of viewing the world. This view left you stubborn, slow, and unwilling to change. You were the consummate Hedonist. You were in love with beauty and nature, were extremely possessive, and pursued material rather than spiritual assets. Fearful of the loss of your own comfort you cut yourself off from meaningful experiences. Hemmed in by obstinacy you did not listen or learn from others. In this lifetime you have the tools to make meaningful change.

This Tikune like most Tikunim is difficult. It may entail some material loss until one realizes the futility of materiality and makes a spiritual connection. As time goes on, you will become more independent in your actions. Your relationships will deepen as you develop more and greater empathy and remove the coldness (the middle letters from the Scorpio (Akrav). This can only occur when you start considering others and appreciating their connection to the Creator and not what material value they can have towards you. By letting go of your fear of material loss, you will increase your capacity to receive, both on spiritual and material levels.


In your previous incarnation as a Gemini you bring this duality of living with two opposing viewpoints and the uncertainty it creates into this lifetime. In your last life time decision making was your major stumbling block. In this lifetime your tikune is to define your aims and then to accomplish them. Your responsibilities and obligations are opportunities to solidify and reveal your own opinions. You will find it necessary to pursue justice in such a way that you integrity, sincerity, and a refusal to compromise will become central issues in your soul's progression and growth.

Once you find your own identity you will be able to find your true mission on earth which will involve sharing your wisdom and revealing truth.


In your previous incarnation as a Cancer you were constantly fearful and anxious. In your past life you sought security by idealizing life. In this way you managed to conceal your problems or to abdicate your personal freedoms by accepting direction and control from others. The result was to reject responsibility.

As a result you are the ultimate conformist. In addition you will rely on the material world for your security. Due to your lack of confidence you may have drawn close to your parents and family. You may even unfairly make them your scapegoat.

In the past you refused to grow and act in an infantile manner. You found it difficult to take risks and always tended to play it safe. You organized your life around the search for security. This caused you to organize your life around the rules of the society. You became an officer of the law or even perhaps a politician.

Your correction in this lifetime will teach you maturity. You will stop looking to your family and will learn to accept your responsibilities. In this way you will learn to take the pleasures in risk taking. You will enjoy committing yourself without forethought. You will gain self mastery and readiness to fulfill your spiritual mission in this life.


The tikune in Aquarius will make you face difficulties in your marriage—namely, accepting a partner as an equal with whom to share everything. This is the preliminary “drill” to overcoming your pride. At the outset of your present incarnation, you still sought the admiration to which you were formerly accustomed. You arrogantly exploited your power to control others. Considering yourself the center of the universe was your way of expressing a need for love and gratitude. You had to struggle to discern reality. Having lived in an artificial world, you had great difficulty finding a spiritual path. As one used to ruling over your subjects, climbing down does not come naturally to you.

A tikune in Aquarius engenders certain obstacles in relationships. In marriage, for example, you must slowly but surely abandon your preoccupation with your own selfish desires. You will have to exchange your sacrosanct independence for a new concept: interdependence. This world is not “me” versus all others; we are all equal on the same level. If you give up honor and glamour, you will succeed in creating an immense restriction and take control of the duality of your correction—your personal life and your humanitarian mission.

The tikune in Aquarius is, in fact, that of the true missionary. You can attain the consciousness of a cosmic reality and feel responsible for humanity as a whole. You can know true friendship and perhaps even universal fraternity. Having inherited a leonine power, you have the strength to accomplish this task. Utilize it for the benefit of all. You can experience an exceptional and unique adventure in the history of humanity if you manage the most difficult restriction: silencing your ego and practicing humility and modesty while living in simplicity.


The tikune in Pisces is transforming from seeing the world through physical senses to recognizing and acting upon your spiritual senses. Why do you need to do that? After all, for centuries people have been taught that what they see is the cause of things and even then they do not understand why things seem to happen to them, they normally survive and eventually thrive again. Yet that is not the point or the process.

If you throw a baseball at a window, the window will break. True or False? Take a video of the flight of the ball and you will see that the window starts to break a moment before the ball strikes the window. What is it we learn from this? Nothing happens in our world that has a physical cause. The cause of everything that happens in the physical world has a spiritual cause.

This is the tikune of the Piscean and this is the influence of everyone during the month of Pisces. This is why the Holiday of Purim, which gives us the opportunity to "see" the spiritual cause behind the story of Purim and to "see" the ultimate spiritual cause of everything, which is HASHEM, is read during the month of Pisces - Adar.

During Adar look for the concealed. Look for the actual cause the spiritual cause. The person born in Pisces is given psychic abilities so that they will be able to see the spiritual causes. During Adar all of us will find it easier to see these spiritual causes, even without our psychic abilities being active.

Influence of each month on people with other signs


Every year towards the end of Nissan the world experiences the worst confrontations between various groups be they countries that are in conflict or war or by groups involved with conflicts. This comes from the influence of Mars the planet of war during Nissan. We all will experience that push toward conflict yet by using the tool of Binding by Striking we are able to generate the emotional strength to overcome our personal conflicts and effect reconciliation. Nissan is an opportune time to build bridges and make peace with people with whom you’re in conflict.


The influence of Taurus, which means Bull in Hebrew, is on all of us during the month of Iyar

During Iyar the word healing actually means fulfillment of our desires. Someone in pain has a desire to relieve the pain. Someone who is ill has a desire to become well. Healing means your desires can be fulfilled this month. Often, we relinquish control of our lives to doctors, lawyers, and other “experts,” expecting them to heal our physical, financial, and emotional wounds. Or somehow make everything well. However, true healing and fulfillment is our own responsibility. This spiritual truth is made more evident this month as the effulgent Light radiating in Iyar inspires us to seek healing and fulfillment from within.


Following this path will lead to a transformation of your abilities. Your curiosity will give you access to the surrounding world, but this time through the sharing of knowledge. By doing this, you will find new and more profound meaning in your working life and in your most intimate relationships. You will understand that a true and lasting freedom is forged from your connections to others and from an exchange of ideas that lead to a true metamorphosis!

In comparison to the energy of Iyar and Taurus, Sivan and the Astrological sign of Gemini will feel extremely positive. And balance is the proper path. Yet the energy of quickness can lead people to misunderstand and follow the path of negativity that leads away from balance. Please utilize the tool of "Binding by Striking" this month. Try to remember that "Binding by Striking" is the path to our Creator and to absolute Happiness and Pleasure! This is the path to true balance.

What we all can expect during Tammuz

During Tammuz we all will be exposed to deep changing emotions. Summer starts during Tammuz and our life patterns and habits change from our normal school year patterns. This causes us to become reactive to the new patterns. Try not to travel during this period. Try to not allow yourself to become reactive. Try to stop your reactions during this period. Use the energy of healing from Iyar and the energy of balance from Sivan to achieve the completion of unification of our homes and families during the month of Tammuz.


Enjoy the month of Av. You will feel like royalty because you are. Just don't look at everyone else as your servant. Realize that they are royalty too and you are there to serve them!


The spiritual actions of cleansing that one does during Elul lead to the practical aspect of changing the year ahead to not be like the past year. Did you have a good year; do you want it to repeat exactly as it did this year? Then you should not change anything about yourself. Yet most of us realize that we still have chaos and need to change something. Whatever we change during the Month of Elul will impact the energy we receive on Rosh Hashanah and therefore the way the year ahead manifests in our life. When you clean your house (spiritual essence) during Elul you clean your chaos from the year ahead.


For all of us the influence of the Astrological sign of Libra will deal with beginnings.

Any problems you had during the past year with beginnings came from last Rosh Hashana and indicate your beginnings last year were not truly pure, and needed more care and commitment on your part.

Since the beginning of Tishrai is a time of reflection it will be beneficial to make sure that any seeds planted this year take additional effort and care to manifest during this coming year. The more effort you put forth, the purer your motives, and the greater your sharing consciousness this month will manifest as a much sweeter fruit during the year.


Cheshvan is a difficult month; remember Tammuz and the first half of Av? In Cheshvan our material desires come to the forefront of our minds. Strive to overcome these thoughts and desires as they are not ever true for US in Cheshvan. They are false desires. If we realize this and do not pursue them we develop spiritual strength and build our vessel to receive the miracles waiting for us next month in Kislev.


During Kislev you will have the opportunity to "see" outside of your comfort zone and more importantly you will be able to CHOOSE to go outside of your comfort zone. You will actually be given the opportunity to transform your comfort zone so that your life movie will become less chaotic. Hopefully you will make that choice.


During Tevet every person will be influenced by

Tevet energy will bring us the opportunity to see the ultimate paradox. To gain control we must relinquish control. The energy this month will push us to see everything as separated from everything else. Resist that energy by retaining the consciousness that you are not acting alone. That you are part of a larger more complex plan that includes everyone and everything around you. This enlightened consciousness will prevent your impure actions from hurting others and allow your positive actions to grow the revelation of Light in the world.

In conclusion

Our Sages teach an adage that applies to the energy of the month of Tevet. The adage is "The body enjoys the body". Most people understand this to relate to a sexual meaning since the period of Shovavim usually starts in Tevet. Shovavim has the meaning of mischievous, unruly, or naughty. Sometimes the word lecherous is applied as well.

There is a deeper meaning that reveals to us a deeper meaning to the energy of Tevet. In Numbers Chapter 21 Verse 14 the Torah speaks of the Wars of Hashem immediately followed by the phrase "ET Vahev BeSuphah.

What is the concept of the Wars of HaShem? Our Sages teaches that the Wars of HaShem represents the idea of two bodies cleaving together. This is because cleaving can only be achieved in the physical world. In the spiritual world the consciousness of two spiritual entities defines their separation. It is impossible for them to cleave together. This can only happen in the physical world. The Wars of HaShem is a clashing of ideas in a search for truth.

During Tevet the energy appears to be separated. If we realize that energies are always unified then we can bring these ideas - these energies into cleaving together. That is the meaning of The body enjoys the body. That is also the correction that can be achieved during Tevet. People can be brought together in unity. Let us pray that this will be accomplished during this Tevet. Amen


Shevat arouses an abundance of Light, and for that reason, The Zohar reveals that the final redemption will take place in the age and month of Aquarius. Let go of your negativity and you will receive an equal measure of pure Light in return. Hanging onto to our ego, opinions, bad habits, and other self-indulgences will cause us to miss the myriad of opportunities for spiritual connections that occur in this Light-filled month.


The influence of Pisces (Fishes or Dagim in Hebrew) on all of us during the month of Adar

The more we engage in the pursuit of happiness to fill our own desires, the more elusive joy will be. Likewise, the more we dedicate ourselves to bringing happiness to others, the more joy will rain down upon us from the heavens above. This is the paradoxical power of Adar. This is why the astrological influence is called Dagim - Fishes (in the plural). This month, focus on bringing happiness to others so that you will receive happiness yourself. This is the most important rule to practice during Adar and also during the balance of the new year that starts in Nissan.