Basic Class 12 - Healing All Sickness

To understand this subject one must truly realize that the cure comes before the disease. This is a simple statement to understand, yet almost no one truly is capable of using the cure since they abdicate their own responsibility for becoming ill.

Let us ask some questions. Is illness judgment or mercy?

If judgment is there a cure for all illness? If mercy what is the purpose of illness?

Which method of medical knowledge is right for me- Western Medicine, Eastern Medicine, Homeopathic, or Energy Manipulation Healing?

How do i diagnose an illness?

Does prayer work in healing?

What is the actual purpose of illness in the Plan of Creation?

Do people have to die? In Horrible Pain? Is there another way?

What are plagues? What is the purpose of bacteria and viruses?

What if any are modern plagues?

Why on an X-Ray is a tumor appearance black?

I am going to reread these questions and i want you my students to ask additional questions which i will hope to answer during this class. I expect this class to actually take more than one hour so please be prepared for this eventuality.

At the end of this class i am going to describe an actual healing experience that i have had personally and that i have participated with other people.

Why do people become ill?

In the early generations people did not grow old and people did not get sick. When it was time to leave the world they would sneeze and their soul would leave the body through the mechanism of the sneeze. And they just dropped dead.

According to the Midrash, Abraham asked the Creator to allow him to grow old in order that he and Issac could be told apart since they looked exactly alike. Illness and sickness is not growing old. It is something else. Today we equate illness and sickness as part of the aging process. THAT IS NOT CORRECT. Aging is not a sickness; nor is it a wearing down of the duplication of the cells in the body according to Kabbalah.

Jacob was the first person to become sick. This is due to a prayer of his that he would know the time of his passing so that he could put his affairs in order. The whole stories of the parashiot of the adoption of Menashe and Ephraim and the whole parasha of Vayichi are the result of him becoming ill and preparing to pass. These are the result of old age not illness, according to Kabbalah.

According to Kabbalah sickness and illnesses are the effect of people making mistakes in the Game of Life. Yet if we are in this world to make mistakes in order to learn then why do we become ill? Does everyone understand the question?

Sicknesses and illnesses are wake up calls. They do not happen the first time we make a mistake except if we are dealing with very High and Righteous souls. This brings up an important subject that must be realized in order to understand the answers to all of the questions above. Not everyone becomes ill for the same reasons. Every illness has a spiritual cause and that cause is always relative to the Tikune of the souls involved. Let me say this again. Not everyone gets sick when they do a negative action. Some people will never get sick and will live their life totally against the Torah and good decent human values. Some people will become addicted to drugs, sex, alcohol, and never become ill or sick a day in their life. Is this fair? How do i get that kind of life next time? Do i want that kind of life next incarnation?

Types of Healing

The spiritual system works in ways that are quite orderly and follow a system of laws called cause and effect. When the soul is born into a body it takes fully 3 years for a boy's soul to manifest into the body. During that time the soul has a protection system that can only be pierced by actions from that soul's previous lifetime and / or arguments between the parents. For a girl the time is less than three years - i am not aware of the exact length of time as i have never read it written anywhere yet.

Until the boy is 13 years and 12 years for a girl the soul is only vulnerable to the same two potential causes of illness. Once a soul has its protection shield pierced, then the negative side attempts to influence the actions of the person to continue to do negative action so that the body becomes ill.

The ultimate cure is always a form of Teshuvah. It is easier to cure the soul than it is to cure the body. Any medical cure is dealing with the body and does not impact the soul except certain energy healing manipulations and/or holistic healing with the assistance of a student of Kabbalah or a Kabbalist.

Let me repeat this in a different way. All sickness is a wake up call. There is a final sickness at the end of a person's life that can not be cured. This final sickness has the purpose of allowing someone to put his affairs in order meaning to take leave of his loved ones. This final sickness is a wake up call allowing someone to hurry and finish any unfinished Tikunim.

Any illness can be cured except that final sickness. Any illness is a wake up call. The type of illness and the location of the illness within the body teaches people where the spiritual cause of the illness is located. Some examples of these teachings are:

The human body has 248 parts and 365 ligaments and sinews. There is a one to one relationship between the parts of the body and soul and the "do" these Mitzvot. There is a one to one relationship between the these Mitzvot and the 248 words of the Shema Israel prayer.

There are 365 sinews and ligaments which have a one to one relationship with the 365 days of the year. There is an angel who has the mission to motivate people to do the "do not" Mitzvot for that day. This means that there is a one to one relationship between the "do not" do the negative Mitzvot, that Angel, and that day of the year, and that body and soul part.

There are lists of Mitzvot and there are Machlochets (arguments for the sake of heaven) between various Sages and the lists they prepared. Essentially the differences are not major so using any lists is correct for you.

The human body is related to the Tree of Life. Any illness in any part of the body is an indication that the person has created an out of balance condition with that Sefirah of the Tree of Life. There can only be three levels of Sefirot to a given part of the body. An example would be Chesed Shebe Gevurah Shebe Tiferet. The first level follows the Tikune HaNefesh Chart. The other two levels need to be revealed when the body parts are related to the body systems and a Sage relates all of this together. This may wait for Mashiach to manifest or it may be the indication of the Mashiach Consciousness or it may be the revelation of the Prophet Eliyahu NaNavi.

Each generation has a general Tikune to share and fix together. When an illness is becoming a "plague" in a generation it indicates the location of that Tikune in the Tree of Life.

It is best to speak to a student of Kabbalah to assist you in determining the spiritual cause of any individual disease. When you decide to ask a Student of Kabbalah please be sure you are willing to hear the answer, even if you are not yet willing to do the Teshuvah involved. The student of Kabbalah should be one of your teachers and it is incorrect to seek answers from more than one student of kabbalah at a time.

Please remember that the Student of Kabbalah is still in the process of achieving His or Her tikune. They may have physical illnesses. That does not mean they do not know their own spiritual cause or can not assist you in knowing your spiritual cause.

Language of Branches - Language of Science

Some of the next section is the writings of a Student of Kabbalah Named Billy Phillips. The Language of Science is well known in the current generation. It is a different vocabulary than the Language of Torah called the Language of Branches by Rabbi Ashlag. The Language of Branches uses physical things to describe spiritual causes. Kabbalah uses the Language of Branches.

2000 years ago, the Kabbalists and Zohar said the hands were one of the most negative parts of the human body because they carry particles of negativity and darkness. This is why we must wash our hands upon waking using a special prayer to neutralize these negative forces.

The Zohar says sleep is 1/60th of death. Our hands attract this "death energy" during sleep. This is why we wash our hands in the morning and any time we nap or sleep longer than 30 minutes..

This is also why we must wash before eating bread, using a specific prayer. It cancels out the particles of darkness accumulated in our hands throughout the day.

This is why we must wash after a meal. Washing of the hands, according to Kabbalah, is the most powerful way to prevent sickness and darkness.

Hand wash

Today, medical science tells us that the hands are the primary cause of illness. 40 million Americans a year become sick from germs spread by the hands. As much as 500,000 bacteria can be found per square centimeter on our hands. Science uses the words germs and bacteria, but these are in fact, the negative forces the Zohar is speaking about. Language is simply creating a bit of confusion. Actually negativity and darkness are terms and vocabulary of the Language of Branches while bacteria and germs are the Language of Science. They both refer to the same causes. One is in the Upper Worlds and one is the manifestation in the World of Malchut.

Medical-science and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tell us that all these killer superbugs and deadly "nightmare bacteria" are becoming immune to antibiotics. Scientists are predicting an antibiotic apocalypse.

i personally experienced this aspect this past two weeks. One of my doctors became concerned regarding my elevated white cell count and determined it was due to two infectious bacteria both of which respond to the current antibiotics, yet they could not prescribe these antibiotics due to the interactions with my other medications for "high blood pressure," cholesterol, and diabetes.

For me this became additional information about my spiritual actions that caused these infections and the process of curing myself. For the Doctor it is another concern of the antibiotic apocalypse.

The solution according to medical-science to the apocalypse is to prevent the infections. How? By washing our hands with water.

It took science and medicine 2000 years to catch up to the Zohar.

They're warning us to make sure that doctors and dentists wash their hands before treating us. We should wash our hands on a regular basis to drastically reduce the risk of catching some deadly bacterial infection.

Now, if the world only knew the power of the Kabbalistic prayers that go along with the washing of the hands. If only the world washed their hands upon waking each morning, using the prayer technology to neutralize and cancel out the force of death, we could rid the world of these nightmare bacterial infections.

More important, if we change our behavior towards one another by transforming our consciousness, using these same Kabbalistic technologies, we will rid the world of all disease and all problems and all chaos.

The Zohar and Torah prescribed circumcision for the same reason. The Zohar explains that the greatest negativity is found attached to the foreskin and that is why it must be removed. There are deeper reasons than being stated here for the circumcision

Science now tells us that the foreskin is the most vulnerable area for HIV virus. The foreskin dramatically raises the risk for HIV infection. If you read the latest medical studies connecting HIV to foreskin, it sounds like a Kabbalistic book.


Without question, the most powerful medical technology to ward off sickness and disease, both physical and spiritual ailments, is the Third Meal on the Sabbath. The Third Meal literally boosts and balances the human immune system. Please see below for a specific Third Meal Ritual

The Zohar says the chaos, darkness and madness in our world will continue to increase until we finally surrender and embrace this ancient spiritual wisdom which has the absolute answer and solution to every single ailment and problem that plagues our world.

The only thing preventing us from truly transforming our world into paradise is the human ego. The human ego despises the Zohar and it will subvert and sabotage all efforts to connect people to it. This is why the Third Meal on the Sabbath is the least attended event each week all over the world. It is the least understood and least popular.

It has always been up to the Israelites to share this technology with the world. But the human ego created a religion instead of a spiritual path, wisdom and technology that was specifically designed to rid all of mankind of sickness, poverty, pain, and death itself. This is an attempt to explain the differences between the Jewish Religion and the Kabbalistic "Religion" if there is one.

The ego simply arouses procrastination and doubt in our own minds so that we continue on with our normal course of action -- which is to run to our prescription meds and antibiotics to solve the symptoms of our problems.

But an antibiotic apocalypse looms on the horizon. Chas V'Shalom (God Forbid) - Year 2014 in anticipation of Mashiach is one Kabbalistic Teaching

And soon a weather apocalypse will strike our planet. Chas V'Shalom - Year 2015 in anticipation of Mashiach is one Kabbalistic Teaching

And an economic apocalypse will emerge. Chas V'Shalom - Year 2016 in anticipation of Mashiach is one Kabbalistic Teaching

And a crime apocalypse will appear. Chas V'Shalom - Year 2017 in anticipation of Mashiach is one Kabbalistic Teaching

Until we finally change. BeEZRaT HaShem (with the help of God) - Year 2018 in anticipation of Mashiach Consciousness is one Kabbalistic Teaching.

Make no mistake -- God does not punish us.

We punish ourselves by clinging to the very behavior that got us into this mess in the first place.

Ego. Self interest. Negative, Pessimistic Consciousness.

This type of behavior severs our connection to the Light of the One Creator and that is why the illusion of darkness engulfs our world. Chas V'Shalom

We turned the Light off. But the power and Divine "Electricity" is always there, always present, waiting for us to flip the switch.

Every act of kindness to our enemy flips on the switch. Every act of diminishing my own ego flips on the Light. Every time I give up my opinion for the sake of unity with my competitor, foe or friend, Light shines.

Third Meal Ritual

The third meal of Shabbat will strengthen your immune system.

The ritual is as follows:

It is best to do this ritual approximately an hour before sundown. Earlier if necessary never later than sundown on Shabbat. It is best to do it with a knowledgeable community.

Say the Ana Bekoach with all Kavenah as discussed below

Read the Cohen Aliya of next Shabbat's Torah Reading. Best from a Torah Scroll.

If you pray the afternoon prayers do this prior to hand washing.

Wash hands with a Blessing. If you do not know the Hebrew Blessing say your own words of thanks to the Creator for allowing you to reach this moment and wash your hands.

Say Hamotzei.

  • Link to Hamotzei Prayer
  • Have at least a slice of bread or challah equivalent.

    Say a sharing personal wish during this period of balanced energy.

    Sing the Yedid Nefesh and other songs that you wish.

    • Link to Chanoch singing Yedid Nefesh
    • At the present time the link to Yedid Nefesh is not working. Please request from your copy by email attachment.

      Sing as many other Torah songs as you wish.

      Say the Birchat Hamazon or another Prayer for After Meals depending on what you ate.

      Do the Evening Prayers if you do this normally. Otherwise sing the 12 permutations of the Name of HaShem.

      Perform the Havdalah ritual.

      What to do if Chas V'Shalom someone becomes ill or sick

      It is much more difficult to heal when an illness is manifested in the physical body.

      Step 1 is to determine the spiritual cause of your illness. Please contact a spiritual guide or Kabbalah Student proficient in helping people with this process.

      Step 1A is to find out the current medical condition and their recommended curing/healing steps.

      Step 2 - Start the process of Teshuvah. Do this as soon as possible and continue until your Refuah Shalaymah (complete healing) is achieved.

      Below will be an example of one of my particular students who is still in the process of Teshuvah for uterine cancer. She has declined up to now in having the recommended medical treatment of a hysterectomy. This has been her personal choice without any input from me. She has never in the past 2 to 3 years that i know her asked me my opinion on this subject. Please see below.

      The 4 levels of consciousness for Healing

      Healing is a state of consciousness that relates to the ultimate tool of Mind Over Matter. This tool depends on two items. The level of your cleansing of negativity relative to your lifetime Tikune and your level of Certainty. As in many other places in the Torah we perceive these items as 4 distinct levels. It is imperative that your spiritual guide know where you are in that process.

      The lowest level is someone who has the opinion that their illness is a coincidental experience and that they will need help to heal. That help can only come from the current state of medical technology. Perhaps it will be expensive and they are prepared to spend only what they can afford to find the cure/healing.

      The third level is someone who is similar to the lowest level but is willing to spend all that they have to affect a cure/healing. They still are not open to any cure except medical technology.

      The second level is someone who knows that HaShem is their Healer yet expects their healing to come through the current state of medical technology. Anything else is nice to discuss intellectually yet it can not apply to them.

      The highest level is someone who knows that their healing comes from HaShem. They are open to do their healing in many different ways including Teshuvah as well as medical technology and that includes holistic healing, western medicine, eastern medicine, and non traditional methods of healing. They are open to recognize their responsibility in being the cause of their illness.

      My personal Medical issues

      In October to December 2005 i was having difficulty walking up a flight of stairs without becoming winded. I also had other symptoms. Approximately 10 years earlier i was told that i had severe high blood pressure and very high cholesterol blood count. It was recommended that i start a dose of prescription drugs to lower these levels. In March to October of 2005 i volunteered for a study of people with high blood pressure and cholesterol. I was asked to stop the study due to my blood pressure now being too high for the test.

      The discomfort finally got to me on a Friday Morning early in Dec. 2005. I made an emergency appointment with my friend the doctor who had been seeing me for the last 10 years. Since i did not have health insurance he did not do all that can be done with the current state of medical technology since the costs were exorbitant. He was not available but i was offered an appointment with his office partner, which i decided to accept since the discomfort was quite large.

      He examined me and told me i was having a heart attack and he recommended that i go to an emergency room immediately. Since it was almost Shabbat i decided to go home and heal myself again rather than go to the emergency room. I was unable to walk to the synagogue so i stayed home all Shabbat. I finally caught my breath from the walk up the one flight of stairs to my apartment (arriving home at 4 PM, from the Mikvah) at about 11 PM. (I tell you this to show the severity of the heart attack that was in process.)

      Sunday morning my roommate drove me to the emergency room. We were unfamiliar with its location and he dropped me on the wrong side of the street and it was necessary for me to walk across the street and through a small parking lot to reach the emergency desk. My blood pressure was taken and i was admitted to an emergency bed since my blood pressure was 250 over 180 just from walking across a street. I was admitted to the hospital that afternoon.

      Prior to entering the emergency room i called both of my daughters to tell them i was in the emergency room and that they should contact my roommate or i would call them as soon as i knew anything. i did not want them to worry and told them so. They did not listen and one daughter drove from San Francisco and one from Orange County as soon as possible. I ended up being in the hospital for 5 days. I received 5 stents on the "Widow Maker" artery to the heart which was estimated to be 98% blocked. The other 3 arteries were clear. I also received a pace maker as my sleep apnea caused my heart to stop for one part of a second the night of my recovery from the stent procedure. The invoice for this was a total medical bill of $150,000 which was written off by a charitable organization who purchased the invoices from the hospital. I never found out who this was.

      The amazing miracle was that there was no heart damage during this incident that went over 6 months. I did start taking the miracle drugs for blood pressure and cholesterol.

      My next incident was receiving medical insurance when i went to work for a non profit in June 2006. I started to utilize the insurance and a colonoscopy discovered colon cancer. Actually the doctor said to me while i was still drowsy from the drug they give that he thought it was cancer and they would not know for sure until a few days when the biopsy results came back. I thanked the doctor for the good news. I then started to ask dream questions to discover the purpose of this wake up call. I was informed that the colon cancer was caused by my not separating properly between Holy and Mundane which is the purpose of the Havdalah ritual at the end of Shabbat which i was not doing.

      I started to do Teshuvah and started to perform the Havdalah Service with the proper Kavenah. I also decided that i did not want to have the operation that was recommended by the surgeon i was referred to.

      My children would not allow that as they expected me to die from colon cancer like my mother. We discussed it and i realized that if i did not have the operation the consciousness from my children would impact my healing. So i accepted the operation even though i knew i had eliminated the cancer within my body through my Teshuvah. The Doctor could not find the cancer when he did the operation and looked at it on both sides of my colon since he knew from the colonoscopy where it was and thought he was on the wrong side. He got something out just to be safe. I then healed quickly although about 6 months later a cough caused a massive hernia as the effect from this unnecessary operation.

      I also have developed arthritis of the right hip and lower back which is why i walk with a cane and also developed diabetes and its lower leg effect of edema and open wounds that leak the excess fluid. The doctors call this venous insufficiency in the legs.

      I could not afford medical insurance for the last few years and while i took the drugs i frequently had open wounds on my lower legs. All of this is caused according to western medicine by the overweight conditions i have lived and created during the past 40 years. Of course there is truth in what they say: My lack of Binding by Striking in the area of eating has caused much of this body damage. I do live with this condition while i am doing Teshuvah for all of these ailments. I now have medical insurance through Medicare since i have reached the appropriate age. The positive aspect of these illnesses is my learning about the medical insurance industry in this country and the method of abuse that is inflicted on people through this existing system.

      Tools for healing

      1. Teshuvah methods

      2. Confession or Viduy prayer

      3 Asking forgiveness of people who harmed you and also people you harmed by making them become a channel to you from HaShem and causing you pain. Let me clear about this.

      Someone steps on your toe and it is very painful. They ask you to forgive them as it is an accident. It is not an accident. You need that pain to cleanse yourself and balance the universe. They are a channel to you from HaShem for this pain. You caused them to then give you this pain since you did something that requires this pain to balance the universe. It is important that you realize that since they really do not have to be the channel to you from HaShem they will have pain in their life balancing the pain they caused you. You need to accept responsibility and to them for making them receive that pain that you caused them too by stepping on your toes.

      4. There is a technique that is soon to be part of modern medical technology dealing with stem cells. The sequence in the third verse of the Ana Becoach Yood Caf Shin will return parts of the body to the stem cell consciousness. It is necessary to know which part of the body is sick and needs restoration. Then one must intertwine the name of the body part with the Yood Caf Shin sequence. This should be done each time the Ana Bekoach is said and then prior to starting the fourth verse the consciousness needs to return the body part from the stem cells to its actual purpose in your body.

      5. There is a meditative technique as part of teshuvah where you have actual conversations with entities that may have passed. This works for previous lives and other people. It is a very important and powerful technique which will be explained more fully below.

      Here is a teaching from the Chabad site on 28 of Av 5773. The teachings are based on the teachings of the Chabad Rebbe Schneerson who passed in the 1990.s as is in my opinion one of two known Tzadikim buried in North America.

      This teaching is very deep so do not accept it only on its literal level. Look deeper into this teaching.

      There are two general approaches in healing a bodily illness: a) To heal the particular organ or faculty that is defective, sick or weak; b) to strengthen the healthy organs and faculties so that they may overcome and heal the sick organ or faculty.

      The parallel in illnesses of the soul are the two approaches in service of G-d - teshuvah and good deeds.

      My students experience

      To be completed in another class depending on whether people are interested in learning about this process.

      Below this section which we may not have time to read is wisdom from the Zohar Parasha Pinchas about Healing. This section is not complete and will be added to over time. It also has some commentary from the Daily zohar web site. Please if we do not have time to finish this read it yourself as soon as possible. Human Beings tend to procrastinate and this material might save your life or someone else's life if you choose to share the information as it is meant to be shared. You do not know to whom you will be the channel and become the cause of their healing. That is quite a merit.

      Healing and Sickness Notes from Zohar Pinchas

      Sam A El is home from the Liver

      Daily Zohar 1198

      Hebrew translation:

      362. כָּתוּב (ויקרא ט) הַיֹּתֶרֶת מִן הַכָּבֵד. וְכָתוּב (שם ג) וְאֶת הַיֹּתֶרֶת עַל הַכָּבֵד. (אַחַר שֶׁעָשְׂתָה נִאוּף, עוֹלָה עָלָיו.) יֹתֶרֶת מִן הַכָּבֵד – זוֹ אֵשֶׁת זְנוּנִים שֶׁהוֹלֶכֶת וְיוֹצֵאת מִן הַכָּבֵד לְהַחֲטִיא בְּנֵי הָעוֹלָם וּלְקַטְרֵג עֲלֵיהֶם, וְעוֹזֶבֶת אֶת הַזָּכָר לַעֲשׂוֹת זְנוּנִים, וּמִשּׁוּם זֶה הַיֹּתֶרֶת, שֶׁנִּפְרֶדֶת מִן הַכָּבֵד. יֹתֶרֶת עַל הַכָּבֵד – אַחַר שֶׁעָשְׂתָה נִאוּף, עוֹלָה עָלָיו. מֵצַח אִשָּׁה זוֹנָה. מִתְגַּבֶּרֶת עַל בַּעְלָהּ, שֶׁהוּא כָּבֵד, בַּכַּעַס שֶׁל הַמָּרָה. אֵשֶׁת מְדָנִים וָכַעַס, שֶׁשּׁוֹלֶטֶת עַל הַזָּכָר שֶׁלָּהּ. מֵצַח אִשָּׁה זוֹנָה שׁוֹלֶטֶת עַל הַכָּבֵד, אֵשֶׁת מְדָנִים וָכַעַס.

      362 English Translation from

      It is written: "the appendix of the liver" (Vayikra 9:10), and also: "the appendix above the liver" (Vayikra 3:4). "the appendix of the liver" MEANS a woman of harlotry, THAT IS LILIT, who comes out and emerges from the liver, THAT IS SAMAEL, to mislead people and denounce them, and she leaves the male to practice prostitution. And that is why IT IS WRITTEN: "the appendix of the liver"; "the appendix above the liver" MEANS THAT, after her fornications, she rises above him. She has "a harlot's forehead" (Yirmeyah 3:3) and subdues her husband, who is SAMAEL, WHO IS CALLED 'liver', with the anger of the gall, being a quarrelsome and anger-prone wife who rules over her male. THUS "The harlot's forehead" has control over the liver, WHICH IS SAMAEL, BECAUSE SHE IS a quarrelsome, angry woman AND IS THEREFORE CALLED "THE APPENDIX ABOVE THE LIVER."

      363. יֹתֶרֶת מִן הַכָּבֵד – מִן הַכָּבֵד יוֹצֵאת לְהַבְאִישׁ לְכָל הָעוֹלָם וְלַעֲשׂוֹת נִאוּפִים עִם הַכֹּל. לְבַסּוֹף הִיא עוֹלָה לְגַבֵּי הַזָּכָר, מֵצַח אִשָּׁה זוֹנָה, בְּעַזּוּת שֶׁל פָּנִים, וְאָז הִיא עַל הַכָּבֵד. וְעוֹד, יֹתֶרֶת מִן הַכָּבֵד נִקְרֵאת מֵהַצַּד הָאַחֵר. אַחַר שֶׁיּוֹצֵאת לְנָאֵף עִם כֻּלָּם, נוֹתֶנֶת שִׁיּוּרִים לְבַעְלָהּ, וְזוֹהִי יֹתֶרֶת מִן הַכָּבֵד.

      363 English Translation from

      "the appendix of the liver:" BECAUSE SHE emerges from the liver, WHO, AS EXPLAINED ABOVE, IS SAMAEL HER HUSBAND, in order to harm the whole world and practice adultery with all. She then mounts the male, with "a harlot's forehead," audaciously, and she is then above the liver. Also, she is called "the appendix of the liver," from another point of view, for after she has gone out to play prostitute with all, she gives the leftovers to her husband, and this is the meaning of "the appendix of the liver," appendix IS DERIVED FROM LEFTOVERS.

      364. מִתּוֹךְ הַכָּבֵד וְהַיּוֹתֶרֶת שֶׁלָּהּ יוֹצֵאת מָרָה, וְהִיא חֶרֶב שֶׁל מַלְאַךְ הַמָּוֶת, שֶׁיּוֹצְאוֹת מִמֶּנָּה טִפּוֹת מָרוֹת לַהֲרֹג לִבְנֵי אָדָם. זֶהוּ שֶׁכָּתוּב (משלי ה) וְאַחֲרִיתָהּ מָרָה כַלַּעֲנָה. וְהִיא תְּלוּיָה בַּכָּבֵד, וְכָל הֶחֳלָאִים וְהַמִּיתוֹת תְּלוּיוֹת בּוֹ. וְאוֹתוֹ יוֹם שֶׁל רֹאשׁ הַשָּׁנָה (הַמַּשְׂטִין) מְשׁוֹטֵט בָּעוֹלָם לֶאֱסֹף אֶת כָּל חוֹבוֹת הָעוֹלָם, וְאָז כָּל הָאֵיבָרִים, שֶׁהֵם יִשְׂרָאֵל, הֵם בְּצָרָה, שֶׁהֵם אֵיבָרִים שֶׁל הַמַּלְכָּה, שֶׁנֶּאֱמַר (משלי כ) נֵר ה’ נִשְׁמַת אָדָם. הַשְּׁכִינָה הַקְּדוֹשָׁה. וְאָז כָּל יִשְׂרָאֵל בְּצָרָה, וְלוֹקְחִים שׁוֹפָר לְעוֹרֵר בּוֹ אוֹתָהּ תְּקִיעָה וּשְׁבָרִים וּתְרוּעָה.

      364. English Translation from

      Pinchas 362-364

      364. Zohar Translation from

      From the liver and the appendix, WHICH ARE SAMAEL AND LILIT, emerges the gall, which is the sword of the Angel of Death, from which come bitter drops to kill people. It is written: "Her end is bitter (Heb. marah) as wormwood" (Mishlei 5:4). And THE GALL (HEB. MARAHA) is hanging over the liver, all sickness and death coming from it, FROM THE KLIPAH THAT IS CALLED 'GALL'. And on that day of Rosh Hashanah, she prowls through the world, collecting up all the sins that are in the world. And then all the parts, which are Yisrael, are in trouble, FOR YISRAEL are the parts of the Shechinah, AS IT IS SAID: "The soul of man is the candle of HaShem" (Mishlei 20:27), WHICH MEANS THAT THE SOUL OF MAN IS DERIVED FROM THE CANDLE OF HASHEM, which is the holy Shechinah. And then, ON ROSH HASHANAH, all Yisrael are in trouble, so they take a Shofar to awaken with it those calls: T'kiah, Sh'varim, T'ruah. A Synopsis: Moses talks about the participation of the body – the trachea, the lungs, the arteries, the breath, the esophagus and the mouth – in the blowing of the Shofar. He says that the Satan has no control on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Yisrael's strength is in the voice, not in eating and drinking like everyone else in the world, and it is necessary to awaken the voice with the ten Shofar verses.

      Zion Nefesh Commentary

      The smaller lobe of the liver brings the negativity to the body and soul. It is the aspect of the female of the negative side, Lili-th. She comes out to create confusion in the male and drives him into negative actions mostly related to sex and anger.

      She controls the liver that is the aspect of her husband, Sam-ael, who is the minister of all negativity. Her strength comes from her ability to inflict male and female aspects of judgments.

      From the liver and the lobe of the liver that is Sam-ael and Lili-th comes out the bile that is the aspect of the sword of the angel of death.

      Proverb 5:4 (read the entire chapter for immune from following negativity)

      “וְאַחֲרִיתָהּ, מָרָה כַלַּעֲנָה; חַדָּה, כְּחֶרֶב פִּיּוֹת.”

      “But her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword.”

      The word ‘bitter’ in the verse above is מרה in Hebrew as the word for ‘bile’.

      On the day of Rosh Hashanah, the Klipah that is called ‘מרה’ , Bile, spreads around the world to collect all sins to present to the court for the judgment process. That brings the danger of losing the connection to the Shechina on the Israelites. The tool to weaken the influence of the Klipah on the court is to use the Shofar with sets of blowing that breaks the Klipah and softens the judgments.

      Joshua says:

      May 1, 2013 at 1:15 am

      Thanks once again Zion. I have heard in the past associations of the Angel of Death with the Arc Angel Gabriel. Wasn’t it Gabriel that HaShem sent to destroy Sodom & Gomorrah? The Zohar reveals in the portion of Emor what happens when a man dies, how he sees the Angel of Death with his sword drawn. Can you please elaborate?

      Blessings & Light,


      Zion Nefesh says:

      May 1, 2013 at 8:00 am

      The angel of death has the control over the material world and the temporary state of existence. When a person dies the angel of death has the duty to separate the soul from the body. He comes with a spiritual ‘sword’ that ‘cut’ the connection between the body and soul. The body falls into the ‘recycling’ process in the material world and the soul is released for the spiritual process it still need to follow. Rabbi Shimon used his own ‘Sword’ against the angel of death. In the ”Lecha Dodi’ song in Friday nights we sing ‘V’cherevh shalafta neged tzorerecha’ ‘and you drew a sword against your enemies’