Basic Class 15 - The Truth about the Theory of Relativity

Theory of Relativity

Do you know the meaning of and the difference between something absolute and something relative? That is what this class is teaching. This concept is necessary to understand or at least hear about in order to learn the tool of Mind Over Matter. This is a subject that can be difficult to absorb yet i am here to assist you in your spiritual growth.

How many of you know or have heard about the Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein?

I am waiting to hear an answer.

That's right. If you lived in the 20th Century, you heard about the Theory of Relativity. Tonight we are going to learn about the Theory, i mean truth that taught Einstein His two Theories. Yes, Einstein had two theories. One is called the Specific Theory revealed by him in 1905, and the other is called the General Theory revealed by him in 1915.

There is only one more question i will ask about Einstein and his theories. What is the relationship between Albert Einstein and Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag?

They are both Jewish. As a Kabbalist Rabbi Ashlag must reveal his Light and Knowldege of Kabbalah prior to any secular revelation of science. Remember never believe anything i say, but test it and experience it for yourself. Since Rabbi Ashlag revealed his Fact of Relativity prior to Einstein's theory they must come from the same root of the same part of Adam the first man.

That is the last of our discussion of Einstein.

Does anyone want me to prove that something must be revealed by a Kabbalist before it becomes available to the general public? Well i won't; you will just have to do that research for yourself. i have and it is up to you to experience it for yourself.

Rabbi Ashlag said in 1903 everything is relative. Science has not said that yet. They are still looking for absolutes. Actually what Rabbi Ashlag said was each Sefirah in the Tree of Life receives from the Sefirah above it and shares with the Tree of Life below it. It does two things at once. In spirituality this is impossible since the consciousness defines the idea in spirituality. Therefore, all things must be relative to each other. The lower Sefirah is a receiver relative to the higher Sefirah and the Higher Sefirah is a sharer with respect to the lower Sefirah.

Does everyone understand this concept? I do not want to show you a Tree of Life glyff since Rabbi Ashlag teaches us that these picture / diagrams confuse and limit us since we need to understand the Tree of Life in 10 dimensions not two dimensions.

Let me expand on this concept: The Tree of Life is infinite. Each Tree of Life has another Tree of Life within it. There is Tiferet within Chesed within Gevurah within Yesod within Keter within Malchut within Netzach, etc. And so on and so on and so on.

Let us look at the top Tree at the Sefirah of Chesed. It is right column so it is considered Sharing. Before i go on i am going to take an aside and discuss the Tree of Life Glyff briefly.

Rabbi Ashlag teaches us to teach Kabbalah but without using pictures or diagrams. He tells us that when we see the Tree of Life Glyff it causes confusion since the glyff is a metaphor and people “see” it as real. The glyff is two dimensional while the Tree is multi-dimensional and actually is infinite in each dimension and also has infinite dimensions. Looking at the glyff is both limiting and also many people find it illuminating until they delve into the deeper aspects of Kabbalah. They then find it limiting to their growth. I choose not to use the picture/glyff in my classes, but you may find it useful at this time. My suggestion is to try and understand this material without a glyph, and then if necessary use the glyff as you listen to the recording.

The Chesed Sefirah is the top of the physical world Sefirot, the top right column. It is directly below Chochmah and directly opposite Gevurah. It communicates (lines that connect to it on the Glyff) with Chochmah, Binah, Netzach, Tiferet, and Gevurah. These lines communicate in two directions in our world. Now there is another level of communication which is not drawn on the glyff and that is every Chesed is in communication with every other Chesed everywhere on the tree of Life. That means the Tree with the Tree and also the Trees within the other Sefirot on its Tree.

Now let's return to the question is Chesed always sharing? In every aspect of every place and within every Sefirot on every Tree?

Is this always true of this Sefirah? Is it always sharing or is it also receiving? Is it a male Sefirah or a female Sefirah?

In spirituality something is equal to another or different from another. Sharing and Receiving are opposite things. Male is opposite Female. They are not similar to or equal at all. In fact they are two different levels of consciousness. In spirituality there is only consciousness since there is no materiality.

In spirituality can something be both receiving and sharing? Then how can Chesed receive from Gevurah since it shares with Gevurah?

Let us now look at modern science and its theory of uncertainty. As I understand it the current theory of uncertainty says that one can not measure both the speed and location of an atom or a component of atoms.

Now let's look at the science question. In a forest there is no human being. Does the tree fall in the forest if there is no one able to hear it fall? The Midrash gives an answer to this question when it says that the first five days of creation was all ready but nothing happened. There was no rain - there were no plants growing from the earth until Man was there to experience the rain and to see the growing things.

Science says that you can only calculate the probability of the tree falling, but it can not be certain that it falls without man hearing it. This is not true of course; there is only certainty. Either the tree is falling or the tree is growing. The fact that i do not know which it is doing does not change the certainty. This is because there is something in the universe that does know the truth, and there is communication between that entity and the other levels of consciousness within the level of that Sefirot. Let us say the Tiferet of that particular tree knows it is growing. Then each Tiferet in the universe knows that this tree is growing. The fact that I can not access that particular fact within my Tiferet does not change the truth that it is growing.

Now let us return to the question Is the Sefirah Chesed of a particular frame of reference called that tree we were talking about above always sharing or does it sometimes receive.

I am waiting for your responses to the question.

It is clear that the Sefirot in this world are relative. The ARI teaches that this is one of the problems with the world prior to the world of tikune. The concept of absolute leaves no room for anything but perfection and it also limits communication to only one direction – downwards. The result was the breaking of the vessels which will be discussed in other classes.

Is there a consciousness/Sefirah that is wholly absolute and not always relative? What about Keter? Is not Keter always sharing with Chochmah or Binah? No, it receives from the Tree of Life that exists prior to it. The Malchut of the prior Tree becomes the Keter of the Tree below it. This is one reason that the Kabbalists named it Keter or Crown since a human who wears a crown does not change in essence when they take the crown off of their heads. It is both connected to the person and separate from the person.

Now is there an entity that is not connected to another entity? Of course everything is connected since everything has Tree of Life with in it. This is because Creation is a process that follows the Tree of Life. This will be made clear when we learn the 4 Phases of Creation as our first advanced class.

One more question: Is a pipe a vessel Kabbalistically? A pipe flows in one direction. There are atoms of the flow that go in only one direction, and there are atoms in the pipe that are bouncing off the wall of the pipe that based on the angle might flow backwards but the force of the atoms behind keeps it moving forward.

The answer to this question relies on the idea of the Malchut the Manifestation. A pipe does not have a Malchut since it never rests unless it is shut off and then it becomes a vessel not a pipe or a channel.

Now when someone channels from another entity information, is that channel / pipe connected to the other Trees in the universe. The answer is NO. That is one of the reasons that it is a negative thing, no matter how positive the channel says it is, or how much white light or angels or beauty they say they see. Remember I am not here to prove anything to you. I am here to give you information on how to remove chaos. Any time you are listening to a channel you are interacting in a negative way, and that according to the boomerang law that negative action will return to your life as negativity which is another word for chaos.

Now we can expand on the question- Why is the world created so that the Jewish World must reveal first prior to the other nations receiving this information?

The basic reason has to do with what took place at Mt. Sinai. The Giving of the Torah also included an additional desire to receive. The purpose of this additional desire to receive is so that the Jew will strive to bring down the Light – to bring down from the upper worlds the energy. Then it is the responsibility of the Jew to share this energy with the other 70 + Nations. This is the purpose of the Jewish Nation. This is the Tikune of the Jewish Nation. Prior to Abraham there were three opportunities for mankind to bring this energy down for each individual and for each family and for each nation. These opportunities are: The first 10 Generations until the Flood, the next 10 Generations until the Birth of Avraham, and the Tower of Babel were opportunities for the other nations to receive and act upon this larger desire to receive. Then the Jewish Nation through its forefathers and its development in Egypt received this additional soul/desire to receive at Mt Sinai.

Now let us ask the question In the Tree of Life is there time?

Did you ask the question, which Tree of Life am I asking about? Probably not since you are not yet thinking without the consciousness of Satan and our selfishness.

One student when I asked this question about time asked if time depended on the beginning. So let us look at the Torah and what it says about beginning. You all know what the Torah says about Beginning. It says Beraishit. The Masoretic text says Be not Baraishit. If the vowels were a Patach and pronounced Ah with the Bet, in Hebrew that would mean that there was an implied Hey also. The word would then be BeHaRayshit. The Hey in Hebrew as a prefix makes it a definite article. Now the word would then be correctly translated as "In the beginning." Without the Hey it becomes "In a beginning." There are no vowels in the Torah; therefore both ways to pronounce the word are correct.

What is the difference between "In a beginning" and "In the beginning" and how does this change the idea of time?

"In the beginning" implies only one beginning. "In a beginning" implies multiple beginnings or multiple creations. This is where the idea of the 974 generations prior to Adam comes from. Each generation has a beginning so there are multiple beginnings. In fact Kabbalah says in each instant there is a new beginning. HaShem is constantly recreating the world. Time then must be relative since it depends on the beginning.

Now, must there be continuity between each Creation? This second there is a new world. Are your memories the same between those two worlds? Does HaShem create our memories intact in each new instant's creation?

Relative to us the answer is of course. Relative to HaShem the answer is not necessarily. This is one of the potential pitfalls when someone speaks to you of the Akashic records that they have accessed with their psychic abilities. To which creations' memories are they connecting?

Returning to our question: Time is relative when we speak about ourselves. Time is not relative when we speak of time from the point of view of the Creator.

One modern Kabbalah teaches that time runs forward in our world while it is running backwards relative to our world in the world of Zeir Anpin. Our future is their past. This is the source of Angels and other Yetziratic entities telling people in our world (using psychic abilities) the future. They are just looking up their news reports. There is a limit to this since the spiritual law they follow limits their telling someone in this frame of existence the future more than 30 days ahead.

Since we have now discussed that time is relative from our perspective we can reveal to you what is time? Time is mercy. It is the distance between cause and effect. The purpose of this definition of time and our understanding is to utilize this space/distance between cause and effect to do Teshuvah.

In a world of perfect Judgment, if i were to steal, my hand would immediately drop off. If i were to commit adultery something else would drop off. Since HaShem is merciful He created Teshuvah as the opportunity to correct all of our mistakes, and in effect make that a more powerful effect relative to the worlds than if we do not make a mistake in the first place.

Of course this world of perfect judgment has no free will since if you see your brother's hand fall off, you tend to make sure yours does not fall off.

The Kabbalah teacher I mentioned above explains that Mashiach Consciousness means that time in the world of Yetzirah and Asyiah. What we call the unity of the spiritual and the physical must be chaotic since the time sequence in both worlds must start to run in only one direction together not both directions separately.

Why is it important to know that everything is relative and there is only the Creator that has absolute Truth, Certainty, and Wisdom?

Language of Branches

The spiritual world above us is the root for the things in this world. The kabbalists use everyday words to describe the roots above us. That means they may say dish or human being or wisdom or blade of grass. We must always interpret their words not as the physical thing but as which relative thing they are talking about. This is one of the most important aspects of the Kabbalah. Which frame of reference is being described? Which Tree of Life is being talked about? Is the frame of reference the physical world. the spiritual world called Yetzirah. or the spiritual world of Brea, or the spiritual world of Atzilut?

Since everything is relative does everything have to die? The answer is no. Does everything that dies need to deteriorate? Do we need to rot in the ground or the mausoleum. No. A righteous person when he is buried does not rot. Dig his body up and he will be warm to the touch. He will have no fluid loss and he will look like he was just buried. We have examples of people buried 400 or more years when their bodies are dug up look like that. Even in America one example is after 28 years the body of Medgar Evers was dug up and found to be like that except one part of his left wrist and hand.

Why is it important for me to know that everything is relative? Why am i giving this class in the basic level of classes? It is important for you to know that your Tikune is relative to yourself. It is relative to what you are willing to do. It is relative to what you are capable of doing, and it is relative to what you have the potential to do. Without knowing what you did last lifetime which is relative to this lifetime you will never accomplish your Tikune. This is what is taught by the ARI. That we must know what mistakes we made last lifetime in order to correct for this lifetime. Was this true for all generations? Probably not. Since the Zohar says that approximately half of the Jewish Nation achieved their Tikune prior to Rabbi Shimon's generation. Yet if we discuss history... What happened after the generation of Rabbi Shimon? Time slowed down and became the middle ages of darkness. Less change in the world means less tikunes achieved. The ARI came and taught things that are looked upon as truth and absolute by the religious community, yet these things must be learned and viewed through the lens of relativity.

We are what we think! What we think is relative to our thoughts.

This is a true statement, yet we are conditioned to think certain thoughts are good and certain thoughts are not. This is the Judeo Christian morality. Is it true? Is that truth absolute?

i am going to live 300 plus years. i am presently 65 years old with a life expectancy according to science of 22+ years. I suffer from pain and debilitation and bad eating habits, etc. All according to science. Do i know this as truth? Or can i change the way i think. Can i change the way the world views things? How do i do that? That is Mind over Matter. That will be discussed next week. Yet it starts with the way i think and how the society that i choose to live within impacts my thoughts. AND IT DOES.

Relativity is knowledge that allows you to start to change your thinking. If i add on to a thought which is absolute, the idea that it is not absolute but relative i begin to change my thinking. i begin to get different thoughts i can even start to ask HOW DOES AN AIRPLANE FLY? And expect an answer other than a physical answer.

A plane flies due to the desire to receive of the people on that plane. Do not ever fly with anyone suicidal. How do you know? That is what intuition is for. But my intuition does not seem to work. Let us discuss why.


What is intuition?

It is that still small voice within each one of us. Some are able to hear this voice and others are not. Sometimes what is heard is a lie; sometimes it is accurate. What is intuition?

Intuition is your connection to your higher self. If this connection is solid your intuiition is telling you solid information. If the connection is weak your intuition is giving you weak information. Yet all of the intuition information is always correct. It is only relative to ourselves and our actions that day or week or month that defines what and how we receive the information.

You want your intuition to always work, then you follow all of the recommendations in the Torah all of the times. The more impure your actions, the less your intuition will work for you.

If you are brutally honest with yourself then you can test this and experience the truth of what I just said. Most people are not capable of being spiritually and brutally honest. Most spiritual people will tell you that they are sharing. That they think about other people. The Kabbalists will tell you they do not truly care about the other people, but they want to be close to the Creator and to receive that closeness they must share. Which is the truth and which is the falsehood?

Remember everything is relative and the purpose of knowing this relative principle is to truly know cause and effect.


Let us draw this class to a close by understanding relativity as the tool that it is. Let us look at a fish tank with 1 fish in it. The sides of the tank are not clear class they are colored different colors. There are 4 people looking at the fish from the 4 sides. One says the fish is red; one says the fish is green; one says the fish is blue; one says the fish is yellow. Which is correct? None of them since the fish is silver. I can see this by climbing to the top of the tank and seeing it without the colored glass.

Each person seeing through a glass has a truth that is relative to him. His truth is valid to him. If I am the person seeing the fish is red will I go to war with the person who sees the fish is green? Why would I do that ? It is only the color of a fish. So now replace people with countries and the fish with the natural resources my country needs to survive in this technological world that has developed. Would I go to war with the other 3 people so I get the resources and they do not?

Why does this happen. Because the propaganda machines of each country persuade people that they are right and the other country is wrong. Let us put modern voices to that statement. The Moslem suicide bomber is wrong and crazy. I am right because women should not have to wear long clothes and face coverings if they do not want to. Also girls should have a right to an education. Will you go to war over these issues? Is that not why the war in Iraq and Afghanistan happened?

What is wrong with the world view that says I am right and the other guy is wrong? Being right creates separation. Being unified means having a desire to be unified no matter if he is wrong. I can be wrong with him and that makes us both right. Correct!

What will create peace in the world? Everyone thinking like me? Or my knowing that their thinking is relative to them and my thinking is relative to me and they are both right. And I can not kill him unless he tries to kill me first. Is this a form of peace relative to the way the world is today?

The purpose of teaching this tool of relativity is to start you in changing your world view – not to my world view – but to your world view which includes the diversity of the creation. How will you use relativity in your life? How will you integrate this into your life? How will you change your world view? Do you want to change your world view? Or does your current world view serve you well? How does your current world view support the chaos in your life?