Basic Class Number 16 – Consciousness and Mind Over Matter

In Genesis Adam and by virtue of our being his children we are given dominion over the physical world. Let us see what the verse actually says:

Genesis Chapter 2 Verse 15

ויקח יהוה אלהים את-האדם וינחהו בגן-עדן לעבדה ולשמרה

And HaShem Elohim took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.

We are given a job.

Genesis Chapter 2 Verse 19

ויצר יהוה אלהים מן-האדמה כל-חית השדה ואת כל-עוף השמים ויבא אל-האדם לראות מה-יקרא-לו וכל אשר יקרא-לו האדם נפש חיה הוא שמו

And out of the ground HaShem Elohim formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto the man to see what he would call them; and whatsoever the man would call every living creature, that was to be the name thereof.

In verse 15 we are given a job to control the Garden of Eden and in Verse 19 we are given control over all of the beasts of the field and every fowl of the air. The Kabbalists teach us that control calls from Naming something. Why is that? It is explained that Adam looked into the essence of each animal and fowl and called it by Name which means Adam accepted dominion over the animal and the fowl. What is missing? Missing are fish and insects. Elsewhere we are given dominion over some of the fish but not all and some of the insects but not all. What are we missing? Fish and insects that belong to the other side – the negative side.

We also learn from the above two verses that giving something a Name implies that we know the consciousness of that thing. Dominion implies consciousness higher than the consciousness of that thing. This is because a level of consciousness includes all levels of consciousness below it.

What is consciousness? The Kabbalists teach us that consciousness is a desire to receive. When I want something then I am on that level of consciousness. Even if that desire is not yet fulfilled, I must be on that level since the fulfillment is on that level. Then I must be on that same level of consciousness in order to receive the fulfillment. Does this make sense? Yes it does!

Let us look at the negative 3 week period as it teaches us a lot about consciousness. The 3 weeks starts each year on the 17th of Tammuz. During the year when the Torah was given (the year 2448) the 17th of Tammuz was on Thursday.

Thursday is the day dealing with the Sefirah of Hod which also deals with spiritual potential. The 17th day deals with the essence of Good since the gematria of Good (in Hebrew the word Tov) is 17. Therefore, the 17th of Tammuz is a good day dealing with spiritual potential. It also is 40 days after Moshe went up the mountain. This was the day that Moshe was to come down the mountain with the two Luchot (Tablets). This was the day that all of the energy of the Torah was to manifest into the world.

If that would have happened Mashiach would arrive. Death would be swallowed up forever. I think you get the idea of what kind of consciousness everyone would be participating with. This would have been quite a party.

Except it did not happen that way due to the construction of the Golden Calf. What was supposed to be a good day became a completely negative day. Instead it turned out to be almost the most negative day of the year. The only day that is more negative is Tisha B'Av. This became more negative since HaShem could not forgive the generation of the Desert when the spies returned. He was able to forgive the generation of the Desert for the Golden Calf.

Do you see how consciousness impacts the physical world? In your own life do you go from sad to happy based on news or events? How many people were anticipating a special birthday and then some negative news was heard, and the day just was not as happy as you anticipated. Consciousness controls.

The Kabbalists teach what the Torah says- consciousness causes the walls of a house to grow a disease. When you go to a favorite restaurant and the meal is just not up to par, how many of you asked the Mater De, “Who sat at this table before us? Were they happy or sad? Were they arguing or rejoicing?" This consciousness is absorbed by the table and then this consciousness will effect you.

Why is home cooking so special? Because it is injected with love by your mother (except those days when she is too tired, then her cooking doesn't taste so good).

Modern Science says there is nothing but consciousness and that consciousness creates a field just as gravity creates a field of energy. Remember Kabbalah says gravity is the desire to receive for one self alone.

The 17th of Tammuz became a negative day due to the actions and consciousness of the generation of the Desert. Once you become aware that consciousness impacts us so strongly one can utilize Binding by Striking and not let these fields of negative consciousness impact us. Once a person knows that a day is negative they can stop their reaction and remain in a positive state. This is what the knowledge about consciousness allows us to do.

Now let us see where HaShem gives us the opportunity to grow to the level of consciousness called Mind Over Matter:

When the nation left Egypt and started into the desert HaShem told Moshe strike this rock and water will flow from it. Moshe did what he was told and water came from this rock sufficient to water, bathe, and all of the needs of 3 million people. Whenever the nation moved, the rock moved, and when the nation stopped, the rock would pour out 13 streams of water that became the borders between the Tribes. An amazing miracle.

Then Miriam the prophetess died. The rock went dry since the water only flowed due to the merit of Miriam. The people began to complain again. Come see what HaShem said to Moshe and Aaron.

In the Parasha of Chukat in the Book of Numbers Chapter 20 Verse 8 and Verse 11.

'Take the rod, and assemble the congregation, thou, and Aaron thy brother, and speak ye unto the rock before their eyes, that it give forth its water; and thou shalt bring forth to them water out of the rock; so thou shalt give the congregation and their cattle drink.'

Moshe called all 3 million people to gather and see what he would do. Come see what Moshe did.

'And Moses lifted up his hand, and smote the rock with his rod twice; and water came forth abundantly, and the congregation drank, and their cattle.'

The people were happy again; Moshe was happy; Aaron was happy. Only HaShem was not happy. Let's see what HaShem said to Moshe and Aaron.

Let's look at Numbers Chapter 20 Verse 12.

And HaShem said unto Moses and Aaron: 'Because ye believed not in Me, to sanctify Me in the eyes of the children of Israel, therefore ye shall not bring this assembly into the land which I have given them.'

What did Moshe do wrong? To answer this we need to know the difference between hitting with your hand and speaking with your mouth.

This is not a rhetorical question. Please answer it.

We also need to ask the question why could not the people bring water. Why did it need to have the merit of a righteous person? We need to understand sin and that all of the tools of Kabbalah were available to every one of the members of the Generation of the Desert. Why did they need Miriam to bring water from a rock?

The Torah is actually saying that the tools did not work for the members of the generation of the Desert. These are the tools that I have been teaching you. Do they only work for teachers or righteous people or religious people? Why did the tools not work for normal people of the Generation? Will the tools work for you? What tools am I talking about?

I am talking about the tools that I have taught YOU in this basic class. The tools still need something else other than just your knowledge of the tools or so it seems. Let's review what I am saying; what I have taught you.

The tools are The Ana Bekoach, the Zohar, the 2 sets of the 72 Names, Teshuvah, Tzedakah, Hebrew Astrology, the Laws of Reincarnation, Binding by Striking, the Hebrew calendar, Relativity, Curing Illness, and all else I have taught you in this basic class.

Do they work for you? They do or you would not be coming back week after week. Yet they do not yet work as powerfully as they could. What is the missing ingredient? We will discover that this week.

What is the difference between hitting the rock and speaking to the rock? Does anyone want to answer?

How do you motivate things in your universe to perform what you want them to perform? Do you hit them or do you speak to them? Remember the Zohar teaches us that a blade of grass does not grow without an angel hitting it and telling it to grow. Why does the angel hit the grass and then speak to the grass? Remember the tool is called Binding by Striking.

Moshe looked at the Nation of Israel individual by individual. Moshe saw some people who would relate to the idea of speaking to the rock and water would flow. He saw that the majority of people would hear the words but not be able to see the water flow. He also saw some people who would not even hear the words. The concept of water coming from an inanimate object because I spoke to it was just beyond their imagination. And if something can not be conceived it can not be seen.

The Kabbalah explains that Moshe knew that HaShem wanted him to speak to the rock, and he knew that not everyone would be able to deal with that world view. So he hit the rock to get water and guess what? The water did not flow.

So Moshe hit the rock again and the water began to flow. Why the need for the second hitting? Remember what was the mistake that Adam and Eve made in the Garden? Just like the potatoe chip – they could not just have one bite of that much pleasure. So they ate a second bite and that was the lack of restriction which is another word for the Binding by Striking tool.

Actually, let us ask the question specifically. Do you really think that Moshe misunderstood HaShem? HaShem says speak to the rock; Moshe hit the rock twice. Why? Because Moshe knew the consciousness of the people that they could not see the water come from the rock if someone simply spoke to the rock. This is because they could not even imagine that happening.

We all have read or heard about the author Jules Verne writing about a trip to the moon, submarines, inventions, and other things. Also, DaVinci brought drawings of flying machines and other amazing inventions. In their time did anybody else imagine these things? NO! If you can not imagine it then you can not see it manifest in the world. This imagination is a true perception. Today we see and hear about UFO's and abductions. Are they real? Since it is in the consciousness of some parts of mankind then it becomes part of the consciousness of all of mankind, and all of mankind can hear it. We learn that Consciousness creates the reality.

When Moshe hit the first time the people's consciousness was not unified. There was fear of dying in some, not fear of HaShem. With the second hit Moshe brought the consciousness of everyone into unity.

When we read the effect (not punishment of Moshe and Aaron), we see that Moshe could not go into the Land. This was due to the lack of cohesiveness of the people. Remember Moshe is Mashiach. If Moshe would have gone into the Land Mashiach would have manifested and the people would have died from the Light burning their Klipot. They were not ready, so Moshe as their teacher received the effect of their not being ready for him to enter the Land. He could have gone into the Land, yet he chose to allow them to grow and limit his immediate gratification. How many of us are willing to wait for fulfillment?

Today we speak and bring into being. The Dragon Program on the Computer- you speak and it types. The Clapper – clap your hands – which is making a sound like speech and the light turns on. There are many other examples that indicate we have reached the level of seeing the words that control the physical world. Let us discuss this a little more.

Kabbalah teaches us that any intention we have is supposed to manifest in our life. Yet we accept that it does not manifest in our life. We need to change this attitude. We need to realize that rain is supposed to come gently between midnight and 7 a.m. This is so it does not disturb human beings. When it comes at other times we need to realize that we have been doing something that is making the eco system not work properly. This is supposed to be that humans control the world.

Without people talking about Mashiach and the War of Armageddon they would not happen. That is why it is important to talk about Mashiach manifesting peacefully because people will experience what they think. The Baal Shem Tov began 300 years ago to teach that “We are where we think we are. And We are what we think we are." Yet positive thinking is a beginning but not the full story. We also must have CERTAINTY. If I think that it is MAKE BELIEVE it will not happen. I must know that the world is what I create it to be. That is the meaning of certainty.

Consciousness dictates that we see the world the way we expect to see the world. The Kabbalah tool of Mind Over Matter is designed by the Creator to allow us to change the illusion of the physical world into the truth of the physical world. It is designed for us to change our consciousness so that we see the Creator where he and I are. Not the illusion of the Creator concealing himself. Mind over Matter lets us see the Creator as us. Let me repeat that in a different way. The world that is coming is the world Created by me the way I want it to be where I am God. Actually, where we have become God and therefore We ARE God.

What is Mind Over Matter? When you ask most people this, they say things like teleportation, astral travel, lifting the stones that make up the pyramids and the walls of the Temple (all of which we need massive technology to reproduce today). How did the ancients do this? Examples include Easter Island giants, Stonehenge and other energy spots on the earth.

Even our fables like Ali Baba and the Seven Thieves are limiting us. That fable speaks of flying carpets. We can fly without an airplane, but we still need something physical at least in our minds. Do we? Our Sages speak of the “shortening of the way” that allows them to travel from Sefat (Safed in Northern Israel) – a 6 day journey in the 1500's to seconds when using that tool – to Jerusalem for Shabbat. The Sages only spoke of using the Hebrew Letters like the 72 Names. They never spoke about physical aspects that were needed.

The tool of Mind Over Matter helps to break the Klipah that is keeping you within the limitations that you build around yourself. These limitations are creations of myself influenced by the Klipot.

Remember the first class: The world is an illusion. If you expect to see an illusion, then you will see an illusion. There are now over 30,000 documented stories of Life after Death experiences. Depending on one's religious beliefs this is what is seen. All go through a tunnel and into a beautiful white light that has a figure that is hazy to see. Once they get closer the experience changes as follows:

Moslems see Mohammed

Mormons see Joseph Smith

Christians see the Man from Nazareth

Atheists see nothing (the figure disappears) or see Albert Einstein

Christian Scientists see a library or a reading room

Jews see Moshe or their individual perceptions of HaShem

What does this prove? WE SEE WHAT WE EXPECT TO SEE.

If we learn to expect something else as our physical world than that is what we will see since that is what we expect to see. That is the purpose of Mind Over Matter.

The Torah says we are created in the “shadow” (“Tzelem Elohim”). Our Sages tell us that it is not literal since HaShem has no physicality associated with itself. The Sages tell us that the shadow of God means that we were created in the essence of 10 Sefirot. So we have 10 fingers, 10 toes, a sex organ, and a tongue or 22 letters. Look at the Tikune HaNefesh and you will see the parts of the body relating to the 10 Sefirot. You will see the 12 Tribes in our bodies. I will leave you to determine where that is. Send me an email once you think you have figured this out.

When HaShem creates us in his Shadow what does that truly mean? HaShem creates us as Himself. What does that mean? Our physical world is meant for us to be a Creator or a Cause. What is the ultimate gift a father can give his son or a mother can give her daughter? To be like them. To give themselves to their children.

Have you ever heard the story of a human creating a human? Or something like an android at least? It is called a Golem. Would you like help with your washing? Create a Golem. Would you like help with your cleaning? Create a Golem. Your short of money to buy meat for Shabbat? Create a cow to slaughter for Shabbat like the Talmud teaches our Sages did every Friday afternoon. We are able to do this. Want to learn how? Come join our Monday Sefer Yetzirah classes. Of course it takes a while to develop the mental tools. It takes a while to cleanse you of your Klipot. Essentially that is why you were created in order to create a Golem and to become a Creator yourself.

In the second class I taught you we had 7000 years of which the last 1000 years represent Shabbat and serenity. Actually this is the second of the 7 7000 year periods. The people who manifested and completed their Tikune have become the Creators of 300 worlds. They are the inner essence of the stars and planets that are in our universes. This is what the Kabbalah and the Sages teach.

Additional thinking and teachings of the Sages: Whatever language you use to think within becomes a limitation. Hebrew is a spiritual language; English is a physical language. We can learn to think in pictures not words. Less limitations. When we do that we can learn to be telepathic and protect ourselves from the invasion of other entities. More in the study of Ten Luminous Emanations by Rabbi Ashlag.)

Remember I asked a question. Do you need a physical thing like a plane to fly? Let me tell you an amazing story. In 1904 the Wright Brothers built a contraption that they used to fly. 2004 someone duplicated the contraption and attempted to fly it but it did not fly. Why? Because the desire to fly was not as strong as the desire to fly that the Wright Brothers had.

What do we learn from this story? We limit ourselves because we think we need to build a plane. We limit ourselves in so many ways. Break out of your limitations. Become free. Become a true Creator. Learn to use the Hebrew letters for that purpose. BREAK YOUR KLIPOT. BECOME ALL THAT YOU CAN BE.

Moshe chose not to go into the Land of Israel because he wanted all of his brothers, sisters and nieces and nephews to also go into the Land. There is a prophecy that there will be 7000 people flying over Jerusalem, or every human being will be able to fly over Jerusalem. The choice is yours just as Moshe had a choice. Listen to the voice of HaShem within you. Or listen to the Klipah within you. The choice is within you. Please make the choice that brings peace to your life and to mine.

HaShem created many different species of insects. Each species has a purpose. What is the purpose of the common house fly? Why is that species of insect called the national bird of Israel?

The purpose of the common house fly is to teach you Binding by Striking. Your reaction is to shoo the fly away from yourself. If you stop that reaction you begin to learn Binding by Striking. Want to stop being busy with the house fly? Ignore it by stopping your reaction. What does this have to do with Mind Over Matter? Everything. The more often you ignore the fly the more often they do not bother you. I have not seen a house fly in over 18 years. Even when I have gone to horse stables.

Mind Over Matter is control of the physical world using the Hebrew Letters. It has many different levels. One level is to think something into manifestation without actually knowing how the world works and having it come into manifestation. That is one of the lower levels of Mind Over Matter. Another level is being able to bring rain out of season or change the course of a river. Another level is being able to communicate with other entities within your meditations. The level you attain of Mind Over Matter is up to you. It can work like a television remote control – just push the buttons which are the Hebrew Letters, or you can learn to build the remote control and actually draw the blueprints and understand the physical laws

Here is an essay from a Student of Kabbalah relating the teachings of a modern Kabbalist regarding Mind Matter and Consciousness.

Modern Kabbalists teach us that there are, in essence, three phases of consciousness that we all came to this world to achieve:

1. Mind and Matter

2. Mind over Matter

3. Mind is Matter.

Mind and Matter is a state of consciousness where we perceive space between our minds and the physical world around us. We view the mind and the material world as separate and distinct entities. Within this space comes darkness and chaos and random events.

Mind over Matter emerges as we learn the wisdom of Kabbalah and use Kabbalistic tools to elevate our consciousness by gaining knowledge of life and an aspect of purification through our gradual transformation. We then begin to experience moments of control over the physical world. We experience a minor or major miracle here and there. We witness moments of synchronicity that show us that there is an order beneath the chaos; that our minds can often take control over the world and events that unfold around us. In effect, we have reduced the space between mind and matter and therefore, we have forged a link between the two giving us a measure of control.

Mind is Matter is the state of consciousness that a master Kabbalist has achieved, a level that all mankind is destined to achieve. There is no space between the mind and the physical world. In fact, the mind is the manufacturer of the physical world and thus, there is 100% control over all events and situations. This is why a Kabbalist is able to help his or her students experience extraordinary blessings and miracles and wonders.

It is the ego that creates the illusion of Mind and Matter. The bigger the ego, the greater the space between the two.

Kabbalah helps to diminish the ego and thus we can achieve a measure of mind over matter in direct proportion to the amount of ego that we are prepared to surrender. However, be forewarned: This is not an easy task as the ego is the most powerful, dominant and formidable force on earth.

The complete eradication of the ego is how we achieve the ultimate control over the physical reality. That's when our minds will be able to manufacture a universe of perfect peace and lasting paradise as it becomes free of all ego thus removing all space between our thoughts and the physical reality.

What we dream will be.

Love Thy Neighbor means zero space between people.

Love Thy Neighbor is what removes the space between mind and matter.

Banishment of the ego is how we achieve Love Thy Neighbor.

Now you know: Love Thy Neighbor is not a moral. It is not an ethic or some noble "spiritual" ideal.

It is technology. Pure and simple. It is nano technology, giving us absolute control over the physical reality, removing chaos, darkness, poverty, pain, famine, pollution, fear, worry and lack from the landscape of the material world.

Simply through our thoughts and the power of human consciousness.

It is only the ego that denies the power of consciousness and makes us skeptical and cynical to this profound, but simple truth.

Below is the conclusion that will be reached by students of Kabbalah who have broken through the illusion that the Satan attempts to create for us.

HaShem created the endless vessel (which is us) to be his hands in all of the 4 worlds. In order to become his hands in the 4 worlds one must travel to the 4 worlds. That is what one must decide if one wants to travel to the 4 worlds, or stay in the earth bound plane which is what the spiritual paths of the other nations do. It is your choice.

If you decide to learn to travel it is recommended to have a spiritual guide who will not travel with you but will prepare you to travel. I look forward to working with you whatever your decision.

There is one more lesson to learn with respect to Mind Over Matter. It takes approximately 8 minutes and then a lifetime to learn to manifest the truth of this lesson. Here is a link to the you tube piece. As i said it is 8 minutes long:

  • Learning to use Mind Over Matter to Overcome the illusion of death!