Basic Class 9 - The Hebrew Calendar Part 1

Have you ever noticed some days you awaken feeling up to any challenge, and others you feel uninspired to even get out of bed? According to Kabbalah, this is because the energy in the cosmos supports us in different ways at different times. Some days might be good to further ourselves in business, while others are ripe for meeting new friends or starting great romances. Some days are good for all things. Thankfully, the Kabbalistic calendar gives us foresight into these windows in time to better navigate our lives.

Please keep in mind that while the cosmos has one overall frame of energy for a day, within each day there is a cycle that goes through all possible alternatives. Knowing when the appropriate part of a day has the energy that supports your desired actions is extremely helpful. Also, keep in mind that we do not stop doing what we are doing just because the cosmos does not support it in the best way.

Hebrew Calendar is a useful Spiritual Tool

Here are the words of Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok on the subject of the Health of the World.

In Oriental Medicine, the doctor can touch one's pulse and learn from it numerous things about the health and illness of the human body. This is tried and true science. Since ancient times doctors have been taking the human pulse and learning much from it about the human condition and one's medical prognosis.

Just like the individual human being has a pulse, so too does the natural world around us. Doctors of the spirit seek to take the pulse of the world. They seek to learn about the health and illness of the world around them. Doctors of the spirit can foresee the world's prognosis and they can prescribe what is necessary to heal it before the world, like an individual human body, becomes sick and dies. Chas V'Shalom

Doctors of the spirit speak little and do much. They do not seek fanfare or notoriety. Doctors of the spirit prefer to remain in the foreground, remain unnoticed and undetected. In this way they remain undisturbed and thus better able to work their medicinal healing skills.

Today, (written Jan 26, 2012 which is 2nd Shevat 5772) our world is sick and in need of some serious healing. Yet, not all healing is pleasant, not all medicine is sweet. Indeed, healing is hard and medicine is bitter, but if the body is to survive, then it must follow the required regiment to restore its health. This is true of the individual human body as much as it is true of the body of the whole world.

chanoch's Commentary

Rabbi Bar Tzadok is expressing an opinion that many hold. It comes from "seeing" the world through physical senses. Doctors of the spirit do not use physical sense except to confirm their spiritual senses. At the time this was being written the doctors of the spirit saw that the world was following the plan of HaShem. This plan calls for the darkness to be the darkest just prior to the dawn. This darkness is still continuing but we have a Light which is the year 5774 and the verse from Samuel Bet Chapter 7 Verse 10 which calls for Peace in the Middle East to manifest during 5774. Please read or scan that verse every day so that your consciousness can be changed to assist the manifestation of that verse in 5774.


Doctors train to learn how to read the pulse to monitor health and illness. Doctors of the spirit train to tune into nature and foresee that which is coming upon the world. (chanoch's addition). Others may use the tools revealed by these Spiritual Doctor's or Sages. One of these tools is the Hebrew Calendar

Learn to read the world's pulse using the Hebrew Calendar tool, until you are ready to read the world's pulse directly.

(chanoch addition) A first step in reading the World's Pulse directly is to start looking for spiritual cause and physical effect. Until then the Hebrew Calendar will assist you to see the cause when you learn to use it properly.

Rabbi Bar Tzadok says, "Stop listening to the wavering words of men!"

One day, they say this and one day, they say that, but on all days, all their talk is nothing but air, and like the wind, their air just blows away and leaves nothing behind. Pay no heed to those who know not the pulse.

FEEL the pulse of the world, become sensitive to its subtle nuances and you too can and will learn the way of spirit. Live in nature, not outside it, in this way will you come to know nature's Creator. The Creator will guide His creation and those who monitor the pulse will learn and know what to do, how to do it and when it all should be done.

The rest are the secrets.

You may/can/and eventually will learn them from within the pulse. Until then use the Hebrew Calendar to know the pulse of the health of the world.

Man Created the Calendar to measure time. The Hebrew Calendar was created by man using Ruach HaKodesh - Divine Spirit to do more than measure time. It was created to show us the essence of the cosmos.

There are three forms of calendars in the world. One is the western calendar which is based on the Solar calendar. One is the Moslem calendar which is based on the Moon and the third is the Hebrew Calendar which reconciles the two other calendars. Let me explain.

The lunar calendar is more in tune with time since time is a cycle and the moon goes through a cycle. Yet if one keeps only the lunar cycle the energy of the cosmos and the energy of the Holidays are not in sync. Here is an example. There is a Holiday associated with the renewal of the year called Ramadan in the Moslem calendar. It should be celebrated in the spring. Yet each year the Lunar Calendar is 10 days shorter than the solar year and thus the Ramadan Holiday moves relative to spring which is related to the Solar cycle. In three years Ramadan is a month out of sync with the spring. In 10 years it is a season out of sync. It only returns to being in sync years out of 40 years.

The solar calendar does not recognize the shorter cycle of the months within a season. The Hebrew Calendar reconciles these issues by injecting a leap month 7 times in 19 years. Why is the cycle 19 years? This is the number of Sefirat within a single soul. The woman has 10 Sefirot while a man has 9 and the woman is his tenth. This is why the name Chava = Mother of life has a gematria of 19. Why does it take 7 adjusting months called leap months? You know the answer has to do with the same reason there are 7 days in a week. 7 continents on the earth. 7 seas. 7 notes in music. and 7 colors in the rainbow. It is the number of lower Sefirot that exists and creates our physical world.

The Hebrew Calendar is not a tool that measures time. It is a tool that gives one insight into the energy essence of each day, each week, each month, and each year. Unfortunately this unique aspect of this tool is not widely known. This physical world has been within the control of the Nation of Edom for the last 2500 years. The Nation of Edom is the western world which is known as Greek-Roman Wisdom. The information of the Hebrew Calendar aspect i mentioned was not known to them and they developed a time measuring device which was allowed to be influenced by the Ceasars of Julius and Augustos who added their name to the 10 basic months. These became the months of July and August.

We will go through the Hebrew Calendar both as a time keeping device and an energy explaining device. This will allow you to choose to use it as both aspects or not. Now let's look at the Hebrew Calendar.

The first Mitzvah given to the Children of Israel came even before leaving Egypt. The wording of this Mitzvah is very revealing. In Chapter 12 of Exodus it says in the second verse 'This month shall be unto you the beginning of months; it shall be the first month of the year to you.' When one reads this in the Hebrew it becomes clear that this Mitzvah had to be given to the Nation prior to leaving Egypt and probably in the month prior to Rosh Chodesh Nissan. Please notice that the month is not named in the Torah Nissan. It is called month rishon or first month. We will discuss the names of the months and their sources below.

In order to perform this Mitzvah the people must have a way of counting the days and months until the next first month. Moshe was given in addition to what is written in the Torah scroll a system of question and answers and a procedure for declaring the new month. In effect Moshe and the Children of Israel were given the responsibility to keep order of time and the energy cycle connected to time in the universe. When the Children of Israel declared by Bet Din (court judgment) a new moon the universe adjusted its cycle to that statement. NO, it does not mean that the moon changed course since the physical world is an illusion. It did mean that the energy of each day of the year cycled based on that declaration.

In days between the giving of the Torah and the destruction of the second Temple the Children of Israel had the responsibility to determine the timing of the New Moon. They did this through a ritual of questioning witnesses. The witnesses claimed to have seen the new moon arc. They even went so far as to provide a meal for the various witnesses who came even if they were not the first witnesses. This was used as an incentive to the witnesses to come back next month and not to think of this action as not important. Actually the cosmos or the universe adjusted itself to the judgment of the Bet Din (Court) who determined the timing of the New Moon. This is just one example of how the concept of consciousness creates the physical reality.

As we learned in Class 5, 6, and 7 which covered Binding By Striking and Teshuvah, Hebrew Astrology is an exact science. As such the Astrological influences occur through the cycles of the stars and planets. Thus the Hebrew calendar follows the Zodiac. The first day of a new Zodiac sign is the first day of a Hebrew month. There is no such thing as a cusp which is the concept of mixing black and white to make grey. The Hebrew Calendar is only Black or it is only White. There is no grey. Now you know the secret of the digital age and why the semiconductor works on a binary system. It is either on or off.

Now let us focus on the Hebrew Calendar. This calendar is a calculated calendar today. This came about as a result of the destruction of the Temple. What most people do not know is that on the Shabbat prior to the New Moon as defined by the calendar, in orthodox minyanim they announce the time of the new moon. That is why this calculated calendar works so well since the announcing by the minyanim causes the cosmos to adjust its cycle to the announcement. That is the first step in the New Moon Cycle.

We need to digress slightly to give you some additional information to assist in your understanding of the new moons and the Hebrew Calendar. Each Hebrew Year has a Name that comes from the number of the year. As an example next year is 5774. This is expressed in the hebrew as התשעד . Usually the first letter of the word is left off since it represents the sixth millennium and is active for 1000 years. So normally the word is תשעד . Every aspect of the energy of the year is either revealed by this name or hinted to through its gematria and notariken (letter substitution techniques). If you are interested in seeing how that works cut and paste this web address to your browser:

We will discuss the months in more detail below.

Each Hebrew Calendar has either 355 days if it is a regular calendar. Or it can have 383, 384, or 385 days in a leap year. These days are divided into weeks of 7 days each. It is also divided into 12 months of 29 or 30 days. In a leap year there are 13 months of 29 or 30 days. The energy of a day is composed of the following:

1. The energy of the year:

2. The energy of the name of the month and number of the month:

3. The number of the week in the month and the year and the Name of the Parasha read on the Shabbat for that week:

4. The number and name of the day in the month and the year.

I know this seems complicated but there are Kabbalistic Calendars that summarize the energy into Good, Bad, and intermediate for those who want a more simple system. I prefer to develop my own energy of the day and make it available to my students. Until the system is automated feel free to call or email me your questions about your schedules on important days. I will announce the various periods of time in our classes and you can always take these handouts and see the overall impact of a period based on the Hebrew date and then adjust it to the Western Calendar. I will show you how to do that at the end of the second class on the calendar tool next week.

The Names of the Hebrew Months in the Torah is The First Month; The Second Month; The Third Month; etc. After the destruction of the First Temple while in Babylonia the Children of Israel were reintroduced to the Names of the Months originally taught to them by Abraham and which became lost to them during the harsh bondage in Egypt. When the Temple was returned the Names were brought back from Babylonia. Here is a short chart showing the Number, Names from the Torah, and the Names from Abraham-Babylonia:

Just like each human Name the Names of the months include all of the attributes of the months and the Names of the Astrological Signs include all of those attributes. It is best to start at the Shoresh of each month's name and its gematgria as well as the letters that create each month and sign. Next week we will go into detail for each month and the correction of the people born in that sign and the energy in the universe when the month is active.

Keep in mind the beginning of the Book of Numbers which is Bamidbar or Wilderness in the Torah describes the Astrological patterns which is the monthly patterns in the universe. We will go over these items then as well.

Are there any questions?