Kabbalistic Prayer When Israel is Active Waging a Physical War

This prayer comes from our Sage known as the RAMAZ from his Sefer Shoreshai HaShemot

Here is a link to the website Kosher Torah with a commentary as well as the Prayer itself. The Commentary is by Rabbi Bar Tzadok the author of the website Kosher Torah.

  • Prayer for Battle When Israel is actively engaged in a Physical War.

  • Below is a call to Battle for All people on a spiritual path

    This was written by a blog Mystical Paths by an Israeli Citizen Reb Gutman Locks. i have changed some terms to make it more inclusive, in my opinion.

    Israel Defense Force Call-Up Notice

    Announcement- Attention all People on a Spiritual Path, and all Friends of Israel: You are hereby notified that you are called up for emergency reserve duty. Report to your local mitzvah (good deed) and begin your service at once.

    Not all of us are merited to drive tanks or to fly airplanes..., not all of us are medics, or can carry guns…, but we can all do good deeds; and we can all send the spiritual merit of those deeds to protect Jews who are in immediate danger from rocket attacks.

    Put a coin in a charity box and ask Hashem to use the merit of your good deed to protect those of us who are in danger. Invite an extra guest or two to dinner Friday night, and ask that your kindness shield a Israeli child who is spending his or her Shabbos in a bomb shelter. Any good deed, especially the mitzvah of bringing spiritual people together at this time will help to shield the Israeli who are in immediate danger.

    Please G-d, this war will end immediately, and peace will be restored to the world's our Holy Land.

    Be sure to tell others that they can help, too.

    The link to the Battle Prayer above connects you to a Mitzvah. That of saying the Battle Prayer. Send a multiple of 13 coins or dollars to Yeshshem.com using paypal if you want to contribute to the war against the negative forces in the world. You do not need a paypal account, just a credit / debit card. The information is secured by the latest technology.

    You can also use the link below (not yet active) to send the information online directly to Yeshshem. This information is also secured by the latest technology and is hacker proof at this time. The information is not kept on line after the transaction is processed, to my knowledge.

    Any donation you make will be used towards automating the infomation regarding peoples names and locations to assist the revelation of the Light of HaShem in this world and manifesting Mashiach Today.

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