Kabbalah-The Man From Nazareth - Unity of Judaism and the Various Teachings of Jesus


by Billy Phillips

"Today, December 29, 2014, is the death anniversary of the great hidden Kabbalist Rav Moses David Valle of Italy. He lived back in the late 1700s and left this world on the 7th day of the Hebrew calendar month known as Tevet (Capricorn) in the year 1777.

Valle revealed some profound and extraordinary secrets concerning Kabbalah, Jesus, Christianity and the Messiah."

chanoch's Commentary

In my opinion the Name Jesus is best not said by the Jewish Soul. It may be said by the Children of Israel. Since one does not know where their level is in relation to the levels of the 10 levels of souls i suggest using the term "Man From Nazareth". If the subject is clear then the term "That Man" as used in the Talmud is correct also. The reason for this usage will become clear below.

"Valle was the teacher and then the revered and beloved colleague of one of the greatest Kabbalists in history, Rav Moses Haim Luzzatto. By the way, Rav Ashlag, the founder of the Kabbalah Centre is the reincarnation of Luzzatto.

According to Luzzatto, Valle was the Messiah son of David, in his generation. So we are talking about a profound and mighty soul as we connect to him today on his death (life) anniversary.

Valle wrote the following in his Italian/Hebrew manuscript, I Sette Giorni della Verità:


'Repentance is found in the Torah first, not Christianity.'

chanoch's Commentary

When following the history of the Jewish Christian relationship it has always been a discussion/argument regarding which is the teaching that has various ideas first. This is a metaphorical relationship similar to older and younger siblings. Each religion stresses that they are correct in what they teach and all other religions are incorrect. Of course this is false. There is truth in all religions and there are forms of corruption in all religions. It is up to each human being to determine for themselves which is the correct path for them.

'The whole strife and conflict between Christianity and Torah has no basis in fact.'

'There was a whole fabrication about the danger of the teachings of that man Jesus. It was created with false dogmas and it was done in a repugnant manner. The result was that a lot of nations were going to know God, and now we have to fix those mistakes formulated in each religion.'

'It's repugnant to see how the falsification of Jesus' teachings was done in order to prevent what was going to be the redemption of the Gentile Nations. He was sent to save them from their miseries.'

'The Children of Israel refused to believe that the power of God was flowing through Jesus and that he came to redeem the gentiles. And the Christians refused to believe that it all came from the One God, the One Light.'

chanoch's Commentary

One of the two ideas regarding the purpose of the Man from Nazareth is that he is a reincarnation of Benjamin HaTzadik son of Jacob the Patriarch. He is of the generation of the Martyrs who were killed by the Romans using horrible methods. The midrash explains that these 10 martyrs were reincarnations of the 10 Brothers who sold Joseph into slavery. Benjamin who is called a Tzadik was too young to participate in that event and therefore may be called Tzadik due to the tikune task he was given which is to bring the light to the pagan nations regarding the teaching of the One God. this may be what Rabbi Valle is referring to in the paragraphs above.


chanoch's Commentary

This commentary is meant to help you understand the statement regarding the rainbow below which is used to help relate to the similar teachings of the Man from Nazareth and the religion called Judaism today. The Zohar teaches that it is recommended to not look at a rainbow since a rainbow comes into the world at the behest of HaShem to warn whoever sees it that the world has merited to be destroyed and is not only due to HaShem's promise to not destroy the world by rain and water again.

'There is a prohibition against looking at a rainbow. It's not really forbidden to look at a rainbow. Rather, it really means we cannot see the true essence of a rainbow when we see the colors, for they are all part of the white sunlight. The sunlight is separated when you see a rainbow. You see illusion. You do not see the one light. This is what happened with Christianity. They see fragmentation and separation and do not see the true Light. They do not understand Jesus' true teachings because they do not use Kabbalah to understand it.'

'If Christians did not make the separation between Father, Son and Holy Spirit, but saw the unity, that it was the One Light of One God flowing through Jesus, there would be no problem with Christianity. But when you start making distinctions between the aspects of the One Light, it's like the rainbow, where you see individual colors but not the underlying unity of the white light. The Children of Israel make the same mistake as the Christians when it comes to this idea. And so, you get persecuted by the people who think like you. Both Israelites and Christians fail to see the simple unity.'

'The secret of the Trinity is that Chesed, Gevurah and Tiferet (The sephirot) are always surrounding you and it's part of the One Light radiating from the one Creator. When its judgment, it's the Light. When it's mercy, its also the Light. The distinction is an illusion. When you separate, this causes idolatry.'

'The triple (trinity) is like the Tefillin, and the Mezuzah and the Tzitzit, which is called the Triple Thread. These are three vessels but they are revealing the same One Light.'

'You know a person by three things: How they behave when they are drunk, how they behave when it concerns money and how they behave when they are angry.'


'Jesus never told the people to idol worship so there was no reason to kill him. So when Christians said the rabbis killed him for being a false prophet, this is also false.'

'There was a lot of false information and confusion about why Jesus was really killed. This was done on purpose to set up strife and trouble and conflict. The whole strife between the two faiths has no basis in fact.'

'Jesus was sent to bring salvation to the other gentile nations. This is why the gentiles never let go of him.'

'There are Christians who split the Oneness of God into the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Christians created this separation.'

'The purpose of Christianity was to turn Jesus into an idol, but its not really idol- worshipping when you get to the essence of the meaning. Only the false information about Jesus and Christianity, created by the church, creates the illusion of idolatry. But when you take away the lies and you understand the Kabbalistic truth, then its all Torah.'

'The first dove that Noah sent out and came back with nothing, that is Jesus. He came into the world and tried, but did not get the job done at that time. The second dove that brings back olive branch, that is the Messiah who gets the job done.'

'Until now Jacob and Esau (Israelites and Christians) fight with each other, two nations that contradict one another, but they could have made an alliance to create the biggest force in the world.'


What the great Kabbalist Rav Moses David Valle goes on to say, in essence, is that Christianity was set up as an Idol Worshipping Nation, including pagan ideas, because of the sin of the Israelites. This sin was the building of the Golden Calf, which caused the two Tablets of Moses to shatter and also the sin of hatred for no reason, which caused the Two Temples to shatter.

The shattering of the two tablets of Mose and the two temples is the same event playing out in history at different times.

The Israelites were now forced to live in exile among Idol Worshipping nations. However, God did not want to abandon the Israelites or the gentiles. So truth and Light (the Zohar's true teachings) were hidden inside Christianity to give a lifeline and umbilical cord to all people, so that when the Messiah was destined to arrive and the redemption was near, the world would be able to embrace the true Kabbalistic and Zohar truths that underly Christianity.

Christianity, when taken literally, appears to be idol-worshipping. This allows the decree of living in an idol-worshipping nation to be fulfilled. But when you view Christianity though the lens of Kabbalah, it is now understood as the wisdom that originates from the Zohar. This was God's way too ensure the decree was fulfilled but to also ensure that Israelites and gentiles in Christianity would still have a connection to the truth. These Zohar secrets hidden inside Christianity is what has kept the flock in place for 2000 years. It has a magnetic hold on people, the same way Kabbalah has always enthralled the great minds who had the merit to study it throughout history. People can sense truth, even when it's covered by layers of false garments.

Valle explains that it is the power of God flowing through Jesus, and through all Kabbalists such as Honi the Circle Drawer who the ancient Israelites called "Father" or "Abba" signifying that Honi was also "God."

The Rabbis had no problem asking Honi to bring them rain and calling him Father as if he were God. This is a Talmudic fact.

Valle then says if the rabbis of the second temple era can call Honi "Father" then why were they opposed to referring to Jesus as God or the son of God?

Valle said both the rabbis and Christians have it all wrong!


Consider a a lamp. A lamp reveals light. But the lamp is NOT the Light. The lamp is not the electrical current itself. The lamp is merely an empty vessel, a channel, that reveals the electrical energy and light.

It's the same with Jesus and Honi and Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai, and Rabbi Akiva and all Kabbalists of history.

They act as vessels and channels that reveal the one Light that shines from the one God. The problems begin when we start mistaking the lamp for the electricity and energy itself. This is what leads to idol worshipping.

This mistaken view is why we have failed to end death and war in this world. We have not yet connected to the simple unity and truth of the one Divine electrical current, the one Divine Force that animates all reality.

The Zohar is the one book that reveals all these secrets about the Torah and Jesus' true teachings and the underlying truth and unity that exists between Christianity, Torah and Islam, three aspects of the One God as revealed through Abraham some 4000 years ago.

It is this separation that corrupts religion and brings forth death and destruction and intolerance. This misguided view is what creates radical, militant religiosity that lacks any semblance of spirituality, kindness and care for one's fellow man.

The literal meaning is the opposite of the Kabbalistic truth. And thus, religion behaves opposite of the kindness that the Bible and Jesus and Moses command us to share with our fellow man.

The literal reading of the biblical wisdom is completely upside down when it comes to truth. And that is by design. It was left to us to turn it right side up so that we can participate in the arrival of paradise.

This deeper spiritual truth is found only in the Zohar which turns everything right-side up.

This is deep. This is a bit heavy. So read it a few times.

Finally, Valle says the one cause behind our mistaken, misguided reading of the Bible, the one reason why we perceive disunity and separation between people and between religions, is the human ego. The Adversary. The force called Satan.

The force called Satan is behind all the strife. But it's up to us to remove him (our ego) from our consciousness and ONLY then we will perceive the unity.

Satan is not a devil or demon. It is egocentric consciousness, it is selfish behavior and narcissism. And this ugly ego is what constantly makes us point the finger of blame outward so that it can continue to hide inside of us. If we are too busy looking at the false enemies outside of us, we never have the time to look within and see the true enemy. It's a brilliant strategy.

There is only one enemy for all mankind. The enemy within us. Period.

It is the ego that creates separation between people and causes us to perceive separation inside all of the religions of the world.

Today, on the death anniversary of Rav Moses David Valle, may these great Kabbalistic secrets and the power they possess bring Light to all nations, all peoples and may we realize that all humanity is united and part of the one Vessel that is destined to receive the infinite one Light that will bring us unending life, happiness and fulfillment.

May we remove the space that creates separation on this day.

By the way, this week's Torah portion is also all about removing space as the Torah scroll has ZERO space between last week's portion of Vayigash and this week's portion called Vayechi.

This is the ultimate secret of the Torah readings from last week and this week.

Remove space. Unify all of humanity. And now the Light is free to fill us forever. The Light only rests where there is unity. Where there is space and separation, only darkness reigns. Look around. The world is burning and bleeding in its greed.

How fitting that Rav Moses David Valle's death anniversary arrives this week! The week where there is no space in the Torah."