The month of Shevat שבט as explained by Kabbalah


The first suggestion we make is to read what we said last year about the month of Shevat. What will be said this year will build on what we said last year.

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Letters for control of the month of Shevat שבת are the Tzadi and the Bet ב. See below for these letters and also the combination of the Tetragramaton that assists you to take and keep control of the Astrological influences for the month.

צ ב היוה

Both Tevet and Shevat are under the influence of Saturn through the letter Bet that created that planet. One would think that the two months would be similar in their traits, yet the opposite is true. In the physical universe Saturn is always stable. One side points toward the sun and the other towards the infinite universe. This means that the influence has two different aspects. In Tevet we see the limitation of always pointing towards the sun while in Shevat we see the idea of always looking to break out of the box and become unlimited. The Capricorn is going to build structures and systems while the Aquarian will strive to tear down these same things.

An important aspect of this month is the relationship of the letters Tzadi and Bet. The Gematria of the Tzadi is 90. The gematria of the Bet is 2. Together the total is 92. 92 is the 91 plus the Colel. 91 is a number that relates to the unification of the spiritual and physical worlds as represented by the names of God Adonai (gematria 65) and The Tetragramaton (gematria 26). Please note, 65 plus 26 = 91. The Colel is an idea used in Gematria showing a strong connection to the spiritual worlds. 92 instead of 91 indicates a stronger unification between the Spiritual and the Physical.

By reading the letters as words Tzadi Bet translates in a few different ways that give great insight into the energy of the month of Shevat. The translation of the words are "a house for a Righteous Person or Tzadik". It can also be "a house of justice". Another meaning is "Jupiter's (the Planet not the Roman God) House".

In Hebrew the word Shevat שבט means Tribe or Clan. The same word also has the meaning of rod, stem, or Scepter. Also, as a verb its meaning is to beat, to strike, and in Modern Hebrew its meaning is to clone.

One might find it difficult to reconcile all of these different meanings of the word. The connection of cloning is an indication of the Sages teaching that Mashiach will manifest during the month of Shevat. The modern Kabbalists have told us that cloning is one of the steps to the technology that will result in the resurrection of the dead along with "Stem Cell Research".

The same idea applies to the concept of Scepter. One of the icons that Mashiach will use will be something called "Scepter of God". Just as Moshe used a rod or staff. Remember the Midrash teaches that the Staff that Moshe used had the Ana Bekoach (42 Letter Name of God) on one side and the 72 Names of God on the other. Ultimately the energy of the month of Shevat is revealed by the realization that the Staff is best visualized as a circle without sides.

One important aspect of the energy of Shevat is a letter substitution of the Taf ת for the Tet ט . When this is done the word Shevat becomes the word Shabbat, with all that is implied within the word Shabbat.

Concealed within Shevat is the energy of Shabbat. It takes great "Binding by Striking" to achieve this. Yet it is possible if you use the Kabbalistic tools.

Do you know what is "Binding by Striking". It is the tool/action taught in Kabbalah. This tool is based on a the understanding that the first action of creation is Tzimsum. Tzimsum is a paradox. Binding by Striking is the paradox of pushing away what we want, which then brings what we want closer to us. Yes i know it is difficult to understand this paradox. Come listen to a class on Kabbalah so that you can begin to understand it. Or just start doing the action. Push what you want away from you and see how fast you receive it.

How does Kabbalah define Control?

Control means to be in a state of joy and happiness no matter what happens in the physical world. This is the lowest level of control. An example of this is when the doctor says to you (Chas VeShalom) 'You have Cancer" and your reaction is to start to laugh and thank the doctor for the good news.

A higher level of control is to change your life in a normal natural way, not using what is called a miracle or supernatural means. Change your home. Change your job. An example of this type of control is when you loose your job and your response is Thank You, i know that the universe wants me to have a better job. A job that pays more for less hours. And then you go out and find that perfect job for yourself.

An even higher level of control is to visualize the changes that you want to make in your life and then manifest these changes NOW. An example of this level of control is when you want to find your marriage partner. You visualize what she/he looks like and what character traits she/he will have and then you meet her/he the same day.

The 72 Names of God (in both aspects - The 72 Names of God and the 72 Names from the Tzadikim) are useful in learning how to control your world at what ever level you want to be.

On Rosh Chodesh, along with the other two aspects of the Mitzvah of Rosh Chodesh (Announcing the New Moon on the Shabbat before Rosh Chodesh and Blessing the New Moon between the 7th and 14th day of the month) allows us to take control of the essence of the month. This means to eliminate the negative aspects of the month by either growing our vessel to handle that quantity of energy or grounding the excess energy that is too large for our individual vessels. It also allows us to strengthen the positive aspects of the month through the same processes.

This year Shevat starts Tuesday evening January 24, 2012 and runs until sundown February 22, 2012.

צ ב היוה

Lets now look at the permutation of the Tetragramaton for the month of Shevat.

Another tool for control is to use the Name of Hashem that is permutated especially for this month of Shevat. By meditating on this name during the day of Rosh Chodesh one will manifest a greater amount of control over the negative aspects of Shevat. This will also assist you to enhance the positive aspects of Shevat.

The Tetragramaton is normally spelled יהוה. The Yood is in the first position. The first position is normally considered the World of Atzilut (Emanation). The second position normally has a Hay and is considered the world of Brea (Creation). The third position normally has a Vav and is considered the World of Yetzirah (Formation). The fourth position normally has a Hay and is considered the world of Assiya (Action or Manifestation).

All of these worlds relate to descriptions and teachings in Kabbalah.

The permutations of the Tetragramaton for each month helps us to understand the energy of the month. There are many ways that Kabbalah teaches us to evaluate the Tetragramaton. One of the teachings is the first two letters (Yood and Hay in the proper Tetragramaton) represent the upper worlds and the third and fourth letters (Vav and Hay in the proper Tetragramaton) represents the lower worlds. During Shevat we find the the Upper Worlds inverted (the Hay is first and the Yood second) which represents judgment, while the Lower Worlds are in the normal order which represents a relative form of mercy. Why is it a relative form of Mercy? When the letters follow the normal order of the Hebrew Alef Bet they are in a state of Mercy. In the case of the Tetragramaton, the Lower Worlds are in reverse order (First is the Vav and then the Hay). This reverse order is called Judgment. Therefore during Shevat the first half of the month can be difficult similar to the month of Tevet while the second half of the month, the energy becomes easier. Yet all of Shevat occurs during the end of the winter season. Winter is considered a frame of judgement. Always remember with the tool of Binding by Striking everything becomes Mercy instead of Judgment. Everything becomes easier.

Continuing our understanding of the permutation for this month, in the world of Atzilut there is a Hay instead of the normal Yood. This Hay indicates an expansion in the area of spirituality. There is a great influx of energy and Light from this Hay being in the first position.The Yood in the World of Beriah, at the level of mind and intellect indicates that the mind needs to be minimized and contracted in order to receive this influx of Light in a balanced way. When this contraction of the Mind takes place the Light flows naturally to the level of the heart and our emotions start to move toward Happiness and Joy. As we will see next month in Adar Happiness and Joy can not just start to increase but can continue to increase. There truly is no limit to the Happiness and Joy we can feel, providing we remember to acknowledge and appreciate the Goodness of Hashem.

The gematria of Shevat is 311. The Angel Raphael רפאל has the same gematria. Raphael is the Angel responsible for Healing. Shevat is a good month to continue the exercise and diet routine we started in Tevet.

Another word with that same gematria is "Ish" איש which means man (as an individual). This is consistant with the energy of the month of Shevat which corresponds to the Astrological sign of Aquarius. The sign of Aquarius is the water bearer. This image of the solitary man carrying his water to begin the cycle of renewal is consistant with the energy of the month of Shevat.

This is why the New Year for the Trees is the Holiday in Shevat. It is on the 15th day of the month and called Tu BeShevat. In the last 4 to 500 years it has become popular to participate in the Kabbalistc Seder (order) on Tu Beshvat. This has not been truly understood. We will be hosting a Tu B'Shvat Seder on the evening of February 7. This will start at 6:30 PM. We hope you will join us either on the oovoo video conference or the telephone conference call. For those of you interested, please contact me no later than February 3 so we have time to send you the menu and other material we will use during the Seder.

The very briefest of explanations of this Holiday relates to Binding by Striking. Ask yourself why does the Tree grow to be the tallest items in the physical world? what makes the Tree do this? A good tool to use on this day is to meditate on the 37th Name of God Anee אני which means "I". It is also good to realize that the same letters spell the word Ain אין which means nothingness. Do you want to learn more? come to the Seder, but please write or call me so i have some idea of the number of people.

During Tevet we started the period of the Hebrew Calendar called Sovavim. The period we call Sovivim continues during Shevat and actually culminates during Shevat. It is a good time to be doing Teshevah in the areas of Creativity and Sexuality. The Parashiot that we read during Shevat is always including Beshallach and Yitro. These Parashiot have the revelation of the 72 Names of God as well as the revelation of the Esser Debrot (10 utterances) and the Torah itself. How much Light is there in Shevat? Do you want more light? Use your Binding by Striking Tool and see how it works.

Some Aquarian influences that we need to become aware of:

The traits of Aquarians are unique. You can’t ignore them. As children, they show great promise. As adults, they are idealists who strive to change the universe through original thinking. They are rebels with many causes; their concern is for the well-being of humanity as a whole.

Though Aquarians seek justice for all, this quest is at a global level, not a personal one. They support grand and noble causes but often fail to help those who are suffering nearby. They prefer to deal with the social rights of an entire nation rather than with the problems of those close to them. Two reasons underlie this apparent contradiction: First, Aquarians generally lack a sense of the practical; and second, Aquarians are passionately independent and private. Driven by their yearning for originality, they set themselves apart from the crowd.

Like trees and plants which grow against gravity (The desire to receive for oneself alone), Aquarians have the power to break through the constraints of the physical world.   But in order to make this power manifest, Aquarians must control the aspects of their nature that interfere with its accomplishment.

To understand how to control the nature of a particular sign, kabbalistic astrology often looks at its opposite. On the astrological map, the sign opposite Aquarius is Leo. Leo is “the king,” while Aquarius is “the people.” This tells us that Aquarians certainly are capable of helping humanity, as long as their own ideas do not become more important than the cause itself.

Aquarians must learn that caring about society does not mean neglecting the individual. True spirituality means being part of humanity, not above it. Unfortunately, Aquarians usually have such high opinions of themselves that imposing their own views can become their sole objective. Aquarians must conquer their boundless pride. Neither the Aquarian ideas nor the energy are of your own making. The Aquarians have been entrusted with these attributes in order to manifest a certain force in this world. The Aquarians are merely channels for this energy and therefore are not entitled to personal glory.

For the rest of us, the month of Shvat offers the opportunity to free ourselves from our restrictions and connect to the infinite. We live in the Age of Aquarius, a time when incredible innovations have become an integral part of daily life. If Aquarians are spiritual, it is because time has no hold on them. They conceive of the future as already here; they have only to reveal it. All of us can use the influence of this month to aspire to the same attitudes.

Here are the connection to the Tribe for the month and the Leader of that Tribe from our website, with information about the Nasi and the attributes dealing with this month.

The Tribe for the month of Shevat is the Tribe of Asher.

  • Nissan Day 11 - Tribe of Asher.
  • I suggest you spend some time during this month checking out the attributes of the name Asher and the Name of the Nasi who gave the dedication and his consciousness of why he gave what he gave. Remember not all of these attributes are positive and with the tool of "Binding by Striking" we can correct them and transform them into positive aspects.

    Here are strategies to adopt for this month of Shevat that will help keep you in balance.

    1) Do New Things

    Shevat and Aquarius are months of new creativity. Add new activities into your life that will open you, nurture you, and promote your creative and expressive essence which we all have.

    2)Learn Torah

    Kabbalah teaches that water is a code word for Torah and Torah is a code word for Spirituality. The sign of Aquarius being the water bearer is hinting to us that this is a good time to add spiritual actions into our lives as well as expand our study of what it means to be spiritual. Read Tehillim and Zohar. Sign up for an Introduction to Kabbalah Class. I have a brand new Beginning Class starting on Thursday at 6 PM West Coast Time. Please join us on the Telephone conference call at 480-287-4000. Use the code 911904#.

    3)Be Aware AS You EAT and also WHAT you EAT

    This month is connected to the Blood. This month is connected to healing. This month is an opportunity to return to the eating patterns of our ancestors before the flood. They did not eat animals. They were vegetarians. Decide to eat meat only on Shabbat to elevate the souls of people who reincarnated into animals. Eat slowly and consciously. Chew your food 100 times like your mother forgot to teach you (me anyway). Be aware of the sparks of light your chewing of the food releases. Assist those sparks to elevate. You do this when you chew with consciousness that you are elevating sparks of light. Perhaps you might try to do a Tannit Daber, a fast of words while you eat. This will assist you to eat consciously. What else will you do if you can not speak. Only remember a meal without words of Torah is considered Idol Worship by the Kabbalists.

    The influence of Aquarius on all of us during the month of Shevat

    Read above to see many of these influences.

    Shevat arouses an abundance of Light, and for that reason, The Zohar reveals that the final redemption will take place in the age and month of Aquarius. Let go of your negativity and you will receive an equal measure of pure Light in return. Hanging onto to our ego, opinions, bad habits, and other self-indulgences will cause us to miss the myriad of opportunities for spiritual connections that occur in this Light-filled month.

    The Tikune in Shevat

    If your lunar north node is in the Zodiac sign of Aquarius, your Tikune is in Aquarius.

    You bring the traits of the Leo into this life from your last lifetime. You are a true monarch, returning to the physical realm to correct pride left over from your previous incarnation. In your last incarnation, you dominated your subjects. You lived in the limelight. You loved flashiness and luxury, and as a result you will not find it easy to do without. Moreover, overcoming your pride will not be the obvious thing to do, since pride has been reinforced in previous reincarnations.

    The tikkun in Aquarius will make you face difficulties in your marriage—namely, accepting a partner as an equal with whom to share everything. This is the preliminary “drill” to overcoming your pride. At the outset of your present incarnation, you still sought the admiration to which you were formerly accustomed. You arrogantly exploited your power to control others. Considering yourself the center of the universe was your way of expressing a need for love and gratitude. You had to struggle to discern reality. Having lived in an artificial world, you had great difficulty finding a spiritual path. As one used to ruling over your subjects, climbing down does not come naturally to you.

    A tikkun in Aquarius engenders certain obstacles in relationships. In marriage, for example, you must slowly but surely abandon your preoccupation with your own selfish desires. You will have to exchange your sacrosanct independence for a new concept: interdependence. This world is not “me” versus all others; we are all equal on the same level. If you give up honor and glamour, you will succeed in creating an immense restriction and take control of the duality of your correction—your personal life and your humanitarian mission.

    The tikkun in Aquarius is, in fact, that of the true missionary. You can attain the consciousness of a cosmic reality and feel responsible for humanity as a whole. You can know true friendship and perhaps even universal fraternity. Having inherited a leonine power, you have the strength to accomplish this task. Utilize it for the benefit of all. You can experience an exceptional and unique adventure in the history of humanity if you manage the most difficult restriction: silencing your ego and practicing humility and modesty while living in simplicity.

    I am going to end this blog with a wonderful story suitable for Shevat and Aquarius.

    In Second Temple times there lived a man whose name was Micah. Micah dreamed of World Peace and the coming of Mashiach. He decided to help manifest his dream so he built a very special house that would emphsize and embody his dream.

    He built his house out of stone. This was because he did not want to destroy any trees to be used in his house. He did not want the energy of destruction to be connected to his house. Destruction and Peace do not have affinity.

    He did not use any metal to carve or cut his stones that he used in his house. This is because metal is used in war and war and peace do not have affinity.

    He built the house with his own hands and when he was completed, he planted a fig tree in the garden outside his house.

    Micah envisioned that people would come from everywhere in the world on their way to Jersalem to the Third Holy Temple as we all are going to do after Mashiach. Micah envisioned people eating under his fig tree in his garden and then he would leave the crumbs for the birds to eat and the result would be the birds would pick up and clean away the crumbs from the table as a service to Micah.

    One day a Prophet came to eat at his house. Micah like Abraham our Patriarch was very sharing. He provided a place of rest and food and other comforts for anyone who came by his house. After all it was a house of peace. Of course he never charged anyone for these services and he did not even ask for donations unlike many people in our generation.

    Micah did not know the man was a Prophet. When the Prophet was finished with his meal, he offered Micah to pay for it. Micah knew never to say no so he accepted some money in payment and immediately put the money back into the coat of the Prophet. The Prophet knew what he had done.

    The Prophet Blessed Micah by saying, "In heaven they are so impressed with your house and your sharing, Hashem sent me here to tell you that one day a child of yours will eat a fig from the tree outside of your house and this action will manifest Mashiach." At that time, Micah did not have any children.

    The next day the Temple was destroyed and Chas V'Shalom Blood ran in the streets of Jerusalem. Micah went into exile along with the other members of his family and his Tribe.

    Yet the Dream of Micah and Micah's story continue to held on to and to be repeated and told over and over even up to this day,

    This is why people serve figs to their children, because, maybe the fig they serve to their children might be grown from a tree that grew from a seed that came from Micah's Fig Tree. And maybe the hearing of this story by their children will mean that their children will also have a Dream of World Peace and thereby be considered a child of Micah. Maybe this child eating this fig will manifest Mashiach. Maybe or Perhaps the teachings of Kabbalah will catch on and people will know that this child is a child of Micah and they will know that this fig tree is outside of Micah's house outside of Jerusalem. AND THIS ACTION IS WHAT WILL MANIFEST MASHIACH both metaphorically and physically depending on your world view.

    Have a wonderful Peaceful month. You CAN bring your Mashiach and thereby the global Mashiach this month.

    Kol Tuuv