The month of Tishrai תשרי according to Kabbalah


The first suggestion we make is to read what we said in previous years about the month of Tishrai. What will be said this year will build on what we said last year.

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Since this month of Tishrai has the Keter or Beginning of the year we also suggest you read what the energy of the year involves. This energy is also in this month of Tishrai.

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  • Essence of Tishrai תשרי

    The month of Tishrai is the seventh month of the Hebrew year. As the number seven relates to Malchut in the frame of the Sefirot. Malchut relates to the Shabbat as well. In Kabbalah Shabbat is called a gift. We will see that the month of Tishrai is also a gift.

    If one looks at the spelling of the Name of the Month Tishrai, one realizes that Tishrai is spelled with the last three letters of the Hebrew Alef Bet in reverse order and then followed by the fourth letter which is a Yood. This Shoresh Tav Shin Reish translates as "to give a present. " A Yood at the end of a Hebrew word translates a "My.".Tishrai means "My gift is a present." We will find that Tishrai is HaShem's Gift to Human Beings.

    The month of Tishrai is a period of time that is considered judgment. This is demonstrated by the Name of the month being in the reverse order of the Alef Bet. How is judgment considered a present to us? If one is righteous then one is constantly receiving goodness as their judgment. The process of the Days of Awe - from Rosh Hashana To Yom Kippur essentially builds a perfectly cleansed vessel of a Tzadik. It is only after the Succot Holidays that we start to sully and dirty our vessel with negative actions. This is the Gift of HaShem. A complete new vessel and another chance to complete our Tikune.

    The months of the Hebrew year are connected to the Tetragrammaton. The Kabbalists teach that Tishrai along with Cheshvan and Kislev are connected to the Vav. In Kabbalah the Vav represents Zeir Anpin which is also called "Son.".The "Son" is both the brother and the husband of the lower Hey. Zeir Anpin consists of what is called six ends. The Kabbalists teach that these attributes - six ends are the emotive passions or emotions.

    To understand the month of Tishrai, one must understand that the First of Tishrai which is Rosh Hashana is the day of the Creation of Adam and Eve. Please remember that physical effects are never the cause. Therefore, the energy of the First of Tishrai is part of the cause for the Creation of Adam. This is the energy of judgment which is what we all will become - Tzadikim. The shoresh of Tzadikim is Tzed which means "justice."

    To truly understand the essence of Tishrai one must relate to the Holidays of Tishrai.

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    Here are the letters of the month, and the Tetragrammaton Permutation for the month of Tishrai

    והיה פ ל

    Now, let's look at the permutation of the Tetragrammaton for the month of Tishrai and what we can learn.

    The Tetragrammaton is normally spelled יהוה. When the Yood is in the first position, the first position is normally considered the World of Atzilut (Emanation). The second position normally has a Hey and is considered the world of Brea (Creation). The third position normally has a Vav and is considered the World of Yetzirah (Formation). The fourth position normally has a Hey and is considered the world of Assiya (Action or Manifestation).

    All of these worlds in the paragraph above relate to descriptions and teachings in Kabbalah. They are metaphors to help us understand and relate to these worlds that we do not see with our physical senses.

    The word that is the Tetragrammaton is actually the Hebrew verb "to be" in a conjugated form. The Yood at the beginning of a Hebrew verb indicates action. Therefore, the Name of God translates into English as "Active Being." The ultimate essence of "Active Being" is transcendent power of love and compassion without regard to people's merit.

    This normal permutation which is used in the month of Nissan puts the Name of God in its normal,proper, and optimal placement to provide for the maximum flow of the Beneficence of HaShem. In essence the Yood, in the World of Atzilut, allows for a concentrated point of connection to the World of Ain Sof or Endless World. The upper Hey in Beria expands to support actual birthing and Creation. The Vav then channels this energy of Creation into the final Hey in the World of Malchut which is manifestation.

    When we look at the permutation for Tishrai, we see the two Heys are in their normal positions. The Hey in the second position represents expansiveness of mind. The Hey in the fourth position indicates a expansive level of energy flowing to this physical world. The Vav in the first position indicates a direct flow of energy into the lower worlds from the Endless World. The many Holidays in this month are a direct result of this relationship. The Yood in the third position represents a minimizing of the emotions leaving a stong intellectual influence in the month. During this month, in order to connect to the energy of the month, we must direct our heart to the higher worlds.

    During Tishrai there are a lot of actions and rituals to do. We always need to be consciousness of connecting to the Creator as we do these actions and rituals.

    The letters of the Month

    The letter Pey created the planet Venus. The word Pey means mouth. Also the Pey has a letter Bet concealed with in it.

    The Lamed created the constellation we call Oznaim which means Scales. The scales represent justice, equilibrium, and balance. The English Name for this constellation is Libra. The word Lamed means "teacher." The Lamed is the only Hebrew letter that goes above the line in the Torah. This represents that the source of the energy for the scales comes from a higher world than the other Letters and constellations.

    This higher source of energy allows the Libra energy to see both good and evil as equal. This is what makes it difficult for people born in Libra to have difficulty making decisions as they see both sides of each question. This will be our influence from Libra during the month of Tishrai. The best way to handle this influence is to not think but act during this month.

    The Pey and Lamed together send the message "teach the mouth to Bless." The gematria of the two letters is 110. This gematria also relates to the words Nes meaning miracle and Am meaning people or Nation. This hints to the Gift from the Creator for the month of Tishrai. Tishrai is a month of miracles for the Nation of the Children of Israel. The ultimate miracle is the opportunity to create your own year the way you want it to be. (Please see the handout titled Tishrai Holidays on the yeshshem website.)

    Tishrai is unique in that the ritual relating to announcing the new moon of Tishrai which is performed in Minyanim around the world. Each month of the year we announce the new moon except in Elul regarding the new moon of Tishrai. This means that the energy of these letters of Pey and Lamed do not flow directly through this ritual to the people of the Minyans. Yet in the Parasha of Nitzavim which is always read on the last Shabbat prior to Tishrai has a large Lamed which provides that energy of the Lamed to the people who hear the reading.

    Holidays in Tishrai

    If you have not already read about the Holidays in Tishrai, please consider doing so by clicking on the links above.

    Tzadikim who left in Tishrai

    Our Tzadikim have given us a great tool. Themselves! Their Hilulah is the opportunity to utilize their connection to the Creator to make our connection easier. The method we use is to light a Yahrzeit candle (25 hour candle) and learn about the Sage. This strengthens our connection to the Tzadik and through that connection allows us to reach the Creator more easily.

    It is recommended that one mentions the Names fo the Tzadikim every evening at the start of your evening prayer connection or just prior to going to sleep each evening.

    Tribe and Tribal Leader connected to Tishrai

    Here are the connection to the Tribe for the month and the Leader of that Tribe from our website, with information about the Nasi and the attributes dealing with this month.

    The Tribe for the month of Elul is the

  • Tribe of Efraim.
  • I suggest you spend some time during this month checking out the attributes of the name Efraim and the Name of the Nasi who gave the dedication and his consciousness of why he gave what he gave. Remember not all of these attributes are positive and with the tool of "Binding by Striking" we can correct them and transform them into positive aspects.

    Practical Tools to adopt in Tishrai

    Here are strategies to adopt for this month of Tishrai.

    1. Bless people - even more than usual. The common practice during the Days of Awe (Rosh Hashana) is to bless people with a happy healthy new year. This can be done perfunctorily or with feeling. It is better to be expressed with stong feeling. Also there is an even greater blessing. Kol Tuuv which translates as all of the best. The gematria of Kol Tuuv is 67 which is the gematria of Binah. This is actually helping people reach the Sefirah of Binah on Yom Kippur which allows them to modify their year to be completely chaos free. When we add the colel to 67 and get 68 which is the gematria of Chayim or Life. In essence this Blessing is much more inclusive. Please note that Blessings directed to people, either individuals or groups during meditations and prayers are very effective also. As you Bless so are you Blessed. Remember that.

    2. Add / Increase Terumah and especially Tzedakah It is customary to tithe 10% of our income during the year. Many people review this and give additional amounts to reach the level of 10%.

    Tzedaka is given in addition to the tithing amount. The Prophet Jeremiah teaches us that the giving of Tzedaka saves one from death. He also teaches that Tzedaka is only given to a Truly Poor Person. A Truly Poor Person knows that HaShem will provide for him. He Truly does not care if YOU are the one to be a channel from HaShem for this providing for him or not. How does one know who is a truly poor person? A TPP never asks for a specific amount is one way to know. A TPP never looks at the amount that one puts into thier hands. A TPP knows that they are acting as a tool of the Creator when they solicit you for a donation. Jeremiah and his generation did not merit to find a TPP, you can find a TPP.

    Here are some suggestions for people to practice that will maximize their spiritual benefit from both tithing and Tzedakah.

    Some suggestions that will enhance your spiritual benefit from your Tithing and Tzedaka.

    The more often one gives the greater spiritual benefit. This means that if one plans to give 100 dollars, it is better to write 10 ten dollar checks than to write 1 check for 100 dollars.

    Large charity organizations exist to solicit Tithing and not Tzedakah.

    As suggested, during the Days of Awe it is best to give donations each day and double your normal donation during these days. When your tithing rises to a level that is uncomfortable it is considered Tzedakah.

    When some one tithes to a Torah Scholar one receives a share in the Torah that the Scholar studies when he uses your funds to support his living in this physical world. When you support someone who teaches Torah to other people a portion of what they learn of Torah returns to the Teacher and ultimately to the person who supports that teacher.

    When one makes a pledge for a monthly donation. Spiritually that pledge is credited to the date that the pledge is made. Therefore, making an annual pledge to be paid monthly (like one can do in Paypal) during the Days of Awe will find that the whole annual amount is credited to the period of the Days of Awe and one will find the spiritual benefit enhanced by the pledge being within the Keter of their year.

    Here are some organizations and Torah Teachers that, in my opinion, are TPP and it would be good to Tithe to them and perhaps you will find them to be a TPP for you.

    3.Send New Year Notes This practice is helpful to send people Blessings. This is an easy practice in our technological age. Just do it with love and not as a chore. Send these during the Days of Awe to those people that you did not do so prior to Rosh Hashana.

    4. Bless people with a Happy and Healthy New Year Add this wish for a good year in every conversation during the month. Or include a long meditative Blessing that will transfer the energy of Blessing to more and more people. As you Bless so shall you be Blessed is the spiritual law.

    5. Make sure you increase your reading/study/scanning of the Tikunei Zohar during the Days of Awe Definitely add this to your spiritual practice. The Tikunei Zohar will elevate, cleanse, and purify your soul.

    The influence of the Libra, which is Oznaiim - Scales in Hebrew, on all of us during the month of Tishrai

    Tishrei is the beginning and seed level of the new year. Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Succoth occur in this month. It is a time of reflection, self-examination, and accountability. Any hardships or negativity that we experienced over the last year illustrates that the seeds planted a year ago required more care, purity, and commitment on our part. Think about digging deeper this year. Put forth more effort. The purer the seed you plant this month, the sweeter and more abundant the fruits will be in the year to come.

    The Tikune in Tishrai

    If your lunar north node is in the Zodiac sign of, your Tikune is in Tishrai.

    If you do not know where your north node is within your astrological chart send me your birth date birth location and birth time to I will send you information on how to find your north node and your personal Tikune.

    In the words of the Kabbalah Center:

    In your previous incarnation as an Aries, you were noted for self-confidence, but your high opinion of yourself led to many disappointments. Preoccupied with yourself, you wasted your energy and were in an almost constant state of agitation. Although you worked, you never built anything solid. You overreacted to failures, assumed aggressive attitudes, and often grappled with problems in very narrow-minded ways. This brought about a profound sense of frustration, which in your present life has provoked an aggressiveness that often puzzles those close to you.

    A tikune in Libra points you toward sacrifice in its noblest sense. To free yourself from frustration, you need to move along a path of devotion to a cause beyond yourself. In the past, your ego placed you within a limited circle of friends, which restricted your opportunities for sharing. Being a part of a team will help you regain equilibrium. As part of a team, you will need to consider what others say and open yourself to the possibility that their opinions have merit. This will soften your personality, and you will become more capable of mastering your anger.

    As you come to understand that the group's success is more important than your own, you will experience real happiness. Through this sort of unselfishness, you can accomplish your correction and find inner peace.


    The tikune in Libra is one of the more difficult corrections, because it entails nullifying your pride in this life in order to correct the errors of a previous one. Your previous antisocial behavior put pressure on relationships, making you go through emotional breakdowns. You have never known durable relationships. For this purpose, your marriage will provide the best opportunity to understand real sharing and gain inner strength from loving someone else selflessly. By becoming the driving force behind your partner, you will be able to let go of your narrow idea of "I" and begin to move through the world as "we." At the same time you will come to understand that the goal is less important than the process of achieving it. This new perspective will reveal new horizons.

    In conclusion

    This month keeps us busy doing the spiritual work requested of us by the Creator. Just as we do this work this month, He promises to do our work in the physical world. He will keep our businesses or our employers or our families calm and in control so that we have the time to do his spiritrual work. This is part of the Gift from HaShem this month.

    Kol Tuuv

    Happy and Healthy New Year