NER Yichudim and Deeper Kavenot for the Chanukah Blessings

The NER Yichudim along with commentary from Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok

What so often turns people off from Torah is not seeing how the lessons of age old religion have any value and relevance to modern day life. This turn-off is most applicable and true when it comes to the study of Kabbalah.

Today Kabbalah is being taught to the masses by teachers that have not experienced the depth and power that the Kabbalah holds for people. If the teacher has not experienced it the student will not experience it. This is especially true with respect to this teaching of the NER Yichudim.

Weak minded, lazy and other narcissistic types are the only ones attracted to this type of hype. Adding to the already existing problem, sincere, hard working Torah faithful individuals fail to see the relevance in authentic Kabbalah’s multiple layers of concealing metaphors. Most are also somewhat frightened away by the terrible name now attached to the Kabbalah. This is due to the infiltration of the positive system by the Satan and his minions. This leaves the authentic and authoritative Kabbalah in a pretty sad and bad place, perverted and abused misunderstood, rejected and abandoned by those in the Torah community who should indeed embrace it.

chanoch's Commentary

Not only does it need to be embraced it is the only method available to avoid the Armageddon War. Please learn this Yichudim and others and use them often.

We cannot address all issues within the short form of this essay, however there is one thing we can do. We can look at one simple in-depth Kabbalistic metaphor, a yihud meditation performed during prayer, especially during Hanukah and its nightly and daily prayers that most people do not understand today, even in the Orthodox Minyans.

We can see and chanoch adds: we will see how this very profound metaphor when analyzed correctly can be shown to relate to us a very relevant and profound lesson of psychology. Indeed, this is exactly what Kabbalah was always meant to be: the psychology of Torah and the Jewish people.

chanoch's Commentary

The Hasidic Movement as taught by the Baal Shem Tov has been teaching this idea that Kabbalah and Psychology are very much unified. Actually in my opinion this is not fully correct. There is a deeper leve than the psychology aspect. When the world is ready this will be taught publicly while now it is being taught to individuals.

The following essay on the Yihud NER (Light), I pray will show us just how psychological Kabbalah is supposed to be, how so much unlike the chanoch adds the intellectual and - cult forms it really is, and how valuable it is to kosher and sincere Torah faithful individuals and worthy of our rescuing it from the hands of its abusers.

To begin with, the Ari’zal coined a meditative term called a “yihud” (unification). This is a type of visual/contemplative meditation when one visualizes in one’s mind certain holy Names of G-d and merges them together, usually by intertwining the letters of their spelling to create new “Names” that incorporate the letters, and thus the meanings and metaphors of both “Names” combined.

chanoch's Commentary

This intertwining of the letters of two or more words allows the spiritual connection of opposites since it occurs in the physical world in a physical mind. There is more to this discussion. Know that this mechanism was taught as early as Abraham the Patriarch in the Sefer Yetzirah although not usually today.

a simpler, more natural way

As we perform this contemplative task within the confines of our human minds, we are taught that our thoughts reverberate through different dimensions and worlds and actually cause the supernal, spiritual integration and unification of the realities represented by these “Names” above. Thus our minds create the spiritual unification of opposites, or draw near that which is spiritually far apart, and thus the term, yihud, unification meditations.

chanoch's Commentary

Understand this Well as it is a very useful tool. It applies to Names of God and unifying your soul with HaShem as well even if you have not yet achieved the level of a Tzadik. It will only work if you are sufficiently cleansed. In earlier generations this technique would cause a great amount of chaos. Today due to the fall of our spiritual level the technique just does not work rather than create chaos. This is part of the reason that the commentary by Rabbi Bar Tzadok is written in such an accusing manner.

One of the most important yihudim performed daily during the conclusion of the Amidah prayer when we recite the words, “Blessed are You HaShem, Who blesses Your people Israel with peace (shalom)” is called the yihud NER (light). This yihud is performed when we recite the word shalom at the end of this berakha.

The reason why this yihud is called NER (light) is two-fold. First, the numerical value of the six Holy Names involved with this contemplative meditation adds up to 250, which is the normal gematria value of the word NER (light). Second, the concept of integration represented by the merging of these Holy Names defines what for authentic Kabbalah is spiritual “light.” Thus this yihud NER is performed for the sake of shining the Light of the Divine into the consciousness of man. This is after all the true meaning of peace (shalom) and thus defines why this yihud is performed when we recite the word shalom in the Amidah.

chanoch's Commentary

The Hebrew word Ner has many meanings. One is spiritual light as described above. Another is the english word candle which relates to Light on a physical level. Also, two acronyms comes from Ner. Nefesh Ruach and Neshamah Ruach. It can also be the root of the word boy or youth. In reverse order the letters spell the word Ran which is translated as one of the many forms of song.

The procedure of the yihud is as follows: First one should visualize and contemplate the Holy Name YKVK (Havaya). This sacred Name of Names represents HaShem’s essence of manifest power that enables life and our universe to exist. The Name implies Pure Being, above and beyond the ability of contemplation to grasp, nevertheless still active and purposeful in guiding every detail in creation. The numerical value of this Holy Name is 26.

We begin by merging the letters YKVK with the letters of another sacred Name, AKYK (Ehyeh). This Holy Name represents that aspect of HaShem which is concealed and yet acts as the primary mover of things. Whereas YKVK (Havaya) is the manifest power of HaShem, AKYK (Ehyeh) is the concealed source of that power. The two intertwine with one another in a body-soul relationship.

Indeed, that is what this yihud comes to accomplish, a bonding of the concealed and revealed aspects within HaShem Himself. In essence our contemplation is to imbue the Holy Name YKVK (Havaya) with the power to act. And all things receive their power from their source above. AKYK (Ehyeh) is said to be the Name which is the source of the power within the Name YKVK (Havaya). Thus by uniting the two, we create the manifestation of Divine energy, which previously was concealed and non-active.

The Name AKYK (Ehyeh) is said to correlate to the sefirat Keter, which is the spark, seed and source of all things to come. Keter is the ultimate unmanifest potential within HaShem. When uniting this Name of AKYK (Ehyeh) with YKVK (Havaya) we are imbuing the Keter with the power to pass on its potential into the realm of action. The numerical value of this Holy Name AKYK (Ehyeh) is 21.

a simpler, more natural way

Once we contemplate upon arousing HaShem’s concealed potential to activate it into manifest power we must first balance the polarities of the right and left sefirotic columns. As we know, HaShem is the author of all things, both good and evil, blessing and curse, light and darkness, mercy and severity. A mere generic arousal to manifest HaShem’s Divine “Hand” (energy in action) might produce a manifestation of judgment, severity, curse, and punishment.

We are not all worthy by definition to simply receive Divine blessing without merit. Calling upon HaShem to manifest Himself, therefore, might be a dangerous thing, if we do not specify, through our meditative / contemplative process what exactly it is we are trying to accomplish. In order to alleviate the manifestation of Divine judgment and to arouse the manifestation of Divine justice and even possibly mercy, we do the following.

We again visualize the Holy Name YKVK (Havaya) and this time merge it with the letters of the Holy Name ELOKIM. This is the Name which metaphorically signifies HaShem’s power of judgment. This is the Name used in the creation story and signifies the power of limitation and form, and thus law, justice, severity, harshness. These forces are summed up by the Hebrew word “Din” (judgment) and most adequately describes what the Name ELOKIM represents.

In order to mitigate Divine judgment it must be “sweetened.” The process of this “sweetening” is as described above. We visualize the Name YKVK (Havaya) and merge it with the letters of ELOKIM. YKVK (Havaya) which is HaShem’s pure being essentially manifests HaShem’s force of mercy in the universe. Therefore, by joining the letters of the Name YKVK to the letters of the Name ELOKIM, we are in essence neutralizing the forces of severity inherent in the Name ELOKIM and eliminating the potential of their manifestation upon our heads. Again, as we perform this in our minds, a corroborative manifestation is made above in the supernal spiritual planes.

The Name ELOKIM in this meditation also corresponds to the aspects of the mind, specifically the sefirot Hokhma, Binah and the semi-sefirah Da’at. The mind is the human faculty that defines, distinguishes, differentiates and separates one aspect of human reality from another. Therefore, in this yihud NER, the mind is associated with the Name corresponding to judgment.

Judgment itself is the archetypal act of separation, of man from man and man from G-d. The numerical value of the Holy Name ELOKIM is 86. Once we have called into manifestation HaShem’s concealed potential by meditatively visualizing a unity of the two Holy Names YKVK (Havaya) and AKYK (Ehyeh) and once we have balanced this manifestation that it reveals HaShem’s mercy and justice and not His severity (by the yihud of the two Names YKVK (Havaya and ELOKIM), we are now ready to bring this meditative visualization exercise to its conclusion.

chanoch's Commentary

This is a very important spiritual lesson. Many times in the Tanach the Name YKVK is followed by a second Name of YKVK. The reader is told to pronounce the first YKVK as Adonai which is the usual manner to pronounce YKVK whenever it is seen in the Torah or Tanach Scrolls. The second YKVK is pronounced Elohim by the reader. Why is this the tradition? It is the mystical relationships of Sefirot and the discussions of Light and Vessel. If one of these YKVK is the Light and one the Vessel then we are manifesting Light in the vessel of severe judgment. When we manifest the Light in the Vessel of Elokim we connect to sweetened judgment or Justice as discussed above. Remember every word in the Torah is relating to a Sefirah - to a light and vessel relationship. This also applies to our own words even common everyday conversation. We do not realize this but it is truly part of the illusion. Look for how this applies in your everyday life and learn to be aware of the reality and not the illusion. Doing the NER Yichud assists you in achieving this.

This, of course, is its manifestation into our physical world of space-time. In order to accomplish this we must now introduce the final Holy Name of the six of this yihud. This Holy Name is ADNY (Adonai), the Name of G-d we recite during prayer. The Name ADNY (Adonai) represents the manifestation of HaShem here in our universe. This Name of HaShem signifies HaShem’s rule over the Heavens and Earth and the subtle manifestation of Divine light through the various forms of the laws and acts of nature. This Name of HaShem is how we refer to Him here in our present state of physical being and spiritual exile.

As we know the Name of HaShem throughout the Torah is YKVK (Havaya). Yet, we today always refer to Him as ADNY (Adonai). These two Names have a very important relationship. It is through the Name ADNY (Adonai) that HaShem reveals Himself in our world today. The Name YKVK (Havaya) is concealed within ADNY (Adonai). The two Names form a body-soul relationship.

chanoch's Commentary

The connecting term body-soul is a Kabbalalistic vocabulary that is easily misunderstood. Here are a few other terms to help you start to internalize the full understanding:

Body is external Soul, is internal.

Mind - Heart. Which is internal and which external for you?

Clothing - Body

Heaven - Earth

Me - You. which is internal?

Ish - Isha in Hebrew is Man and Woman. How does this relate to Husband and Wife? or Wives? Where is the justice in multiple wives but not multiple husbands.

House and Home

Form and Substance or essence

Upper Worlds - Lower Worlds

Crown and Stem of the Male Sex Organ

HaShem acts in His power (YKVK-Havaya). Yet in our present human state, the full manifestation of YKVK (Havaya) would be too intense of a spiritual revelation for us. When the Name YKVK (Havaya) is revealed unsheathed by ADNY (Adonai), we have events of the likes of Biblical miracles, such as the ten plagues, the parting of the Sea, and other overwhelming changes in the forces of nature.

However, if these miraculous interventions are undeserved, then rather than manifest acts of miraculous Divine mercy, the Name YKVK can in turn manifest Divine wrath, even though it itself is essentially a Name signifying mercy. If and when mankind is worthy then YKVK manifests its essential attribute of mercy as intended. If not then the name can become a very powerful tool of Divine wrath. This was experienced when the Temple was destroyed in Jerusalem and the Jewish people were exiled to Babylon.

chanoch's Commentary

Remember there are no terms such as Mercy - Wrath on the Divine level. There is just a vessel too weak / small to handle the revelation of the energy of the YKVK unclothed by the ADNY. Learn this lesson well so that you never get trapped into the religious world view of a wrathful angry God. This is one of Satan's most powerful tools. It is easy to overcome when you realize that there is no morality int the Tanach - even when words of morality are used like Tov and Ra - Good and Evil.

In order to avoid this expression of Divine wrath through the passage of what should be Divine mercy, the Name ADNY (Adonai) comes along and acts as a sheath to filter and lessen the light of YKVK (Havaya) and to make it palatable for use here in our physical space-time dimension. This lessening of reception of Divine light, due to our sins, is the definition of spiritual exile. Chanoch adds: it is also the definition of physical exile.

Our purpose in uniting the two Names YKVK (Havaya) and ADNY (Adonai) is to slowly but surely restore the level of Divine mercy through the appropriate channels. Therefore, we intertwine the letters of YKVK (Havaya) and ADNY (Adonai) signifying the union of Divine mercy and our dimension of space-time. Chanoch adds that this can be and is beneficial to do every time we see the Name YKVK and say the Name ADNY whether in prayer or or conversation.

This is the third and final step of yihud NER. With this visualization we contemplate the manifestation of HaShem’s invisible essence, now revealed (Ehyeh) and balanced (Elokim) in our realm (Adonai). This is the true definition of Divine Light, thus the NER נר. Chancoh adds: NER is spelled Nun Reish.

Being that the union of YKVK (Havaya) and ADNY (Adonai) unify the Heavens and Earth, they correspond to the seven lower sefirot. HaGaT (Hesed, Gevurah, Tiferet), NaHiY (Netzah, Hod, Yesod) and Malkhut. The numerical value of the Name ADNY (Adonai) is 65.

Now, let us add up the numbers. chanoch adds: use gematria in an appropriate way. The numerical value of the intertwined Name AKYK-YKVK together equal 47. The numerical value of the intertwined Name YKVK-ELOKIM together equal 112. The numerical value of the intertwined Name YKVK-ADNY equal 91. 47+112+91= 250, the numerical value of NER, and thus the Name of this yihud meditation.

chanoch's Commentary

Here is an additional kernel of gematria information. Every man has 248 parts of his body and 365 sinews in his body. Together they make up the 613 parts of his body and soul. This is not true for women. A woman has 252 parts of her body. When a man and woman are in unity there are 500 parts of the unified whole representing the two lights of male and female. My teachers have all said they have never read the names of the additional parts. As a man who is between marriages i contemplated the Names of these parts since it is inappropriate for me to visualize these parts according to the Halacha. In my opinion the Names of the 4 parts are the birth canal, womb, left and right Fallopian tubes.

Now that we have described this meditation in practice, let me explain it psychologically and show how this yihud is actually a mental exercise for mental / spiritual development as well as a prayer of the heart to reach out to bond with HaShem.

We must know and understand that what we call psychological development and spiritual development are essentially one and the same. The meaning of “Tikun” (rectification) is actually the correction of the human personality and character and its alignment with the supernal Divine in whose image we were created. In other words, spiritual growth by definition means character development and refinement of personality, for one to be the absolute best human being and individual one can be. This is the whole purpose of Torah, Mitzvot, Kabbalah and meditation. Anyone teaching otherwise simply has not grasped the essence of the Torah.

chanoch's Commentary

Obviously according to Rabbi Bar Tzadok i have not grasped the essence of Torah since i agree that personality and character development is the purpose of psychological development and mental development of a human being. i do not agree that this process increases the desire which is the consciousness of a human being. This is the higher level that i have referred to earlier. Ultimately a human being will grow his / her unified desire to be capable of revealing all of the attributes of the Creator which is the true essence of "being closer to the Creator".

Yihud NER is much more than a visualization exercise aimed at influencing spiritual supernal energies. Yihud NER is a construct to teach us about ourselves and how it is that we better ourselves. The Names AKYK (Ehyeh), ELOKIM, ADNY (Adonai) and YKVK (Havaya) all represent elements within the human experience. To be brief, each of these Names acts as the source for that which is directly beneath it within the framework of the human makeup.

chanoch's Commentary

Please note there were 6 Names referred to above yet only 4 are listed here. that is because we use YKVK two additional times. One when we intertwine with Elokim and once when we intertwine with ADNY. Thus we utilize 6 Names of HaShem. Are the 3 Names of YKVK the same consciousness? i will leave this for you to contemplate.

At our source is our unknowable essence, our personal Sefirat Keter, our inner Higher Self. Corresponding to this attribute is the Name AKYK (Ehyeh). Yet, the Name AKYK is the source and underlying influence over the entire human mind. Therefore, psychologically, the Name AKYK (Ehyeh) represents the aspect of the human mind.

The Name Elokim which connotes judgment, division, distinction and separation underlies both our conscious and unconscious mental processes. We are almost never aware of what is happening in our unconscious. All we can perceive are moods and feelings. Therefore, the Name ELOKIM psychologically represents the heart, the seat of our human emotions.

The Name ADNY (Adonai), as said above, represents our physical universe. As such this Name comes to psychologically represent the third and lowest aspect of the human structure, our physical bodies, and its wants and needs.

Last but not least we turn to the Name YKVK (Havaya). This Name which as we see imbues and embraces all the others psychologically represents the aspect of the human spirit, the highest of all four human components, the one most ignored and forgotten by us.

The four Names therefore come to represent:

1. Spirit - YKVK (Havaya)

2. Mind - AKYK (Ehyeh)

3. Heart - ELOKIM

4. Body - ADNY (Adonai)

chanoch's Commentary

i would attach different level names which are:

1. Soul

2. Mind

Upper Worlds of Yood and Hai or the Gimmel Rishonot of Keter Chochmah and Binah of Keter of Me / You.

3. Emotions - 6 Ends

4. Body

Lower Worlds of Vav and Hai or the 7 lower Sefirot.

Yihud NER now comes as a mental construct of how we psychologically contemplate imbuing our minds, hearts and bodies with the element of spirit, which is the source of all inner peace and true personal contentment, or in other words, light.

Thus when we recite the Hanukah blessing “Lhadleek NER Hanukah” (to light the Hanukah light), we contemplate the meaning of NER as we recite the word NER in the berakha. This is what the Ari’zal calls a kavana meditation. The entire concept is either contemplated or in the tradition of the Siddur Rashash visualized in detail with all the Names and the corresponding passage of spiritual energy (shefa) from one world to the next. In order to accomplish this according to the Rashash tradition the pronunciation of the word NER is elongated for as long as it takes one to perform the visualizations or the contemplations.

chanoch adds: It is my intention to add the information and visualizations from the Siddur Rashash if there is time or possibly next year.

Yihud NER can also be simplified and offered as a simple prayer to HaShem, in which one prays that one can develop all of one's inner hidden potentials and rise to be the best and most accomplished that one can possibly be in this lifetime.

In a prayer form Yihud NER can be summed up as follows:

“May it be Your Will HaShem, that your Divine spirit fills my mind, heart and body. May I truly come to know and understand Your purpose and role for me. May I actualize all that is latent and concealed within me. May I truly actualize becoming a full human being created in Your Image. Amen.”

This concludes our brief review of yihud NER. In the original Kabbalistic format found in the Siddur Rashash, there are many more intricate details to this meditation. Nevertheless, all the details still point to the same conclusions that we have outlined here.

One point I cannot emphasize strongly enough: in order for yihud NER to truly have its transformational affect upon human character and the psyche, one has to truly mean it and want it. A mere visualization of mental concepts without any heart felt desire will accomplish nothing other than giving one a false sense of grandeur. Such illusions are all too common in the insincere. Sincerity, discipline, and desire. These are the keys that actualize yihud NER and indeed manifest the true meaning of Hanukah. chanoch adds: Light and the Hebrew spelling חנוכה

chanoch's Commentary

In my opinion a more real translation of the Hebrew letters used in the spelling of the word Hanukah is "Dedicated Teaching of the Concealed Wisdom of HaShem as revealed in the physical world." If one wants to understand how this is arrived at using the essence of the letters please send me an email.

Hanukah as we know is a holiday founded upon Jewish victory in a horrible war that was brought about by severe provocation on the part of the invading Greeks. Judaism as a religion and religious Jews as individuals were subject to outrageous injustices. The minds, hearts and bodies of the people were being violated and abused. Darkness reigned supreme in the psyche of the people.

Light, both psychological and political, was needed to bring about redemption. There can be no redemption that is not both personal and national. This was the experience of the children of Israel in Egypt and so was it in the days of the Macabees. Political redemption could only come about once personal psychological redemption was sought and achieved. Only then were warriors born out of priests. Only then did men of peace become men of war, to fight for what was right, just and necessary; to shine the light of justice and morality into a world severely out of balance.

Thus Hanukah is not remembered as the holiday of war, but rather as the festival of lights. The miracle in the Temple of the one day supply of oil miraculously burning for eight days was HaShem’s way of showing us that when we make the efforts and sacrifice to let the light shine, He will match our efforts and more. The Macabees performed the yihud NER, with or without the Kabbalistic visualization meditation. They actualized what NER meant. In order for us today to fight the good fight against the forces of darkness in our world, be they psychological or political, we too must shine the light, the inner light of the NER.

chanoch's Commentary

Our tradition and Sages teach that what happens to the fathers will happen to the children. When the Sages added the Holiday of Chanukah to the calendar they are telling us that what happened in that generation will and is happening in every generation. Our modern Kabbalists tell us that relative to previous generations we are very weak. We are too weak to fast so give money for Tikune instead and other similar teachings. The revelation of the NER Yichud to the general population includes the following additional thoughts from chanoch.

We need Light to be revealed in this world of darkness since so many good people have completed their Tikune. We who are left returning to this world need to work hard to reveal light against the presence of darkness in our lives. This is one of the reasons that the Kabbalah is being revealed to the whole world in this generation. We need the strength and power of Kabbalah to succeed in our spiritual missions.

We have learned that all people who follow a spiritual path are considered Children of Israel. All people including the children of Israel are idol worshippers to some extent. This must be changed either by the Armageddon War - chas v'shalom or the personal study of the Kabbalah. (Did you do the NER Yichud when you read the word Shalom?).

The NER Yichud includes the following numbers and can be used to make financial donations in their multiples. An example of a multiple is the unity of male and female to reveal Light of 500 which is 500 pennies or $5.00. Of course different coins can be used not just pennies. Even multiples of dollars. Below are both numbers and visualizations of the intertwined Names to be used in the NER Yichud. Whenever one does this or any Yichud it is best to first give a donation of Tzedakah. i hope you make this donation to Yeshshem. Yet it is good to make it to any truly poor person. The important thing is to make the donation. Your consciousness controls; this means when you think that you will and that you will do the actual action later at a specific time or place then it is as if you gave the donation. This allows you to make your Tzedakah action in advance of your Yichudim. The Sages teach that "It is good to give Tzedakah prior to Rosh Chodesh, Shabbat, and every Holiday". The Tzedakah action is what powers the Yichudim.

YKVK = 26 יהוה HaShem

AKYK = 21 אהיה Ehyeh

ADNY = 65 אדני Adonai

ELOKIM = 86 אלהים Elohim

Keter - Mind


If you want to say this Name verbalize it as:

Yo Hai Hai Wa Yo Hai Hai

Gematria is 47

Chesed - Heart - Emotions


If you want to say this Name verbalize it as:

Yo Ah Hai La Wa Hai Hai Yo Mai

Gematria is 112 = Yabok - יבק

Zot - Zon - Zeir Anpin - Nukvah; Soul - Body

Zot will be discussed in the Chanukah classes


If you want to say this Name verbalize it as:

Yo Ah Hai Da Wa Nu Hai Yo

Gematria is 91 = Amen אמן Baruch HaShem

Be careful when you pronounce Baruch HaShem - Bless the Name - Light and Vessel in unity. Do not pronounce it as Baruch Ashem which translates as "Baruch is guilty" or "Bless the Guilty."

This Yichudim is meant to be used each time one says or thinks the following words:

Shalom - Peace or Completion

NER - Candle or Light

Many Other Words - Ask chanoch if the word you want to add to this list will be Kosher for you.

Remember this is a very powerful tool.

Meditation from the Siddur Rashash on Blessings of Candle Lighting on Chanuka

What is the Siddur Rashash?

The Name Rashsash is an acronym for the master Kabbalists Rabbi Shalom Sharabi. The Sages explained that if the generations merited the ARIzal would return in gilgul or incarnation to explain and enhance his Kabbalistic system. The Sefardim have accepted the Rashash and his methods of Kavenot as that incarnation. The Ashkenazi have done the same thing for Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag and the Kabbalah Center. There are two other "schools" of thought dealing with Kabbalah since the ARI developed and taught his methods to Rabbi Chaim Vital. One is the Baal Shem Tov and what today is known as the Hasidim. This includes many different groups and Rabbi's including Chabad. The other is Rabbi Chaim Luzotto. One final category of Kabbalist is the Gaon DeVilna who taught a different path than the others which include the idea of the Mashiach Ben Yosef. The above 5 are teachings of Kabbalah that are active today. My teachers have followed all of these 5 and recommended that the "schools" not be mixed but understood in their own right.

We are going to explain and comment on the tools of the Rashash relating to Chanukah and the Blessings of Lighting the Candles below. The above was a brief explanation to introduce the Kavenot of the Rashash.

What is Kavenot?

Kavenot is a Hebrew word that is translated as "intention" or "direction." Actually Kavenot is the consciousness of an action and then much more than that. Let us delve into the essence of Kavenot as taught by the Rashash.

Kavenot are the underlying power of every word and especially every letter of a prayer. Kavenah is the channel by which the Shefa - energy word in Hebrew - from HaShem is channeled to the physical world. Without Kavenah there is no flow of Shefah. Of course this statement is not accepted by the world in general because sometimes prayer without Kavenah works. Actually this is part of the spiritual illusion. Prayer with Kavenah always works not just sometimes. Prayer without Kavenah will sometimes work and that lends itself to the illusion and people being misled by the Satan and the negative system.

What is Shefa?

The metaphor used to understand Shefa today is electricity. Electricity exists in the air yet to be useful to man must be channeled and used in specific ways. It must be harnessed and flow from the electric plant through wires to a home where an appliance must be plugged into the electric socket to use the electricity properly. If anywhere along the path the various vessels does not use this power correctly the system does not work or does not work effectively. It may short circuit or be using power inefficiently.

Shefa is the power of HaShem. It is life force energy when in a vessel that is capable of coming alive. It is channeled through a spiritual - physical path from the highest world to the lowest where in order to be used it must rest upon or within something physical. This is shefa. This is what the Prophets and Kabbalists of old were taught how to use. This is why traditionally we pray in Hebrew since the Hebrew letters and words are the path by which the flow of Shefa is most efficiently used. The consciousness of a human being is very much part of this system and flow.