Sefer Yetzirah Classes

This series of classes teaches the Sefer Yetzirah from two perspectives - one of meditation and one of Hebrew Astrology

This series of classes is being taught Mondays at 5 AM West Coast Time and is available to all students after the basic course and by permission of the instructor if the basic course is not completed.

These classes have been taught in two different series of classes. Please note that the classes may have the same number but be different from each other due to their following in a different series of classes. Once the hand outs are being included in a class then the series of classes followed the same pattern yet their class number will be different.

We sometimes have 2 recordings from the same class. This is due to using two different communication methods. Since each method hears the class differently, we provide you both recordings for your listening enjoyment as well as another opportunity to study this material so that you can use it experimentally and not just academically.

Right click on each link that is for a recording and then click on save as.

The first "homework assignment in this class is the handout below and the 8 min recording below that. They go together and the purpose of the hand out and recording is to make someone familar with the sounds and sights of the Hebrew Letters.

  • Homework for the Course - Please study continuously
  • The link below goes with the Hand Out and is a recording of the sounds of the Hebrew Letters. It is highly recommended that this be studied and practices until one is "friendly" with the letters.

  • S D Aleph Bet and Sefer Yetzirah Classes Sounds of letters for purpose of practice.
  • Class 1