Class 17 - Questions and Answers

In every basic class there are periods where questions come up that take too long to answer within the class itself. These are those kind of questions.

San Diego Class 4 - Questions and Answers

This class comes out of the San Diego Meet UP right after class 3. it is about general questions regarding the history of Kabbalah!

Unique Astrological Events - Tammuz and Av

This class is about the 3 weeks of Tammuz and Av and other more general questions


Links for recordings

  • Class 16 - General Questions about Tamuz, Restricion, and other tools
  • this class discusses SoulMates and Earthquakes

  • Class 20 - Reincarnation Part 2 - including discussion about the Haiti Earthquake
  • Hand Outs

    Links for hand outs