Learn about this year and this decade known as תש֚֚ף 5780

Revealing Hidden Wisdom – On line Kabbalah Class recordings, and MP3 recordings of the Zohar

This section teaches one the meaning of life and the spiritual laws and principles of the universes and how to work with them instead of against them.

Come get answers to those life questions:

  • Why was I born?
  • What am I to do during this lifetime?
  • What did I do wrong last lifetime?
  • Is reincarnation and astrology really Jewish?

Did you ever ask these questions? Then your answer is within you and Kabbalah can teach you how to transfer the answers to these questions from your unconscious to your day to day consciousness. Come learn how to do this!

We are in the process of making all of our classes easier to locate within this web page. Take a look below and click on a class that might be calling you.

Kabbalah Basic Class

Our Basic Class consists of 20 Classes

All of our classes are recorded and made available for download on this site. Sometimes, especially in the basic classes, there are hand outs from different sources that go along with the material in the recording. We recommend you download those as well.

Please note there may be more than one class recording to download. We recommend that you start with one class and continue with that series of classes. If you find a subject difficult to do or understand than listen to more classes on that subject.

Please scroll down for the advanced classes and the Zohar recordings

Class 18 - Why Kabbalah Now

This class Recording Answers the Question "Why study Kabbalah?"

Why Study Zohar?

Why Study Zohar? - Part 1A

Why Study Zohar? - Part 1B

Why Study Zohar? Part 2

Why Study Zohar? Part 2 A


Links for recordings

  • Why study Kabbalah? - Zohar Beraisheet Section 33 B Verses 143 - 144

  • Class 18 - Why study Kabbalah?

  • Hand Outs

    Links for hand outs

    Advanced Classes

    Our advanced classes have multiple classes on certain subjects in order to properly cover the subject

    These classes may be heard by any student even while we call them advanced. It is recomended that one hears the Basic Class Series first.

    Classes on Zohar

    Read the Zohar Online


    Kabbalah teaches that one can use the energy of a Tzadik that died on the day you were born to learn aspects of yourself and your Tikune. The more one learns about an individual Tzadik, the more one connects to the energy of the Tzadik and is able to “see” the connection between you and the individual Tzadik.

    These are the major Tzadikim which can be used as channels for everyone on Erev Rosh Chodesh, Rosh Chodesh, and 15th of each Hebrew Month (Full Moon):

    There will be many more Tzadikim eventually.