Learn about this year and this decade known as תש֚֚ף 5780

Donations mean Sharing Yourself

While you are visiting this site you are receiving something. The only way to keep it is to exchange something of value (not necessarily money) for the value you receive. Click here to find out more about Donating – Time, Effort, relationships, money, yourself.

Advice is worth what you pay for it. All of this information is provided to you and others free of charge. This is because this information was given to every human being at Mt Sinai and does not belong to any one person or group of people.

We do seek DONATIONS to help you receive the full value of this information. No you do not have to make a donation to us. You can make a donation to your favorite charity and have in mind that you are receiving this information in exchange. Therefore you exchange energy for energy. You also do not have to make a monetary donation. You can donate Time either to assist us in our work or to any non profit organization you prefer.

Now comes our sales pitch.

We are actually developing an interactive website that will automate this information for every human being. This website is presently under construction and will continue to be partially completed and continuing construction for the foreseeable future.

This obviously takes expertise and knowledge of Kabbalah. We do teach Kabbalah to others who have an interest and this also is part of our website. We have a working model of this website. It will continue to be developed and expanded. Please let us know if you would like to be notified of any major changes?

This website takes a lot of man hours to maintain and add additional information to each verse. As more analysis is made it will be added to that automated website. This will allow more and more people to make use of the tools God has given us to learn Who WE ARE and what are we to do in this world.

To that end we would like to ask you to donate money to this website.

When someone donates a dollar amount – they usually do so in round numbers. The Jewish Sages have taught for centuries that the amount one donates connects the person to the energy of that number.

So we are giving you information below about what energy any of the following amounts connects to: Please know that all donations will be used only for the development of this web site which is to be used to spread the wisdom of Kabbalah to the people of our generations.

  • $1 connects you to Unity.
  • $2 connects you to Cause and Effect to be able to see through the illusion.
  • $3 connects you to balance.
  • $4 connects you to the doorway to the Spiritual.
  • $5 connects you to the 5 worlds.
  • $6 connects you to the Spiritual Worlds called Heavens.
  • $7 connects you to the 7 days of creation.
  • $8 Connects to the Sperah of Binah the Cosmic Mother.
  • $10 connects you to the 10 Spherot
  • $11 connects you to the 11 parts of the incense used in the Temple of Jerusalem before its destruction.
  • $12 connects you to the 12 Tribes of Israel.
  • $13 connects you to the 13 attributes of God's Mercy.
  • $15 connects you to the Higher Component of the Name of God.
  • $17 connects you to Tov which means good or goodness.
  • $18 connects you to Life.
  • $22 connects you to all of the power of the Hebrew Letters since there are 22 of them.
  • $26 connects you to the Name of God called HaShem "The Name".
  • $28 connects you to Power as the word in Hebrew CoaH means power and has a gematria of 28.
  • $31 connects you to the Name of God called El.
  • $32 connects you to the 32 Paths of Wisdom.
  • $36 connects you to miracles.
  • $37 connects you to the Hidden Wisdom of Understanding.
  • $42 Connects you to the energy of creation.
  • $50 connects you to the 50 Gates of Understanding.
  • $63 connects you to the Higher aspect of God called Motherhood.
  • $72 connects you to consciousness of Wisdom and the 72 Names of God.
  • $85 connects You to the Power of Words.
  • $86 connects You to the Mother Nature and the Ecological balance.
  • $91 connects You to the unification of the Physical and Spiritual Worlds.
  • $98 connects You to cleansing.
  • $101 Connects You to to Healing.
  • $112 connects you to the River Yabok which represents unifying all of the spiritual worlds with the physical world.
  • $115 connects You to strength.
  • $151 connects to the Power of a ritual bath called Mikva and assists in helping your children.
  • $207 connects You to the Light of God.
  • $216 connects to the 216 Letters in the 72 Names of God.
  • $231 connects You to the Gates of Wisdom.
  • $250 connects you to the essence of a Candle.
  • $260 connects you to the energy of HaShem.
  • $345 connects you to Healing and our Teacher Moshe.
  • $358 connects You to the Messiah and helps to bring that era of Peace, Prosperity, and Serenity into our World.
  • $410 connects you to Holiness.
  • $441 connects you with Truth which we all seek.

Please remember you can send in multiples of each of these numbers as well. I also ask you to consider setting up a monthly donation as well. This can keep our work going perpetually.

There are two methods to actually get us the Money. One is Paypal and the other is a check made out to Yeshshem.com or Mazel Knowledge.com.

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