Kabbalistic Face and Hand Reading Class 1

Based on Zohar Parasha Yitro "Secret of Secrets"

Warning: The material being taught in this class can do great harm to relationships and to individuals. It is meant to be used by a person in evaluating himself not other people. When mastered it can be used to evaluate other people. Mastery takes many, many years of study and practice. DO NOT USE THIS ON OTHER PEOPLE UNLESS YOU ARE CONSIDERED A MASTER BY OTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE MASTERS.

Please Note: The bold text is the direct translation of the classic text source. The regular text is the explanation or commentary.

One of the reasons we teach Face and Palm Reading in this Kabbalah class is to monitor the changes within yourself. One of the techniques that is effective is called the "Candle - Mirror Meditation." This is recommended to do this at least twice each year.

Candle - Mirror" Meditation

After the Halachic Midnight and prior to the "Last Watch" which is about 4 AM it is best to sit on the floor or in a comfortable chair facing a wardrobe mirror. Light a candle that is sitting on a table behind you (relative to the mirror). Stare at your visage/vision in the mirror intently. See what you see especially on your forehead. On your forehead expect to see Hebrew Letters. Make a note of this communication between your inner self and your outer self.


To begin Face and Hand Reading one must understand its limits. Here is a summary of a Midrash that explains the limits to Face and Hand Reading.

When Moshe completed teaching face and hand reading principles to the Children of Israel they used this tool to evaluate Moshe. The midrash continues that each of the 600,000 men saw what they saw and arrived at the conclusion that Moshe had a great desire for women. As a result they always accompanied their wives to any private meeting that took place between Moshe and any of their wives. The midrash teaches that they did this not because they did not trust their wives but because they thought that they should play it safe just in case Moshe lost control of his desire.

Here is another midrash that adds to our understanding of how face and hand reading works and also its limitation.

It is told that in the days of Moshe Rabbeinu, a gentile king, having heard of his leading the Jewish nation out of Egypt, splitting the sea, receiving the Torah, etc. greatly desired to see how Moshe looked (there were no tabloids back then). It was beneath his dignity to journey into the desert to meet him, so he hired a skilled artist to study Moshe and ultimately paint his portrait. The artist spent many months until he was satisfied with his work and presented it to its commissioner. The king took one look at the picture and gave the artist a slap across his face. "How dare you try to fool me! I am well versed in the reading of faces, and the picture you've painted is of a man who is of very poor character. Not only does he desire women, he desires to steal whatever does not belong to him. He also has the strongest desire for everything physical that I have ever seen in any one's face. Am I to believe this is the great Moshe. This man who has the lowest morals I have ever seen. This man who has the morals of a pig. How can people utter His Name with such reverence?" The artist, however, stuck by his story that this was indeed Moshe who took the Children of Israel out of Egypt and split the Yam Suf.

The King commissioned three artists and sent them into the desert to "see" Moshe and draw his picture. All of them sent back pictures with the same visage. One of a criminal and that is the best word to describe his face.

Finally the king intrigued, journeyed into the desert to behold Moshe's countenance with his own eyes. To his shock Moshe looked exactly as the artists had depicted him. He approached the great leader and expressed his surprise based on his understanding of face-reading. "Why are you surprised?" asked Moshe simply. "Is this not the true test of man - to overcome his poor character and strive for greatness - not to be born into greatness?" (This story is quoted by Tiferes Yisrael [Kiddushin 4:77] and others).

The limitation of face and hand reading is the speed that face and hand features change. When someone changes their character their features change but it can take a significant amount of time. One must always realize that for a spiritual person the visage and hands are showing someone else the current person. They are showing a person from at least a year prior and sometimes even longer.


Below is a translation of a section from the Zohar. It appears in the Sulam Commentary in the Parasha of Yitro section 12 and is titled "Secret of Secrets."

Your Face is Your Prosecutor

Kabbalah teaches that one's appearance reveals the nature of the soul.

From the teachings of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai; translation & commentary by Moshe Miller as published on www.kabbalaonline.com

Before Moses returned to Egypt to lead the Israelites out of their slavery, he sent his wife and children back to the house of his father-in-law Jethro. Now after the redemption, Jethro and Moses' wife and children come to meet him in the desert. There, Jethro sees Moses single-handedly judging the people and teaching them G-d's laws and decrees for the entire day. Jethro advises Moses to delegate some of the responsibility by choosing men of stature to be judges and leaders of thousands, hundreds, fifties, etc…

"Now see to it to select from among all the people men of stature who fear G-d, men of truth, who hate corruption…." (Ex. 18:21).

It is written, "This is the book of the descendants of man [literally 'of Adam'] on the day G-d created him in the image of G-d." (Gen. 5:1). "This is the book" from among those deeply cryptic books [that were given to Adam]. Rabbi Shimon [bar Yochai] said: "I have raised my hands in prayer to He Who created the universe. Even though this verse reveals matters that are top secret, one should examine and analyze the secrets found in the Book of Adam, from which the concealed work of King Solomon were drawn."

There are two possible interpretations of this: 1) that King Solomon wrote a work that was subsequently concealed; 2) that he concealed this wisdom within the books that he wrote…. The latter seems to be the intention of the next paragraph.

This is the book that was given to Adam, [enabling him] to know the deep hidden wisdom of the human visage. This wisdom was also transmitted to King Solomon. He inherited [the tradition] and encoded it in his written works.

We learned that Moses was puzzled by this [see Menachot 29a] until the Divine Presence taught him by examining [together with him] the visages of all those men and selecting them [to be judges and leaders of thousands, hundreds, fifties etc.]. It was then that Moses learned with wisdom and delved into it. This is the meaning of [the verse] "…Now see to it to select from among all the people…." You, and no other, should see to it - know how to look at 600,000 men [and select those worthy of leadership].

These were the 600,000 male adults who comprised the Israelite army at that time. They are the soul-roots of the entire Jewish people.

There are six aspects of a person's countenance that need to be examined (and know this wisdom clearly). They are: the hair, the eyes, the nose, the lips, the face itself, and the hands - that is, the lines of the hands.

The Zohar now analyzes the verse in greater detail and includes details that were not mentioned previously:

"Now see to it" - look at the hair [which includes] the lines on the forehead and the eyebrows.1 "From among all the people" - the eyes 2 [which includes] the layers of the eyes [i.e. the pupil, iris, and the white of the eye] and the lines under the eye. "Men of stature" - those who have the ability to stand in the halls of the King [this alludes to] the glow of the face, 3 at the face itself, [and] the lines and folds of the face, and the beard. "Who hate corruption…" - the hands, the lines and marks of the hands.4

All of these six aspects alluded to here [in the verse] were given to Moses to see - to get to know this hidden wisdom. This wisdom is inherited by the truly righteous tzaddikim. Happy is their lot!

[Zohar II:70a, Razin d'Razin, translation and commentary by Moshe Miller; First published by Fiftieth Gate Publications and Seminars]

General Rules of Face and Hand Reading

Faces change slower than Hands. Always keep that in mind. Other parts of the body change also. Some faster than faces and some slower than faces, some faster than hands and some slower than hands.

Generally the left side is your potential while the right side is your actual. When someone compares the two sides during a reading, it is helpful to realize that the left side may not yet have changed to reveal the new potential. It will also help to identify areas where spiritual falls have taken place and be able to correct them prior to the new actual potential manifests.

Your skin is a map of the universe. Your universe. Changes in your skin represents changes in that universe. Skin changes are the fastest to happen and the easiest to observe but not the easiest to understand. All skin diseases relate to Loshon HaRah - Evil Speech.

The following is a commentary from the Tikunei Zohar No 14 by Zion Nefesh of www.dailyzohar.com.

The Zohar teaches us that there are ten aspects of ‘correction’ in the human body.

1. Hair including the following Hair attributes: Colors, length, density and curls. (chanoch added: i have had questions regarding dyeing hair color or changing the curls to straight hair or vice a versa. One of my teachers said that these changes are not real with respect to FPR. Another says they are since everything physical happens for a spiritual cause. The answer to the question becomes a relative issue depending on many circumstances. This also applies to plastic surgery issues like breast implants, face lifts and botox injections.

2. Forehead and Forehead attributes like length, width, folds and lines

3. Ears and attributes of the Ears: Shape, position, hair in the ears

4. Face and the attributes of the Face: The other meaning of the word face, פנים is ‘inner.' A person’s face reveals everything about his inner energy and the driving forces in his life. Shape and Symmetry.

5. Eyes and the attributes of the Eyes: Color, size, eye ball size, eye brows, skin color under the eyes in comparison to regular skin color

6. Nose and the attributes of the Nose: Length, width, general shape / i have been asked how to handle the plastic surgery or an accidental break. Remember there is no coincidence in our world. These events are indications of change.

7. Mouth and the attributes of the Mouth: Size, openness, lips, position (between nose and chin)

8. Neck and the attributes of the Neck: Length, lines, skin folds

9. Hands and the attributes of the Hands: Palms: Shape, open, closed, lines (and a lot more); Back side of the hand; length and relationship of the fingers; and a lot more.

10. Body and Body attributes: Height, limb size, natural posture

Before we continue in the deeper study of PFR (Palm and Face Reading) we should remember that everything in the physical level has a root and seed in the spiritual worlds. If we look at the physical manifestation of things without understanding the spiritual aspects of them then we barely have ten percent of the picture and even then, it is ‘contaminated’ with the distortion brought to us by the negative side.

Learning the spiritual aspect of every thing gives us a better understanding and control in this life. Astrology would give us an exact report for two people born at the same second at the same place, but each of them will have a different life because they have different souls and different spiritual roots. The Zohar didn’t bring this information for us to become a street corner psychic reader. It is here to teach us the connection between spiritual and physical and that everything below is connected above. I am not going to test your knowledge or issue certificates for PFR graduates.

The following study will teach the connection between the spiritual and the physical. To ‘read’ a person we need to understand the sources of energy that brought him to existence. Someone asked me once “How can I be a Kabbalistic healer?” My simple answer was “Start by becoming a Kabbalist.” When you come to study PFR, focus first on the spiritual aspects and then it will be easy to understand and ‘read’ the physical.

Previously in the Tikunei Zohar we learned that there is a parallel between the YHVH and the ADNY. YHVH is the aspect of the spiritual and an aspect of mercy and ADNY is how the upper light appears in the world below that is the physical level and an attribute of judgment.

Now let us start with an initial foray into the attributes of hair.

The hairs of men are an antennae for the energy of Chesed while the hairs of female are antennae for the energy of judgment. There is a Mitzvah to not cut the corners of the face. This is why men grow peyot. Nowhere is the location of the corners of the face defined. There are many different locations used as the corners. These locations come from the Ruach HaKodesh of various rabbis and leaders/teachers.

Hair Color:

White hair color comes from roots of Chessed. The ‘hair’ of Atik (Keter) are white, like pure cotton and is the source of Chessed. People with white hair have the potential to do good more than other people. The color change of hair color in older people represents energy shift to the aspect of Chessed.

Red color hair comes from roots of Gevurah. Represents stronger energy, passion, pursuing goals and having more desire to manifest. King David had red hair. A person (usually women) who changestheir hair color to red means that they want to be noticed. A change of energy of some new desires affected the color change.

Hair from green roots represents central column and balance. Usually people with mix of light hair colors have green roots. Most blonds have green roots. They seek balance and truth.

Black hair represents Malchut and interpretation is based on other aspects of the hair’s appearance or attributes.

Brown hair is a mixture of different color hair and needs to be evaluated with respect to the different mixtures and degree of those mixtures.

Hair: (Continuing) - General Aspects

After the Tzimtzum of the Endless, came Tzimzum in Adam Kadmon. The lights that created the world of Atziluth came out of his head. The hair is the aspect of branches of light that went down to the lower worlds. In humans more hair signifies stronger energy. For example babies that are born with more and condensed hair are to have good energy. The positive ones are more likely to be born under the sign or rising sign (hour of the day) of Leo. Leo is אריה and one of the holy Creatures of the holy throne. They represent the aspect of Chessed. Leo people have greater potential to channel Chessed but on the negative side, Leos have stronger desire for the self and tendency to manipulate and control others for their purposes and needs.

We will continue the relationship regarding baby hair and rising signs in another class.

There are differences between hair that comes from the skull, to the ones from the beard, hands or chest. They represent different energy levels. A single head hair is like a pipe, letter Vav, and the opening is the aspect of the letter Yod. They are the male letters of the YHVH name. The representation of these letters in the physical form of the hair tells about the person’s ability to use and channel their light.

Roots of wrinkled and small hair are in the aspect of the small ה H of Malchut. The inner energy of the person is not strong and they have difficulties building inner power and manifestation ability. Such people, if they have some natural gifts, need strong people or wives next to them to complete them and lead them to success.

You can identify this kind of hair when it is not soft or organized. Usually it is thin hair and feels like it lacks energy. Many people try to cover this condition with conditioner. This also brings up the idea of people changing their hair color. The Kabbalists give two answers to this question. One answer is the change represents a concealment that allows them to not deal with Tikunim associated with their natural color. The other answer is it represents a permanent change. The frequency of the change is an indication of which answer applies.

The length of the hair is the aspect of the 10 Sefirot and the width (thickness) is the aspect of YHVH.

When we see wrinkles closer to the root, it represents imbalance and confusions. If the hair (close to the root) goes up straight, wrinkled and bends down, then as rabbi Avraham Azulai says, it indicates rejection of the light of Chokmah. People with this type of hair get angry quickly and have greater issues trusting the light.

Remember the story of Samson and Delilah. With his full hair that had never been cut he had awesome power but when it got cut, he lost it. The end of the story was that he could destroy the palace of the philistines that captured him. He put his life in the hand of God and with certainty and trust he could restore his full energy. From this we learn that proper connection to the light can overcome weaknesses that are part of our tikune.

When you are among spiritual people that change themselves for the better, you can not apply the same type of reading that can be perfectly accurate for others.

When a person changes himself on the spiritual level, it manifests through time and actions on the physical level. A person that may look like a criminal maybe on his repentance process. We should never jump into conclusions and ‘read’ his appearance as final state of being. If we do so we may limit their spiritual growth. We should show a person ways to the light to make things better in their life.

For example we can not say ‘you have weak energy’ but something like ‘you were born to work harder to get energy while there are others that get it easily. With more spiritual connection you connect to the life force and be able to bring balance in your life and feel better’

chanoch's Commentary

Some people would consider this hiding the truth. The general idea is to bring information that the person will utilize properly in their life and grow to as high a spiritual level as possible. For someone who has not started on a spiritual path one can not speak directly of spirituality.

I hope you all get the idea here and remember that the main purpose of the PFR is to see the light in everything and respect, guide, help in any way you can.

chanoch adds: Help in any way that is good for the other person not necessarily your agenda.

Tikkun 70 – 16

(PFR Continues)

From the head of Adam Kadmon came out lights to create the world of Atzilut. Starting from the Eyes (Keter and Chokmah) through the Ears (Binah) down through the Nose (6 edges), coming out of the mouth together as Ten Sefirot. (Olam Akudim).

Our four senses of See, Hear, Smell and Speak are the leaders of our lives. They are the aspect of the YHVH and affect our connection to the spiritual system.

Y – Seeing – Chokmah – the highest level of connection in the world of Malchut. It is a totally silent sense and connects us to Keter. What we see has the most impact on us. When we look deep into the eyes of a person, we can reveal the essence of him and his emotional state. There is a danger in looking into evil eyes because it can transfer negative energy that can not be easily removed. (Watch it!)

chanoch adds: That is why it is recommended to wear dark sunglasses while in a cemetery so that you avoid looking into the eyes of negative women (especially a women in her Nidah Period) without being rude to her.

H – Hearing – Binah – The ears have the listening power and with it we connect to Binah. The prayers and the voice that comes from the sacred text goes up to Binah and the attached consciousness continue to Chokmah. A spiritual person naturally listens to people before he answers.

V – Smell – Zeir Anpin – When the Holy Temple was active there was a daily process of incense burning. That brought connection to the central column. The pillar of smoke was going straight up to the heavens regardless of weather conditions. It was one of the visible miracles in the Holy Temple. The Nose that governs the sense of smell represents the aspect of the central column in a person. There are different types of noses, long, short, wide, narrow, nicely built or crooked and all of them are related to the type of character and channel of light that this person has. Obviously a nice balanced nose is normal and the person is mostly in balance. A crooked nose signifies difficulties, dishonesty, deception, etc.

H – Speech – Malchut – The mouth of Adam Kadmon revealed the Ten Sefirot in one process. The shape of the mouth reveals the way a person connects and relates to the world around him. These fundamentals are important in the progress of ‘reading’ people correctly and be able to help them.

chanoch's Commentary

Where does touch belong?

Tikkun 70 – 18

Exodus 18:21“וְאַתָּה תֶחֱזֶה מִכָּל-הָעָם” “and you shall see from the people…” This verse that is the key to PFR gives us the power below to see what is above. chanoch adds: This verse comes from the Parasha of Yitro where Yitro gives Moshe suggestions to delegate his efforts with the people.

The concealed brain (Mocha Stima’ah) is God’s plan for the created worlds below. It came from the Endless and bestowed on Adam Kadmon who executed the plan. The lights from the ‘concealed brain’ feed the roots of everything below and in our specific study, the hair.

The Holy Ari revealed to us that the first level of the name that was revealed in Adam Kadmon represented the name of 72 ע”ב that is יוד-הי-ויו-הי. This level of Adam Kadmon is very high and connected to the Endless and we can not tell much about it. The next level was the appearance of the name of ס”ג, יוד-הי-ואו-הי. It revealed three ‘springs’ of light with the three letters of Yod ייי . Then followed by the name of מ”ה, 45, that is יוד-הא-ואו-הא and revealed three letters of Alef א in the name. The three Yods and the three Alefs sum to 33 and is in the secret of the heart beat of life that keeps the world in existence.

The letter Alef is constructed from Yod, Vav and Dalet. The Yod is the root of the Alef and when we sum up the three Vavs and Dalets we get 30 that is the same value as for the three Yods. The word for hair is שיער and it means שער ‘ gate’, ‘portal’ for the י Yods. It also means measure as everything that comes from the spiritual level into the lowers has measures. The three letter Vavs that is in the name are like wands that represent the channels that bring oout the inner (spiritual) energy of a person.

Each individual hair is part of the soul that can tell us details about the essence of a person and his ability to manifest his inner light.

We learn from the Zohar in Parasha of Terumah speaking about the Two Goats on Yom Kippur that hairs hanging down from an animal or a human indicate a period of judgment.

Question and Answer

How long does the hair grow?

1. The length of hair that is no longer cut can reach a size that is related to the size of the person's vessel. It is not bad. The body doesn't need to have longer hair that it is. You hair can grow if you express a desire to grow it and it is done by cutting it a little bit. It will continue to grow more that it was before-- then repeat again and it will grow more. The most important is not to force it. The hair is like a Vav, a channel, 'pipe' of light. If the ends of the hair are significantly narrower than the middle part, then it is good to cut the edges periodically to reveal the opening of the 'pipe' and renew the channel. Spiritual connection strengthens the hair

chanoch adds: Beards will not grow longer than the diaphragm since hair represents Chesed that is unable to flow to the body through the neck. The Beard hair lacks the ability to go through more than three Sefirot and thus must end at the diaphragm. We will discuss more of the beard hair lower.

When the body length is mentioned above it represents up to and including the sex organ - not the legs.

Tikkun 70 – 19

The sparks of light that come out of the hair are the aspect of Chokmah and a finger of the Holy One Bless be He.

Each hair releases sparks of light that comes from the level of Keter. When we are tuned to that energy we can read peoples’ thoughts.

Body Discussion

The aspect of YHVH is in every part of the body. The length, width, joints are all telling us about the energy that drives that part.

The joints and the beginning points of the part (where you can give it identifying name) is the aspect of the letter י Yod, Chokmah, of that part. The length is the aspect of ו Vav the essence and function of the part is for the H of Binah and the general appearance. The end part is the aspect of the letter ה H of Malchut.

We should study all the aspects of the YHVH name to better understand the world around us all the way to the level of atom.

Note: If you want to study PFR on a higher level then don’t expect a PFR dictionary with pictures and explanation (Some will come later). The Zohar in the study of Tikkun 70 teaches us to become psychic and to be able to see the cause and the root of everything. There will be a lot of details about the hair, eyes, ears, nose, and hands later in this series. Study each DZ carefully and ask related questions

1. Comment on Daily Zohar # 910 – Samson by Zion Nefesh - 2012-05-16 15:56:00-04

Francis, thank you for the important comment and I am sorry for getting late to it. Every race, ethnic group and any demographic location represent aspect of tikkun of the people of that area. It gives the people similar physical features. When we 'read' a person we should start from that general point before going into the individual. Black hair as you mentioned absorbed the light very well so it can reflect strength and connection to the light and have greater ability to draw energy. The negative aspect is that this power can turn into selfishness and evil. Every type of hair has different levels. Curly means extra aspect of Gevurah, which means more energy toward positive or negative as we read from the other features of the person. Obviously this aspect is stronger with Asians than Africans. The difference could be interpreted as new incarnation into the current race/ethnicity. As for the Chinese characters; we have one Creator and one spiritual system. The ancient people that developed the Chinese language built it from associations to life symbols in the upper and lower levels. BTW. The Hebrew letters are the only kind that represents spiritual energy. Other languages may have even a nicer sound but it is based on something that was accepted as communicating system between people. As we learn from the Zohar we see the the spiritual connection of the letters of the name on the different spiritual levels.

Tikune 915 part of tikune 70

With PFR we should look for the connection between all the body parts, some may show the right column of Chessed and some may show the aspect of left column and Gevurah.

Tikkun 70 – 21

The Zohar here, explains seven names of God that connect us to the Ten Sefirot.

אהיה- Keter, but this name also includes the upper three Sefirot including Chokmah and Binah. יה is for Chokmah, יהוה with Nikud of Elokim is Bina

אל – Chessed, Abraham

אלהים – Gevurah, Isaac

יהוה – (Nikud Sheva, Cholam, Kamatz) Tiferet, Jacob

צבאות – Netzach and Hod, Moses and Aaron

שדי – Yessod, Joseph

אדני – Malchut, David

See more in the Zohar (Vayikra Hasulam 155, English Zohar Vol 14 pg 98 #155 ‘Ten Names’)

Learning about the Patriarchs, their lives and their actions could teach us a lot about the light that is revealed through the Sefirot.

Tikkun 70 – 22

The Endless light is one and without change. It spreads out in all the Sefirot and vessels. The change is measured or ‘visible’ only from the side of the receivers that are the vessels.

The names of God represent different aspect of the Endless light. Like different garments on the same person. The different body parts with their individual shape and inner force represent different aspects of the soul that uses the body.

The ears ‘listen’ because the soul has this power. The eyes can see only because the soul has ability to see. The physical part may look the same but the soul’s power behind it is different. For example. a person with piercing eyes (usually Scorpions) has strong ‘broadcasting’ power. A person that was born in the month of Virgo usually has a soul with greater ability to see details. It is not about the physical body part but the soul that ‘drives’ it.

The mouth may look the same in many people but the sound that it produces or the words that come out are different from others. We love to hear singers who sing from their souls even if their voice is not perfect.

The body gestures and expressions tell a lot about a person’s soul. Watch them carefully and you can learn a little from every move they make. (Be discrete when doing so. Don’t stare or make people uncomfortable when observing them. Go to the City Park or busy square.)

Remember that when a person speaks, he speaks from his mind and soul. Every word expresses what’s in his mind. If someone approaches you and says, “Wow, I see that you lost a few pounds…” it means that person is focused on diet and losing weight or want to share with you that they lost few pounds themselves. Listen to people and you will learn a lot about their lives even without asking them a question. Most people’s soul wants to express itself and be one with the others. The quiet people usually have more (chanoch adds: quality information) to tell than the loud ones. They need more love and attention than others even if they say that they don’t need anything or send you away on the first word you try to communicate with them.

It’s all about the soul. chanoch adds: The outside body is a perfect expression of the internal which is the soul.

Tikkun 70 – 23

The skull is the aspect of the head of Keter. Most part of the brain is Chokmah. The light that comes out from the Yessod of Binah connects to the heart and brings understanding with it. The right hand is Chessed, Left hand is Gevurah and the torso is the central column Tiferet.

Elijah the prophet came down from the upper worlds and told Rabbi Shimon that the righteous souls on the upper levels were listening to his lesson about the names of God and the Sefirot in the body. He came to teach him about the unification of Father, Chokmah and Mother Binah.

Elijah explained that from the right column come down the Chessed Gevurah and Tiferet of Chokmah dressed with the names יהוה יהוה יהוה. chanoch adds: different vowels. They join the upper three Sefirot of Binah, (Keter, Chokmah and Binah), dressed with the names אהיה אהיה אהיה. chanoch adds: again with different vowels. When they come down to Netzach, Hod and Yessod of Zeir Anpin they are reveled with the names אדני אדני אדני (chanoch adds: Yesod of Zeir Anpin is actually Malchut of Zeir Anpin which is why the Name Adonai is used. That Name is the aspect of judgment not central column.

In simple words, the light that is revealed in the lower levels begins with the unification of Chokmah and Binah to become one with Da’at that represents the Keter in the unification. The light goes down with mercy of the right column; continues to Binah to get a desire, then left column to continue down and bring the light to Zeir Anpin that reveals everything in Malchut. chanoch adds: This language from the Tikunei Zohar is relating to the 4 phases teaching of Rabbi Ashlag.

We should always look at the seed level where the base energy forms. The thoughts of a person drive his actions. Knowing the way a person thinks helps us understand the cause and the outcome of his actions. We can also follow the reverse path and by examining the outcome we can tell about the the original thought and it’s ‘driver.’ chanoch adds: We have the capability to learn to read the body from the top down or the down up. Also from the soul to the body and the body to the soul.

Tikkun 70 – 24

The Holy names of God that begin with the letter Yod י have the root in Chokmah, the Supernal Father, right column.

Holy names that begin with the letter א Alef have the root in the Supernal Mother, Binah, left column.

אהיה אשר אהיה “I am that I am” (Exodus 3:14) represents the Supernal Keter and the aspect of the head of the three columns.

אהיה is for Keter at the top middle of the Tree.

Chokmah and Binah unite in Da’at at the center Below Keter.

Together they become Keter Zeir Anpin, in the name form of יאההויהה, and continue to the central column of the lower Seven Sefirot in the middle of the Tree and it is represented with the name יהוה. At the bottom of the Tree, we have the lower Shechina, Malchut with the name אדני.

Tikkun 70 – 26

The wise people have their roots in Chokmah, intellectuals in Binah. From roots in Chessed we find people that act with mercy and compassion. Strong willed people are from Gevurah. Scholars and students of Torah are from Tiferet roots. Prophets come from Netzach and Hod that are pillars of truth. Righteous people that keep the covenant are registered in Yessod.

There are people from Malchut and people that know how to make unifications of upper and lower are from the thought of Keter.

The endless light exists inside all types of people like the soul inside the body. The energy that keeps us in existence, ‘pulsates’ inside of us according to their roots. It is our connection to the Tree of Life and we should always be aware that everything starts within us. Our actions determine that connection to the spiritual realms of the Tree of Life that in return affects our lives.

Observing peoples’ actions help us find the root of their souls.

Tikkun 70 – 27

As Rabbi Shimon started the study about the hair, Elijah came down and interrupted him. He said that it should be known that in the world of separation, which is the world of Action, there are many types of people. Some wicked have marks of a righteous people and righteous may have marks of a wicked. It looks like darkness but the wise people that live in truth can see the light in that darkness.

In the Garden of Eden everything is light and truth, but this world is like a hard shell of a walnut that doesn’t tell about the quality of the fruit inside.

We learn few things from this Zohar. First is that we need to be in and with truth all the time. Without conducting our lives with truth in every step, we can not see the truth outside. The Zohar is the ‘Wisdom of Truth’ because it teaches us about the true essence of the world and not the shells or the separation between spirit and body.

I am aware that in this world you can not tell YOUR truth to everyone around you. As you grow spiritually (from the inside, not by spiritual knowledge) you realize that even if you see the truth, you can not always tell it to people as it may hurt them or even negatively influence their Tikkun process. Rabbi Shimon was about to tell the absolute truth about PFR (Palm, Face, Reading) from the aspect of the light at the seed level. Elijah came down to provide information for our benefit, so we won’t jump into conclusions unless we can see (spiritually) the truth of and in the other person.

As the demographic location affects the outer appearance of a person, so do our actions and the environment we grow up. A child with a pure soul may be born to evil parents and maybe even behave as evil. His face may show evil attributes but his soul is not necessarily so. He has a righteous soul and could break the outer and evil shells in the process of his Tikkun and become as righteous as his soul can be. As long as a person has a beating heart in his chest, he can turn on the light inside and reveal its beauty.

The study of PFR for us is to achieve higher level of understanding into the soul of others and never pass a definite judgment. Becoming a psychic is to always be on the path of truth and be able to see the soul of a person in order to help them in their correction process.

Tikkun 70 – 28

Rabbi Shimon opened the study and said that people with soft, thin and long hair have in the aspect of mercy in them. They are from the side of Arich Anpin represented by the letter א. The hair that falls to the sides of the head is the aspect of two letters of Vav ו ו and together they form ואו where א is at the top of the skull, one Vav on the right and one on the left of the head.

Arich Anpin is the Keter with 13 attributes that represent love, mercy, healing and unity. Hair that is short, wrinkled and hard that is spread without a natural and normal direction is from Malchut of Zeir Anpin. It is the aspect of the י of the lower name, אדני. It represents judgment and hardship of the Tikkun process.

I was asked before about the hair of African people that have such type of hair. (See comments on http://dailyzohar.com/?p=7012) The race is definitely from left side, Gevurah. The history of Africa and African people is full of wars, hardship, slavery and abuse. In many ways, the ‘exile’ from Africa to the many countries around the world was part of their Tikkun process. Relocation became the solution and transformation from Gevurah to Chessed. The history proves that. When ‘black’ is mixed with ‘white,’ most of the darkness disappears. After several generations in the ‘white’ zone, the hair turns softer. The African American for example, don’t look like their ancestors any more. South African blacks are in much better situation than the ones inside the continent that continue with tribal fights and all kinds of diseases and chaos.

As Psalms 1 teaches us, we should choose the right environment to elevate ourselves. The hair of Chessed is the aspect of Shofar blast of Tekiah that is long and uninterrupted. The hair of Gevurah is the aspect of Shevarim that is a sequence of short, broken blasts. The hair of the Central Column is the aspect of ‘Teruah’ that is long continuous short blasts that includes the previous two types of blasts.