Tikune for People Born on the 28th Day of a Month

All of the people born on the same day of the Hebrew months have a similar tikunim or corrections. Understanding these Corrections comes from analyzing the gematria of words from the Bible which is called Tanach in Hebrew. Words that have these particular numbers are very helpful in understanding these Corrections or Tikunim.

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Words that have a gematria of 28

There are 51 words in the Tanach with the gematria of 28

כח = power or strength

חך = palate not in Tanach

אבכה = misty

איביה = her enemies

באכה = as you go towards

ביהוה = "with Hashem" or "in Hashem"

בכבד = "heavy with"; onerous with; abundant with; numerous with;

בכו = "with Hashem"; in weeping; with complaints; his lament; to mourn

גחזי = Name of the servant/assistant of the Prophet Elisha; Shoresh of this Name is Holiday and its meaning is 7 Holidays

דדך = "your breast"; "your tit"

האבידו = "he has caused you to perish"

הביאי = I bring my offering;

הבכא הגידו הוחדה החטאה החיה הטוח הכאב ואביט ואחזו ובזזו ובידו ובך וגבאיו והאביד והגדי והגיד והזבח והטוב וחוח וטובה ויבטא ויגדה וידח ויהוא ויחד זבדיה זבידה חטאי חיי טיט יביאה ידחו ידיד יחדו יחטא יחי כבו כבאה

Tikune for People Born on the 28th Day of a Month