General Comments about Astrological Tikunim (Corrections)

Each person, by choosing the moment of his birth is choosing what are his Tikunim in this world for this lifetime. The Hebrew months relate exactly to the Astrological Signs. There is no such thing as a Cusp in Jewish Astrology. This means that the month of birth also establishes one aspect of ones Tikune.

The moment of birth can be plotted into an astrological chart which gives indications and hints to the person regarding what are these Tikunim. Every item in a chart demontrates Tikunim for the person. Here are a few general ideas from someone's chart.

Moon Nodes - South indicates what mistakes were made in the last lifetime. This cycles is approximately 18 months long.

Moon Nodes - North indicates what Life lessons one will learn in this lifetime or at least try to learn. The north and south moon nodes are always connected.


Each person born in a specific Hebrew month has a sun sign from that month. They all share the tikunim associated with that sun sign. In general the sun sign is how the world outside of yourself sees you. Each person born with their moon sign in a particular Hebrew month has similar tikunim. the moon sign is indicating your internal essence as opposed to the sun sign indicating your external essence. Each person has an ascendant or rising sign as well. Each person with the same rising sign has similar tikunim. One way of perceiving the rising sign is that it represents a filter for the way one sees the outside world and it is a filter that works for the outside world to see your inner essence.

One of the important points about an astrological chart is where the particular sign falls as well as its relationship to other planets and signs. Someone whose Sun sign is Sagitarius will have a inclination to be an Adrenalin Junkie yet that is only from the frame of the way others see the person. Internally unless their Moon is Sagitarius they may never do things that cause them to run on adrenalin. When reading your Tikuinim from Astrology remember to see them as to where the particular sign is in your chart; Sun; Moon; rising sign; or Nodes.

Below is the different aspects for the month of Iyar.

Iyar is the second Hebrew month. The Hebrew Letters that created the Month of Iyar and the Astrological sign of Shor (Bull) are Pey and Vav. This Gematria is 86 which is the same Gematria as the name Elokim. Also the Hebrew word for nature (Hateva). This name of Elokim is generally considered to be one aspect of judgment. Another name for the month of Iyar is Chodesh Ziv - Month of Light. Iyar is connected to the Sign of Shor or Bull. The Hebrew for the month is אייר and Shor שור or the sign of Taurus. Iyar connects to Gates of Wisdom through its Gematria of 221. Shor which is the Bull of Taurus connects to the concept of poorness or lack. Yet the Taurean do to so much light being revealed in the period of the Omer is unable to know that there is lack in his light. He considers everything good. Actually it is but his Tikune is to learn that he has lack and to go out of his complacency.

Tikunim when Iyar and Shor is in the chart

Sun Sign is Shor

WhenTaurus is their Sun sign the Tikune is to get out of thier comfort zone that everything is OK.

Moon Sign is Taleh

The Tikune of the Taurus or Bull when seen as a Moon sign is too realize that there is lack in thier life and to go after that fulfillment.

Ascendant or Rishing Sign in Taleh

Moon Node - North is in the Sign of Taleh

Moon Node - South is in the Sign of Taleh

When your South Moon Node is in Taurus please see the Tikune from the month of Chesvan

When their North node is in Taurus their last lifetime was as a Scorpio which is where their South Nodes reside.

This Tikune will teach this soul the life lessons of personal values to follow in life. In the last lifetime as a scorpio there was a lot of burning away the false values that had been picked up in previous lifetimes. This lifetime will attempt to teach this soul the ultimate God Value - Vayahavta Lereacha Camocha or Love your Neighbor as yourself.

For more information about Tikunim from the Last Lifetime and what to learn in this lifetime, we suggest you go to go to

  • Tikune Lesson for a North node in Iyar
  • . First read the following paragraph to understand what you will receive at this link which is not connected to Jewish Astrology at all.

    Is this information referring to your previous life and your current life lessons related to Torah?

    While it comes across as Chutzpah (outlandish ego) to some people, the Torah is the blueprint of creation. As such all Wisdom both secular and spiritual and from other cultures was originally (prior to Abraham) given to all people potentially. In essence all Wisdom is concealed in the Torah. The Torah was given to all 70 nations at the same moment in time/history as the revelation at Sinai. During the course of human history, including the Dispersion called the Diaspora, much of this wisdom was taught to other nations by the Jewish people and much of the other cultures influenced the Jewish Nation. Yet our Sages taught that sometimes this wisdom was corrupted and in order to bring it back within Torah in an open rather than a concealed way one must follow 3 steps. I refer you to the writings of the Baal Shem Tov for an understanding of these steps. When it comes to Astrology, there is much corruption in Western, Chinese, and Vedic Astrology. The link i am sending you to is a western astrologer that has knowledge about the Nodes and past lifetimes and this very specific area of his readings has been through these 3 steps. His specific readings which he sells for $6.95 can be considered Jewish Astrology. Yet there are aspects of his understanding including the definition of Karma that is still corrupted. Be careful but the wisdom is there for you to connect with.