General Discussion about Tikunim (Corrections)

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Generally people have many Tikunim to achieve. Tikunim is the plural of Tikune which means corrections. To understand Tikune generally we need to have some information about reincarnation and the laws of reincarnation.

Each human being participated in the action that is described in the first few chapters of Genesis in the Bible. I am referring to what is referred to as "eating of the apple" by Adam and Chava (Eve). I know the first response to that statement is "i wasn't even there." No, you were there! As part of the 613 parts of Adam and Chava's soul and body. (You are getting a hint about the complexity of reincarnation). Each part of the soul has 5 souls called Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Chayah, Yechidah. These Hebrew words translate as Animal Soul; Spirit; Soul Name; Living Soul; Unified Soul. Each part of the body also has divisions. Remember this is all illusion because we each are connected to and unified with the Vessel from the Endless world. Yet while we are in this physical world we perceive things as separated not unified and therefore we see each other as "NOT ME."

So which part of the body and souls of Adam and Eve are you from? Most people do not know and do not spend the time to find out. Kabbalah can teach you generally how to find out what are your physical, emotional, and personality characteristics. These are hints as to which part of the parts of Adam and Eve you come from. All males come from Adam; all females come from Eve. Do you have a great singing voice - you come from the voice box of Adam or Chava! Do you have great athletic ability - you come from the parts of Adam and Eve connected to those traits. Running speed is legs; arm strength is arms; etc. To find out specifically which part of the body and soul of Adam and Chava you are connected to takes training in listening to your intuitive self. You want to know the answer start taking the Classes on the Hidden Wisdom part of this web site.

Now we have to complicate reincarnation a little bit. Cain and Abel are the Right and Left Shoulders of Adam and Chava. Cain and Abel had twin sisters (in the case of Abel he had two twin sisters). Females come from the Sisters; Males from Cain and Abel. These 3 sets of people which are really 3 complete souls are considered as the roots of mankind. (A soul is both male and female together in unity - one without the other is incomplete and is not considered a complete human being). If one traces one's roots of one's souls to Cain or Abel then one does not have to trace it into Adam because they are the shoulders of Adam and you know your soul root within Adam and Chavah.

Each person comes to this world with two Tikunim - one is a personal Tikune that only he or she may do. No one else. Once someone completes his or her Tikune and stops reincarnating one is waiting for the rest of the people to complete their Tikune because no one else can achieve it. It must be accomplished by the individual him or herself.

The other Tikune each person has is a joint Tikune from the part of Adam, Cain, or Abel that one comes from. Other people can achieve this Tikune for you if you are lazy and don't want to do the work. That is why Mordechai told Esther. If you don't go into King Achasverous HaShem will utilize someone else to save the Jewish People. He was referring to this part of Esther's Tikune. Esther was a reincarnation of Sarah, Abraham's wife, and Sarah was a reincarnation of Chava. . . but which part of Chava? Perhaps the heart.

The above information comes from the writings of Rabbi Itzhak Luria by his student Rabbi Chaim Vital. This is the wisdom that is available to you within the study of Kabbalah. Not just about Esther and Sarah but about yourself.

As each person reincarnates - each time they reincarnate and do not complete the task assigned - (Tikune) they divide into what are called sparks. We can not tell the difference between a spark and the original, but the job of the spark is shared with 5 other sparks and the job is therefore easier to accomplish. This happens after 3 or 4 incarnations with the same task to accomplish. If not accomplished that person splits into 6 sparks who share the task making it easier to do. This is the source of population growth.

Two final points about reincarnation. Each part of Adam, Cain and Abel has 613 parts and each of them have 5 parts as described above. Therefore, as an example, the part of my soul in my right Palm came to this world to correct how it shares Tzedakah with people. Does it make them reach for the money or does it reach out to them? This part of my body has 613 aspects and 5 parts of the souls within each aspect and all are considered sparks of our soul.

There is no such thing as coincidence. Each person born on the same day or the same day of the week or the same month or the same generation (you will see what is meant by the word generation) has similar Tikunim. The Kabbalists have given us the tools to know what these Tikunim are about.

Below you will find the Tikune for all people born on Monday


Generally people born on Monday have a Tikune associated with separation. During their life they will be presented with opportunities to learn the life lessons of, "How do i appreciate, honor, and elevate the diversity of life and people around me?"

Please note that this is only one of many Tikunim associated with being born on Monday.