Learn about this year and this decade known as תש֚֚ף 5780

Gematria, Numerology, and Notariken

Every word you speak has the possibility of coming true. Come learn how to make that happen using the ancient Jewish Wisdom of Gematria and Notariken.

The Hebrew Language is not man made but is the language developed by HaShem to transfer metaphysical energy between levels of consciousness. As such it has many different explanations understandings or interpretations.

One of these is the number value associated with the Letters that make up a word. There are many different understandings of Gematria:

Some of them are:

  • Ragil
  • Katan
  • Klali
  • Milui
  • Kotel
  • Hakadmi
  • Haperati

Notariken is a Greek Word that means Letter Substitution and Letter Permutation. There are many different Alph Bets that are associated with these Permutations and Substitutions

Some of them are:

Numerology is a modern Term that tries to use Gematria for English letters or other languages and their letters. This system of gematria only works with Hebrew letters and languages that use Hebrew letters. There are other languages where the letters have numerical value like the Greek language. The relationship of the numbers where words with the same number has a significant meaning and can be substituted for a word in a sentence and produce meanings through the gematria does not work with any language except Hebrew. Over the centuries people have tried to do this with the other languages. It is recommended that one not deal with these systems as they have been corrupted over the centuries and actually do not work today if they ever worked in the same manner.