Loshon HaKodesh – Loshon Tov – Loshon Rah

Holy Speech – Good Speech – Evil Speech

Before we begin I want to mention just one important point. I teach Kabbalah from both the “modern” school and the ancient schools. I am not going to explain these terms to you tonight what I want you to remember, if you will, is Kabbalah is not a religion. It is a gift from the Creator given to human kind for one purpose to help man become a co-creator with HaShem. Some people put this in the terms that they have a desire to become God. That is not what I am suggesting nor do I teach that.

What I teach will enhance your religious experience whatever it might be. Catholic, Protestant, LDS, Moslem, Buddhist, Hindu, Zen, the Church of the Secular Movement or the Church of no church sometimes called Atheist or Agnostic. The tools of Kabbalah work for all people without discrimination for race, creed, age, gender, or sexual orientation. The tools work but remember that only you will be able to prove that because the goal is to have you prove the tools work TO YOURSELF and YOURSELF ONLY.

Becoming a co-creator is what we will discuss tonight; that is what I will teach you if you are willing to study with me. Of course you will not become a co-creator easily. What you will learn is how to live a life of happiness, joy, and fulfillment of your desires with the knowledge of how to remove chaos – any form of chaos from your life and from the life of the universe. Shall we begin?

When one reads the English translation of the Hebrew title of this talk one has to ask the question what's the difference between the holy speech and good speech. One intuitively knows that there is a difference between good speech and evil speech, and what those differences are, or at least we think we know what those differences are. We will find out later that probably we do not understand the difference or differences.

What is Holy Speech?

To define holy speech we need to learn the term LaShon spelled l a s h o n in English and לשון in Hebrew. The Hebrew word for language is also translated as speech. In the bible which we will call the Torah the human being category is called an “animal that speaks,” using the same Hebrew word.

The first time this idea is expressed in the Torah is during the Tower of Babel Story. Let me explain this story a little differently than you are used to, or maybe just a little different than you have heard it.

The midrash explains the story of the Tower of Babel as a conflict between Nebuchadnezzar, who wanted to be king and control people and who became King and controlled people in the physical area of Babel which is the Hebrew word for Babylonia. His opponent was Abraham the patriarch. Abraham taught that there was one God who loved everyone and did not want one person to control other people. The conflict was lost by Abraham and he moved to the Land of Israel at the direction of HaShem.

Nebuchadnezzar was a very effective speaker and was a very effective hunter of people's souls. Nebuchadnezzar presented to the people and promise them that if they built a tower to heaven they could war against God and defeat God because they were godlike. Or at least that he was godlike. And if they helped him in that task he would make them God's like him.

What is strange about the story is it takes place 10 generations after Noah and the flood that is called by Noah's name. Why did HaShem not destroy the world using another method other than water if He was unhappy with what mankind was doing?

God said (and I am paraphrasing) let me go down and see what they are doing with all this evil. Now we need to discuss and define evil.

What is the Definition of Evil?

Kabbalah defines evil, as the desire to receive for oneself alone- essentially selfishness is the definition of evil according to Kabbalah. We will discuss evil speech below and also provide some tools to overcome its addition to individual people.

What is the Definition of Good in Kabbalah?

Kabbalah defines good as unity.

What is unity?

When people agree on a goal and work together to achieve that goal that is unity. The goal might be a selfish goal or it could be a sharing goal. A sharing goal is defined as the desire to receive in order to share. Kabbalah defines that as good.

We learn from the above discussion, that when HaShem came down to see what man was doing he saw that they were in unity and could not be destroyed. This is what the midrash says when people - mankind is in unity they are completely protected from any harm or pain or suffering.

I know that sounds really difficult to believe. Kabbalah does not believe it knows. Let me demonstrate why there is an attempt to grow past belief and arrive at knowledge.

If I dropped this thing will it fall to the floor?

Of course it will. Everyone KNOWS that it will fall to the ground. Why does everyone Know and not believe? This is because everyone has experienced things falling to the ground when they are dropped. We do not have to believe we know. What does this teach us?


In my teachings the first rule is to never believe anything I say but to experience what I ask you to experience for yourself. What I ask you to experience will never hurt you as you will come to understand now as we return to the story of the Tower of Babel.

In the story of the Tower of Babel there is a phrase in the Hebrew language which says that Everyone spoke one language. The Hebrew language uses Hebrew letters. Each letter has a sound, a shape, various gematria values, and other attributes. The gematria of the phrase “One Language” is the same as the Hebrew phrase “Holy Language” or Loshon HaKodesh. The story goes on to explain that overnight the people began to speak 70 different languages. Without 1 language there could not be unity and it became unnecessary to destroy the world again. Confusion or Babel in Hebrew was all it took.

So there are now 70 languages. Actually there are 72 languages and many dialects. Sometimes a dialect can not be understood by a town 10 miles away who speak another dialect. The important question to recreate unity is which nation received the Holy Language – the Loshon HaKodesh?

If you ask 1million people this question the answer given by 99.9% is the Hebrew language is the Holy language. This answer does not come from knowledge but belief – belief that is based on intuition which is the knowledge of the soul. Do I need to explain why Abraham the favorite of HaShem would give the Holy language to any other person or National group? If I do need to explain it, please see me after class or send me an email with your reason why you do not think Hebrew is the Holy Language.

Hebrew Letters and Hebrew Language

There are 22 Hebrew letters that are considered the DNA building blocks of Creation. This is why there are 22 Amino Acids that make up proteins. The Hebrew Alef Bet is used as the Alef Bet in four languages. One is Hebrew, one is Aramaic, one is Yiddish, and one is Ladino. Aramaic is the language spoken by the Children of Israel as a common everyday vernacular during the Temple days. Aramaic is a unique language that will be discussed below. Yiddish is a language used in the Jewish Ghetto's starting in the 13th Century. It is a dialect of German and Hebrew. It uses the Hebrew Letters in the written form and the Hebrew Letter and vowel Sounds in its spoken form. This is also true of Ladino except this is a dialect of Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew used in the Mediterranean Jewish Communities.

What makes a Language Holy?

Each letter of the Hebrew Alef Bet has a distinct essence and energy. An example is the letter Alef the first letter of the Alef Bet. Its essence is unity and oneness. Another letter is the Beit which has the dual essences of Blessing and House. Until one can establish for oneself the knowledge about how a Blessing and a House relate to each other one can not truly know the letter Beit. Hebrew words come from Hebrew letters. As one puts the letters together in a specific order the essences of the letters combine to form specific multiple essences. This is just how an atom forms a molecule and many molecules form a plant and / or animal initially one ness and then more complex forms. The modern “new age” terms for essence are “energy” and “frequency.” You will find me using all three terms interchangeably during our teachings and classes. This structure of building is what makes the Hebrew Language Holy. Each word which means each thing has a spiritual root that has the meaning of that thing in the spiritual world that it belongs. Here is an example. The Hebrew word for grass in the physical world refers to many different species of “ground cover.” What is the meaning of ground cover in a spiritual sense? That is the true meaning of the word the Bible uses to describe grass in any of its simple stories. When one connects the essence of a physical thing to its spiritual root one is creating unity between the physical and spiritual worlds. This is referred to as the “Language of Roots and Branches”. This is the true essence of the Torah which is the blueprint of Creation.

Here is another example of the depths of meanings in the Language of Branches. When the Children of Israel – all 12 Tribes stood at Mt Sinai and heard / saw what they saw and heard the same information was imparted to the spiritual leaders of each nation. The first word that was experienced was the Hebrew word Anoki which translates as “i”. Yet it is a unique I. There is another I in Hebrew which is Ani. Anoki adds a Caf to the word. The Kabbalists teach that one of the levels of understanding about a Hebrew word is that each letter of a word represents an Acronym that assists in our understanding of the word. The letters of the word Anoki form an acronym that translates into the following: “I Give to you My Soul in Writing.” Thus we learn that the Torah is a Gift from the Creator who is giving us his soul in writing. I will leave you to contemplate this. It is overwhelming to learn this.

Remember our class rule: Never believe a word I say but please experience what I ask you to experience. Know do not believe. How can you have an experience that will allow you to know the truth of what I just said? That is by having a personal experience of the Creator. That is what I teach from the tools of the Kabbalah. How to have a personal experience of the Creator that allows you to expand your consciousness without drugs. The tool that we use for this benefit is the Hebrew Letters.

At this point most of my students scream out but I do not speak Hebrew. My answer is neither do I. You do not need to speak Hebrew you just need to use your senses to grow your connection to the Creator. We will mention this later in the class.

Loshon Tov or Good Speech

Part of what Kabbalah teaches is how the spiritual and physical systems work together and independently. There are 5 Worlds of which our physical world is the lowest – not the lowest but the lowest of the five. There are worlds below our physical world. We call these Hell or Gehinom in Hebrew. The worlds above our physical world we call Heaven (s). There are 10 levels of each although we only speak of 7 levels of each.

Why does that matter? Each person has a judgment day and each person receives a judgment and every person without exception is sentenced to a level of Gehinom. What matters is how long will someone be in Gehinom? Some for an instant – just long enough to break some other souls out of jail and some for a year in time which will feel like an eternity. Gehinom is not a pleasant place; yet it is a better place than our physical world because you know why you are there. In this world we have veils that do not let us see what we are here for and what it is we are supposed to do. So our actions just need to be good whatever that means.

You all have heard of the judgment day when someone dies and every one dies, right? No, not everyone dies but to not die takes a tremendous amount of spiritual work. I do not promise that I will teach you how not to die. I promise to teach you tools to live as long as you want to.

We all have heard stories of how at our life cycle judgment day the angels we created with negative actions testify about that and they climb up on the scale. While this is happening the positive angels climb up on the other side of the scale after testifying about their creation. So it would seem that if I spoke evil about someone than I only have to speak good about someone to balance the judgment. The problem is it does not work like that. For each evil speech you do you will need to correct or fix the damage to HaShem's Creation you did. When you speak good you do not balance the harm you created when you speak badly. So how do we protect ourselves? How do we even stop making these mistakes that people call sins so I can receive only the positive effect from my own positive actions?

Here is one important point the Kabbalists teach us about the spiritual systems. If we do not judge anyone else we CAN NOT be judged. Not that we won't be judged we can not be judged. This is due to the reality that our own words are our own judgments. If we do not judge someone there are no words to render a judgment against us. So chanoch, tell me how to not judge anyone else. How do I avoid my own judgments?

When you came into this world you spent the previous nine months to a year learning the Torah that you were going to reveal during your lifetime. Some of the Sages say we learn all of the Torah. This Torah you learned built you a protection shield against judging others and a protection shield against speaking evil and a propensity to speak only good. That is why children have an immune system when they drink from their mother's milk. Their Torah study provides this immune system strength or protection shield. Remember the Torah tells us the soul is in the blood. There is a reason that the white cells of the blood fight infection and the red cells deliver oxygen. Breathing is a very selfish act. So we immediately upon birth start tearing that protection shield down. Yet as we reveal (learn) Torah we build it back up. The Kabbalah gives us tools that strengthen the process of building protect us from destroying the protection shield. It is not 100% a complete protection but it works quite well so that people start with 190 years in this generation and can add an additional 175 years to their lifespan or reduce it through negative actions. More on that subject in our basic class.

More on Evil Speech

Before we continue discussing the protection shield and how to build it let us turn our attention to the definition of evil speech according to the spiritual system and Torah.

The most important thing for you to learn about evil speech is that IT KILLS YOU.

The Zohar explains that 90+ percent of people who die before their time - the death is due to evil speech that they said. AND ALL OF THAT SPEECH IS THE TRUTH WITHOUT EXAGGERATION


If evil speech is the truth - what is wrong with it?

It is said with the wrong meaning evil consciousness. That is what is wrong with it.

Let me give you an example that is not speech but it is useful to learn what is wrong with evil speech and will cause you to kill yourself and not know it.

A 2 year old toddler is throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of the toy aisle in Walmart when you are shopping there. You see the tantrum and stare at the mother. She is doing her best to quiet and calm her child. She spanks the child once...he/she does not stop. The mother spanks again a little harder this time and the child still does not stop. She says to the child if you continue i will hurt you when i spank you. The child is in the throws of his tantrum and can not really hear his / her mother. The mother spanks a third time - this time hard enough that the child stops screaming and starts crying. We all have been the recipient of something similar and we all have experienced being the parent who spanked the child even if we did not do any harm. Now here is the question...Was the action of the mother positive or negative? My previous Kabbalah students may already know the answer so please give the newer people a chance to think about the question before you answer.

Kabbalah explains we do not have enough information to answer the question. Why? Because we do not know why she spanked the child. We do not know her consciousness. She may have been concerned about all of the people staring at her thinking she was a horrible mother. This is considered a desire for oneself alone motivation and we can now say she did a negative action. Or we can find out that she was thinking about making sure her child grew up learning to control his emotions and baby like behaviors. This would be considered a positive motivation and then we can say she did a positive action. Or we can find out that her actual consciousness is a mixture of these two and we would say her consciousness is mixed and her percentage is mostly positive or mostly negative. There can be many other possible motivations and consciousness. The only way to be sure is to ask her higher self. Most of us do not know how to do that so we truly do not know what is her motivation. But we can say that our own motivation for staring at her is....positive or negative? Which is it?

With this understanding of how to determine positive or negative motivations or consciousness let us turn back to Loshon Harah or evil speech. Evil Speech is not Gossip. Gossip is evil speech carried to a deeper and more negative level. According to the Torah there can be no positive motivation for gossip. Evil speech is not telling a lie since that is doing something much worse in the hierarchy of negative actions. Think about this statement. If evil speech causes you to kill yourself as the Zohar teaches us and telling a lie is worse, what do you think the consequences of telling lies creates?

Let us look at an example of every day conversations and try to determine if it is Loshon Harah - Evil Speech or not. I will use women as an example because i must be a chauvinist. No, i am not since every woman i ask tells me i am not a chauvinist except my sisters who died from ....(before their time).

Rachel and Joan are talking together at a party. Sarah comes up to Joan and tells her, "What a great outfit you are wearing and you must have lost at least 30 pounds. You really look Good." Joan thanks Sarah and includes her in the conversation so that there are now 3 people conversing together. Is this evil speech? We have learned to know that we do not have enough information to know if this is evil speech or not. We do know it is not Good Speech? How do we know that? Because Good Speech is about unity and this statement by Sarah did not include Rachel in the statement.

We can ask Sarah's higher self what was her consciousness. Let us do so and since i am able to contact Sarah's higher self (because she is me) i can know that Sarah was actually jealous that Joan was talking to Rachel and leaving her by herself. She was angry and upset and when she spoke these loving words about weight loss and looking good; she meant them as satire. She meant them to make Rachel to think less of Joan than she did before she heard the words spoken about Joan by Sarah. So it was true words being spoken; it was evil speech due to her consciousness.

What if Sarah did not mean these words as satire but was still angry with Joan for ignoring her? Would it be evil speech or not? The answer is if she is angry it has to be evil speech since her consciousness is negative at the moment.

What if Sarah had calmed herself and was no longer angry and upset. Would it be evil speech or not? We need to know how did her consciousness change. Her higher self says that her consciousness was to cause Rebecca to become jealous of Joan. Then it is still evil speech.

How can Sarah change her consciousness so that it is no longer evil speech?

That answer is easy to describe yet it is not easy to do. Sarah has to transform her consciousness to have the idea that she is not disturbing the conversation between Rachel and Joan since they are "off by themselves" at a party. If she does this she would have the consciousness of what is good for these two ladies and not be concerned with her being notices or any other aspect of the desire to receive for oneself alone. If she accomplishes this she would realize that NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR THIS CONVERSATION AND STAY AWAY FROM THEIR CONVERSATION. THEN SHE WOULD NOT DO EVIL SPEECH.

Is it at all possible for Sarah to actually approach the two women and have her a speech that is not evil? The answer is yes. You think about this and if we have time at the end of the class we will entertain different answers to this question. Here is a hint. To avoid evil speech one must have the consciousness to do what is good for the other person first and foremost in their consciousness.

If one is standing talking with someone and up comes another person who starts talking about things. It feels like Loshon Harah to you; what can you do? You can ask the person to stop. If you have the consciousness of what is best for the other person and people listening you will be heard and the conversation will take a different course. If you don't want to do that then politely excuse yourself to go to the bathroom to throw up ...(just joking) since your life depends on this. Oh, isn't that a selfish consciousness? Perhaps but you can change that since you are leaving you are protecting the person speaking from killing you and that negative action and chaotic effect will not be in their life.

Now that you know what is evil speech and how insidious it truly is, let us discuss protecting ourselves from evil speech because and this is very important:

Evil Speech kills 3 people. The one who says the speech. The one who hears the speech and the one who is being spoken about.

In this case Rachel heard the words, so if she does not have a strong protection shield she is going to lose some years of her life just by standing and listening. This applies as well to Joan for two reasons she heard the words and they are about her. Of course Sarah is affected since she spoke the words.

The strongest protection shield creator we have is Torah Study. The next strongest is the third meal of Shabbat. Write to me and I will send you the complete ritual for that third meal. It only takes about 15 minutes to perform and people start with that and grow it into a 2 hour process eventually. The 2 hours is by choice. The 15 minutes is actually all it takes to keep your protection shield as strong as is possible for your soul.

There are two other rituals that help build your protection shield. One is a gift from the Creator that works at the beginning of the study of Kabbalah. Eventually you will need to replace it with one of the other tools including the reading study scanning of 11 Verses in the Tanach.

The early gift is the concept of a red string. It is not just any red string it is a red string that has been processed in a particular way. To my knowledge the only source for this particular red string is from the Kabbalah Center. They sell 18 inches if I remember correctly for $26 plus freight online.

This red string comes in a package with a special prayer and instructions on how to apply it to your left wrist. This is because the left side of the body is your receiving side. When you receive for the self alone you create a hole in your protection shield. When the red string is applied to your left wrist properly then it will draw through its red color and its wool material and the activation of wrapping it around the tomb of Rachel 7 times on Rosh Chodesh and Full Moon nights of the positive Hebrew months, the energy of selfishness that is trying to break through your protective shield and by drawing this negative energy from the attach it uses up the energy of protection until the red string falls off. Then a new piece of string needs to be applied. It will stop working for you because the spiritual system requires you to constantly up the ante in your efforts to get closer to the Creator.

Do you remember the Torah study we have been speaking about? Torah study is not like study we did in geography and history in school. Torah study is simply reading or scanning the Hebrew Letters of the Torah verses. In time the essence of the Hebrew Letters makes changes to the DNA of your soul. After all, "The eyes are the window to the soul.” This is why I said the Ana Bekoach and read a verse from the Zohar to start this class. These letters brought Creation energy and Holiness energy into our class tonight. We will talk more about this in future classes if you choose to study the Kabbalah with me.

There is one other tool the Kabbalists have given us specifically as a protection against Loshon Harah. That tool is the 11 verses attached to this link. Each of these verses start with a letter than can be used as a vaccine against falling spiritually and end with the final form of that letter. Together these two letters spell the name of the letter. Nun which is what is the letter that prevents spiritual falls. Here is the link to the 11 verses. and if we have time

  • Here are the links to the 11 Verses.
  • We will look at a few of the verses so you can get a sense of what is truly being revealed and concealed as well. One example is the reason there are 11 verses is so that there is affinity with the 10 Sefirot of the Tree of Life and the 11th system which is the negative system.

    In Conclusion

    i came to Salt Lake to visit a few of my students. Some I met over the internet; some have needed my assistance for illnesses and other forms of chaos. Salt Lake is the first location that I have been here twice. If there is interest we will start a basic class series. That will be Wednesday's unless there is more interest for other days. The advanced class series can be taught on that same day before the basic class so that the advanced students can review the tools. We all need a review of the tools all the time especially Binding by Striking. Or it can be taught on other days. Here are my suggestions in a hand out to help you know what I recommend for people who have interest. Let me know. I am here in Salt Lake until it is clear that it is time for me to leave. That can be as early as next week if there is no interest in the study or in removing chaos from your life and the life of the world. Please remember there is never a charge but I do need to ask for donations. This is due to a spiritual law that says energy must be exchanged for energy. You received energy tonight. I hope you will exchange energy so that no one is caught by their own bread of shame. We teach about that in the second basic class.