Energy Verses for תט

The verses listed below start with the First Letter and end with the last letter of תט. These are revered to as Energy Verses because they have the same internal essence as the Name תט. By reviewing the Hebrew Letters (Right to Left) one is connecting to the energy of creation. At creation HaShem sent you a message as to what you are to correct in this lifetime.

If you don't understand Hebrew than first review the Hebrew Letters and then look at the meaning in English to gain insight. Know that the true message is in Hebrew. When you look at the Hebrew Letters your eyes are acting as the Window to your Soul. Your Soul does know what the message is. It is part of your job to connect to that unconscious part of yourself and bring that wisdom into your conscious self.

Book Verse
.תחתיו חדודי חרש ירפד חרוץ עלי-טיט

(41:22) Sharpest potsherds are under him; he spreadeth a threshing-sledge upon the mire. (Christian Bibles may have this Verse as Chapter 41 Verse 30)