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Yeshshem – There is a Name

Learn who you are? What did you come to this world to accomplish? All of this information is available from your Name! This is true for each person Jew, Christian, Muslim, Buddist, Hindu, Shinto, Pagan, or Native American, Non Jew, or Gentile, White, Black or Asian. Find out more by reading below; or by clicking one of the following links:

Spiritual Lesson No. 1

This website was not created to prove anything to you. It was created so that you could learn the Spiritual Tools available to you and in using these Tools experience for yourself the truth of these tools. Remember there is no charge for this information other than the bit of time it takes you to learn about this information.

Retrieve your name verses or read below to get a better understanding of what Naming is all about.

General Information and Summary about Names

HaShem speaks to YOU all of the time. One method that he uses is to utilize specific verses from the Tanach to teach you spiritual lessons. There are 3 types of verses that relate to your Name. One is referred to as “Energy Verses” or “Essence Verses”.

Another is referred to as Name Verses. These verses have all of the same Letters of your name (when spelled in Hebrew) within them. They may have them as First Letters of a word, Last Letters of a word, or mixed within the word. They may be in correct order of the spelling of your name, reverse order of the spelling of your name, or mixed up spelling of your name. Each of these has a different connection for you.

The third type relates to the gematria of your name.

The Jewish sages writing about the Torah or Tanach have taught that there are 10 Names that are meaningful within this context of HaShem speaking to you. (See either or both Translation Links above and below

In providing the information available to you in your name it is necessary for you to provide some or all of your personal names. They are Your Name, Your Family name (Last Name), Your Fathers First name, Your Mothers First Name, Your Paternal Grand Fathers First Name, Your Paternal Great Grand Fathers First name, and Your Maternal Fathers First Name.

Other aspects that can be important in "HaShem speaking to you" are a name of your vocation (like carpenter, computer expert, software engineer, businessman, merchant, financier etc.) as well as all of your Nicknames and also your Birth time and place (see Mazel Knowledge).

We have posted on this website translations (by Rabbi Avraham Sutton of the website www.geulah.com, and Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum of www.berotbatayin.org) from certain Hebrew texts that give you additional information about this concept of Names and HaShem speaking to you. We urge you to study these translations or their original text.

Retrieve Your Name Verses

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