You are Receiving a Spiritual Gift!

from An Anonymous Donor

Your spiritual Gift consists of 5 parts

Your Name and What it Tells You is part one

  • Information about the Name Tamar
  • Learning the history of your name; its meaning; and other bits of information helps you understand your self more fully. Remember the person who named you was given a special tool called Ruach HaKodesh to NAME YOU JUST RIGHT. Your Name fits you like a glove even if you sometimes don't think this is true.

    Your Name Tamar has not yet been fully explained with all of its Shoreshim (roots); Gematriot (numberical value) relationships; and other Meanings. Please check back each month to see the information which has been added.

    The Arbishter (Creator) is speaking to You! Are you Listening? This is part 2

    Each person has Verses in the Torah (Bible which includes the 5 Books of Moses, The Prophets, and The Writings) which has the same essence as one's soul. By reading these verses each day, one will get hints as to the what the creator wants one to do in this LifeTime.

    Some names have a few verses and some names have many verses. Know that the procedure to follow with these names is to read or scan them each day. After a few weeks you will sense certain verses that resonate with you. When you feel that 1, 2 or 3 verses are speaking to you, then you can utilize these specific verses by incorporating them into your daily prayers. Your connection to these messages from HaShem will then be strengthened. Once a year you can revisit all of the verses and determine which are speaking to you now! Remember, you are a different person each day and over the course of a year you will change sufficiently that the messages from HaShem will be different to you!

    A deeper Kabbalistic understanding of these verses is available. This is a time consuming analysis and we apologize but find that we are unable to offer it to you free of charge. It is available for a minimum donation of $345.

    Kabbalistic Tools are parts 3, 4, and 5

    These tools utilize the Letters of the Hebrew Aleph Bet to transfer spiritual energy to you. What type of spiritual energy depends on the sequence of letters. As part of each of these tools, your name has been intertwined with the 3 letter sequence. The procedure to follow is to read or scan each chart (right to left - top to bottom) starting with the chart without your name and then proceeding to the chart with your name. Please note that each link below has 2 charts within it so please look for both charts.

  • Chart of Your Personal Name Intertwined with the 72 Names of God

  • Chart of Your Personal Name Intertwined with the 72 Tzadikim Names

  • When looking at the chart below, please ask for additional instructions if you do not feel that you are clear in following the directions given.

  • Your Personal Book of Adam

  • Instructions for using the Kabbalistic Tools

    If you know the root vowel for each letter in the intertwined names than say the sound of the letter with its root vowel, otherwise just scan the tools right to left and top to bottom

    For additional and deeper Kabbalistic Secrets about these Names and Letter Sequences please listen to some of the classes here:

  • 72 Names and Book of Adam Explained

  • We at Yeshshem, strive to provide as much Torah knowledge and wisdom (including previously concealed wisdom known as Secrets) as possible FREE of CHARGE. To do this it is important and necessary that people who utilize this information in their living practices help exchange energy for energy. By donating to Yeshshem one is doing a great Mitzvah supporting a Torah Institution which is a GREAT MITZVAH. With that in mind, please see our future spiritual gifts under development now! How would you like to enter your birth information - only 5 questions - and see the What you did wrong your last LifeTime AND what life lessons you came to learn this lifetime. Are you interested? Please make a small donation. All it take is a small amount of money to have this website automate this information. It will be amazing! Please HELP by donating, you are actually helping yourself!