Kabbalah on Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters happen all the time. Do these natural disasters just happen? Or is there a sign to this event? Does it have a meaning? If it happens to someone else does that effect me? How does it effect me?

If it has a meaning - what is that meaning? In essence why do natural disasters happen? Is there a difference between the types of natural disasters? What types of natural disasters are there? Why did this natural disaster happen today and not yesterday or tomorrow?

As one can see there are a lot of questions that science will never answer because the answers can not be measured. Are there answers to these types of questions and these questions specifically?

Have you ever seen the destruction of a large earthquake or the destruction that happens with a tornado or a hurricane? Why does one building stay standing while the buildings on both sides of it are destroyed? The answer that the tornado lifted off the earth and back down as soon as it passed is not a why answer. It is an answer as to how it happened and not why it happened this way?

Kabbalah teaches that there are answers to these types of questions and specifically these questions.

Kabbalah teaches that natural disasters happen for a reason. THAT REASON IS MAN MADE.

Wait a second - you are saying that earthquakes are caused by Man? Tornadoes are caused by Man? Hurricanes are caused by Man? All natural disasters are caused by Man? Man, you are really over the top with this one. How does my speaking a lie to someone blow up into a Hurricane, or my selfish behavior cause an earthquake? Hurricanes just happen at certain times of the year and in certain parts of the world. Science tells us that earthquakes happen because the tectonic plates are floating on the mantle of the earth and the forces slip one past the other. You can not be right!

Kabbalah has no intention of proving something to you. Kabbalah will give you tools to experience the truth of what is said for yourself. And that truth will become your truth. It will not be able to explain it to others unless they experience the use of the tools themselves.

Let us start with an idea from the Book of Genesis. Man was put into the Garden of Eden to work (also the Hebrew word means to serve) the Garden and to guard (the Hebrew word also means to keep) the Garden. Next the Torah (Bible) tells us that there is a first natural disaster called a Flood that destroyed the world, followed by a sign of a rainbow that promises never to destroy the world by flood again.

What caused the Flood? The Torah is clear that it was man's actions of selfishness that caused the Flood. Actually according to the Torah God told Noah 600 years before the flood to tell the people to change their ways or He would destroy the world with the flood. Clearly the Torah is telling us natural disasters are caused by man's actions toward other men.

The Midrash actually tells us that the generation of the flood heard Noah's prophecies and laughed just like some are laughing at the teachings of Kabbalah. They told Noah, according to the Midrash, we know the Names of the Angels that control the rain and other natural workings of this earth. When God tries to destroy the world we will tell the Angels to stop the destruction. Can you imagine such Chutzpah (arrogance)? Unfortunately i can. i see it repeated over and over again in our generation. When someone gets caught outside in a thunder storm and decides it is just a coincidence, i should have known better than to leave the house without an umbrella. Instead of realizing that when rain happens outside of a gentle rain between the hours of midnight and sunrise that the natural events are following the guidelines of Man who is to keep them and work them. Of course few think like that today because we (mankind) have become obsessed with studying our world with science instead of our natural inclination to search for the Why's in Life.

Let us take a look at what Wikipedia says about natural disasters as our starting point for answering these why questions that were asked above.

Wikipedia defines a natural disaster as a major adverse event resulting from natural processes of the Earth; examples include floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other geologic processes. A natural disaster can cause loss of life or property damage, and typically leaves some economic damage in its wake. The severity of which depends on the affected population's resilience or ability to recover.

An adverse event will not rise to the level of a disaster if it occurs in an area without vulnerable population. In a vulnerable area, however, such as San Francisco, Tokyo, Mexico City or other man inhabited places on the earth; an earthquake can have disastrous consequences and leave lasting damage, requiring years to repair.

Note that Wikipedia defines a natural disaster as similar to the legal term “Act of God” which refer to events outside of human control. These include sudden floods or other natural disasters for which no one can be held responsible. Of course Kabbalah disagrees with this concept since God is not responsible for natural disasters; people are responsible.

Please notice that even in our science related knowledge base man's ability to recover defines a natural disaster. Of course man is not defined as the cause since the concept of controlling natural disasters does not occur to most people.

What events are natural disasters? The classifications below are based on the teachings of Kabbalah and relate to the four types of death in the Torah. You will be surprised to learn how some of these types of natural disasters are classified.

Water related events




Earth based Events


Volcano Eruptions


Wind Related Events




Fire Related Events

Wild Fires

Disease Epidemics

Heat Waves

Other names of natural disasters will fall within these 12 types of natural disasters which can be categorized under the 4 types of death explained by the Torah. For those of you who have not yet made the connection that the four types of death follow the 4 natural elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.

As one becomes more aware of the truth of the statement that Man is the cause of natural disasters; one can also become aware that man can effect natural disasters. Man can change the direction of natural disasters so that the destruction will avoid popular areas. The energy of an earthquake can be directed around populated areas as well. Of course this takes the tools of Kabbalah and someone needs to practice with these tools as well. This can happen now to a limited degree. The more people realize that these events are wakeup calls for them, the more the need for the wakeup call disappears and the more the natural events of the earth will return to the way the world worked before the impact of man's negative actions upon the natural events of the earth.

Here are some general rules from the Zohar and Kabbalah regarding natural disasters:

Natural Events serve more than one meaning. One aspect of natural events is that it announces to the earth a change in the Angelic Minister of a Nation or of an area of Land. No, it does not come to announce it in the location where it happens. This is an upside down world as the Kabbalists teach. It announces the change of an Angelic Minister on the OPPOSITE side of the World.

Find the beginning and end points of a natural event. Where an earthquake happens or where a tornado touches down at first and its last time, or the beginning of a hurricane touching the land and the end point of its destruction. Put these points into longitude and latitude. (This is just a convenient tool.) Take the degree of longitude and go to that same degree on the opposite side of the equator. Then take the the latitude and take it to the other side of the Grenich Mean Latitude of 0 degrees. Go the exact same number of degrees in the opposite direction from the 0 latitude. You can use either the date line or the 0 degree line as long as you measure in both directions from the same point. Once you have that point, you have to look to see which peoples live there. Ask yourself what nation from the 70 Nations lived in that land. That is the Angelic Minister that has been replaced. This indicates a change in direction for that Nation.

There is also an Angelic Minister for that spot on the earth. The event is indicating a change in that Angelic Minister which indicates a change in the type of souls that have affinity to that spot on the earth in this current generation.

Another rule from the teachings of the Zohar and the Kabbalah is that the place where the natural event takes place may cause people to die. This is the Satan taking advantage of chaos in the world to ask permission to take certain souls in an more efficient manner instead of one at a time. All of the people who die in a natural disaster are receiving the appropriate type of death as proscribed by the Torah for the negative actions they may have done in this lifetime or in a previous lifetime. In either case the person was given time to do Teshuvah and did not choose to do so.

Sometimes people do negative actions that the only form of Teshuvah is to actually die in a manner other than the "Kiss of HaShem." This is the name of dying without pain in your sleep, or knowing when you will die and just lying down and accepting the process of death peacefully at that moment. This is what happened to the Three Leaders of the Jewish Nation in the Desert ( Moshe, Aaron HaCohen, and Miriam the Prophetess).

Also, when a natural event is decreed by the spiritual system in order to keep the world in balance, The Satan takes advantage of this event to create chaos for people through financial disaster and emotional devastation. The financial disaster comes from not tithing properly over this lifetime or previous lifetimes.

The emotions devastation this destruction brings is a Middah Keneged Middah (Measure for Measure) for the emotional pain that person caused others in this lifetime or in other lifetimes. Many times this is for something that the person never even considered before or after they caused this pain to others. An example of this is when one is busy with their life and they did not even hear or see the cry of a hungry or poor person and that person dies. The person's death leaves other people in emotional pain from the loss. This must be balanced as well in order for the world to remain in balance.

All of this is calculated and measured by the spiritual system which uses a scale that our normal view of the world finds difficult to perceive as fair. Yet it is perfectly fair, as each person exclaims at their judgment session upon seeing the impact of their life and actions on others.

The emotional devastation that natural events cause also may be a wakeup call for that soul to elevate its “Fear” or “Awe of Heaven". This is a term that in Hebrew is Yirat HaShem.

When the Satan is given permission to participate in a natural event, the Zohar explains that people should stay home where they can be protected by their protection shield since Satan is given permission to take anyone he meets. How can we understand this in view of the teaching of the Torah that no one is responsible for any mistake except his own? So when the Zohar is saying that someone might be taken for no cause of his own except to be outside in a natural disaster event does not make sense. It becomes understandable when one realizes the unity of a generation. Each generation has a tikune to effect. These natural disasters are wakeup calls for the generation and cleansing for the generation. These people who are outside are outside of the protection afforded the generation and thus vulnerable.

There are a lot more rules in the ideas of natural events. I suggest you take the time to read the cause and the balancing reason behind each of the natural events. Also ask how to control each type of event. This will be revealed in essays and classes on the Yeshshem website in the future.

This page is currently under additional construction awaiting permission to reveal more of the rules associated with Natural Events which become Disasters.