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Paraha Beraisheet

Sabbath Beraisheet

Week of September 22 2013

Shabbat 24th of Tishrai 5774

תשעד כד תשרי

Beraisheet Begins the Torah Cycle


A Circle has no beginning and no end.

How does the Torah Begin its Cycle?

The Zohar says:

With the Creation of Six!

Parasha Beraisheet

The Zohar teaches that one of the 70 explanations/meanings of the word Beraisheet is Creates Six. It is interesting to note that the Parasha has six chapters: The Parasha is written over six columns in the Torah Scroll as well. What is the meaning of these hints to the meaning of the word Beraisheet? What is the meaning of this hint to the teachings of the Torah?

As we begin the Torah cycle once again this coming Shabbat, it is a good opportunity to discuss certain aspects of the Torah Scroll as revealed by the Kabbalah. The Torah scroll is written in columns. Why? On a physical level the scrolls roll and only show a small section. The scroll is written on animal skins that are sewed together. Yet there are multiple columns on each skin. Why not write in columns that traverse the whole skin? This answer will be revealed over the course of the year that we study the Torah cycle.

The Torah is written in what the Kabbalah refers to as three different Alef Bets (Alphabets in English). There is a large Letter Alef Bet that comes from the World of Beria connected to the Sefira of Binah. The small letter Alef Bet comes from the World of Assiya connected to the Sefira of Malchut and the majority of the letters are written in the Alef Bet from the world of Yetzirah or the Sefirah of Zeir Anpin.

Throughout the Torah Scroll there are spaces. Sometimes these spaces identify a change of subject like a paragraph in English. This is referred to as a Parsha פרשה in Hebrew. Then there are two additional types of spaces. I do not know their Hebrew Names. They are identified by the length of the space in the number of lettters. The larger space is the equivalent of 16 letters in width while the shorter space is the equivalent of 9 letters in width.

The Kabbalists teach that the spaces represent an opportunity for us to connect to the Light. Remember Light is the fulfillment of our desires. Most of the time we consciously do no know what is the desire that is connected to each space/fulfillment. Many of these spaces have been revealed many await the coming of Mashiach to be revealed. Just as there are 70 levels of Torah on the Macro or total level there is 70 levels of Torah on the micro or detailed level which includes Verses, words, letters, and spaces.

Now lest go onto another subject within the Torah. Most of us identify stories words and even letters not by the Parasha that we read that week but by using something called the Chapter and Verse Nomenclature. The chapter and verse nomenclature comes from the monasteries of the Church during the middle ages. This was adopted by the Jewish Sages since it was easier to identify a location in the scroll using this system. Of course this is a physical explanation. What do you think is the spiritual explanation?

To answer this one must ask the question what system did the Hebrew Sages use prior to this chapter and verse system? There were two different methods used. One is the spaces in the Torah Scroll and one is the column and line number of the Torah Scroll. I will give you an example of each. At the beginning of the Torah there are 7 Parsha spaces (the ones that act as a paragraph). One space for each day of creation. The sages would speak to each other by identifying The subject as space 1. Another example of this is the Parasha Noach would be identified as the 10th Parsha because it was starting after the 10th space that began a new line of Torah words.

The other method was to identify the Parasha Noach as Column 6 line 31. Sometimes a word number would be added, but this is not needed if the verse begins as the first word on the line.

There are 42 lines in each Torah column. This relates to Creation since HaShem used the 42 letter Name to Create the physical world and the Torah is the blueprint for the Creation. In My opinion this method is actually easier than the Chapter and Verse nomenclature. This may be the reason that the Sages concealed these methods so that the concept of gematria and numbers in the Torah having meaning could be concealed from the Church. Of course the Church did find out about the gematria and numbers having meaning but not for a number of years. since the Church started reading the Torah on a literal level they continued to read it on a literal level even after they learned about gematria and numbers within the Torah. Remember the Zohar teaches us to NOT read the Torah literally and warns that anyone who does read the Torah literally would be better off if he were never born. Pretty strong language against what most of us have been taught to do in Sunday school.

In the Torah there are many verses and words and phrases that are the same or similar. An example is "HaShem said to Moshe Say to the Children of Israel. Which system that identifies to which phrase is being referred do you think would reveal more about Creation?

It is important for all of us to realize that the Torah Scroll starts with a large letter Bet. There are three sizes of letters in the Scroll. The Zohar explains that the Large letters relate to the Sefira of Binah while the regular size letters relate to the Sefirot Zeir Anpin and the small letters relate to the Sefira of Malchut.

One of the hints around the Large letter Bet is that its gematria of two must climb through three worlds hinting to us the idea of 2 x 3 = 6. Let me explain this idea. The large Bet is in the world of Beria while we are starting in the world of Malchut or Assiya (action). To reach Beria we must climb through three worlds.

There are 6 columns that start with letters other than a Vav. This is how the Sages of Kabbalah learned that the Name of ביהשמו must have six letters. Yet on a physical level there are only 5 columns that do not start with a Vav. Yet this hint tells them and us that there must be a vav from one of the columns. Which column is hinted at elsewhere in the Torah.

The Zohar teaches us that the Torah starts with a Bet since Blessings or the word Baruch starts with a Bet. The letter Bet is large to hint to us that Blessings come from the level of the Sefira of Binah.

The Bet also starts a column of the Torah and it is one of the six unusual starts of a column in the Torah since most columns start with the letter Vav.

This year 5774 has many phrases in the Parasha of Beraisheet that reveal aspects of the year ahead which has the potential to bring Peace to the Middle East. Here is a link that will bring you to 8 of these phrases.

Some of the phrases relate to verses that describe Chanoch Ben Cain (Chanoch the son of Cain). Cain built a city and called it after his son Chanoch. There are some Kabbalists who teach that this city is found in the ruins of cities built in South America prior to the Mayan Culture. Some modern Kabbalists teach that the Hebrew word for city is a code word for technology.

Why am I bringing this subject now? As you know my Name is chanoch. I have explained to you all before that chanoch relates to revealing the Hidden Wisdom of HaShem. The Name Cain is spelled קין. The shoresh for this name is "nest". This is the meaning of the Name Chanoch Ben Cain. It is "the nest that reveals the Hidden Wisdom of HaShem". Now we know that Cain did Teshuvah for the murder of his brother Hevel yet his nature was related to negativity. These verses that have phrases that relate to the year 5774 and the bringing of peace to the middle east in potential are revealing a warning hint. Cities require technology in order for a large amount of people to live that close together. By living in close quarters we gain an easier life related to technology while at the same time HaShem is warning us to be careful in how we use this technology since its source is coming from the power of the negative system. Before we utilize any technology we should make sure that the Teshuvah is complete.

This Parasha includes the birth of the triplet sons of Noach - Shem, Ham, and Yafet. Most people do not realize that the Torah tells us they are Triplets. Yet this is one of the most amazing secrets in the Torah. You can see the reason that we know they are triplets by reading verse in Beraisheet Chapter 5 Verse 32. This verse is worded differently than other verses that describe the age and timing of the revealing of children. We learn that they must betriplets as we will describe below.

Noach has three sons each one the beginning of a race of humanity. Ham is the Negro Race; Yafet is the Oriental Race; and Shem is the Caucasian Race. They all inherited the earth together. Since they are triplets and inherited the earth together this teaches us that all of mankind are brothers. If only people would read the Torah with an open mind and not a preexisting agenda then peace would be much easier to achieve.

The ultimate technology is the Hebrew Letters. That is why when HaShem disbursed the 70 Nations around the World he gave the Hebrew letters to Abraham. The more one learns about the Hebrew letters and their technology the easier it will be to leave the cities of technology that modern man in his ego finds so significant.

Are you ready to start learning more about the Hebrew Letters and how to utilize their sounds to Create what you speak. The Aramaic word Abracadabra which we all know from our childhood stories and fables means "to create what I speak". It is only with the Hebrew Letters that this becomes possible.

During this year ahead I will be starting a series of classes in the Hebrew Letters, gematria and notariken (letter substitution). I hope you will join me for those classes as they truly enhance the practical teachings of Abraham's Sefer Yetzirah.

Kol Tuuv

Shabbat Shalom