Parasha: HaAzinu

Shabbat: Beraishit

Week of October 7, 2012

27th of Tishrai 5773

כז תשרי תשעג



General Principles of Torah and Spirituality

1. Each letter, word, and space in the written scroll is meant to teach YOU a lesson on 70 different levels.

2. Your lessons are unique to you. They are different than my own lessons.

3. Each person has a unique Tikune to achieve. The Torah will hint to each person what is that Tikune. There are people with similar Tikunim. This is the definition of a Nation. Today no one knows what Nation they belong to.

4. The Torah teaches us the Names of the Nations and the Name hints at these 70 different levels mentioned above.

5. The words and teachings of Torah will impact each person differently. Each impact is meant for that person and each impact is truth for that person. Each year as the words of Torah are read again the impact will be different because the person has changed and is different. This is true of each day as well.

See above for explanation of the two week period

Energy Summary for the two week period October 7-October 19


The period of October 6 to Oct 12 has the energy from The Torah Reading of Shabbat Sukkot Chol Hamoed. That energy is Chesed or Loving Kindness.

The Torah Reading is Named Beraishit. Since the first day of Elul i have sent out a short email indicating what is revealed from the Name Beraishit. All of that revelation is available during this two week period.

Depending on the vowels used, Beraishit בראשית can be translated as In The Beginning or In a beginning. Your "The Beginning" started with Adam and has seen a series of reincarnation through out human history. The only important life time that matters right now is this lifetime and the previous lifetime. All of the life lessons from your other lifetimes are included in these two lifetimes. This is a teaching from the ARI.

Your "a beginning" started with your conception and became more meaningful to you with your birth. The Name you were given at your birth (first name) is a metaphor for who you are. Everything you need to know is revealed within that name. If you learn the rules of gematria and Notariken (letter substitution) everything is there for you to learn about yourself. Please see/hear the recordings about the letters, gematria and Notariken that are on the Yeshshem website.

Parasha Beraisheet - 5773

Right now is a new beginning for you. What will you do with it?

Right now is a new beginning for you. What will you do with it?

The two sentences above look the same but they are not. Are you curious? Learn Kabbalah and you will learn/teach yourselves what are the differences?

Learning these differences will enhance your new beginnings.

What is the Tikune during this two week period?

Know what is your essence

The essence of every human being is to cleave to the Creator. Even if you are not sure of the Creator's existence you desire to cleave to something. This is the essence. Learning how to cleave properly to the Creator is the correction or Tikune for each person. This period can be the beginning of this knowledge. Or you can delay your learning again for another year. The choice is yours.

What do i learn from the Kabbalah?

There are 50 gates or paths that will bring you to Wisdom. One metaphor for Wisdom according to Proverbs is Beginning as it says in Proverbs "The beginning is Wisdom".

Each week we have the opportunity to open one of these gates and start along these paths. This is the human tikune or correction. This is Tikune Olam - Correction of the world. By opening this gate for ourselves we improve the world. This improvement apples in general and in specific. These are Kabbalistic terms that should be contemplated to comprehend.

Shabbat Shalom

Enjoy the reading on Shabbat.

Have joy in your heart and expand it to the world at large.

Kol Tuuv