Parasha: Lech Lech

Week of October 21, 2012

Shabbat: Lech Lecha

11th of Cheshvan 5773

חשון יא תשעג

Lech Lecha


General Principles of Torah and Spirituality

1. Each letter, word, and space in the written scroll is meant to teach YOU a lesson on 70 different levels.

2. Your lessons are unique to you. They are different than my own lessons.

3. Each person has a unique Tikune to achieve. The Torah will hint to each person what is that Tikune. There are people with similar Tikunim. This is the definition of a Nation. Today no one knows what Nation they belong to.

4. The Torah teaches us the Names of the Nations and the Name hints at these 70 different levels mentioned above.

5. The words and teachings of Torah will impact each person differently. Each impact is meant for that person and each impact is truth for that person. Each year as the words of Torah are read again the impact will be different because the person has changed and is different. This is true of each day as well.

See above for explanation of the two week period

Energy Summary for the two week period Oct. 21-Nov. 2:

The period of Oct 20 to October 27 has the energy of the Torah reading of Noach. In Hebrew this is a two letter shoresh or root - נח . Noach has the energy of comfort!

The Noach Parasha also has the energy of protection stemming from the conccept of Ark. Both comfort and protection stem from the deeper aspect that Nun Chet is an acronym for the Hebrew phrase Chochma (wisdom) Nestar (hidden). Hidden Wisdom refers to the energy of the Tree of Life or the study of Kabbalah.

The period of October 21 to November 2 has the energy reading of the Parasha Lech Lecha. לך לך. See what this energy is all about below.

The Torah Reading is Named Lech Lecha. This name brings up a number of questions. Please look at the two Hebrew words above. Without vowels they look the same. Of course with or without vowels they are different. (Remember this world is an illusion so if you see the same thing it does not mean it is the same.)Some of the questions that need to be asked about the name are:

Why do we use both wordsfor the Name of the Parasha? Why are the vowels different when there are no vowels in the Torah? Is this a duplication of the word similar to our discussion last week on the duplication of the word Noach?

The word lech is translated as "GO You" or You Go. It is a command and the grammer structure comes from the shoresh Hay Lamed Caf . Other meanings from this shoresh are "to go", "to travel", "to go away", "to disappear", "to depart", to proceeds (towards)", and "to continue"


Lecha is translated as you, or to you or for you. The you word applies to both male and female in the singular.

(Before i go into the meaning of the translation, please know that the Baal Shem Tov uses the translation "You go away" to indicate that this whole parasha is a metaphor for the travel the soul does from the endless world flowing down to the physical world and the entry of the soul into the body.)

If we use the two words together similar to the discussion of Noach from last week, then the word is ל לכך. This translates as "teacher teach in this way" (the way of Torah).

The usual English translation is Go! for yourself. It implies a deep meditative context where someone goes with in themselves. In essence it is telling us to delve deep into our selves as a way of Cleaving to Hashem.

The energy of the week is self introspection! The purpose of this introspection is to activate the First Esser Debrot. This is the statement that starts Anoki (I am) Hashem. In effect the energy of this week is to "Know Hashem" through self knowledge and introspection.

There are many additional essences from this Parasha. One essence is the Mitzva of Brit Milah. Brit Milah actually means the removal of end or the removal of Death. It is too long to go into in this email. I will be teaching these sections from the Zohar and also recording my grandsons Brit as part of the teaching and will make this available on the yeshshem website. Suffice it to say that we have the ability from this reading to remove death from the world this week


What is the Tikune during this two week period for the Parasha of Lech Lecha?


The name of Abraham's Father is Terach. This shoresh translates as "silly old fool". In what way do you act like Terach? In what way are you being a silly old fool which is a metaphor for Idol Worship.

What do i learn from the Kabbalah?

There are 50 gates or paths that will bring you to Wisdom


The gate this week is about removing idol worship. Are you able to control your desires towards Idol Worship? Another word for desires is appetites, so apply that word as well.

Each week we have the opportunity to open one of these gates and start along these paths. This is the human tikune or correction. This is Tikune Olam - Correction of the world. By opening this gate for ourselves we improve the world. This improvement applies in general and in specific. These are Kabbalistic terms that should be contemplated to comprehend. They are not simple terms. They are terms that when fully understood fulfill the person with the Light of Wisdom.

Shabbat Shalom

Enjoy the reading on Shabbat.

Have joy in your heart and expand it to the world at large.

Kol Tuuv