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Shabbat Rosh Chodesh

Parasha Noach

Week of September 29 2013

Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan 5774

תשעד רוש חודש חשון

Parasha Noach

We all know the story of the Flood of Noach. Every culture past and present has a flood story as part of its historical past

What is the meaning of a Flood?

A flood is destructive. For most people a flood is some aspect of water. Sometimes it starts with too much rain. Sometimes it starts with an earthquake that causes a Tsunami. Sometimes it comes in other forms of water. A flood can also be too much money too fast as has happened to many entertainment "stars". A flood is actually too much energy for you to absorb and handle in a balanced way.

The Torah describes the first rainbow. The Zohar explains that this is an indication to the people who see the rainbow that there should be destruction again since they have accumulated sufficient negative actions to be destroyed. If one sees a rainbow one should KNOW that this is a wake up call to start doing Teshuvah.

The fear of global warming causes the ice to melt and the water level of the oceans to rise. This creates flooding near the coasts of the land.

What is a flood? The modern Kabbalists tell us that there are always two paths to Tikune (correction which leads to perfection of the world).

The generation of the flood was negative and the result was the path of destruction using a flood. What would that path have been like if the generation was righteous?

The modern Kabbalists teach that the "other" path would have given the generation the ability to receive a flood of wisdom. Instead that flood of wisdom was withheld until the Industrial Revolution of 1840 until today and continuing until Mashiach.

Many people know of the Midrash that teaches that the generation of the flood ignored the warnings of Noach due to their arrogance - instead depending on their wisdom. After all, they knew all of the Names of the Angels and through this knowledge they controlled Nature. This is what the Midrash says directly. This is what the Midrash says that the generation answered to Noach's message of the end of the world scenario.

What happened to the Fathers will happen to the children is a famous teaching of the Sages. In every generation since Noach there has been a report that causes people to worry. Currently it is Global Warming. Prior to that it was the Cold War and Nuclear Destruction. Prior to that was the estimate that there would not be enough food for the population growth. There have always been end of the world scenarios. There have always been people who use their physical senses and forget to include the Plan of Creation in their planning.

Today the answer to the end of the world scenarios - all of them as there are many more than one - Do not worry, Our God Science and Technology will save us is the answer from these worrywarts. The better answer to these scenarios is to HAVE CERTAINTY that HaShem is merciful. The plan of HaShem does not call for another destruction. Stop worrying about these things and use this energy to study the Torah. Even just reading the Torah is Torah study. Start Today. Much of the Bible itself will not make logical sense to you and that is ok. When one struggles to understand the Bible one is wrestling with HaShem which is what a human being is ultimately intended to do in order to help with his or her spiritual growth.

What is / was the Ark?

Of course the physical dimensions of the Ark do not allow for all of the physical animals that tradition says went into the ark. How is the Ark capable of this "two by two" living process? There are many answers to this question given by many commentators. All of the explanations usually express the answers as a belief in miracles. The truth is less miraculous; Yet just as incredulous.

The word Ark in Hebrew is Teva which has many meanings. One meaning is Ark, another is "word". Another is "ring" or "surround". It also is cognate to the Hebrew word that means nature. Cognate means sounds like. It actually is describing the relationship to the Hebrew Letter Substitutions, called Notariken, which is derived from the Greek. Concealed within the word Ark is a connection to Nature. This teaches that the Ark was acting as a protection from nature. Even when nature acts in such horrendous ways as described in the Torah and the Midrash.

In my opinion the ark was actually acting as a "surround". A surround is a barrier like a fence or as a ring that was an entrance to the various worlds and dimensions. The Ark acted as an entry way from our world to the other worlds. Each species went to its own world, dimension, or location. The three levels of the ark represent the three columns of the Tree of Life and as we know each column has many worlds and dimensions connected to it.

In order to truly understand the phrase "two by two" in the Language of Branches i have a metaphor from the Midrash Shochar Tov (Good Morning Midrash). i put the story into this email as a link to the yeshshem website since the story will make this email too long to read. I do highly recommend that you read the link prior to returning here for the conclusion.

Story from Midrash Shochar Tov

Conclusion of the Story

There are many levels of learning in this story. The one i wish to point out to you is that while the animals entered the ark two by two this also applied to the spiritual level. There is a famous adage that it is best to employ in the physical world. The adage is HaShem created "this against that". The meaning of this is everything has a partner / soul mate even levels of consciousness and levels of energies like deceit and depletion.

When you get a thought to do something. Look for the partner to that thought. It will help you avoid doing actions that would be considered a mistake or a sin.

The Parasha of Noach consists of 7 columns composed of 5 full columns and two partial columns. The first partial columns consists of 11 lines and the final column which is a partial column has 9 lines in the Parasha of Noach. Therefore, the Parasha of Noach starts in column 6 and finishes in column 12. All of these numbers should be familiar and meaningful to a student of Kabbalah. If they are not or you would like to confirm your own understandings send me an email requesting clarification of these meanings.

There are 4 Parsha spaces (paragraph like) in the Parasha of Noach and there are 13 short spaces. This is a hint to the opinion expressed above that the worlds are unified through the Ark of Noach.

It is well known that Noach נח means comfort. There is a midrash that explains that Noach was the first human born without web like skin between his fingers. These web like skins is what made it difficult for a man to plant and plow his food. When Noach was born the information became known to all the people that this person who would bring comfort and relief from this Curse of Adam was born and his Name was Noach.

What is less well known is that the reverse spelling of Noach is the Hebrew word Chen חן or Grace. What is grace? Many religions speak of God's Grace. Only the Kabbalah truly teaches us what this word means. It is the energy of Hidden Wisdom when we realize that the Nun in Noach stands for Nestar or Hidden/Concealed and the Chet in Noach stands for Chochmah or Wisdom. Noach and his children have the responsibility to reveal the Hidden Wisdom into our physical world. This is Science. Yet science needs a partner and that is called Technology.

This is also why Science and Technology brings comfort into the world. Yet we must ask are Science and Technology a good pair or a pair similar to Falsehood and Deception - an evil pair?

To answer this we must know what is the partner to comfort, as each essence has a partner (two by two they entered the ark). I will leave you a few hints to answer this question for yourself. Comfort has a partner called meditation; Comfort has a partner called daytime naps; Comfort has a partner called Serenity; Comfort has a partner called Peace; Comfort has a partner called Comfort Zone. I am sure you will think of many others.

During this month of Cheshvan in which the first Shabbat is always Noach, the energy revealed during the Tishrai Holidays is supposed to be revealed. That is why there is no Holiday in Cheshvan. The Sages applies an additional word to the Name Cheshvan - they call it Mar Cheshvan. Yet Mar מר meaning bitter can be transformed into Ram רם meaning elevated.

This same essence is reflected in the Astrological Sign of Scorpio which is Acrav עקרב in Hebrew. When one removes the middle two letters Kar which means cold one unites the Ayin and Bet which is connected to the 72 Names of God whose purpose is to control the physical world.

Each man has a choice. His ultimate destiny is to control the physical world. To achieve that he has two paths. One is called Science and Technology and the other path is called Mind Over Matter.

Let us see what the New Age Spiritual Path People are saying:

Have you seen the hit movie "The Secret" with Jack Canfield,

Joe Vitale and Bob Proctor? If so, you might remember Bob saying: "If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand." No words have ever been more true.

The Kabbalists teach and the Prophecies indicate that man will fly without a plane. That can only occur when we use the tools of Mind Over Matter or science and technology develop further. That can only manifest according to the Kabbalists when we learn to use the ARK which includes the Words which includes the Language of Branches (see last week's email) and its dictionary THE ZOHAR. Yes Science and Technology will develop a single passenger flying machine when this tool is needed in our world. (These are the two paths one can choose. Wait for science to develop this tool or learn to use the Hebrew letter/words.)

Are you using the Letters?. Can you imagine it in your mind yet? When will you start on this path of Mind Over Matter? The first step is to say/sing the Ana Bekoach daily.

Welcome to the classes that teach you how to receive the goodness of God. The classes in Kabbalah. That is why there are 17 spaces in the Parasha of Noach. 17 is the gematria of Goodness. This is the energy of Parasha Noach - Goodness which may include destruction as part of the process but destruction is never the end goal.

Are you ready to step onto the path of Goodness? The path of Kabbalah!

Of course there are many levels to this path. Some include a mixture of Science and Technology combined with the tools of the Hebrew Letters. Come listen to our classes on Torah and Science to begin this path.

Kol Tuuv

Shabbat Shalom