Week of October 12, 2008 Shabbat Sukkot Chol HaMoed Tishrai 20, 5769


The Torah reading this Shabbat is especially designed by the Sages for the Holiday of Sukkot. It has 38 verses - spelled Lamed Chet. The essence of this word is connected to water. It translates as moist or moistness, humid, fresh, freshness, or moisture. In Aramaic it means moisture or secretion. In reverse order Chet Lamed it translates as week day.

The reading comes from the Parasha of Ki Teizei which is usuually thought of as related to the Golden Calf incident. This portion of the reading comes as the antidote for mistakes or sins. It includes the 13 Midot of Chesed or Attributes of Mercy. Moshe was instructed to teach the 13 attributes to the nation - to teach them to say them each time they need mercy and protection from their own mistakes. The Sages teach us to not say them without a Minyan due to their power. Perhaps we don't have the vessel to handle the energy from these words/aspects of reality. We are allowed to sing them when we are not in our Minyans.

Learn to sing them and sing them every day! Know and Understand their power so that one does not do them as a robot but with Kavenah. Their are 13 so that we can connect to the unity.

I will give you my understanding of one of the midot. NoTzer Chesed. Notzer translates as guard or preserve. Chesed is the attribute of mercy. Within the word Notzer is the word Tzer whcih is narrow. So the Torah has a large Noon in this word. This is to prevent us falling into the consciousness of narrowing or limiting Chesed. Even though most Siddurim do not have the large Nun printed in it. When you read it to sing it - always visualize and remember the large Nun from the Torah.

There are 2 other unusual items in this reading for Sukkot. One is a large Resh and the other is one of the 6 columns that do not start with a Vav. This column starts with the Shin of Bet Yood Hay Shin Mem Vav. We spoke about this last week and there is good reason that we receive this energy for two weeks in a row during this period of 22 days where we grow from birth to maturity for this year. If one is happy during this period one connects to the energy of joy and simcha for the whole year.

There is also a large Resh in the word Acher. This word is translated as "other" or other God. The large Resh comes to teach us a number of things. The word acher without the Resh spells brother. The others are our brothers. Treat them as such. The word resh means poor as well as a letter. By having a large resh we can vacinate ourselves from the energy of poorness.

When we put the large Nun and large Resh together we get the word Ner whcih is a candle. Our nefesh and Ruach are candles to/for HaShem. All of this is the energy we receive during the reading of the 38 verses this Shabbat.

The last five words in the reading appear to be out of context. They are "do not cook a kid in its mothers milk." They are relating to the laws of Kashrut but it is difficult to explain the connection to the previous verses or the later verses. The first letters of these 5 Hebrew words add to a Gematria of 436. One of my teachers Rabbi Bar Tzadok of www.koshertorah.com explains that this 436 is actually the phrase El Shadai (345) plus 91. 91 is the Gematria of Amen and represents the untity of Adonai and Yood Hay VAv Hay or 26 plus 65. He explains that these 3 names can be used on the lower triangle of the Mogen David - the shield of DAvid which is a protection shield. El Shadai on the right side of the triangle - Adonai on the left side of the triangle - and the Tetragramaton inthe center column.

This teaches us that these 38 verses are giving us the protection against the Other side and strenghtening our connection to the energy of Mercy that comes to us during Sukkot.

Kol Tuuv

Shabbat Shalom

Enjoy the Reading!

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Shabbat Shalom

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Kol Tuuv

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