Tikkun Report for North Node for 28 Adar 5742

In Hebrew Astrology the north and south lunar nodes reflect your reincarnation status and Tikun. Your southe node represents the mistakes that were made in your last lifetime while the north node represents the life lessons you came here to learn providing you do your spiritual work and correct the mistakes from your last lifetime.

In your case, in this lifetime, your south node is in the sign of capricorn while your north node is in the sign of cancer. Please read below to begin to understand what is involved with this information.

Mistakes from Last Lifetime

You have much inner pride left over from last lifetime. This leaves you with the idea that you deserve a great deal of respect, as that was what you were used to receiving in your last lifetime. This residue is a major motivation in your life during this incarnation. You are pursuing prestige and dignity because that is a lack you are feeling.

Early in this lifetime you were the original ham in order to attract attention. Actually, you went far out of your way to attract this attention, without losing your own respect. Many times in this lifetime, you would impose undue burdens upon yourself. This was when people were watching . Now you present yourself to others in a way that they will see you as a martyr.

This residue of undue burdens, make you think and act in ways that make your life harder than it actually needs to be. Thus it seems as if you never seem to be able to finish meeting your current life responsibilities and obligations.

Your character development

Since you tend to be living in the past much of the time, you have a habit of bringing the consciousness of all past burdens with you into the present. This makes your present life much heavier than it need be.

The one thing you have not yet learned to tolerate is failure in yourself. You are well practiced at actually making yourself physically or emotionally ill in order to avoid coping with situations in which you expect to feel inadequate.

Sometimes, in order to protect yourself from your fears, you tend to see the world through an attitude of self-righteousness, whereby the actions of others are rarely condoned but often condemned. You keep this to yourself, however, for it would damage your sense of personal esteem should others know that you have been fitting them into your secretly devised caste system.

It would be helpful to realize this and develop tools and methods to avoid this evaluation and condemnations even if only mentally.

Weaknesses that you need to Overcome

In prior lives you were opinionated. This led you to be resistant to taking advice of a personal nature. In this lifetime this causes you to believe that personal matters should be kept private and are no one else's business.

Consequently, around all things that relate directly to yourself you erect "the Wall of China" to enable you to avoid dealing with personal criticism. It is futile for someone to try to penetrate the wall for at the first sign of personal criticism you erect more bricks onto the wall. Yet this is the solution to carrying all these additional burdens that seem to make your life so hard. Welcome the warmth and nurturing of others and share these burdens and see your life burdens become less.

You have experienced lifetimes of materialsm. This has led you to become an opportunitst, placing yourself where ever there is an opportunity to gain something. At the same time you have a reputation to be stingy within bursts of emotional bursts of extravagance. This attribute causes you to be penny wise and pound foolish. It will be helpful to recognize this trait and change it.

When you see an advantage you turn cold and calculating in order to attain your goal. You allow no internal weakness or emotion prevent you attaining these goals. You will take advantage of others emotions and weaknesses. You will "work" the system and the law to find loopholes to squeeze through. So intent you can become on managing all that you see that your current life can become a personal crusade to prove your capabilities worthy and thus gain the honor and prestige you crave.

Your Positive Abilities

You have the ability to be mature in situations overwrought with emotional chaos. This allows you to take a leadership role, when needed, yet you do not lead frivously. You are protective of those you love, and project that are dear to you. This maturity tends to cause you to lead a conservative lifestyle. This conservative lifestyle can become a model for others of success building.

You use the traditional tried and proven methods of accomplishing goals. You can not even conceive of someone not having goals. You influence people to contemplate goals and this allows you to become a proven teacher, as you utilize these techniques to teach people to goal set.

You appear to others in a parental role. This allows you to inspire them and bring out the best in themselves. This allows you to present yourself as a forceful and respected leader. Yet you must be careful to not underestimate the value of any respect shown to yourself by others.

Building Respect for yourself

In previous incarnations you have learned the art of becoming accomplished. Yet you may have run rough shod over other peoples emotions in learning that art. This caused you to be considered less than respected. In this lifetime, it is important for you to learn to give nourishment rather than receive it especially by taking it. You may experience strong family burdens in this lifetime in order to learn about the emotional needs of others.

This Life is a sexual Transition

During this life you will be exposed to and learn how to take on the feminine role. The life process is from coldness to warmth and from age to youth. It is likely that you will grow younger as each year passes. The first part of your life is emulating father figures and male role models. It will also include you emulating people you hold in high esteem. The second half of your life will change to a more mother like existence. This occurs as you take on an appreciation for the needs of others. You will find yourself establishing emotional relationships based on loyalty, warmth, nurture, and respect.

As each year goes by, you will find yourself dropping rigid attitudes one by one. You will find that true security comes from relating your emotions more honestly. In this life you will need to learn how to apologize sincerely when you are wrong and not to seek advantages over others when you are right. Eventually you will realize that all of your depressions, fears, and worries, are all based on a perception learned in previous incarnations relating to a martyr complex. And that these perceptions are not truly real in this lifetime. As part of this realization you will come to understand that the martyr complex does not serve you well at all.

You must slowly wean yourself from an insatiable need to manage everything around you. Finally you will realize that these control need is what actually weighs you down with too much responsibility and you will find that responsibility unnecessary.

Sensitivity is to be Welcomed

In this lifetime, your astrology will move you through a string of experiences that will slowly open you up to various sensitivities. This is for the purpose of preparing you to move in a different direction of spiritual growth, than you allowed yourself in previous incarnations.

Some of these sensitivities can be described as valuing nature rather than money. Also you will learn to value emotions rather than power. Finally you will learn to value new spiritual growth rather than reliving the same patterns of life.

Nurturing will Become a Value

In past incarnations you learned and benefited from receiving. In this lifetime your highest achievement will be to learn to share with others. This is not an easy lesson to learn and it will take a significant amount of self evaluation and spiritual work upon yourself. The result of this work is that you will become a source of spiritual benefit to others and by so doing you will learn that this is the true source of your own happiness. The more you fulfill the desires of others the happier you will become.

This will also allow you to see that God Blesses those who stand and wait. You will eventually grow to be able to see that the highest Blessings in this world go to those who do without a personal agenda. This means you will learn to wait for Hashem's directives to you in order for you to be a strong servant of Hashem. This will lead you to your highest pleasures and happiness in this lifetime.

Your Achievements in this Life

Your greatest challenges will ultimately come from your family, yet this will also be the source of your most rewarding experiences. One caution is to not allow your emotional sensitivities to be exaggerated and move you to become out of balance. Your emotional sensitivities are new experiences for you in this life and therefore may bring you out of balance until you learn to control them with the strengths that you gained from previous lifetimes. You must learn to control emotions not stifle or repress them.

Emotions are an extremely valuable tool. They teach you about yourself and the world you live within. Therefore there are no wrong emotions. Yet uncontrolled emotions lead you into inappropriate behaviour. Emotions are not judge-able. They are your clues to understand yourself and bring you to rewarding experiences and relationships with others.

During this lifetime you will experience closeness with others far different than you. Sometimes this will be people far from your age. Sometimes these relationships will feel like parent and child reruns. This is a good thing for you, as it allows you to work through conflicts that were too powerful, close, and personal for you. You were not able to resolve these or even capable to deal with these during your younger years. As you age you will develop the knowledge and capabilities to understand these earlier conflicts.

While life is serious it is not always best to take things seriously. Failure to learn this lesson will make you appear dour, fearsome, and also create a level of anxiety that is unnecessary. You will need to learn that nothing is punishing you except what you do to yourself. This will especially apply to your inner guilts which will generate strong emotions. You will need to control these and in your later years you will have the tools to do so.

Your Highest Achievements

You will ultimately learn to flow with the ever changing consciousness of human emotions. This will take you realizing that tolerating the frailties of others actually brings you closer to the warmth and kindness that your soul craves. Gradually the fears drop away as you as you learn to accept others into your being.

Those who let you help them including your family and children will become extremely rewarding facets of your life.

We at Yeshshem, will remain available to assist you in this life journey through out your spiritual growth. Enjoy the journey of life process.