Permutations for the Name Moshe

We can learn much about our Tikune through the Permutations of the Letters of our Name. Each of the words that are revealed have the same gematria on most of the different methods of gematria. This is a very real tool to use to know what traits we need to change about ourselves.


מ ש ה = to draw out (implying water); to extricate

מ ה ש = "from the shin (Hebrew Letter)

ש מ ה = there; thither; devastation; destruction; what 300

ש ה מ = onyx; 300 of them;

ה מ ש = the move

ה ש מ = The Name (Hashem); the noun; the renoun; the fame; the reputation; the memorial;

מ ש = to move; to depart; to remove; to cease; to touch

מ ה = what; which; how; how much; that which;

ש מ = Name; noun; renoun; fame; reputation; memorial; name;

ש ה = Young Sheep; lamb

ה ש = "The Letter Shin; The 300; The Year; the Hour; the Line

ה מ = they (masculine);