Akaidah Yitzhak - Binding of Issac עקדה יצחק

We all know the story of the Binding of Issac. Our Sages have us read the Torah Parasha of Genesis - Beraishit Chapter 22. Today's class is only going to discuss the Short Form of this Chapter which consists of 4 Words. Later we will learn about the rest of the Parasha to be read every day if you have time to do so. These 4 words are recommended to be said with the proper Kavenah each day as part of our morning Preparation for Morning Prayers.

The Words to say:

ויעקד את יצחק בנו


Vayakod Et YitzHaK BeNoh


And He Bound His Son, Yitzhak


This Kavenah is the reason this is being said each morning. This kavenah is to be said out loud quitely after the saying of the 4 Hebrew words.

Just as Avraham Bound Yitzhak, May Hashem Kadosh Borchu Bind All of the Enemies of Koll Israel.

Deeper Understanding of the Kavenah

The Binding is actually a physical manifestation of the relationship of the Sphera. Avraham is a chariot for the Sephira of Chesed and Yitzhak is the chariot for the Sephira of Gevurah. When Yitzhak accepted the Bindiing He accepted a a slight subservience relationship between the two Sephirot. In effect this action establishes the Kabbalistic teaching "Share slightly more than you Receive".

Look at the end of the Kavenah Sentence. Who are the Enemies of Israel? There is only 1 Enemy of Israel and that is Satan. By Saying this Kavenah each day out load we are limiting any attacks that are to come to us in the frame of Judgment.

Additional Kavenah for the 4 words

No of Letters is 15 when you count the missing Vav in Vayakod. This is a direct connection to the upper levels of the Sephirot which is where Satan receives his orders and where he actually becomes bound by our words as explained above.

The 4 words relate to the four worlds

Word 1

Vayakod has a gematria of 190. 190 is the gematria of PaAm (Pay Ayin Mem). PaAm means striking. This word which means "And he Binds on the surface level of the word conceals its unity with the concept of Striking within its gematria. Binding by Striking the Kabbalists tool is being revealed when you say Vayakod.

190 is also the sum of all of the integers from 1 to 19. 19 is a number that represents the unity of male and female since the female has 10 Sephirot while the male has only 9.

Word 2

The Zohar teaches that whenever the word Et is present in the Torah it refers to the Shecinah. It also reveals to all of the energy of all of the letters of the Alef Bet since the word consists of the first letter Aleph and the last letter TAf.

Word 3

The Zohar teaches that Yitzhak is a metaphor for the soul after Correction which means the coming of Mashiach or Yitzhak is a metaphor for the "World that is Coming". The gematria of Yitzhak is 208 which is one more than 207 the gematria of the word Ohr (Light). In effect Yitzhak represents the complete revelation of Hashem in our world which is what manifests that world that is coming.

208 is also 4 times 52. 52 is the gematria of the 10 letters that fully spells the Tetragramaton in the frame of Malchut, which means spelled with Alephs. In effect Yitzhak represents the manifestation of all 4 worlds or the revealment of all of the Light within the vessels.

Here is the spelling of the Name of God that has the gematria of 52.

יוד הה וו הה

Word 4

Beno has a gematria of 58 which is the gematria of the word Noach meaning comfort.

General Kavenah from all of the above

The tool of Binding by Striking manifests the Light of the Vessel in all 4 worlds creating comfort for all.

This is an important statement to make every day. These items that i am teaching you are important additions to your prayers. They help to significantly reduce the chaos in your life.

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