Kavenah for Shir Hashirim

It is the Sephardic Minhag (custom) to say/sing Shir Hashirim each Friday Afternoon as part of Kabbalat Shabbat. This has a very specific purpose. This actions is an action of Teshuvah for all negative actions that a person has performed consciously or unconsciously during the week since the previous Shabbat. Actually this can be said any time from Friday noon until Havdallah or the end of Shabbat and this action of saying/singing the song will transform all of your negative actions into positive actions. This is the teaching of Kabbalah.

It is recommended that you sing/say Shir Hashirim sometime between noon Friday and the end of Shabbat. The earlier in this period the better. This is something that will make your life less chaotic. Remember never believe what i say; try what i suggest and determine if it works for you. Give it at least a three month test, just like what was suggested for the Ana Bekoach.

Link to Shir Hashirim Hebrew and English

This link has Shir Hashirim in Hebrew and English. It also has a recording of a reading of the song.

Shir Hashirim Link

Here is another link to the singing of Shir Hashirim using a Morroccan Tune.

Here is a link for a discussion guide for Shir Hashirim.The questions that are asked will help you begin to understand this AMAZING METAPHORICAL SONG/PRAYER/COMMUNICATION


The Song of Songs has 8 chapters with 117 verses with 1250 words and 5150 letters .

Chapter 1 has 17 verses with 150 words and 615 letters.

Chapter 2 has 17 verses with 177 words and 720 letters.

Chapter 3 has 11 verses with 133 words and 564 letters.

Chapter 4 has 16 verses with 178 words and 732 letters.

Chapter 5 has 16 verses with 185 words and 769 letters.

Chapter 6 has 12 verses with 114 words and 497 letters.

Chapter 7 has 14 verses with 139 words and 584 letters.

Chapter 8 has 14 verses with 174 words and 669 letters.

The song of songs is considered a esoteric prophecy. It has been suggested that it is a love poem between HaShem and the Children of Israel. With this metaphor HaShem is the Groom and Israel is the Bride.

The 8 chapters hint at the relationship to the Sefirah of Binah.

In chapter 5.24 of Genesis there is an unusual word Ainnu spelled איננו. It is translated as "He was not". This refers to Chanoch Ben Yered who is the first person that is described by the Torah "as walking with God". It also has the gematria of 117 which is the same number of verses as Shir Hashirim. Chanoch Ben Yered is said to be unified with the Angel Metatron (Mem Tet) who is also referred to in the Torah as "Angel of HaShem", also gematria of 117. Mem Tet (Metatron) is the Arch Angel responsible for the spiritual and physical worlds and does so from the World of Bria which is Binah.

There are 1250 words in Shir Hashirim which is 125 times 10. When a number is divisible by 10 it represents the perfection of the other number. 125 is the gematria of ענה which translates as sing and sing in chorus. Shir Hashirim is considered the perfection of the songs of the Torah.

There are 5150 letters in Shir Hashirim which is 515 times 10. 515 is the gematria of Vaetchanan which is a word for prayer. As we learn in Kabbalah Vaetchanan teaches us that when we say a prayer 515 times it must manifest. A spiritual law. Is Shir Hashirim a song, a metaphor, a prayer, or all of the above? I will leave this answer to your personal communication with HaShem.

Each of the other numbers associated with the Song of Songs (as listed above except for the Chapter Numbers) has meanings related to various secrets concealed in the Song. We do not have time to go through all of them so i will just summarize some of the easily understood names and numbers.

150 is 15 times 10. 15 is the gematria of the Higher worlds metaphor of the Name of God Yah - Yood Hay. Also when one adds the Colel to 150 the gematria is 151 which is the gematria of the word Mikvah. Mikvah is a ritual bath dealing with the concept of cleansing and also connected Kabbalistically to Binah.

720 is 10 times 72 and each of you should relate to the 72 number.

564 is the gematria of Chanoch when using the final letter gematria.

669 with the Colel is 670 which is the gematria of Binah times 10.

Are you getting the hints? This is just part of the reason that hearing this song once per week causes all negative actions to be considered null and void.