Kabbalistic Prayer Structure including Kavenah

What is Kabbalistic Prayer Structure?

Jewish Prayer follows a structure. There are many prayers during the day (not just three). Yet each prayer is structured to climb to the ultimate heights of the spiritual worlds. We will discuss this within the discussion and kavenah of each Prayer and Blessing.

What is the purpose of Prayer?

Connect to HaShem?

Elevate Sparks?

Draw spiritual energy to the physical world?

Reveal the Light of HaShem?

Receive the energy to utilize in the process of changing myself or the world?

We will discuss all of these and more within the discussion on each prayer and its structure.

What is Kavenah

Here is the Structure

Below is a table with links to the various Blessings Prayers and Rituals that are followed by the Kabbalistic Prayer Structure.These links have not yet been built. They will be built (Bezerat Hashem) as we go through each class and the link to the recording discussing each class will be within each succeeding prayer and page of explanations and Kavenot.