Jewels of Shavuot - Kabbalistic and Sefardic Minhag

The Kabbalistic Minhag for the all night study on Shavuot is to read certain verses in each of the 24 Books of the Tanach. As part of that study there are 24 - 2 letter Names from the end of each Book that are used as meditations.

These Names are referred to as Jewels of the Shechina

These Names are Revealed as the first and last letter of the second word of the last verse in each book.

The following paragraph addresses the explanation behind the vowels used in these Names.

This is the secret that the Nok/Female is connected in Hod/Glory, humility, empowerment, corresponding to the kubbutz. We bring to Nok these 24 adornments--the letters from the first and last letters of the second word of the last verse of every book in Tanakh. And Nok is then made complete in her Keter/crown when she couples with Zeir Anpin today, with Keter corresponding to the kammatz. Thus brought to her is the vowel with 3 points (kubbutz) and the kammatz:

(1) one point stands for Nok who receives, (2) another point relates to her rectification of the Keter and the vowel kammatz, and (3) the point of the Hod is the third point of the three dots in the kubbutz.

In my opinion, there is information about these Names within their gematria both the regular gematria and the gematria including the value assigned to each vowel. The Kibbutz has a value of 30 - 10 for each dot and the Kamatz has a value of 16 - 10 for the dot and 6 for the line.

Names - Jewels

1. Beresheet - Genesis יֻ ָפYou Fah

2. Shemot - Exodus ֻעָנAh Nu

3. Vayikra - Leviticus ֻ ה ָת Hah Tu

4. Bamidbar - Numbers ֻה ָת Hah Tu

5. Devarim - Deuteronomy ֻה ָד Hah Du

6. Yehoshua - Isaiah ֻב ָנ Bah Nu

7. Shoftim - Judges ֻה ָם Hah Mu

8. Shmuel - First and Second Samuel ֻש ָם Shah Mu

9. Melachim - First and Second Kings ֻא ָת Ah Tu

10. Yeshayah - Isaiah ָוֻו Wu Wah

11. Yirmeyah - Jeremiah ֻא ָת Ah Tu

12. Yehezkel - Ezekiel ֻש ָה Shah Hu

13. Tre Asar Malakhi - 13 Additional Prophets ֻל ָב Lah Vu

14. Rut - Ruth ֻה ָד Hah Du

15. Tehillim - Psalms ֻה ָה Hah Hu

16. Iyov - Job ֻא ָב Ah Vu

17. Mishley - Proverbs ֻל ָה Lah Hu

18. Kohelet - Ecclesiastes ֻא ָת Ah Tu

19. Shir HaSharim ֻדיָ Du Yah

20. Eicha - Lamentations ֻא ָמ Ah Mu

21. Daniel - Daniel ֻלָך Lah Chu

22. Ester - Esther ֻלָך Lah Chu

23. Ezra - Ezra Nehemnia ֻה ָמ Hah Mu

24. Divre Hayamim - First and Second Chronicles ֻאָר Ah Ru

Shavuot Mikvah Meditations

There are many different meditations to do within the Mikvah.

One meditation is listed below. It consists of 5 immersions in the Mikvah

The first four immersions meditations are from the Holy Ari. They are listed below.

The fifth immersion and meditation is from the Ben Ish Chai. It connects us to Keter of this night. It’s the YHVH with the nikud of Kamatz that is related to Keter.

Those who are not close to a mikvah and for some reason do the Shavuot connection at home, they can take a long shower with the same meditation. (Do not take the meditation note into the bathroom at home,unless the shower is isolated from the toilet.)

Here is the meditation by Immersion.

First Immersion יוד הי ויו הי with meditation emphasis on יוד הי.

Second Immersion יוד הי ואו הי with meditation emphasis on יוד הי.

֓Third Immersion יוד הי ויו הי with meditation emphasis on וד י יו י. These letters are the Milui - additional letters included in the spelled out Name.

Fourth Immersion יוד הי ויו הי with meditation emphasis on וד י או י. These letters are the Milui - additional letters included in the spelled out Name.

Fifth Immersion יהוה. These letters are recommended to visualize the letters with the Kametz vowel - the little "T".

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