After the break fast it is recommended to do one action that commences the building of the Sukkah. Prior to Yom Kippur the halacha suggests we not do any actions related to Sukkot.

11. There are 4 days between Yom Kippur and Sukkot. The Ari says during these days the energy of Chesed comes into the universe. These are not Holidays in the traditional sense. Day 11 is Keter of Chesed. This year it is the Evening of September 16 2021.

12. This is Binah of Chesed. It begins the Evening of September 17 2021.

13. This is Zeir Anpin of Chesed. It begins the Evening of September 18 2021.

14. This is Malhut of Chesed. It begins the Evening of September 19 2019.

The Holiday of Sukkot is about generating the energy of Chesed for your whole year. It represents the right column in the Tree of Life. Included in Chesed is the energy of Certainty. When one builds a hut and moves to dwell in that hut for a period of 7 days one is demonstrating and increasing his level of certainty within the Creator.

The Sukkah itself is an antenna for the energy of Chesed. The 4 species are also antenna for a different level of Chesed. The Sukkah represents surrounding Light while the 4 species represent internal energy. The Hakaphot represent manifesting surrounding light for the whole year.

This is also the Holiday that creates the possibility to eliminate anti-semitism for the year. This is done through the Hearing of the daily Torah Reading dealing with the 70 bulls that are sacrificed during the week of Sukkot.

There is a unique ritual called Bal Hashuevah - the pouring of the water. In Temple times this was done each day taking a water barrel to the river to retrieve water to wash the Altar. It is done today only one day during the Holiday of Sukkot usually on the Netzach of Chesed. The Talmud describes this as not knowing joy until you experience this ritual.

Here is an email i sent previously to help explain Sukkot. (Dates have been updated for 5779)

Shabbat Sukkot Chol HaMoed is an amazing experience when one understands the message in the reading. The essence of this reading is balance. That is why the last phrase in the last verse of the reading is the famous verse of "Do not cook a calf in its mother's milk." This is the essence of the laws of Kashrut. Most people are never informed that these regulations help us maintain balance in our lives by not eating things that have too much mixed energy. This is explained by this phrase dealing with Milk a food that has the energy of continuity and cooking a slaughtered cow which represents the energy of death or end. When this is done people with Jewish souls find it difficult to balance these two energies.

We also get this message when we look at 38 לח verses in the reading. The word Lach means freshness, vigor, moisture, or virility. When we add the 6 verses of the Maftir we get 44 which is the Hebrew word blood or dam דם . Do you see how these words are opposites?

Finally the 240 verses in Kohellet represent (Gematria) the word Suffek which is doubt. It is also the gematria of the nation of Amalek. The 17 spaces represent (Gematria) the word Tov which means Good. Again the balancing of the two kinds of energy. Doubt can never be good, which is why HaShem is at war with Amalek throughout the generations.

Finally an amazing revelation. There are 2 large letters in Kohellet. A Tet (Chapter 7 Verse 1) and a Samek (Chapter 12 Verse 13). This word Tos spelled טוס means to speed or to fly. In reverse spelled סוט Sot means "to deviate." When thought of as an Acronym Tet means Good and Samek means Somack or Support. We learn from these letters it is Good to Support others.

Now let's look at the Haftarah.

The 22 verses relate to the 22 Hebrew Letters. The 3 spaces represent the 3 columns from the Tree of Life. I have discussed this before but to make it easy for those of us with bad memories. The 3 columns are Right which represents Sharing; Left which represents receiving; and the Central column which balances the two aspects of Sharing and Receiving. When we have the 22 Letters in the format of the 3 columns we have the Tree of Life.

To truly understand Sukkot and Shabbat Chol HaMoed we need to understand about the 70 sacrifices which are read by the daily readings of the Torah read during Sukkot.

There are 3 rituals associated with Sukkot. 1) Is the Sukkah which represents and actually is an antenna to draw the energy of Chesed (Mercy or Loving Kindness) of the energy store named Binah. We make much use of the Energy store, Binah, on Yom Kippur, when we create the year of our desires. 2) The Shaking of the 4 species ( Arba Minim) which represents the drawing of the energy of Chesed of Zeir Anpin. 3) The Hakafot or circles that we do each day and multiple circles on Hoshanah Rabba. These circles are Antenna for the energy of Chesed of Malchut.

We can see now, how these rituals unite the 3 levels of Binah, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut. When we unite 3 they become one. This is really the secret of Jacob marrying both Leah and Rachel. These 2 sisters are chariots (channels) for Binah and Malchut while Jacob represents Zeir Anpin. This is why the 12 Tribes of the Children of Israel came out of these 3 Chariots which are really 1 Jewish Nation.

On the first day of Sukkot the Maftir reading is about 13 Parahs (bulls). On the second day we decrease by one to 12 Parah (bulls) and on the 3rd day we come down again to 11 Parahs (bulls). This continues till we reach 7 Bulls on the 7th day. Guess what 13+12+11+10+9+8+7 adds up to? 70. One Parah (bull) is sacrificed for each of the 70 Nations. When the Temple existed the Sacrifice was done by the Cohenim (Priests). After the destruction of the Temple the Sages teach us that the reading/hearing of the Torah portions replaces the sacrifices and does what the actual sacrifice did in the Temple. This of course must be done by each member of the Tribe of Jewish souls. Even if one person is missing the other 70 nations feel a lack from this sacrifice. Yet the more Jews who hear the readings the less lack they feel. When this lack is too large (due to not enough Jews doing their spiritual work) the nations do actions of anti-semitism to wake up the Jewish Nation. This is the reason that Anti-semitism exists in the Physical World.

Let me explain further! When the Jewish nation is doing its spiritual job and sharing from these sacrifices with the 70 other nations, these nations do not feel any lack in the area that relates to its relationship with the Jewish Nation. (Each Nation has a unique relationship with the Jewish Nation. That unique relationship is different for each nation and it feels the lack in a different way than every other nation.) Each year, there are 7 days of Sukkot. When we do these sacrifices correctly, on a given day those nations connected to the Sacrifices for that day (No Sage has written about which Nations connect with which day and Parah (Bull) do not feel as strong a lack and there is no outbreak of Anti-Semitic acts of violence from them. On Years and days when we do not do our work correctly the lack that these nations feel is overwhelming and the result are acts of anti-semitism. Don't believe me? Follow the statistics that are kept by people who track the results of anti-semitic actions for yourself and you will see i am correct.

I hope you will join in keeping anti-semitc acts to a minimum. I hope you will share with the other Nations by listening to the Torah each day during the week of Sukkot!

Have a wonderful Holiday!

15. Holiday of Sukkot. It is Chesed of Chesed of Binah. It starts the Evening of September 20 2021.

16. Holiday of Sukkot in the Diaspora and Chol Hamoed Day 1 in Israel. This is Gevurah of Chesed of Binah. It starts the Evening of September 21 2021.

17. Chold Hamoed Day 1 in Diaspora and Day 2 in Israel. This is Tiferet of Chesed of Binah. It starts the Evening of September 22 2021.

18. Chol Hamoed Day 2 in Diaspora and Day 3 in Israel. This is Netzach of Chesed of Binah. It starts the Evening of September 23 2021.

19. Chol Hamoed Day 3 in Diaspora and Day 4 in Israel. This is Hod of Chesed of Binah. It starts the Evening of September 24 2021.

20. Shabbat Chol Hamoed in Diaspora and also in Israel. This is Yesod of Chesed of Binah. It starts the Evening of September 25 2021.

There are some additional rituals associated with Hoshanah Rabah. It is an all night study. It is also the night to check the shadow and learn if you will pass this year chas V'Shalom. After the morning prayer there is the grounding of the Gevurot which is done by hitting 5 Aravot on the ground while one meditates on the 5 final letters.

The Kabbalists perform Tashlich during the night of Hoshanah Rabah. Tashlich is a ritual that throws away the last of your sins including any dust of the sins which is a Kabbalistic concept that is too long to explain in this paragraph. Most people do it on the second day of Rosh Hashanah. I prefer the pattern of the Kabbalists.

This is the email for the last three days of Chagim

Hoshana Rabah

Begins the Evening of Sunday September 26 2021. It is the last day of Sukkot and receives its unique name from the fact that there are 7 Hakafots (Circles) done that day. In each of the circles we say the word Hoshanah multiple times.

Hoshanah is an Aramaic word that is translated as "supplication." Rabah is Aramaic and Hebrew that means "Great." Thus Hoshana Rabah means "Great Supplication". The code word of this meaning and the reason in my opinion the 7th day of Sukkot has a special name, "The manifestation of the desire to receive for the Light of HaShem to be revealed in the year 5782."

The Kabbalists teach that during this night we read from the complete Sefer Devarim as the Torah tells us to do once every 7 years. Also, after this reading the Kabbalists teach that there is a last opportunity to correct any health, or financial, issues that might take place during the year.

This is done by "checking for our Tzelem (Shadow)." This is not our physical shadow but our spiritual shadow. If you are interested in performing this ritual call me at 818-613-3457 and i will put you in touch with people near you who perform this ritual. (Please note there are not many people trained to see a spiritual shadow).

Another ritual done during this night is performed right after the morning prayer when we "break the gevurot" by hitting 5 Aravot (willow branches) against the ground while meditating on the five final letters referred to as Mantzipach (םןץףך). These 5 letters relate to the end of days and the coming with the Mashiach. This is what the "breaking of the judgments" is all about. Bringing Mashiach.

Here is a recommended Kavenah from the writings of the ARIzal to have while hitting the willows:

Meditation of the five willow branches ערבות (Pronounced ‘Aravot’). Numerical value of ערבה, ‘willow’ is 277, same as זרע, ‘seed’. The Holy Ari taught that when we beat the willow to the ground we meditate to break, weaken and sweeten the judgment. We do not make a blessing on this action because the action itself makes them vessels, not words. The vessels of the willow branches, ‘Aravot’ that grow by the water elevate new ‘seeds’ of light called מ”ן, Female waters (Mayim Nukvim - actions below which cause a response in the upper worlds. With each hit on the ground we break the Gevurah of one of the five final letters םןץפך. With each hit of the willow on the ground meditate on the shape of the letter and say out loud the name of the Letter Mem Sofit; Nun Sofit; Tzadi Sofit; Pey Sofit; and Caf Sofit.

There is a wonderful teaching from Rabbi Kook the first Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. He is one of the foremost Kabbalists of the twentieth century as well.

The teaching starts with the Midrash / Metaphor that each of the 4 species used during the waving on Sukkot represents one part of the Jewish nation. The Etrog which has good taste and smell is a fruit represents those Jewish people who study Torah, and have good Deeds/Mitzvoth to their merit. The Lulav which comes from a fruit tree represents those people with Good Deeds/Mitzvoth to their merit. The myrtle which has good smell represents the Jews who have Torah study to their merit. The Aravot or willow has neither good smell or good taste and does not come from a tree with fruit. The Aravot represents the common people.

This leads to a question why would we hit the ground with the willow? Is it punishment for the common person who does not do Mitzvoth or study Torah? Rabbi Kook explains a story in the Talmud. Here is a description: In Talmudic times, there was a sect called the Boethusians who disagreed with many of the rulings of the Sages. One disagreement concerned the willow ceremony. The Boethusians prohibited observing this ceremony on the Sabbath. One year, when Hoshanah Rabbah fell on the Sabbath, the Boethusians took the willows and covered them with stones. They knew the Rabbis would not permit moving the stones on the Sabbath since stones are muktzeh (various categories of objects, such as stones, money, and work tools that the Rabbis prohibited to be handled on the Sabbath in order to safeguard the sanctity of the day).

On Shabbat morning, however, some simple folk who were ignorant about the prohibition of muktzeh pulled out the willow boughs from under the stones. Then the kohanim were able to raise the willows alongside the altar (Sukkah 43b).

Why does the Talmud emphasize that this praiseworthy act was performed by common folk? By covering the boughs with stones, the Boethusians had placed the Sages in a quandary. If the willow boughs were not used, the Boethusians could cite this as proof that the rabbis had conceded to their opinion that willows should not be raised on the Sabbath. On the other hand, if the rabbis decided to move the stones, the Boethusians could have announced that the rabbinic prohibition of muktzeh had been abolished.

Fortunately, the problem never materialized. The simple Jews resolved the dilemma in their own typical manner. They did not ask questions; rather, alarmed by the scandal, they responded by simply removing the willows from under the stones.

In Israel the Minhag is to not to enter the Sukkah after the breaking of the Gevurot until the Kiddush of the Mashiach which is done as the last Kiddush of Simchat Torah. During this Kiddush there is a prayer for the Coming of Mashiach and the meal of the Leviathan in the Sukkah of the Tzadikim.

Shemini Atzeret

Many people consider Shemini Atzeret as the 8th day of Sukkot. Also, since outside of Israel Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah are celebrated on two separate days, this perception is easy to understand. Yet there is a deeper understanding that makes this understanding incorrect, in my opinion.

Shemini translates as "eight" while Atzeret is usually translated as Assembly or day of Assembly leading to the false understanding mentioned above. Actually Atzeret עצרת comes from the shoresh or root of עצר which means "to stop," "to halt," "to detain," "to rule," "to press," or "to squeeze." The idea of assembly comes from the idea of stopping and ruling. It implies an assembly of people is a stopping point that leads to ruling.

The Sages give us a metaphor about this Holiday. They teach that during the seven days of Sukkot all 70 nations participate along with the Jewish Nation. That is related to by the sacrifice of the 70 bulls that lead to a peaceful world without anti-semitism. While on this 8th day of Assembly there is only the Jewish World without other nations.

The actual metaphor is a King gives a party for 7 days and invites all members of his subjects to attend. On the 8th day he tells every one else that the party is over - go home while he invites his favorite people to a final party consisting only of them.

The true meaning of Shemini Atzeret is only revealed by a study of the differences in the Temple sacrifices between this Holiday and other Holidays. That study is too long to reveal in this email.

The true meaning of Shemini Atzeret is the creation of the central column energy which consists of desire and fulfillment in unity. It is simply "rule of the 8th." It is shared only with people who are Jewish meaning people who follow a spiritual path.

There is a special ritual done during the Tefilah or prayer during this day. It is to transition the prayer for Dew to the prayer for rain.

  • Here is a link to both the Kabbalistic and religious discussion about rain and dew prayers.
  • Simchat Torah

    The translation of Simchat Torah is "Joy of Torah." It is referred to as Dancing with the Torah. What actually happens is 7 Hakafot (Circles) are performed with the Torah. The result of these circles is the creation of the Central Column energy of the year, or the creation of the Surrounding Light for each person.

    Remember we have 10 days of Holidays that create the desire to receive for this year of 5780. Then we have 11 days of Creation of the fulfillment of these desires. Then we have one day that creates the Central Column of the upper 3 Sefirot (Shemini Atzeret) and finally the creation of the Surrounding Light of fulfillment for each person (Simchat Torah).

    This surrounding light is generated through the reading of the Last Parasha of the Torah and the First Parasha of the Torah together. This is the wedding chuppah of the Jewish World. (Remember Jewish means people who follow a spiritual path.) This circle of the Torah (Last and First in unity) create a circle that represents the Surrounding Light.

    This surrounding light is waiting for each person to transform it during the year, by actions, to become inner light. This is the manifestation of HaShem in the physical world. We do this through transforming ourselves.

    All Classes can be heard at: 1-605-475-6333. Use pin code 911904#.

    Please advise me by email if you would like recordings of any or all of these classes to be forwarded to you when they become available. This is a service we provide free of charge for those people unable to attend our classes due to schedule conflicts or for any other reason.

    21. Hoshanna Rabah in both Diaspora and Israel. This is Malchut of Chesed. It starts the Evening of October 19 2019.

    Shemini Atzeret means 8th day of Assembly. Many people think this is the 8th day of Sukkot is not correct.

    Simchat Torah is dancing with the Torah. It is actually a completion of the hakafot. This holiday connects to Surrounding Light for the whole year.

    22. In Israel Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah is done the same day. We also change the prayer to rain from dew. This year it starts the Evening of September 27 2021. In the diaspora it is only Shemini Atzeret.

    23. In the Diaspora it is Simchat Torah. This year it starts on the Evening of September 28 2021.

    There are some additional items and rituals that we can reveal this year. I am pasting the email from 577-- here so that we can see what is being revealed this year.

    Parasha Sukkot Chol HaMoed

    The Holiday of Sukkot is 7 days in length. That means that there is a Shabbat during the Holiday. Some years the Shabbat is on the day of the Holiday and other years the Shabbat is called Sukkot Chol HaMoed. What is the meaning of Chol Hamoed?

    The traditional religious meaning of Chol Hamoed is the days between the beginning Holiday and ending Holiday of Sukkot and Pesach. These in between days are called Chol Hamoed. The recommendation is to not do typical mundane work since the Holidays just happened and will return in a few days’ time. In America i have not truly seen people changing their typical daily actions on Chol Hamoed. From my discussions with students who live in Israel a very few people do change their normal actions the majority perceive the days of Chol Hamoed as a normal work day.

    The Kabbalists teach us that Chol Hamoed is a term in the Language of Branches. See below for the meaning of Language of Branches. The Kabbalists explain that the Sefirot move relative to each other. Each Sefirot has 10 Sefirot within it. This is the definition of a Partzuf. When a Holiday occurs specific Sefirot move downward relative to the Sefirah below it. When this happens the Sefirah that moved causes a unification from above with the Sefirah below. In a Holiday the unification includes the whole partzuf. In Chol Hamoed only part of the partzuf is included in the move. Since Kabbalists have become sensitive to energy and the unifications of energy and consciousness they tune into Chol Hamoed. Average people who find themselves sensitive to energy can relate to the Chol Hamoed period by not doing mundane work during these days. For others who are not sensitive it is highly recommended they use this time to meditate and become sensitive to energy as part of the partial holiday of Chol Hamoed.

    During these 7 days we are to live in the Booth and look at the stars through a roof that is open to the elements. The kabbalalists have us invite the Clouds of Glory into the Sukkah using the Names Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moshe, Aaron HaCohen, Joseph HaTzadik, and King David. This is called Uzpizin.

    Do you see anything unusual about the list of Names? What is a Cloud of Glory? Why do we sacrifice 70 bulls during this period?

    During Temple days on day 1 there are 13 Bulls sacrificed to honor this Holiday. (As a student of Kabbalah did you make the connection between day 1 and Echad = 13?) The number of bulls reduces one per day until on the seventh day there are seven bulls sacrificed. The total number of bulls sacrificed during the week of Sukkot is 13 + 12 + 11 + 10 + 9 + 8 +7 = 70. Why is the question i asked above? Our modern Ecologists and Jewish Rabbis and many earlier Rabbis tell us that this holiday is a celebration of the Fall Harvests. Then there is the 8th day Holiday called Shemini Atzeret in the Torah. Shemini Atzeret is called the 8th day Assembly since Shemini translates as 8th and Atzeret can be translated as Assembly. Then there is another holiday on the 8th day taught to us by the Rabbis of the Talmud. It is called Simchat Torah and involves a lot of circles, a prayer for rain even in the diaspora. Please remember these 8 days are the last part of the 22 days of Tishrai Holidays.

    Do any of these questions about the rituals of these Holidays make things clear to you about what this Holiday is all about or do the questions and answers you usually receive just add to the confusion? I found the questions just added to the confusion. It was only when i started to study Kabbalah and learned that the Torah is composed in the Language of Branches did these rituals and Holiday Names make any sense to me.

    The Language of Branches is using normal everyday words that everyone knows the meaning to describe spiritual things that no one can sense with physical senses. This is what the Kabbalists do. This is the language that all Books of Kabbalah are written. This includes the Tanach, the Talmud, and all writings of all Kabbalists.

    Here is an example of the Language of Branches. Abraham - everyone knows that Abraham was a man who was the first to teach there is one HaShem. The Zohar which is the dictionary for the language of branches says Abraham is the soul on its journey from the Garden of Eden to the body in its mother’s womb. This is using an everyday word that everyone understands to describe a spiritual thing that no one can sense.)

    The Holiday of Sukkot is designed to build your certainty in the beneficence of the Creator. When someone leaves their affluent home it helps one to realize that everything comes from the Creator. All the affluence that someone has accumulated does not truly protect them from the vagaries of life. Losing a Job, Health issues, financial losses all happen or not at the whim of the Creator so to speak. Of course this is not true. These things happen as the effect of actions we have done in this lifetime or in earlier lifetimes. When we go out of our comfortable homes and live amid the season (which may be rain or snow depending on the area we live) we become more sensitized to this truth. We are the cause of all the chaos in our life and only the Mercy of HaShem can protect us from ourselves. This adds to our sense of Certainty in the Creator. This adds to our connection to the Creator's Mercy.

    The Kabbalists also teach that the Sukkah is an antenna for this energy of Chesed or Loving kindness of the Creator. When we wave the Lulav and Etrog in the six directions we are drawing this energy in six different ways relating to the six permutations of the Name HaShem Yood Hey Vav. When we do the Hakafot and sing Hoshana (Thank You) we are creating balance in our lives and also drawing the Surrounding Light (the potential energy of our life in the year ahead).

    The 70 sacrifices of bulls when killed in the kosher manner in the Temple or heard in the daily reading of the Torah during the days of the Holiday draw and share a specific energy that is needed by every human being. This energy can only be drawn into the physical world through the actions of the High Priest on Yom Kippur.

    When the Temple existed the High Priest drew this energy and then shared the energy with the other nations through their metaphysical Angelic Chieftains called Sar (s) שר. After the destruction of the Temple this energy is drawn by the reading of the Torah description of the Yom Kippur ritual on Yom Kippurim and then is shared by the spiritual people who live in an area by listening to the Torah during Sukkot and then sharing that energy consciously with the Angelic Chieftains. This is the kavenah one needs to have during the reading of the Torah each day of Sukkot including Chol Hamoed. This reading of the sacrifice of the 70 bulls is the mechanism that reduces the energy of anti-Semitism in the world. This is the mechanism that causes human beings to learn to share metaphysical energy through their physical actions of inviting Clouds of Glory through the Guests/Uzpizin.

    On Rosh HaShana all human beings are judged. This includes all of the Angelic Chieftains and the Nations they represent. These Angelic Chieftains need this energy drawn by the Kosher slaughtering of the 70 bulls for the people of their Nation. They can not draw it themselves. The only way they can receive it is to have it be shared with them by the Kavenah of the Jewish Nation. When this is not done or the energy shared is not sufficient for their nations needs they receive permission to wake the Jewish Nation up to share with them through actions of anti-semitism. Please make sure you hear the Torah reading on all 7 days. Or at the least read the sacrifices from the Chumash according to the following schedule:

    Tuesday September 21 2021 - Leviticus 22:26-23:44 / Numbers Chapter 29 Verses 12-16 / Zechariah 14:1-21

    Wednesday September 22 2021 - Leviticus 22:26-23:44 / Numbers Chapter 29 Verses 12-16 / I Kings 8:2-21

    Thursday September 23 2021 - Numbers Chapter 29 Verses 17- 25

    Friday September 24 2021 - Numbers Chapter 29 Verses 20-28

    Saturday September 25 2021 - Exodus 33:12-34:26 / Numbers Chapter 29 Verses 23-31 / Ezekiel 38:18-39

    Sunday September 26 2021 - Numbers Chapter 29 Verses 26-34

    Monday September 27 2021 - Numbers Chapter 29 Verses 26-34

    Monday the 7th day is known as Hoshana Rabah which translates as the large thank you. It is recommended by the Kabbalists to stay up all night this night to check your shadow. This is because in the spiritual world Judgement is rendered on Rosh HaShana and sealed on Yom Kippur and held in abeyance until Hoshana Rabah when it is handed to the Angels to manifest the judgments in the lives of each person during the next year. Therefore, Hoshana Rabah is the last opportunity to change any negative decree for the coming year. By checking our spiritual shadow after midnight we can determine what areas any negative decree are the effect of and do Teshuvah and Tikune in that area to change the decree. This is the source of the custom to read the 150 chapters of Tehillim/Psalms that night. The Kabbalists study the Zohar that night along with the reading of the whole book of Deuteronomy.

    Returning to the discussion of the Torah reading from Shabbat Chol Hamoed Sukkot: There are three unusual letters in this reading. These three letters are one of the reasons that the Sages chose this reading for the Shabbat Chol Hamoed. In Exodus Chapter 34 Verse 7 there is a large Nun. In Verse 11 there is a letter that starts a column that is not a Vav. It is a Shin which is part of the 6 letters that form a healing tool and are noticed by being six letters that start a column and these letters are not Vavs. In Verse 14 there is a large Reish. Together these letters spell Nesher = Eagle.

    Most people without Kabbalistic training would not realize that this is one of the creatures in the vision of Ezekiel and that this creature relates to the central column energy of balance. Built into this word Eagle is also the three levels of soul, Neshamah, Ruach and Nefesh. (The letter Nun when fully spelled out Nun Vav Nun Sofit includes both the Nefesh and the Neshamah. The Reish relates to the Ruach level of soul.) By learning this truth and meditating about this during the reading will help each human being to keep balance in the world by keeping his own life in balance.

    Also built into the word Eagle is the word Ner (Nun Reish) which means candle. Thus, by creating this word Nesher in our consciousness we use the power of fire / passion from the letter Shin to light the Candle of our souls to bring us closer to the Creator which is the cause of meriting balance in our lives.

    Why does the Eagle represent balance? This is all part of the Language of Branches which Rabbi Ashlag teaches us is the only way to actually understand all 70 levels of the Torah.

    The Zohar (the dictionary of the Language of Branches) reveals that the Eagle while a non-kosher bird represents the Shechina due to its great love for its children. Just as the Shechina loves all of the 70 Nations this love of the Eagle for its children is what creates the balance in the world.

    When we raise/teach our children sometimes we need to use love and sometimes discipline (never force or violence like hitting). Thus we learn about balance and the central column through teaching our children the Path of Torah.

    Note for year 5774) This is Sukkot! Will you learn balance during this year so that we can bring Peace in the Middle East as the Verse from Samuel 2 teaches us the potential energy is within the year 5774. It only depends on YOU CHANGING YOURSELF to remove anti-semitism and to bring serenity to you and to the world.

    Note for 5775) Will you continue to change yourself as the year continues and will be able to remove the Angel of Death from this world as we are being promised by the 3 Verses that connect to the energy of the year 5775.

    Have a truly joyous completion of the Tishrai Holidays!