The meaning of God is God

This part of the Yom Kippur Neilah Prayer/Meal is quite intriguing to me. If one reads the English Translation it just has to lead t questions and yet i have never heard of anyone asking this kind of question.

The phrase is יהוה הוא האלהים which translates as God is God. What question would you ask?

The Secret Power Within HaShem Hu HaElokim

by Rabbi Bar Tzadok of Kosher

One of the great proclamations made at the conclusion of Yom Kippur prayers are the words, “HaShem Hu HaElohim” (HaShem, He is G-d). At the surface level this seems merely to be a religious, cultural proclamation that HaShem, G-d of Israel is the only true G-d, thus implying the falsehoods of all the other world religions and their gods. Yet, Hebrew proclamations are built upon prophetic/Kabbalistic design. Nothing about them is so ethnic, simplistic and one dimensional.

The simple statement HaShem Hu HaElohim is not simple at all; and it is not mentioned in relationship to other religions or their gods. This statement is indeed the foundation of Torah, but so very few actually understand its meaning. Even fewer know how to transform a spoken statement into a vibrant force that can actually influence and change physical matter at its most fundamental levels.

Speech is sound. Sounds can vibrate matter at the molecular level. Thoughts are things; they are actual waves of energy. When thoughts can be focused, similar to the focusing of light, then concentrated thought can become like a laser beam with the power to cut and penetrate almost everything. When concentrated thought is channeled through the proper vibrations of sound, powerful results are achieved, results that have very material, physical manifestations.

The real Name of G-d, commonly referred to HaShem, as we know is YHVH. However, we do not pronounce this Name YHVH; instead we pronounce the Name ADONAI. This is not because of myth that we have forgotten how to pronounce the Name or that the Name is too holy to pronounce. We have never forgotten how it was pronounced and there are still those who properly pronounce it regularly in the course of their secret works. These are the ba'alei shem tov (masters of the good name).

The reason why the Name changed was because of the shift in the collective consciousness of the Israelite nation. They descended from being a people in their land, with prophecy and Temple down into being a people in exile without Divine direction, national unity and focus. The shift in consciousness caused there to be a shift in Names. According to Torah/Kabbalah, a Name is not just a word; it is an actual living entity. The Name YHVH is not just a word or name; it is a power sound, an actual conduit of living energy. When the Name YHVH is pronounced in a precise manner and chanted according to the ancient prophetic traditions, it can unleash tremendous forces that have powerful affects.

Without prophecy, Ark and Temple, the Israelite collective lost the proper forms through which the Name YHVH can be channeled. Today, while the masses no longer use the proper vessel of the letters YHVH to channel the Name's full force, the concentrated energy that goes into it can still be tapped. The secret power in a Name is not just in its spoken form but more so in the concentrated mind/thought that channels into its recitation.

The Name ADONAI was chosen to replace YHVH to more appropriately reflect the nature of the shift in the collective consciousness of the Israelite nation. ADONAI translates as “L-rd,” however it means so much more. The Name ADONAI has the same numerical value as the word “Heikhal” (palace). A Heikhal palace is a domain of residence. A residence contains its owner, protects him from the outside and also conceals him from outsiders.

This physical universe of ours operates according to the laws of nature as ordained by G-d in the beginning. The Hebrew Name used in the creation story we know is ELOHIM. The numerical value of this Name is equal to the value of the Hebrew term HaTeva (nature). Thus the natural universe of physical form is the creation of ELOHIM. The laws of nature are the expressions of ELOHIM. ELOHIM is the force and power underlying the physical universe.

YHVH as a Hebrew word can be seen to contain the root verb “Hovey” (to be). In its basic tense, a Hebrew verb is passive, however when the prefix letter Yod is added to a passive verb base, it transforms the verb from the passive tense into the active tense. Thus the verb “Hovey” (Hey Vav Hey), with a Yod in front of it (Yod Hey Vav Hey, the holy Name YHVH) could be translated to mean “active being,” “being in action,” or simply “active existence.” This Name was not used to describe the physical creation and is only introduced later in Torah with the manifestation of the higher (Yetziratic) spiritual reality.

We thus have two parallel dimensional planes; one physical (in Kabbalah, Asiyah), operating under known natural laws and another (in Kabbalah, Yetzirah), not physical, operating under less known and entirely different conditions. The natural universe is represented in Torah by the Name ELOHIM and the “supernatural” universe by the Name YHVH. The two universes operate parallel to one another and are supposed to operate and function in harmony with each other. The YHVH universe (Yetzirah) is the source and sustenance of the ELOHIM universe (Asiyah). Our physical universe (Asiyah) emanates out of the higher dimensional plane (Yetzirah) and is completely sustained by it.

When the order of creation is in proper balance, the YHVH universe flows naturally into the ELOHIM universe. In this relationship the physical universe materializes abundance in all its forms and everything is in blossom, harmony, balance and peace. However, the flow of the upper universe into the lower universe can be hindered. Natural law dictates that channels can be either opened or closed or partially restricted.

At Sinai, an interdimensional vortex was opened enabling YHVH to materialize in this physical universe in a form that could contain it and sustain it. This form is the Torah. The body of Torah is the mitzvot. When Israel correlates their collective mind to Torah they properly channel YHVH and enable its power and force to materialize in this physical plane and thus into the Name ELOHIM. This is the purpose of Halakha (the Torah way, commonly but limitedly translated as Jewish Law).

The Name YHVH was channeled originally through prophecy, Ark and Temple coupled with the pronunciations of the ancient ba'alei shem tov, who were the Biblical prophets and priests. When the nation's deviant behavior caused a collective shift in the national consciousness, the power of YHVH was severely curtailed. It could no longer be properly channeled into the ELOHIM physical universe.

Thus, the vessels of channeling and reception were either destroyed or removed. We therefore lost prophecy, Ark and Temple. We were left in a mental and correlating physical place which we call exile.

There can be no redemption from exile until such redemption is properly carried out. The inner channels must first be restored before the external channels can be restored. For even if the external forms of Ark and Temple were replaced, they would still be nothing but empty hollow shells. This was the situation regarding the Second Temple in Jerusalem. Without the internal shift of collective national consciousness back to the supernatural reality of the Name YHVH, exile will continue, regardless of external forms.

Internal shifts in the collective national consciousness can be achieved through the focused concerted effort of those in the nation who can steer the collective in the proper mental direction. Only they can realign focus away from ELOHIM and the natural and restore it to YHVH and the supernatural, thus enabling both to properly realign, unite and flow harmoniously into one another. This is the true meaning of Teshuva (return, commonly understood to be repentance).

Now we can begin to understand the meaning of HaShem Hu HaElohim. This statement is no mere recitation of words; rather it needs to be an actual focus of consciousness that helps realign parallel universes to being parallel universes.

When we recite the words HaShem Hu HaElohim, the sounds themselves need to be joined with intense mental focus. In Hebrew we call this Kavana (mental intent). When we recite the Name ADONAI, we must not focus on that Name but rather on the Name YHVH. ADONAI is the dwelling place, the palace, the Heikhal of YHVH. YHVH is concealed within ADONAI. Our mental focus is to make sure the two Names are perfectly united and that the YHVH energy is properly channeled through its vessel ADONAI. Thus, when reciting ADONAI we mentally visualize the Name YHVH and imagine its supernatural life giving energy flowing into the Name ADONAI enlivening it and enabling it to enliven our physical universe. YHVH is the inner conduit; ADONAI is the outer conduit.

This mental focus (Kavanah) is what we call in Kabbalah the Yihud Havaya/Adnoot. Havaya, like the word HaShem is a term used to call the Name YHVH. Adnoot is the term for the Name ADONAI. Yihud means union. The two Names together thus form a relationship of light and vessel or of soul and body. Again, YHVH is the inner conduit; ADONAI is the outer conduit. One is the source and strength of the other; one is the vessel and form of the other. One alone cannot be complete. A body without a soul is dead and a soul without a body is a ghost. Therefore when we pronounce ADONAI we contemplate YHVH. Without this there is no flow of energy and thus no manifestation of the Divine channeled through the recitation of the Name. Mind and speech must be joined together for one without the other is dead.

Havaya/Adnoot is the source of all life in the ELOHIM (Asiyah) physical universe. YHVH is the pure source that when it flows into this universe directly, without dilution in ADONAI, brings with it an abundance that can transform the very sub-atomic structure of all physical matter in the universe. In our present fallen state of exile, we cannot ascend to the proper level to channel this flow undiluted. We channel it the best we can through the Name ADONAI. It is not perfect, but it is the best that we can do at present. And without this all life would cease to exist in this physical universe.

Havaya/Adnoot needs to flow in order for there to be life. And to where does it flow? It flows into the substructures of this physical universe, into the very Presence of the Creator underlying our physical reality. This is the source of natural law, represented by the Name ELOHIM. By channeling Havaya/Adnoot into ELOHIM we are essentially sustaining all physical existence. The indwelling Presence of ELOHIM in every sub-atomic reality that defines for it its natural laws is called in Hebrew, the Shekhina (the Indwelling Divine Presence).

When we verbally proclaim HaShem Hu HaElohim, we are doing much more than making a statement of faith. In our mental focus we are actually moving very subtle energy forces that themselves nurture life. Our statement is an actual act of providing nourishment for our physical (Asiyah) universe. We are focusing on the energetic reality (YHVH) of the supernatural source universe (Yetzirah) and channeling its sustaining flow (ADONAI) into a proper conduit of materialization (Havaya/Adnoot) and from the conduit out into the receptacle (Asiyah/ELOHIM/Shekhina/nature).

While the words HaShem Hu HaElohim themselves are meaningful at the simple level; it is the properly place mental focus on their real intent that unleashes real raw power that will have so many positive effects.

Now that we have discussed the Names YHVH, ADONAI and ELOHIM, let me turn momentarily to the additional letters that form the statement HaShem Hu HaElohim. The Hebrew word Hu (He is) is spelled Hey, Vav, Alef. The Name ELOHIM is introduced with a prefix, the letter Hey (the), however due to the nature of English grammar and syntax, we do not translate it. It would sound awkward to say, HaShem He is The G-d, so the Hey (the) is usually left untranslated. However, in Hebrew grammar, the insertion of this preposition is entirely accurate and proper.

The Hebrew letters that spell Hu Ha reside in between the two Names YHVH and ELOHIM. These letters, Hey, Vav, Alef and Hey numerically add up to the value of 17. This is the numerical value of the word Tov (good). It is no coincidence that this is found here. YHVH, though ADONAI, channels the energetic flow of the higher universe (Yetzirah) into the lower one (Asiyah). As I said above, this flow is the source and sustenance of all life in the physical world. This energy is not symbolic or mental in nature. It is a real, life-force, life-giving radiance (shefa). In Hebrew we call it Nefesh; in the Orient it is called by a more popular, more recognizable term, Chi. This is the Tov (good) that we channel.

The recitation of HaShem Hu HaElohim is not limited to Yom Kippur. In our regular daily morning prayers, it is also recited in a very precisely placed section. When reciting the words, one should bear in mind that through the power of one's focus and concentration one can actually transcend dimensional boundaries, tap into higher energy sources and through the combined power of thought and sound actually serve as a conduit of life-force energy from one universe to another. This is precisely how we serve Heaven and in religious terms proclaim HaShem to be G-d.

Proclaiming HaShem to be G-d has lost much of its meaning over many centuries. In ancient times when the competition between mutually exclusive religious systems was vicious, proclaiming the religion of Torah over the other religions and other gods was a vital thing. Today, the majority of the world believes in a Supreme Being of one sort or another. To proclaim this is not controversial. To proclaim that there is One G-d over all is acceptable to most today, whereas at one time it was not. To proclaim that HaShem is the G-d of Israel and Israel alone, excluding all others is not the message of Torah and never was. Israel‟s message is that G-d is the G-d over all, without distinction or separation. Therefore, the message of HaShem Hu HaElohim is a universal one that can be embraced by all humanity.

We need to learn to see beyond the limited focus of physical eyes and recognize the soul within the body. This is true of how we must interact with one another and this is equally true of how we interact with Heaven. Religious mythologies of separation must be delegated to the bookshelf of children's stories where they belong. Instead, we must focus on true and actual spiritual accomplishment and not just on philosophical religious rituals that look good on the surface, but are actually empty inside.

Only we can make the difference when we say God is God.

Now we will spend 4 days preparing for Sukkot

Another nice metaphor that comes from our Kabbalistic Tradition is that the Nation is so busy during the 4 days between Yom Kippur and Sukkot that they have not time to sin.

We have been doing spiritual actions that cleansed us in these last ten days of awe, climaxing in the cleansing of Yom Kippur. This has allowed us to reach the Level of a Tzadik. Now as we go into Sukkot in 5 days. It is important to keep up these spiritual actions so that we do not fall from this level of Righteousness.

I hope you choose to stay Righteous. Remember this spiritual truth, If you try HaShem will help. If you want to stay Righteous, try to remain Righteous and HaShem will help you to remain Righteous. And even if you fall HaShem will help you to raise yourself back to this level.