The Rabbinic-Kabbalistic Teachings on Extraterrestrial Life Forms

An excerpt from the book, “UFO's & Aliens in Light of Torah”

Essay by Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok

I most certainly am not the first Rabbi to reveal material concerning life on other planets. Other Kabbalistic Rabbis before me have written books revealing some of the best-kept secrets in the world. We will discuss just a few of them here.

The late 18th century was a turbulent time for Jews living is Europe. The so-called age of enlightenment and science was spreading even into Jewish circles.

This new religion of science sneered at the valued teachings of the Bible and sought in every way to contradict them, to "prove them wrong Scientifically. "One of the great Kabbalistic Sages of Eastern Europe, Rabbi Pinchas Eliyahu Horowitz of Vilna, arose to meet this challenge. He authored a monumental work on Kabbalah and science the likes of which has not been duplicated to this day.

In 1797, Rabbi Horowitz published his monumental work Sefer HaBrit, The Book of the Covenant. The work begins by discussing the order of the physical universe, the stars, planets and the like, continues to discuss the physical world and finishes with long, rich metaphysical discourses on the nature of man, consciousness and prophecy. The scope of the text is far too great to do appropriate justice to it here. I must limit myself to our topic and Rabbi Horowitz's most striking revelations about it. It seems that even in Rabbi Horowitz's days there was interest and speculation about life on other planets.

In Section 1, Lecture 3, Chapters 3 and 4, Rabbi Horowitz responds to the so-called scientific theories of his day regarding life on other planets and proceeds to enumerate from authoritative Jewish sources what the Torah teaches about this subject.

In Kabbalistic literature it is taught that the Holy One, Blessed Be He, has created an infinite number of worlds. Most commentators on these Kabbalistic texts will state that the worlds being spoken of are spiritual worlds. In other words, the Kabbalah is speaking about an infinite inter-dimensional quantum reality.

There are four general dimensions or worlds in the Kabbalistic panorama; the three highest of these dimensions/worlds are Atzilut, Beriah and Yetzirah. These correspond to the dimensions of Spirit, Mind and Emotion respectively. Therefore, any worlds manifesting these realities are not going to be physical, as we understand the meaning of physical.

Rabbi Horowitz now steps in with a significant point. In Chapter 3 he asks why should the number of worlds in the fourth Kabbalistic level, Asiyah, corresponding to the physical realm, be any less than the infinite number of worlds in the supernal realms above it. He continues by quoting the holy Zohar "in many places"and the Mishna that in the future the Holy One, Blessed Be He, is to place each and every righteous person as a governor over 310 worlds. Rabbi Horowitz emphasizes that these are physical worlds in outer space. The future being spoken of is the time after the Messianic age and the resurrection of the dead.

The reward of the righteous is that they are to ascend to the stars and rule sections of the galaxy as the regents of the Holy One, Blessed be He.

Rabbi Horowitz continues to bring evidence of other worlds from the Bible itself. With this proof text, he not only claims to prove that there are other worlds, but that they are also inhabited by beings. Rabbi Horowitz quotes from Judges 5:23, "cursed be Maroz, cursed be those who dwell there."The Talmud (Moed Katan 16A) records an opinion that Maroz is the name of a planet. And the verse says, "cursed be those who dwell there."This seems to imply that the planet Maroz is inhabited. Rabbi Horowitz concludes Chapter Three with the words, "According to my opinion, there are inhabited planets [in outer space] and this is also implied in the Tikunei Zohar."

Accepting the given fact of other inhabited worlds, Rabbi Horowitz now addresses the issue of what type of beings are on these other planets. He begins by criticizing those who are of the opinion that the other planets are just like ours, with similar peoples of free will, similar animals, plant life and the like. He calls these beliefs lies and a waste. Those who believe them, Rabbi Horowitz says, are "simpletons who will believe anything."

Rabbi Horowitz asks why would so many planets be needed just for our forms of life. Certainly, our planet is large enough to hold us all. Being that these planets are so numerous and distant from one another they must also be very different. No two can be exactly alike; each one is different from the other both generally and specifically. Rabbi Horowitz also says it is a fallacy to think that the planets are formed of the same types of matter as is ours. He gives an example of the sun (which in Judaism is also considered a planet). Can someone dwell on the Sun and not be burned, he asks? Would not the brilliant light blind a person? In addition, as an example, on Saturn Rabbi Horowitz asks, would not a person freeze to death there due to its cold nature.

To again prove the point of the varying types of life that are in outer space, Rabbi Horowitz uses the example of the ocean, saying that just as sea creatures differ tremendously from land creatures due to the different nature of their environments, so do the inhabitants of the other planets differ from us.

Rabbi Horowitz then follows with one of his most important points. He acknowledges that these extraterrestrial beings are "ba'alei sekhel u'madah"(masters of intelligence and science). Yet, with all their intellectual potentials, Rabbi Horowitz claims that all extraterrestrials will lack one essential component that will forever set them apart from the human race. They lack "behirah,"the ability of Free Will.

Free Will separates mankind from any and every other species. It is Free Will that is the G-d given spiritual component that separates the human race from being just another animal species.

chanoch's Commentary

The purpose of the above essay is to break your individual mental Klipot.

What are Angels?

Essay by Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok

What is an Angel? What type of life form is it? Being that angels are considered something religious, most definitions and discussions about them are religious. But, what do the religious know about them for real? All the religious have are ancient texts, and later interpretations of the texts, usually based on one sort or another of philosophy. Essentially, there is a lot of talk about angels, but very little understanding.

chanoch adds: Every religion and every philosophy has an agenda that is usually not explained until someone has become a practitioner of that religion or philosophy. If one knows the agenda then one can discern truth within the explanations. Without knowing the agenda truth is always concealed within the agenda and it is very hard to discern truth, in my opinion.

If there is anything real about angels, if there are really actually life forms out there that we call angels, then the one thing about that we can say for certain is that they are from out of this world. And, whether we like it or not, the proper term to refer to life forms that are not of this Earth, is extraterrestrial.

So, mythology and prejudice aside, if we wish to entertain the reality of angels, then said reality must take us into the exploration of the extraterrestrial, with everything this might mean in light of modern science and discovery.

Ezekiel saw a group of different types of angels together that formed what we call the Merkava (chariot). Regardless of all the philosophical, religious explanations of what the Merkava actually was (is), one thing the Bible makes clear is that the Merkava is some sort of a transportation device.

chanoch adds: In the days when chariot was the fastest or most efficient form of transportation then that is the word used by the ancient religions to describe a transportation system that was not very clear to the describing person what is the technology. Yet we can be certain that the word as used in that generation was accurate in the description of what they perceived.

Apparently, unlike God, angels are not omnipresent. Angels, like all other life forms, still need some form of transport to travel from point A to point B. In all due respect to their wings, angels apparently need more than just their wings to get around.

Apparently, angels seem to struggle with one another in ways that seem very human. When Daniel recites his prayer to God, the angel in charge of delivering the answer is held up by another angel refusing him passage. The angel sent to answer Daniel's prayer has to call for angelic backup in order to get through to accomplish his mission. How come the angel in question simply did not invoke the name and authority of God in order to secure his passage? How could there possibly be fights between different angels? How other-worldly are they, if indeed they can act so pettily human? Nevertheless, they are not human. Then again, they certainly are not “divine.” Angels are portrayed throughout the Bible as being both human in form, and completely other-worldly.

chanoch adds: Is this a paradox or does it have a rational explanation? What do you think since most people have never considered the question about what they learned about Angels as children. For most people they heard the word Angel and just acceptee it without a definition. Now as an adult are you ready to learn a definition for the word Angel and how an Angel is different than another word learned as a child – Demon?

The philosopher interpretations loudly proclaim how angels are all noncorporeal, and that any appearance that they make take is only symbolic, or exclusively in the mind of the beholder. Yet, the non-philosophical camp, which includes many who still practice the ancient traditions of communicating with angels say something very different.

For those, who even today, descend before the Merkava, angels are real, some of whom are corporeal beings, not too different from human beings, whereas others are life forms that would require modern science to expand the definitions of life itself.

chanoch adds: Note the terminology “descend before the Merkava”. Eventually one will understand this meaning as one develops skills in the area of Meditation.

One way or another, those who wish to dismiss the reality of angels have nothing to contribute to this discussion, whereas those of us who do believe in angels, have a lot of questions that require of us exploration, even though, definitive answers may not be forth coming, without some outside help.

So, what is an angel? Where do they come from? What are their indigenous forms in the home worlds that they naturally inhabit? The Hebrew term for angel is “malakh,” which means messenger. What then is the angelic message? What is their mission and purpose?

We say that angels come from “Heaven,” but what exactly is Heaven, and where exactly is it? If it is a parallel dimension, then, if I were standing in Heaven, and looked up, would I see a sky? If I looked down, would I see ground under my feet? If Heaven is a real place, then just what kind of place is it? If angels truly reside there, then what are they doing other than delivering messages for God, and standing around singing all day.

chanoch adds: The Sages teach that Angels have two tasks – deliver messages for HaShem to Human Beings and to sing praises to HaShem. The questions being asked are important questions that can only be answered by personal experience achieved through cleaving to HaShem through meditation, in my opinion.

Indeed, if Heaven is real, is there even day or night there? In that place, is there any concept of time, as we know it? If Heaven is a parallel dimension, then what are the laws of nature that govern that domain, and what is the relationship between that dimension, and our own?

As we see, there are many questions to ask by those who truly wish to strip religion of mythology, and restore the ancient experiences to the realms of reality and science where they rightfully belong. If angels are real, then there is no greater example of extraterrestrial involvement with humanity than this. Who are they? What are they? Why are they here? I believe that rather than turn to religious doctrine, dogma and theology, we should instead turn to science, experience and exploration into areas which many might find uncomfortable, if not outright frightening.

But, if we are ever to grow as a united race of sentient beings (human beings), then, in my opinion, we should seek out those others, not of this world, who are out there, and possibly closer to God than we. If we can find them, and verify their reality, we might find that our first contact with this (these) extraterrestrial race(s) might not be first contact after all. We should be looking for them! Maybe, they are waiting for us! Either way, they are here!

Telepathic Communication with Real Angels Centuries of experiential detachment, and baseless philosophical speculations, have taken our understanding about angels from the realm of reality, and placed it squarely into the realm of fantasy and myth.

Yes, we do believe in angels, but what exactly is it that we believe about them? Most today fantasize about angels in the most unrealistic ways, totally oblivious to the reality of their being, and the true purpose of their existence and presence. Many today claim that they talk with angels. Yet, most today do not know how to communicate with angels, and those who claim they do, for the most part, are in actuality, in touch with something very different. If these same individuals were to be placed under psychological review, it might be revealed just how much of their so-called “communication” is simple “wishful thinking,” archetypal projection, or serious dissociated delusions.

Unlike the images that proliferate in modern culture, real angels are not human beings, and rarely when they are experienced for real, do they ever bother to present themselves as such. We should, therefore, not expect them to look human, or to act human. Yet, like human beings, they are intelligent sentient life-forms, even though their actual forms are radically different from our own. As intelligent beings of an alien species, however different from us, the common denominator between us is our ability to think.

Therefore, the best form of communications, between species as divergent as ours, is through a form of thought-based communications, the medium of mind-to-mind communication. This is the projection of thoughts and concepts as expressed through mental images, and not through words of any verbal language.

Mental images can have racially universal meanings. This was why such images are called archetypes of the collective unconscious. When one entity projects mental imagery to another, with the intent of communicating a message and/or information, this is telepathy.

According to the Bible, this is how angels, and even God, Himself, has communicated with human beings, even since the dawn of creation. One thing is clear in both the Bible, and later Judaic literature, and that is that there are many different types of angels. Today, rather than use the generic word, “type,” to describe angelic differences, it is more correct and appropriate to speak about different “species” or “races.” One thing all “angels” have in common is that they are not homo-sapien (human) life-forms, indigenous to our Earth. This, by definition, makes every one of them to be “extraterrestrial.”

Using the modern term, “extraterrestrial,” conjure up in our minds images of flying saucers and little grey entities, who crash as Roswell, and abduct people from their beds in the middle of the night. What be the truth about such things is not our concern here. Rather than focus on the Greys and their saucers, our focus is on other races of extraterrestrials referred to in the Bible.

chanoch adds: Even though this subject will not be discussed here the Zohar does describe Greys and Blues and other levels of Human Beings from the inner earths. These Zoharic descriptions are very close to the modern kidnapped peoples descriptions of their captors and their experiences.

The Bible mentions numerous types of angels, which, in Hebrew are referred to as Ofanim, Hayot, Cherubim, and Seraphim. Humanoid figures are also described, but in ways that distinctly make them non-human. Then again, there are angels who appear completely human, in every sense, interact with human beings in a normal manner, and then, some of them, disappear in a “puff” of smoke. Whether or not such disappearing acts reveal them to be non-human, or just in possession of some matter transference transportation device, we cannot, at this time, say with certainty.

We do know that certain types of angels use transportation devices. This is clear from the episodes recorded of Elijah being taken to Heaven in some sort of craft, described as a chariot. Then, there is the more famous example of Ezekiel's chariot, which some modern authors go so far as to suggest that maybe it was some form of spaceship. In both of these cases, we cannot say for sure what either vehicle actually was. All we can say for sure is that the Bible does represent these extraterrestrial (angelic) entities as traveling, and using some means of transportation device to get from point A, to point B.

The religious, philosophical speculator proclaims that all these angelic encounters were all spiritual in context, visionary, in the mind of the prophet, and that there was no actual physicality to any of it. Granted, this is a position embraced by a number of Sages, yet, little do they know (and possibly not care), that the origins of this position is from Greek philosophy, without any source, or authenticity, from original Biblical, and other Hebraic records. Certainly those who embrace this position lack any direct experience with the entities that they try so hard to describe.

When it comes to philosophical speculations, there is no end to the human imagination. When, however, there are close encounters of the actual kinds, then all such speculations are laid to rest, and the experience of the real, replaces the myths and fantasies of those without any such experiences.

For example, who knows better how delicious an apple might taste, one who has never eaten one, but speculates about how it might taste, or someone who has actually eaten an apple?

Extraterrestrial encounters have been part and parcel of the human experience since the beginning of our recorded history. Such encounters are best understood by those who have experience with them, as opposed to those who just speculate what said encounters were really all about.

Essentially, those who know - do know, whereas those who don't know – do not know. And, in spite of all their speculations, and proclamations of religious beliefs or doctrines, those without direct experience don't know, and this puts all their speculations and beliefs into the realm of theory and myth, and outside the realms of reality.

Seeking out and experiencing an extraterrestrial encounter might not be as exotic and unheard of, as many might think. Indeed, there is an entire body of meditative literature which provides detailed instructions about how actual contact is to be made. However, the nature of this contact is often misunderstood.

While many, under the influence of Hollywood, science fiction and fantasy, seek entertaining sound and light shows, similar to those presented in movies, actual close encounters between non-human extraterrestrials and their human contacts are, for the most part, of a radically different nature. Most actual contact between humans and extraterrestrials is telepathic.

Telepathic communications transcend physicality, occur within the dimensions of the mind, and travel at the speed of thought. This is the most economical way of establishing, and maintaining, contact. The problem with it is that most human beings are not well endowed telepathically, and even when actual contact is made, often do not recognize it, confuse it for something else, or otherwise discard it because it is not the entertaining sound and light show that they were led to believe should instead occur. Telepathic communication is how any advanced race of beings would communicate over vast distances in space, time, and possibly dimensions.

When we here on Earth experience any kind of religious vision it is usually something internal, within the mind. Angelic entities have long been called “separate intelligences” (sekhel nivdalim), and this has given rise to the doctrine and theology that angels are completely non-corporeal beings. But maybe, in reality, when the angel is perceived in the vision all that is being received is a mental message, one that is able to create a visual image in the mind, along with clearly understood interpretations, or instructions. As such, the angelic entities can be in its body (of whatever form in matter or energy), in its natural habitat (whatever, wherever that may be), and then simply telepathically project its message across space, time and dimension directly into the mind of the receiver. When the entity thus channels its message into the mind of a human being, the entity is acting as a messenger (from the source of the message). The messenger entity is thus what we call a Malakh, an angel.

Any human being could thus receive a message, have an experience, and not even understanding the actual nature of the communication. One could think that the telepathically received visual image is the actual form of the entity in the message. But, nothing could be further from the truth. All telepathic messages are transmitted in a code that is understood at the deepest levels of the unconscious mind, whereas at the same time, this code is completely misunderstood by the conscious mind. Telepathic communications thus act in the mind along the same patterns as do dreams.

Dreams and visions have always been the forms of communication through which man speaks to, or hears from, Heaven, be it prophecy directly from God, or a message passed through one of the messengers (angels). This is clear throughout all Biblical and later Torah literature.

As mentioned above, there exists, to this day, textual instructions that explain in decent detail how to expand human consciousness to become receptive to these psychic communications. While the process of training is long and arduous, it is still, nevertheless, available to those who wish to invest the time, and effort to achieve the results promised therein.

Once actual and verifiable communication is made with other-worldly entities, it becomes vital for the human recipient to ascertain the authentic source of where such contact is coming from. Not all entities “out-there” are benign and/or benevolent. This too, we know from Biblical texts. The dangers of contact with others not concerned with human safety, or human life, is a real threat. For this reason did Torah law prohibit the practice of so many occultic rituals and techniques. These laws were instituted for human safety.

chanoch adds: What does Rabbi Bar Tzadok mean when he says verifiable? How can what one receives in his mind be verified by another human being even if it is received also in his – the separate human beings mind? In addition Rabbi Bar Tzadok in his book “Protection from Evil” 'describes how to protect oneself from these harming entities. The best protection is the saying of the nighttime Shema Israel. Or saying the Shema Israel when meeting one of these entities.

Granted, our planet, and universe, is under the control of God's messengers (angels). They execute the Divine plan in accordance to the authority granted them. Yet, we should never think that as different as they may be from us, that they have no flaws or faults.

We should also keep in mind that there are angelic races that are more similar to human beings than others. This similarity can be a mixed blessing in that ancient records show that many of their number left their homes in the sky, and came to Earth. Upon arriving here, they could not properly adjust, and thus became subject to natural Earthly forces that they were not designed to face. Many ended up taking human wives, bearing hybrid children, and creating such a state of unbalance that Heaven was forced to intervene with the ancient terrible flood.

Angels are not human and, therefore, will never fulfill human definitions of perfection. Indeed, real angels may not even meet the human definition for being either benign or benevolent. Angels are radically different from us, and they fulfill their Divinely ordained governorship of our planet in accordance to their own ways and laws. This is a clear and definitive Biblical teaching. There is a plan for humanity! It's been this way since the beginning, and it will stay this way until the end its achieved! This is not a modern day conspiracy theory. This is one of the most ancient teachings of the Bible!

The Bible, and the religions that have sprung up from it, teach us that God created humanity, and that God has a plan for humanity. The Bible makes it quite clear that heavenly beings intervene, and interact with human beings, on both the personal and collective level, on a regular basis.

However much we as individuals wish to believe that we are masters of our own fates, the Biblical message is that our arena of free choice is very much limited in its applications. In reality, very little is in our hands. While we may not be able to change the course of human events, we can still become aware of what some of these future events may be. While very little may actually be in our hands, nevertheless, there still is some power in our hands. There is that which we can do. As such, we do have power, but this power is of the mind, not of the hand. We can therefore develop our latent mind powers and reach out and commune with the many others that surround us, but are invisible to our sight.

Granted, such a course may be very dangerous, but what path of growth, maturity and ascent is ever safe? We can communicate, when we first learn how to do it, properly. Telepathic communication with extraterrestrial entities is an ancient practice still observed by those “in the know.” To those who seek to join them, the path is open and welcoming.

In future classes we will discuss many other UFO Bible secrets.

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