Kabbala Class 2 - Jewish History

Memoranda for Notes


Welcome to the class



Reveiw from Last Week


We defined some terms like Kabbalah, Judaism, Light, Names of God.


We learned that our senses are limiting in the way they work.


There is 1 assumption in Kabbala - everything else flows from that assumption.


God is only Good and wants to give us his creations only Good.


Light is sharing!

What kind of person are you?

Do you need to see it to believe it? OR

Do you see it because you believe it?


We also learned that the Hebrew language is a formula that transfers energy. An example is:

אור = Ohr = light; אדון עולם= Adon Olam = Master of the Universe; אין סוף= Ain Sof = Endless World. All 3 Hebrew words have the same Gematria of 207


Jewish History before Creation!

בְּרֵאשִׁית Beraishit means ? Is there a difference between Beraishit and בָּרֵאשִׁית Barashit? What is the difference.


What comes before "beginning"?


What is creation? What is cause and what is effect?


Spiritual law 1 - A cause includes all of its effects; An effect does not affect the cause;


The creator is the cause of all causes. The creators first thought is to be revealed. What is revelation?


The creator is an extenstion of the light. This extension is called Ain Sof which translates as Without End. . . or endless.


What is the creative process?




It says that Elokim created darkness and formed light. What does that mean? What is Yesh M'Ain or Something from Nothing.


World of Emanation - Atzilut

World of Creation - Beria

World of Formation - Yetzirah


World of Action - Asiah


4 steps to the creative process. 4 letters in the name Yood Hay Vav Hay.


He and His Name are One is a code for the Light and the vessel are one. The vessel is revealing the light. The thought of creation. This only happens in the physical world and no where else.


Light is sharing - Darkness is Desire to receive - Ratzon LiKabel.


the creative process is creating Desire - How is that accomplished?


Ain Sof always exists and there is never any change in the endless world. In our physical world there is change. Why do we need change? Why do we need the physical world?


Ultimately, we start in the Endless (A) come into the Physical World ( B) and return to the Endless (C). A to B to C. Why is this necessary?


If the endless never changes what is the difference between A and C.


Lechem Bizaion - Bread of Shame.




Creation of Time - What is Time?


B is the period of Time and our physical world - It will last 7000 years. 6000 to correct the Body and 1000 years of bliss to correct the soul.


Home Work: Where are you in the creative process?


Next Week: The normal class next week is The Hebrew Letters, Zohar, 42 Letter Name! I am changing this to recognize the energy of Rosh Chodesh Elul and the Jewish High Holidays. So the class will be the Jewish Calendar and Astrology.